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					The Long March for Climate Justice
Dr. M. K. Dorsey - Dartmouth College, Environmental Studies Program Bucknell University • 15 Oct. 2009

4 Objectives
• Get Context & Deep Background • Sketching the Dominant (False?) Solutions: Market & Prices: Orthodoxy, Mania or Madness? • The case for Climate (in)Justice in the pre- & post2012 world --The Next 66 days…

• This is what justice looks like…

What’s on DEEP Background?

A late November 2008 meta-data report by the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) says:

“…critical climate [collapse]
processes might have begun … almost a century ahead of schedule…”

--Public Interest Research Centre. Climate Safety. 25 November 2008.

Emissions Must Go to Zero…
( or

negative ?) 52526

“The IPCC’s estimates are now two years old. More recent science shows that we are on track for sealevel rise of at least one and maybe two meters by the end of the century. That would spell disaster, even disappearance, for some of our islands. If the science is moving, so too must world leaders… [we need] 1.5º to stay alive”
--Ambassador Dessima Williams, Permanent Representative of Grenada and Chair of AOSIS, 11 Sept. 2009.

Are we OUT OF TIME…? IPCC ‘too conservative’ Copenhagen 12 March 2009

The Official Solution …

HR 2454 The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 • Passed the House 219-212 on June 26th after 3 months of hearings and revisions • Senate EPW committee hearings commenced this week • Senate floor vote as early as mid-September
What HR 2454 does:  A clean energy title, designed both to set new standards for current types of power generation and to accelerate development and deployment of clean energy technologies such as renewables, energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage.    An efficiency title that provides funding for energy efficiency programs, and the setting of stronger building codes and product efficiency standards. A cap and trade program that sets mandatory caps on 87% of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including the electric power and oil and gas sectors, and heavy industry. Measures designed to ease the transition into a low carbon economy by providing assistance to those impacted by a cap - including industry, affected sectors of America’s workforce, and low income households; these also include support for international climate change programs.

Key issues: • Green Jobs…Any? Enough? • Allowance distribution -- Who bears the costs?) • Offsets - Rules, who’s in charge, limits…?) • International engagement, trade and competitiveness…? • Targets…??

REDUX: Key “Solution” built on:

The Market Defined by:
Cap & Trade • Offset Scheme

WHY? this “solution” •
(The Theory…)

So on one side of the theory coin…

“Carbon trading’s [and offsets] objective is to [quickly] reduce the costs of emissions reductions for industrialised countries.”
Ken Newcombe, World Bank Prototype Carbon Fund,
Bonn, 6 June 2000

Key policy question…

Are markets FAST enough & do they drive INNOVATION?

Debating Prof. M.K. Dorsey at the International Economic Forum of the Americas, Climate Change Panel… Montreal, Canada 2008

“…it will take five to ten years for
carbon markets to work properly…”
--Prof. Christoph Böhringer, Chair for Economic Policy at the University of Oldenberg, & University of Heidelburg

“I agree.”
--Luc Bertrand, President and CEO, Montréal Climate Exchange, June 2008

The Reality…

According to Citigroup (not EDF, NRDC, TNC, inter alia.):
“[the EU Emissions Trading Scheme] ETS has done nothing to curb emissions . . . it is a highly regressive tax falling mostly on poor people . . . Enhances the market power of generators. Have policy goals been achieved? Prices up, emissions up, profits up . . . so, not really.”
Peter Atherton, Citigroup Global Markets, January 2007

“All generation-based utilities – winners. Coal and nuclearbased generators – biggest winners. Hedge funds and energy traders – even bigger winners. Losers . . . herm . . . Consumers!”

“The price

of carbon has had virtually no effect on the market so far and virtually no effect on climate change
. . . There must be more focus on energy efficiency, more research and development and more renewable energy. The truth is that Europe has performed less well on carbon dioxide since the late 1990s than the United States -- and Europe is inside Kyoto and has an emissions trading scheme.”
Dieter Helm, energy economist, Oxford University, October 2007

So Ken Newcombe of yester-year …

Versus: The new Ken Newcombe from earlier in

“I'm not at all convinced from what we've seen internationally that a cap and trade regime and a price on carbon is going to motivate investment in truly transformational technologies.”
--Goldman Sachs, Carbon Head, Ken Newcombe, 17 Jan. 2008,
To Carbon Policy Forum in New York.

Re-Meet the even newer still Ken Newcombe from later in 2008…

“We are thrilled to be trading on the CCFE [Chicago Climate Futures Exchange] and supporting the pioneering efforts of the Chicago Climate Exchange.”
-- Ken Newcombe, CEO of C-Quest Capital LLC,

19 November 2008.

“Carbon trading may have been the
answer once but not any more... It will just take too long to achieve anything, and we no longer have the luxury of time.


--Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the UK’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, Discussion at the Royal Society, October 2008

“So far, the European market has been a costly mistake…The Kyoto Protocol period is almost a lost decade.”
--Catrinus Jepma, Professor of Energy & Sustainability, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 5 Nov. 2007

What is the case for

Climate (in)Justice…?
(Spreading globally)

Maplecroft Climate Change Risk Report (2009/2010)

22 African countries
out of 28 across the world at

‘extreme risk’
< 2% of US climate funding for Africa; vs >71% for USA

Late 2008… Climate refugee resettlements underway…

3 June 2009


The Alternative NGO Tendency…

Fighting for Climate Justice, Globally: Den Haag to Bali to Poznan & Beyond

Resistance inside CA, USA
(from the US) 19 February 2008

RADICAL NEW AGENDA NEEDED TO ACHIEVE CLIMATE JUSTICE Poznan statement from the Climate Justice Now! Network 12 December 2008
PART I Achieving low carbon economies, without resorting to offsetting and false solutions such as nuclear energy and "clean coal", while protecting the rights of those affected by the transition, especially workers. · · · Keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Implementing people's food and energy sovereignty. Guaranteeing community control of natural resources.

· ·

Re-localisation of production and consumption, prioritising local markets
Full recognition of Indigenous Peoples, peasant and local community rights, Democratically controlled clean renewable energy.

· Rights based resource conservation that enforces indigenous land rights and promotes peoples sovereignty and public ownership over energy, forests, seeds, land and water
· Ending deforestation and its underlying causes.

RADICAL NEW AGENDA NEEDED TO ACHIEVE CLIMATE JUSTICE Poznan statement from the Climate Justice Now! Network 12 December 2008 PART II · · Ending excessive consumption by elites in the North and in the South. Massive investment in public transport

· Ensuring gender justice by recognising existing gender injustices and involving women in decision making. · Canceling illegitimate debts claimed by northern governments and IFIs. The illegitimacy of these debts is underscored by the much greater historical, social and ecological debts owed to people of the South.

What’s Possible After Copenhagen?
• Domestic Side:
– Kill on Coal – Increasing Efficiency Standards – $$$ for green jobs

• Multilateral Side
– Short-term Forcers Agreement: Soot, Trop. Ozone & Methane – New Finances

THANKS! PLEASE BE IN TOUCH… Dr. Michael Dorsey, Dartmouth College (Subject: COP15-HELP)

Dr. Michael Dorsey, Dartmouth College Asst. Professor of Global Environmental Policy
• “Climate Knowledge and Power: Tales of Skeptic Tanks, Weather Gods and Sagas for Climate (in)Justice”, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism (CNS), Vol. 18, No. 2, June 2007

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“If you are the big tree,We are the small axe --Sharpened to cut you down, (well sharp)” --Bob Marley

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