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					                                                                    leo VaraDkar TD

                           Dublin 15
       Transport update
                                        LEO VARADkAR TD
                  Consituency Office: 37 A Main Street, Ongar, Dublin 15.
                         Tel.(01) 640 31 33 Fax.(01) 618 42 15

OCTOBER BLUES                                    CLONSiLLA
It’s October. The schools and colleges are       ONE-WAy
back. The holidays are over and once again,
the traffic and weather are miserable. The
time has come to take a look at some of the      The council has indicated
improvements that are needed to improve the      its intention to put on
quality of public transport in Dublin 15 and     public display a proposal
lighten the traffic.                             to re-open the one-way
                                                 system to two-way traffic.
NEW ROAD PROJECTS                                Related measures will
                                                 include the replacement
Earlier this year, the first section of the      of the rounabout near
M2-N3 Link Road was opened to traffic. This      Coolmine      Community
road links Tyrrelstown to Damastown and          School with a signalised
Clonee. Chapelizod has been re-opened to         junction and an extra
traffic ahead of schedule. The M50 Upgrade       lane of traffic alongside
is well underway with the mainline widened       Powercity
to three lanes in most places and the
                                                                                  Kieran Dennison pictured beside the one-way system on Clonsilla Road
commencement of barrier-free tolling. So
what else is planned?
                                                 ONgAR TO
                                                 LUCAN/LEixLiP ROAD
M50 UPgRADE                                      Phase One will link Ongar to Westmanstown        PORTERSTOWN LiNk
– phase two is now underway. This includes       with a new bridge over the canal and railway     ROAD -
the construction of a third lane each way from   lines. It was approved in November. The road
                                                                                                  Fingal County Council has adopted a new
the M1 to the N3. It also involves the total     will serve the new Hansfield development
                                                                                                  roads scheme to realign the Porterstown
overhaul of N3-M50 junction including the        and will reduce traffic in Clonsilla and
                                                                                                  Road. In the first stage, the Diswellstown
removal of the Auburn and Blanchardstown         Westmanstown. Once complete the road
                                                                                                  Road will be extended from the roundabout
Roundabouts and the construction of              will be continued to link up with the N4
                                                                                                  to connect with the Porterstown Road
new bridges and slip roads. Work will be         between Lucan and Leixlip. This route has
                                                                                                  and serve Scoil Choilm. It is anticipated
completed in 2010.                               yet to be selected.
                                                                                                  that this work will be done early in the
                                                                                                  New Year. The second phase will involve
                                                                                                  realigning the lower part of the Porterstown
                                                                                                  Road and upgrading its junction with the
                                                                                                  Luttrellstown Road.

                                                                                                  NEW BALLyCOOLiN ROAD
                                                                                                  The new road will cost €10 million and will
                                                                                                  be opened in 2009

                                                                                                  NEW CONNOLLy
                                                                                                  HOSPiTAL BRiDgE
                                                                                                  The bridge is complete but cannot open for
                                                                                                  safety reasons onto the existing roundabout.
                                                                                                  The roundabout will be removed as part of
                                                                                                  the M50 Upgrade scheme in 2009 or 2010.

 Varadkar - Working for You in Dáil Éireann
In April, An Bord Pleanala approved a scheme to connect
the N3 to the M2 by building a new road from Tyrrelstown
to Cherryhound. The new road will considerably reduce
through traffic in Hollystown, Ladyswell and Mulhuddart
village. A contractor has yet to be finalised. The road will
cost €35 million and will completed in 2010.

The technology being used on most of our traffic signals
is out-dated. The council has made the upgrading of the
traffic signals to from College Gate to Castleknock College to
MOVA dynamic signalling a condition of further development
along the Carpenterstown Road. Plans are also in place to
upgrade the traffic lights at the Auburn Avenue and Myo’s
junctions to MOVA.

                                                                                Enda Kenny, FG leader, photographed with Cllr Eithne Loftus, Leo Varadkar TD and Local
                                                                                  Representatives Adeola Ogunsina and Kieran Dennison on a recent visit to Dublin 15

Fine Gael is calling for emergency action to improve bus services in Dublin 15. Our bus service has not kept up with the rapid development
of the area. Bus routes are out of date and bus journeys can take hours.
                                                                                           Fianna Fail has been in power for ten years. During these years
                                                                                           they have promised us more buses but have delivered very
                                                                                           few. They have promised us integrated ticketing but instead
                                                                                           wasted millions on consultants reports. They promised to allow
                                                                                           competition on bus routes between Dublin Bus and private
                                                                                           operators but ten years later we are still using bus licensing
                                                                                           laws written sixty years ago. This has prevented Dublin Bus
                                                                                           from rolling out new routes and has barred private operators
                                                                                           from operating existing ones.

