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College of Business Administration
Department Chair: Ingrid Martin                                       STAT 108 Statistics for Everyday Life (3)
Department Office: College of Business Administration CBA 354           Prerequisite: None
Website:                    2.Critical Thinking Course Requirements:
Telephone: (562) 985‑4769                                          Choose one of the following:
                                                                      PHIL 170 Critical Reasoning (3)
Faculty: Mary Celsi, Pamela Miles Homer, David Horne, Ingrid
                                                                        Prerequisite/Corequisite: GE Foundation requirements
Martin, Sungwook "Sam" Min, Risto Moisio, Sayantani Mukherjee,          Category A.1 (Written English).
Hieu Nguyen, Thuc "Doan" Nguyen, Tianjiao Qiu, Praveen Soni,
Terrence H. Witkowski, Tao “Alex" Wu                                  I S 100 Information Technology Literacy (3)
                                                                      Prerequisite: None
Administrative Support Coordinator: Raquel Porter
For MBA with Specialization in Marketing, see Business           3. All business and pre‑business majors shall demonstrate
Administration, Graduate Programs.                                  computer literacy and competency prior to taking junior
                                                                    and senior level courses. Requires one of the following:
Career Possibilities                                                A. Passing score (70%) on the Computer Proficiency
Social Media Planner, Sales Representative • Manager                   Examination (CPE).
Trainee • Retail Buyer • Insurance Agent • Public Relations         B. With Credit (Cr) or "C" or better grade in a transfer
Specialist • Advertising Account Executive • Purchasing                equivalent course, complete:
Agent • Retail Merchandising Manager • Brand Manager •                   IS 233 Introduction to Computer Systems and
Online Account Executive • Online Sales Manager • Media                  Applications (3)
                                                                        Prerequisite: None
Sales Manager • Media Planner • New Product Manager
• Real Estate Agent • Distribution Manager • Packaging           4. Upper Division:
Manager • Non-profit Fund Raiser • Event Coordinator and            A. Take all of the following:
Publication Specialist • Market Research Analyst (Some of              CBA 300 International Business (3)
                                                                        Prerequisite: None
these careers require additional experience or education.)
Various entry‑level, trainee positions in business and                ACCT 310 Cost Accounting for Managers (3)
                                                                        Prerequisites: ACCT 201 or equivalent.
industry are available for graduates regardless of academic
discipline.                                                           ECON 333 Managerial Economics (3)
                                                                        Prerequisites: ECON 100, 101; MATH 115 or 122.
                                                                      FIN 300 Business Finance (3)
Undergraduate Programs                                                  Prerequisite: None
                                                                      BLAW 320 Legal and Regulatory Environment of
                                                                       Business (3)
Bachelor of Science in Business                                         Prerequisite: None
Administration                                                        IS 300 Management Information Systems (3)
                                                                        Prerequisite: IS 233 or equivalent.
Admission Under Impaction                                             IS 301 Business Communications (3)
    Refer to the following website for additional impaction             Prerequisite: None
criteria:           IS 310 Business Statistics (3)
impacted_major.html.                                                    Prerequisite: MATH 114.
Requirements                                                          HRM 360 Organizational Behavior (3)
                                                                        Prerequisite: None
    In order to graduate with an undergraduate business
                                                                      MGMT 300 Principles of Management (3)
degree from CSULB, a student must complete a minimum                    Prerequisite: None
of 120 units. A majority of the upper division business
                                                                      MKTG 300 Marketing (3)
courses, including economics and statistics, must be                    Prerequisite: None
completed at this university. For details, refer to the CBA
                                                                   B. The following Capstone course must be taken at
Policy on Course Transfers/Substitutions.
                                                                      CSULB as a senior and after the upper‑division
1. Lower Division:
                                                                      prerequisite core courses have been completed
   Take all of the following:
                                                                      (ACCT 310, FIN 300, MGMT 300, MKTG 300, IS 301):
      ACCT 201 Elementary Financial Accounting (3)
       Prerequisite: None
                                                                        MGMT 425 Business Strategy and Policy (3)
                                                                        Prerequisites: ACCT 310 or 320; MGMT 300, MKTG 300,
     ECON 100 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)                          FIN 300, IS 301.
       Prerequisites: MATH 103 or higher; one GE Foundation         C. Completion of option requirements.
                                                                 5. Elective courses to total 120 units. Students are
     ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics (3)                      encouraged to select electives for expansion of
       Prerequisite/Corequisite: MATH 103 or higher.
                                                                    knowledge and intellectual interests as well as for
     MATH 115 Calculus for Business (3)                             preparation for business employment.
       Prerequisite: Appropriate ELM score, ELM exemption, or
       MAPB 11.

                                                                     2012/2013 CSULB Catalog • Marketing • 585
  Option in Marketing (120 units)                                     410. Services Marketing (3)
                                                                      Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
    This option establishes that marketing is largely a social
process, emphasing that enterprises meet the needs                    Applies marketing management techniques, marketing strategies,
                                                                      and processes for service evaluation and service quality
of individuals or segments of society. The function of                improvement to service marketing. Characteristics of services
marketing is to determine those needs, provide the most               marketing, service management, service evaluation, techniques
effective means of informing actual and potential customers           for improvement, services marketing in global environments, and
of the availability of services and goods, and deliver such           marketing techniques.
services and goods.                                                   Letter grade only (A‑F).

