October 26 by sunflowerclass


									                  Sunflower               Test Date: October 26th

    Lesson5. Building a Tree House

   1. design
   2. stormy
   3. batteries
   4. section
   5. raise
   6. useless                gears                 batteries                      section
   7. gears
   8. A design is a plan of what something is going to look like.
   9. Something that is useless is not helpful.
   10. Batteries make electricity.
   11. A section is a part or piece of something.

*design: When people make designs, they often draw them on paper.
         People also make designs for clothes, cars, and many other kinds of things.
*stormy: When the weather is bad – windy and rainy or snowy – we say it is stormy.
*batteries: Flashlights, some radios, and other machines use power from batteries to
            make them work.
*raise: When you raise something, you lift it up.
*useless: Useless means the opposite of useful. If a tool is useless, it will be of no help in
          getting a job done.
*gears: Gears look like little wheels with pointy metal teeth. Bicycles and other
          machines use gears to help them go.

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