                                                                                           Bus Lanes (QBCs)
                                                                                           n Controversial proposals for bus lanes on the Castleknock
                                                                                             Road, Auburn Avenue, Laurel Lodge and Carpenterstown
                                                                                             are being considered by the council
                                                                                           n The council is also due to decide shortly on plans for bus
                                                                                             lanes along the Blakestown Way
                                                                                           n An inbound bus lane along the N3 from Clonee to
                                                                                             Blanchardstown has been agreed by the council
Adeola Ogunsina and Leo Varadkar wait for the bus in Littlpace. Clonee has the worst bus
service in the Dublin 15 area                                                               n The new bus lanes along the Blanchardstown Road North
                                                                                              and South are up and running
Changes to Bus Routes
Dublin Bus is considering changes to bus routes including extending the 37 Bus terminus to the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, a new
peak-period direct bus from Ongar, re-routing all 70 buses to serve Littlepace and then travel directly to town, re-rerouting some 39 buses to
provide a better service to Latchford/Allendale and changes to the 38 bus service will less peak-time services in Castleknock.

                                                                 Gay Mitchell MeP
                                     Gay Mitchell is Dublin’s member of the European Parliament. He was elected
                                     in 2004 after many years of service in Dail Eireann. Gay served as Minister for
                                     European Affairs during the Bruton government of 1994-1997. He is Dublin’s
                                     voice in Europe and has taken a particular interest in improving the EU’s response
                                     to global poverty.

Visit Leo Varadkar’s Website at f
   Our train service has dramatically improved in recent years. However,
   the latent demand for a DART-style train service is huge and growing.
   Two major factors constrain the development of better train services;
   the level crossings and congestion at Connolly Station.
   Real progress is being made on the Dunboyne rail spur which is
   expected to open in 2010. Stations will be located at Pace (near
   Dunboyne) where there will be a large park n ride, Dunboyne and
   Hansfield to the south of Ongar. These trains will run to Docklands.
   What’s Planned Under Transport 21?
   2009: Re-signalling project to improve speeds
   2010: Potential for peak-time trains every 10 mins mostly to
   2012: Opening of new station at Porterstown (under Dr Troy
   2013: Opening of underground DART connecting Docklands to
         Pearse, St Stephens Green and Heuston
   2014: Electrification of the Maynooth line and opening of Metro
         West linking the Blanchardstown Centre to Liffey Valley,                                 Cllr Eithne Loftus and Leo Varadkar at Coolmine Station
         Tallaght and the Airport

   Cutbacks to the National Development Plan being considered by Brian Lenihan could spell disaster
   for Dublin 15’s commuters. After four years of appalling mismanagement of the public finances
   by Fianna Fail and Brian Cowen, we are now facing major cutbacks. For the past few years,
   he allowed public spending to grow faster than economy. Now the economy is in a downturn.
                                                                          But instead of having a
                                                                          surplus that we could
                                                                          be using to stimulate
                                                                          the economy, we now
                                                                          have a massive deficit
                                                                          and are facing tax
                                                                          hikes in the budget and
                                                                          spending cuts in the
                                                                          New Year.
                                                                          Brian Lenihan must
                                                                          ensure that important infrastructural projects are not cut. Investment
                                                                          in our transport network and schools is essential for future growth.
                                                                          If this money is not invested now, it will do long-term damage to the

   The introduction of barrier-free tolling on the M50 is very welcome and is long-overdue. However, the new tolls are a rip-off according to
   Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar.
   ‘When NTR owned the toll-bridge we were being ripped off by a private company. After spending
   over €400 million of our taxes to buy the bridge, the government has decided to rip us off even
   more through increased tolls and a new tolling scheme that is laden with hidden charges and
   ‘I can live with paying tolls to cover the cost of buying the bridge but once the mortgage is paid
   off, the government should reduce the tolls’, he added.
   Log on to for more information on the different ways to pay the toll.

for more information on local news.....
     trains, Buses, Metros and traffic Jams

  in The
                            What caN Be DONe?

                    Cllr. Eithne Loftus and Leo Varadkar TD
                                 invite you to a public meeting
           CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL, BLANCHARDSTOWN CENTRE (the new tall building)
                      on TUESDAy, 7th OCTOBER, at 8 PM
    The meeting will be addressed by representatives from Dublin Bus, iarnrod Eireann and
     the RPA (Metro West) who will give you a progress report on their plans for the area.

           yOUR FiNe Gael teaM iN DUBliN 15
                                               Cllr Eithne Loftus
               Cllr Eithne Loftus was co-opted to Fingal County Council last year.
            She is the only full-time councillor living in the Castleknock area and
                       is the Chairperson of the council’s Dublin 15 area meeting.
                    6 Deerpark Avenue, Castleknock, Dublin 15.
                                             Tel. 087 6223419

                                          Leo Varadkar TD
                                          Leo Varadkar is the Fine Gael TD for the Dublin West constituency. He was
                                          first elected to Dail Eireann in 2007 and is the party’s spokesperson
                                          on Enterprise, Trade and Employment. Leo is a medical doctor by profession
                                          and lives in Carpenterstown.
                                          Contact: Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

                                                   Tel. (01) 618 38 19


Varadkar - Working for You in Dáil Éireann

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