Believe in God by lord.guo.untung


									Believe in God

A customer came to the barber for a haircut and beard tidy.

                         The barber began cutting hair and begin to engage
                         consumers begin to warm conversation.

                         They talked about many things and various topics of
                         conversation, and the topic of conversation turned
                         for a moment about God.

                        The barber said, "I do not believe God exists".
"Why do you say that???" snapped the consumer.
"Well, you look ahead, on the streets ... to realize that God does not exist.

Tell me, if God exists,
Is there an illness??,
Is there a waif??
If God existed, there would be no pain or sorrow.
I can not imagine God the Merciful will let it all happen. "

The customer thought for a moment, but did not respond because he did not
want to start an argument.
The barber finished its job and the customer left the place the barber.

Moments after he left the room he saw a man in the street with long hair,
wavy coarse (mlungker-mlungker its Java-term), which was dirty and
unshaven beard. The man looked dirty and unkempt.

The consumers turning to the barber and said,
"You know, actually NO barber."

The barber did not accept, "You could really say that?? '.
"I am here and I am a barber., And I just mencukurmu!"

"No!" evasion of the consumer.
"Barbers do not exist, because if there was, there would be no people with
dirty long hair and bearded like the people that are out there," the customer

"Ah no, but there remains barber", protested the barber.

"What you saw was one of their own, why they did not come to me," replied
the barber defensively.

"It fits!" said the customer agreed.
"That's the main point of her!

Same with the Lord, the LORD IS THERE TOO!
But what happens ... people DO NOT WANT HIM TO
Therefore a lot of the pain and sorrow of the world
affected by this. "
The barber dazed!!!

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