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student employee handbook


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									Student Employee Handbook

                Auxiliary Services Corporation
                15 Neubig Road Cortland, NY 13045
                Updated July 2012
                               WELCOME TO THE ASC TEAM!

As a student employee, you are a valued member of the ASC team that provides excellent service to the
entire SUNY Cortland Community. ASC recognizes that as a student your primary focus at SUNY Cortland
is to receive a quality education. We appreciate that and work to provide you with a valuable work
experience while earning money to finance your education.

While working, your primary role is that of employee. In that role, you will be respected as a member of
the team, while fulfilling your responsibilities. It is your responsibility to read carefully the behaviors
expected of student employees.

                           SPENDING MONEY, EXPERIENCE, AND FRIENDS

                              WHO IS A STUDENT EMPLOYEE?

A student employee of Auxiliary Services Corporation is any student enrolled in High School or any
institution of higher learning, including SUNY Cortland, for at least nine (9) credit hours and is working
less than 30 hours.

                                  TIME CLOCK PROCEDURES

Student employees must be at their workstation on time. You must punch in at the time clock when you
are in uniform and ready to perform your duties, but no earlier than 2 minutes before the start of your
shift. You must punch in using your own time card. When leaving at the end of your shift or leaving the
building for any reason, you must punch out at the time clock.


When working in a department other than your home department
Press: “Department Transfer” soft button
Enter: 6 digit new department number (list near time clock)
Press: enter key
Swipe your time card

Catering Premium for students working in Catering
Press: Soft Key 6
Swipe your time card


You have taken on the professional responsibility of a part-time job. You agreed to work the time that
best fit your schedule. You are required to be at work and on time for all of your shifts. If you wish to
drop permanently one or more of your shifts, we require one week’s notice. You should discuss any
changes you may need in your schedule with your manager in advance of the need.

There are situations when you may be unable to work your scheduled shift. You are responsible for
arranging for your own substitute. The substitute must be qualified to work in that area. The substitutes
must be able to cover the entire shift. You and the substitute must advise your manager of the
arrangement prior to the work shift.

“Like” our Student Employees of ASC of SUNY Cortland FACEBOOK page to find or be a substitute.

If you have more than 3 unexcused absences in an academic year your employment will be terminated,
and you will not be eligible for rehire by Auxiliary Services Corporation.

If emergencies arise such as illness, we ask for documented proof of those situations. Proper planning
will limit many so-called emergencies.

If you do not show up for your shift, and do not call, your employment will be terminated.


                                 PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIORS

All student employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when in the
employment of ASC. Students should use common sense and good judgment to provide customer
service and positively represent ASC. If you were the customer, how would you want to be treated?

        • Attend customers promptly and courteously. Be cheerful and strive to understand their needs.
        • NO CELL PHONES may be in the work area. If a cell phone is observed in the work area, you
        will be required to place the phone in a remote location at your own risk.
        • No visitors, pets, alcohol, weapons, illegal drugs/paraphernalia, personal electronic devices
        (cell phones, iPods) or personal items may be in the work area
        • Be aware of the impression your speech, behavior, and dress presents to the customer
        • Be knowledgeable about the merchandise and services in your department
        • Follow the direction of any supervisor or manager promptly
        • Use equipment, products, and facilities for business purposes only
        • You must notify a supervisor or designated lead person of your whereabouts before leaving
        your work area.
        • Follow all safety, employment, and work rules at all times. See Safety

        • You must be in uniform, prepared and ready to perform your duties when you punch in. This
        includes not being under the influence of any alcohol or illegal drugs. You should be properly
        rested and dressed appropriately.
        • Dishonesty including lying, stealing, failing to charge customers, misrepresentation, falsifying
        any records, aiding or abetting lying or stealing, or any other dishonesty is not professional
        conduct. Eating when you have not paid for the food or removing food meant for waste will be
        considered theft.
        • Employees must cooperate completely and truthfully with any workplace investigation.


                                            DRESS CODE

A clean and neat appearance is expected of all student employees.

Uniformed Student Employees (Dining Services)

Uniform shirts must be worn in all work locations. Denim jeans and khakis are preferred uniform pants.
Black dress pants are required for working any catering functions. Wind pants, sweat pants, athletic
pants, yoga pants, and leggings are not allowed. All pants must be clean and free from excessive wear,
holes, tears, stains, and loose enough to pull away from the skin for safety reasons. All pants cover the
knee. Non-slip, closed-heel and toe shoes must be worn for safety. Remove or properly cover all jewelry
that is a safety or food sanitation hazard, such as long earrings, bracelets, watches, and rings. An ASC
hat or ASC hair restraint and/or beard guards must be worn by all employees near or handling food.
Name tags must be worn on the hat or uniform shirt.

