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					Contractors Case Study

You have an opportunity to write a landscaping contractor located in Fresno, CA. Please complete Acord
apps based on the following information.

      John Henderson dba John’s Lawn and Landscape Company.
      Business began in 1985.
      Located at 12855 Industrial Way, Suite 201, Fresno CA 95885. Location is an industrial
       warehouse with roll-up garage doors. Insured occupies three units where all trucks and
       equipment are housed.
      15 employees with total payroll of $270,000
      1 bookkeeper with payroll of $42,000
      Insured does primarily commercial lawn mowing and landscaping. He has 60 regular customers
       with annual receipts of $390,000.
      Insured wants Workers Comp with $1,000,000 limits on employer’s liability. All work is done in
       the state of CA.
      Insured wants standard $1M/2M limits on GL . The following entities, who are customers, need
       to be listed as Additional Insureds on the GL policy, with COI’s provided:
           o Landmark Property Management, PO Box 786, Fresno CA 98558
           o Inland American Property Management, PO BOX 859963, Fresno CA 98485-9963
           o Temple Inland Management Corp, 85 W 35th, NY NY 01952
      $1M CSL on Auto Liability, with $250,000/$500,000 on UM and $50,000 UMPD. PIP at $5,000.
       $500 Comp and Coll on autos. Insured leases trucks and rotates them out every three years.
       Therefore, he wants to make sure that comp and collision is provided on all units. (hint-think
       proper symbol used for physical damage coverage). There are 5 units:
           o 2010 Ford F-150 VIN 1FP2A5R5G88566985
           o 2010 Ford F-150 VIN 1FP2A5F5G95885710
           o 2011 Ford F-150 VIN 1FP2A6F5T7GH88510
           o 2011 Ford F-150 VIN 1FP2A6F4T6GH55852
           o 2011 Ford F-150 VIN 1FP2A6F4T6GJ85774
      The following items will be included for the Contractor’s Equipment coverage:
           o 2004 Magnum 12 foot utility trailer, serial # 3459989, value $2,500
           o 2006 Magnum 12 foot utility trailer, serial #AT4R7488, value $2,600
           o 2004 Bankston 12 foot utility trailer, serial # BRT9F90F74, value $3,000
           o 2008 Three Rivers 12 foot utility trailer, serial # 5545T85, value $2,400
           o 2006 Magnum 12 foot utility trailer, serial AT4F8585, value $2,600
           o 2009 Cub Cadet 40” BR-S9 Deck Mower, serial # 7855858, value $3,500
           o 2008 Cub Cadet 40” BR-S7 Deck Mower, serial # T548U678, value $3,500
        o 2010 Cub Cadet 46” DY-S36 Deck Mower, serial # G56Y98T877, value $5,000
        o 5 Lawn boy 30” push mowers, valued $380 each
        o 15 Stihl nylon string trimmers, valued $250 each
        o 5 Husqvarna gas leaf blowers, valued $250 each
        o Assorted hand tools, total value $7,500
   Insured needs a $5M umbrella.
   Insured stores about $5,000 in BPP at the warehouse location. Trammel Crow Realty, PO Box 75,
    Fresno, CA 98552 who owns the warehouse, requests additional insured status and COI on the
   John subs out sprinkler repair. Annual cost paid to subs is $5,000. There is one sub involved, and
    John requires proof of GL each year, and that John’s Lawn & Landscape be listed as an additional

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