Professional Five Year Plan by xiaopangnv


									Professional Five Year Plan:

          3.1 Discipline Areas: Criminal Justice. Classes include: Introduction to
          Criminal Justice, Ethnics in Criminal Justice, Police Operations,
          History of Homicide & Police Administration.

                • To remain current knowledge within the Criminal Justice
                • To constantly update my knowledge and teaching skills
                within the Criminal Justice field especially in technological
                advances, criminal law, and current police operational

               • To improve my knowledge and skills in Criminal Justice
               through effective teaching, and education.

                • To communicate effectively as a professor to my students,
                 colleagues, Anne Arundel Community College, and law
                  enforcement community.

             Proposed/Projected Activities:
                • Complete a Doctoral Degree from Morgan State University.
                • Attend the National Criminal Justice Association
                Conventions’ Seminars/Workshops to remain current in the
                field of Criminal Justice especially in the field of policing.
                • To attend Anne Arundel County Bar Association seminars on
                law and constitution in order to stay abreast of policies and
                procedures within the Maryland judicial system.
                • Maintain memberships in National Criminal Justice
                Association & National Black Criminal Justice Association.
                • Attend campus-wide workshops, seminars and conferences
                on Criminal Justice.
                • To address and explain current issues through journals,
                publications, the Internet, and conversations with other
                professors, students, and law enforcement community.
3.2 Instructional/Pedagogy
       •Create more group interaction, and group projects.
       • Continue incorporating technology in class assignments,
       homework and group projects through the Internet, the
       development of PowerPoint presentations, and group projects.
        •Create and implement cyber projects that are criminal justice
       • To encourage group interaction, group projects and
       significant appreciation of course material as it relates to
       Criminal Justice and policing.
       • To promote and remain up to date in technological
       advancements in Police Science, Ethics and Criminal Justice in
       • To sustain high ethical standards in teaching as a college
   Proposed/Projected Activities:
       • Participate in workshops and seminars concerning Police
       Science, Criminal Justice and Maryland Law and policies.
       • To improve my subject lectures, class assignments and group
       • Guest lectures and field trips that are criminal justice related.
       • Create and/or concentrate on Maryland Judicial system,
       Criminal Justice and Police Science & Technology workshops,
       conferences, or classes that focus on technology, innovative,
       and current developmental tools.
       • Create and implement programs in Police Academy programs, and
       Police Science courses online. Additionally, create and implement
       Multicultural course in Law Enforcement, and online.
3.3 Other:

         • Improve my teaching effectiveness through workshops, conferences,
         and seminars presented my TEACH Institute, Criminal Justice
         Institute, and other related organizations/agencies.

      • To create an environment in Criminal Justice field that is community
      engaging, strong leadership collaboration within the Criminal Justice
      Institute and surrounding County and City, and reach out to other
      law enforcement organizations within the US and overseas to create
      strong globalization approach.

Proposed/Projected Activities:
      • Have guest lectures, and make presentations to the Criminal Justice
      Institute on criminal justice issues such as civil liberties, Cybercrime,
      police ethics, and current criminal justice technology and/or
      • To remain an active consultant for Brendan Homes Inc., as crime
      prevention adviser.
      • To create and implement new courses in criminal justice credit and
      • To promote police-research partnership, and critical thinking in
      criminal justice.
      •To serve on a college-wide committee.
      • To guest lecture for various professional and local community
      associations, and criminal justice organization police strategies,
      community policing models, crime-fighting problem-solving, and
      police professionalism.

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