Non-uniformed Student Employees (Locations other than Dining Services)

Employees, who are not issued a uniform, must present themselves in appropriate attire for a
professional business setting. Clothing that works well for the beach, yard work, dance clubs, exercise
sessions, and sports contests are not appropriate for a professional appearance at work. Clothing that
reveals cleavage, back, chest, feet, stomach or underwear is not appropriate for a place of business.
Garments must be clean and free from excessive wear, holes, tears, and stains.

Clothing, buttons, pins, patches or insignia with political or social messages, alcohol or tobacco
advertising, profanity, inadequately clad people, or other inappropriate or unprofessional graphics is not
appropriate for a professional appearance at work. Apparel with the ASC and SUNY Cortland logo are

Denim jeans are allowed. Pants must cover the knee. Wind pants, sweat pants, athletic pants, yoga
pants and leggings are not allowed. All pants must be clean and free from excessive wear, holes, tears,
stains, and loose enough to pull away from the skin for safety reasons.

Dresses, skirts, split skirts, and other garments that allow legs to show require nylons or stockings to be
worn. Skirts and split skirts should not be shorter than five inches above the knees.

Non-food service employees must wear shoes safe for the duties they are performing. No flip-flop style
footwear will be allowed at any time.

If you experience uncertainty about acceptable business-casual attire for work, please ask your
supervisor or the Human Resources Office.

                           LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD!

                                       PERSONAL HYGIENE

Employees should report to work having bathed with neatly trimmed hair, beards and fingernails.
Employees should be odor free including avoiding excessive fragrances. All fingernails must be no longer
than the tip of the employee’s finger and have no nail polish.

Frequent hand washing is the most important way to prevent human contamination of food. You should
wash your hands when entering or leaving your work area, when they are soiled, when changing from
one food-handling task to another, or when changing gloves. Employees should not chew gum or
tobacco while working.


ASC does not want any employee to experience pain or suffering due to their work duties. Regular staff
will train you on the safety procedures for your area. You will be given personal protective equipment
used to protect yourself when performing certain tasks. Use them. These rules and equipment are to
protect you. If you are injured at work, report it to the manager or supervisor on-duty immediately. They
will ensure that you receive prompt medical attention.

Violence or threats of violence will not be tolerated by employees or customers. Please report these to
your supervisor or manager immediately. Any employee encountering an escalating argument should
leave the situation — walk away and report it. University Police (ext. 2111) and ASC management will
deal with the situation. Please notify your manager, if someone, outside of work, has threatened or
committed violence against you and may follow you to work. Steps will be taken to protect you while at

Chemicals in your work area can be dangerous and are much stronger than what you use at home.
Please review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Notebook in your area for more information. Do

not mix any chemicals unless instructed by a manager to do so. Wear all protective equipment as
indicated by the MSDS or your manager.

Bodily fluids, including blood and vomit, contain diseases and should be treated as hazardous. Do not
clean up any bodily fluids except your own. Report to your manager or supervisor all employee or
customer accidents or bodily-fluid spills.


Food Service areas have many sources that can burn you — steam, grease, and electrical.

If something has the potential to be hot — treat it as if it is hot — food, surfaces, water, and grease. If
you are burned, stop immediately and put the area in very cold water and use burn gel.


Many ASC locations have water, food and grease on the floors. This provides a slip or trip hazard. Take
extra precautions - walk slowly in these areas. Clean up any spills you see, even if you did not cause it.
You, or someone else, may slip or trip and become injured. Lifting heavy items like boxes of books or
food can cause an injury to your back, arms, shoulders or legs. Break heavy loads into smaller, lighter
loads. Get someone to help with an awkward or heavy load. Use a cart whenever possible. Lift with your
knees bent and your back straight.

                                   WRONG REPEATEDLY. LIFT CORRECTLY EVERY TIME OR PAY
                                   THE PRICE DOWN THE ROAD!

Knives, slicers, box cutters, and scissors can cause serious cuts. Only use these tools for the purpose they
were intended. Knives should not be use to open boxes. All slicers should be turned off, with the blade
set at zero, and unplugged when not in use. If a knife or sharp tool is falling, do not attempt to catch it.
Pizza, knives, scissors should not be placed in a sink full of water. The best practice is to wash them
yourself or leave them in the designated holder.

Please report any safety hazards in your area such as broken equipment or hazardous surroundings such
as wet floors, electrical shocks/sparks, burned out light bulbs, sharp edges, uneven floors or other

Please report any coworker’s illegal or dangerous behaviors as these may cause someone, even you,
serious harm.


