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					                             ASIAN AWARENESS WEEK
                                Descriptions of events

     To register for any event please email CJ Hanley at HANLEYC@ARPS.ORG.

Teachers are encouraged to bring classes to any of the events. We will need to know
ahead of time in order to plan seating.

Individual students are also encouraged to attend any event of interest to them. You will
need to obtain a pass from your teacher in order to attend an event; however individual
students do not need to register ahead of time.

        ALL-WEEK EVENTS (no registration is required for these events):

ASIAN CLOTHING – all students and staff are invited to wear traditional or
contemporary clothing from regions of Asia, especially during this week. This will
provide visual evidence of support for our Asian students, as well as appreciation and
celebration of the wonderful textiles and styles of this form of Asian art.

LIBRARY LEARNING BOARDS – Kathleen Anderson will be designing and producing
bulletin boards illustrating the history, cultures, and political realities of many Asian
countries of ARHS students. You are encouraged to spend some time perusing these
learning boards in the high school library throughout Asian Awareness Week.

FOYER DISPLAY CASES – What a magnificent display of Asian arts! We encourage
you to find time to enjoy these examples of a wide variety of art forms provided by the
families of ARHS students.

PHOTO EXHIBIT OF ASIAN STUDENTS AT ARHS - This photography exhibit will
be on display outside of the cafeteria throughout the week. Photographs of family events
as well as recent photographs of ARHS students of Asian backgrounds in a variety of
activities are featured. Asian and Asian-American students are now the largest “minority”
group at ARHS, and welcome this opportunity to let you see who they are and to give
you a few “cameo” shots of their lives.

MAP OF “ASIA” – This representation of the world region generally considered to be
“Asia” will be posted on the bulletin board between the cafeteria and the library. All
ARHS students of Asian heritage are encouraged to place a pushpin on the map
indicating where their families come from. For students with bi- or multiple-heritages
please use several pushpins as appropriate. By week’s end we hope to have a visual
representation of the areas to which our students identify culturally.

DAILY PA ANNOUNCEMENTS – all are requested to listen respectfully to these
student commentaries. They will range from 1-3 minutes at the start of the first period of
each day.
                                MONDAY’S EVENTS:

Long C period
FILM: “THE FLUTE PLAYER”. A recently released Cambodian film to be followed by
a discussion. Auditorium

The ARHS Khmer Club presents two charismatic guest speakers and performers, Arn
Chorn-Pond and Prach Ly, in an event during Long C (10:00 – 11:35) on Monday, May
2. The event will take place in the auditorium.
They will be presenting a documentary film, “The Flute Player,”about the life and work
of Cambodian genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond. The film follows Arn Chorn-Pond
from Lowell back to Cambodia in search of redemption from his war-torn past. It won
the Audience Award at the 2003 South by Southwest Film Festival. Arn Chorn-Pond is
the founder of Cambodian Masters Performers Program, which seeks to save from
extinction Cambodia’s once outlawed traditional music. Arn will speak to the audience,
and will be joined by Cambodian-American Rapper, Prach Ly, whose album reached No.
1 in Cambodia. Ly lives in Long Beach, California but his family comes from
Battambang Province – where many of the Amherst Cambodian families are from. To
create his music Prach Ly used a karaoke machine and sampled sound bites from old
Khmer Rouge propaganda speeches to create what he calls an "autobiography," reciting
stories he'd heard from his refugee family to deliver a blistering history lesson about
Cambodia's genocide through modern rap and hip-hop.

At 2:30 Arn Chorn and Prach Ly will return to the high school for a small discussion
group with Cambodian-American students in the Large Group Instruction Room across
from the auditorium.

Please contact Joan Snowdon if you would like to attend and let me know how many
students you will be bringing with you. I am at or at 362-1794.
After school:
        1. FOOD SALE by the Tibetan Club and Indian students.
        2. MOVIE: Anime shorts

                                TUESDAY’S EVENTS:
B period:
WORKSHOP ON TIBETAN HERITAGE. The Tibetan Club will present a film
produced by the international organization Students for a Free Tibet, followed by a
discussion of the current political situation in Tibet.

C period lunches:
MEHENDI. Indian and Pakistani traditional skin tattoo (temporary) decorations. These
decorations are commonly used to celebrate such events as weddings, births, or other
special occasions.

After school:
   1. FOOD SALE by the Korean club.
   2. MOVIE: Ballywood

                             WEDNESDAY’S EVENTS:

Long B period:
ASIAN COURT. Mr. Gould’s Asian Studies class will present a variety of projects
completed during this course. Location – hallway in front of the Cambodian mural.

After school:
   1. FOOD SALE by the Cambodian Club.
   2. MOVIE:

                              THURSDAY’S EVENTS:
B period lunches:

Long D period:
VOLUNTARY STUDENT ASSEMBLY: Events will include the ARHS band
performing A Japanese Tune, Traditional Tibetan Dance, Contemporary Taiwanese
Music by Anna Tsai and Yi Ding, a Fashion Show highlighting many Asian cultures, a
Cambodian Traditional Dance, a skit on stereotypes by Charlie Ye Mo and Mihir Desu, a
Classical Indian Dance performance by Abolee Montanari, and an audience interactive
discussion. Additionally the Hurricane Singers will be performing A Japanese Song.

After school:
   1. FOOD SALE by the Chinese Club.
   2. MOVIE:

                              FRIDAY’S EVENTS:
E period:
PRESSURES FOR ASIANS. Mr. Malone will lead this presentation and discussion.
Large Group Instruction room.

Evening 6 – 9 p.m. Cafeteria.
ASIAN NIGHT. All students, staff, and families are invited to this dinner and
performance to bring Asian Week to a close.

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