Requirements                                                          420. Sales Management (3)
                                                                      Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
1. Nine units selected from the following courses:
                                                                      Management of sales force. Sales Analysis, forecasting techniques,
   MKTG 310, 330, 410, 420, 430, 437, 465, 480, 481, 492.
                                                                      account and territory management and negotiations. Integrating the
2. Take the following courses:                                        personal computer into the sales function.
     MKTG 470 Marketing Research (3)                                  Letter grade only (A‑F).
        Prerequisites: MKTG 300; IS 301, 310.
                                                                      430. Promotion Strategies (3)
     MKTG 490 Consumer Behavior (3)
        Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.                               Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
     MKTG 494 Marketing Management (3)                                Management of the promotional mix. Behavioral and data‑based
        Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301; senior marketing majors      foundations for promotional strategies. Budgeting, allocation of
        or consent of instructor.                                     promotional resources,and media models. Integration of promotional
                                                                      strategies into the marketing mix. Applications of information‑based
Minor in Marketing                                                    technologies and tools for analysis.
                                                                      Letter grade only (A‑F).
Requirements                                                          437. Digital Marketing and Media (3)
1. Take the following course:                                         Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301
     MKTG 300 Marketing (3)                                           Course Description: The role of digital media (e.g., e‑commerce,
        Recommended: ECON 100, 101.                                   social media, search optimization, mobile applications, online
2. 15 units selected from the following courses:                      video, gaming) in consumer behavior and implications for marketing
                                                                      strategies. Digital marketing metrics, analysis of online business
     MKTG 310, 330, 410, 420, 430, 437, 465, 470, 480,
                                                                      models, and future trends in digital marketing also discussed.
     481, 490, 492, 494 or CBA 300 as approved by the
                                                                      Letter grade only (A‑F).
                                                                      465. Business To Business Marketing (3)
                                                                      Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
1. IS 310 is a prerequisite for MKTG 470;                             Focus on business, government, and institutional markets.
2. MKTG 480 is a prerequisite for MKTG 481;                           Comparison with consumer marketing. Analysis of business
3. MKTG 300 is a prerequisite for MKTG 420, 430, 465,                 products/services and domestic/international strategy. Emphasis in
                                                                      relationship‑management, e‑commerce, supply chain, negotiation,
   470, 480, 481, 490 and 492.
                                                                      technology innovation, brand assessment, trade, selling, and
                                                                      advertising strategy. Integration and application of information
Courses (MKTG)
                                                                      Letter grade only (A‑F).
                                                                      470. Marketing Research (3)
UPPer DiViSiOn                                                        Prerequisites: MKTG 300; IS 301, 310.
300. Marketing (3)                                                    Fundamentals of marketing and industrial research as an aid to
Recommended: ECON 100, 101.                                           problem‑solving in business. Familiarization with current industry
                                                                      research efforts. Data collection, interviewing, and report‑generation
Relation of marketing system to other activities in the firm. Firms   software. Analysis of data. Project, instrument and sampling designs.
and domestic and world marketing environments. Economic
and social effects on marketing. Human behavior’s effects on          Letter grade only (A‑F).
marketing, communications, information systems, management            480. International Marketing (3)
problems and their solutions.
                                                                      Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
310. Retail Concepts and Policies (3)                                 The study of global marketing theory and practice. The historical,
Overview of the retail system. Retail decision making emphasized      economic, cultural, political, and legal factors that affect marketing
in relation to these areas: store operation and management,           decision‑making outside the U.S. How to develop and present plans
merchandise assortment and pricing, store location and layout,        for exploiting global marketing opportunities.
advertising and sales communication, consumer analysis, retail        Letter grade only (A‑F).
information systems, retail accounting and control.
Letter grade only (A‑F).
                                                                      481. International Marketing in Selected Markets (3)
                                                                      Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301.
330. Mass Marketing Communications: Advertising (3)
                                                                      Taught as a special topics seminar. Depending upon the instructor,
Principles and practices of advertising. Social and economic          topics may include marketing within specific regions such as Asia or
importance of advertising and its relation to modern business         Europe, marketing in developing countries, or international aspects of
organization. Importance of an advertising plan, preparation of       the marketing mix such as global advertising and global retailing.
advertisements, copy and layout, media planning and application
of information technology.                                            Letter grade only (A‑F).
Letter grade only (A‑F).

586 • Marketing • 2012/2013 CSULB Catalog
490. Consumer Behavior (3)
Prerequisite: MKTG 300, IS 301.
Consumer behavior in a marketing context. Information processing,
personality/lifestyle, group, social class, cultural/sub‑cultural, and
demographic factors to influence consumption behavior. Strategic
and analytical thinking of consumer behavior both in profit and
nonprofit contexts as well as relevant public policy applications.
Letter grade only (A‑F).
492. New Products/New Services (3)
Prerequisite: MKTG 300 or consent of instructor; IS 301.
New product and new service development process from idea
generation to launch; diffusion of innovation and sales forecast
of new product; market entry strategy; branding of new product;
business plan for new product/service.
Letter grade only (A‑F).
494. Marketing Management (3)
Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301; senior marketing majors or
consent of instructor.
Strategies and techniques in marketing management. Application
of prior material from marketing curriculum to problems and cases.
Emphasis on problem identification and solution.
Letter grade only (A‑F).
495. Selected Topics in Marketing (1‑3)
Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, a GPA of 3.0 in marketing, IS
Topics of current interest in marketing selected for intensive study.
May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units. Topics announced in
the Schedule of Classes.
497. Directed Studies (1‑3)
Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and department chair, on
Dean’s List and a 3.0 GPA or higher in marketing.
Individual projects, study and research of advanced nature in

                                                                         2012/2013 CSULB Catalog • Marketing • 587

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