                         NO HARASSMENT OR DISCRIMINATION

Harassment - hostile treatment

Discrimination - different treatment

ASC will not discriminate in its services or employment practices based on race, gender, religion,
national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, color, creed, military status, genetic
predisposition, carrier, victim of domestic violence, or veteran’s status. Auxiliary Services Corporation
expects that all employees will act in a respectful manner toward all co-workers and members of the
campus community. ASC prohibits acts of discrimination or harassment of employees by contractors,
vendors, employees and customers. Behaviors that constitute harassment include name-calling, racial
slurs, jokes, physical assault, impeding or blocking voluntary movement, gestures, derogatory posters,
letters, graffiti, cartoons, or computer displays. Request for sexual favors, including sexual advances that
interfere with work performance or working conditions, are considered inappropriate and will not be
tolerated. Anyone who has been treated disrespectfully, discriminated against, or harassed is
encouraged to notify his or her manager, the Human Resources Office or the Executive Director.

           BE TREATED.

                                        PROBLEM SOLVING

Student employees are encouraged to share their ideas with the management staff. In your daily work
routine, you may encounter problems or have questions that need answers. Please bring your concerns
to your unit manager or supervisor, first. If you are unsatisfied with the result of this discussion, please
contact the Director of College Stores or the Director of Dining Services. The desire and responsibility of
each level of management is to try to address each problem or suggestion effectively. We hope that
open lines of communication will benefit the organization and the customers.


                                         PAYROLL ISSUES

Starting pay for students will be $7.60 as of 7/1/2012. If you work more than 100 hours in a semester
and leave on good terms, you will receive a $.10 per hour increase the following semester. Good terms
mean working all your shifts until the end of finals and returning your uniform shirts and timecard.

Pay day is every other Thursday. Payroll calendars are available online at www.cortlandasc.com click
Employee in the upper left and scroll down to the heading Payroll.

Direct Deposit of your paycheck is available to any bank that accepts electronic banking. Your paychecks
and pay stubs are available on pay day in your work unit. If your unit is closed for the day, paychecks are
available in the Payroll Office or you may submit a written request to mail paychecks to your home

ASC employees may not accept tips. Please notify your customers that it is your pleasure to serve them
and no tip is required.

You will pick up your paycheck and pay stub (if you have direct deposit) in your work location. When
your unit is closed on pay day, your check will be available in Winchell Hall 2nd Floor.

You may access your paycheck information and W-2 at year end online. The web link and directions are
available at www.cortlandac.com click Employee in the upper left and scroll down to the heading

                          GET A RAISE!

                                         NEXT SEMESTER

When you know your class schedule for the next semester, you should contact your manager to get the
best selection of shifts. At the end of each semester, you should return your uniform shirts, name tag
and time card. You will be issued shirts and a new timecard next semester.



Employment with ASC is at-will and may be terminated by the employee or ASC at any time, for any
reason. Some reasons for loss of employment would include:

        •   Failure to follow the workplace rules and policies
        •   Any solicitation of employees, customers, or any competition with ASC services
        •   Sharing confidential information
        •   Failure to cooperate in an investigation
        •   Any conduct or language, at any time, that is detrimental to the mission and interest of ASC
        •   Loss of student status
        •   Insubordination/indolence
        •   Threats or violence
        •   Stealing or falsifying information or assisting others to do so
        •   Poor attendance
        •   Disrespectful behavior towards customers or employees
        •   Poor customer service

This list is not all encompassing and each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


A meal, limited to $10.75 in value, is available to any student employee, each time you work a shift of 6
hours or more. Student employees must eat their meal in their home department, except for students
working in a unit not serving food. Food taken from the dining hall or shared with anyone is theft. No
outside food may be brought in and stored in any food preparation or adjoining areas.

Excluded from employee meals:
Bookstore food items, bottle beverages, sushi & related items
Branded/packaged cookies, bars, cereal, candy, and peanuts

                                    AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT

The contents of this Handbook do NOT constitute terms of a contract of employment and should not be
construed as a guarantee of continued employment with ASC. This means that either ASC or the
employee, for any reason not expressly prohibited by law, may terminate the employment relationship

at any time. Any other oral or written statement by anyone should not be relied upon. ASC Management
and the Board of Directors may use any or none of the specified procedures for termination and may
decide to change any provision of this Student Employee Handbook and/or any benefits outlined within
at any time without prior notice. This Handbook supersedes any and all previous handbooks and written
or unwritten policies. This Handbook is not all encompassing and is only a set of guidelines.


Neubig Dining 753-4700
                                         GET CONNECTED, GET ANSWERS!
Dragon’s Court 753-2128

Dunkin Donuts 753-2128

Raquette Pizza 753-2128

Hilltop 753-4616

College Store 753-4621

Dragon’s Den 753-4619

The Bookmark 753-2370

Catering Office 753-4626

Poolside 753-2463

Director of Dining Services 753-2424

Director of College Stores 753-4620

Human Resources Office 753-4751

Payroll Office 753-4629


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