WW1 Mixbook Partner and Topic Assignments

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					         WW1 Mixbook Partner and Topic Assignments

Page Number               Partners                   Topic
     1                   Ms.Young            Introduction/Names

     2                   Ms.Young            THE WAR BEGINS

     3                  David Rhodes      Archduke Franz Ferdinand
                        Chris Phillips         (assassination)
     4                 Morgan Merritt     The War Begins in Europe
                        AJ McGhee
     5                Shala McGhee             Central Powers
                      Marcus Kirkland
     6                  Brady Kissic           Allied Powers
                       Kelsey Jones
     7                 Destiny Parker      The US Enters the War
                        Chase Kissic
     8                  Leon Estelle           The Lusitania
                        Caleb Fluker
                        Austin Davis
     9                Austin Chandler     Zimmerman Telegram
                      Danielle Duncan
    10                   Ms.Young            THE WEAPONS
   11/12               Josh Kilgore         New Technologies 1:
                      Dakota Gaither      submarine, airplane, tank
   13/14                 CJ Redd          New Technologies 2: gas
                      Zamiya Shields       mask, poisonous gas,
                                               machine gun
    15                   Ms.Young             THE PEOPLE

    16                  Traci Cook         Baron Von Richthofen
                        Josh Fluker
    17                 Zach Dotson           Woodrow Wilson
                      Haley Buchanan
    18                 Destiny Seals         Kaiser Wilhelm II
                       Hannah Simic
    19                Audrey Jemison           Alvin C. York
                       Chase Hayes
    20          Ms.Young         WAR EFFORTS AT
    21       Christon Epperson   Selective Service Act
               Nadia Estelle
    22       DonShae Riggins           Victory
                Mya Garrett      Garderns/Hooverizing
    23        Autumn Currier        Liberty Bonds
             Brianna Chapman
    24           Ms.Young          THE WAR ENDS
    25         Chase Holmes          Nov.11, 1918
              Zerian Hampton
    26          Tae Graham        Treaty of Versailles
                Tyler Hyche
BACK COVER       Ms.Young

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