Gun Control For or Against by alicejenny


									   Gun Control
      For or Against?
By: Miranda Odegard, Hannah
 Poledna, and Shelbie Draper
Gun Control facts
   Gun control is the regulation of the selling,
    owning, and use of guns.
   Ex: machine guns, hand guns, rifles, etc…
   The Second Amendment states: “A well
    regulated militia, being necessary to the
    security of a free state, the right of the
    people to keep and bear arms, shall not be
Laws and rights
   Right-to-carry laws are the qualifications
    you must have in order to own a gun.
   You must be the appropriate age, have a
    clean criminal record, and complete a fire
    arm safety course.
   The Brady Bill requires a national five
    business day waiting period on handgun
Crime and self defense
   One of the most common reasons people
    buy guns is for self defense.
   One problem with guns in the house is that
    they are a danger to friends and family.
   34% of imprisoned criminals have been
    scared off by guns.
   In 1997, 691,000 crimes were committed
    with fire arms.
Assault Weapons
   The “Assault Weapons Ban” was enacted on
    September 14,1994.
   This bill banned the manufacture, possession,
    and importation of assault weapons.
   Hillary Clinton once stated, “And since the crime
    bill was enacted, 19 of the deadliest assault
    weapons are harder to find on our streets. We will
    never know how many tragedies we’ve avoided
    because of these efforts.”
Gun Availability
   There are currently 200 million guns owned
    in America.
   The greater gun availability increases the
    rate of murder and suicide.
   It also increases the chance of guns
    entering illegal markets.
   Guns used in violent crimes are usually
    stolen or transferred from person to person
The Second Amendment
   The Second Amendment reads “A well regulated
    militia being necessary to the security of a free
    state, the right of the people to keep and bear
    arms shall not be infringed.”
   There is a lot of discussion about what the
    Amendment means and how to interpret it.
   However, the current price we are having to pay
    to defend ourselves against an improbable
    situation is thousands of people dying each year
    through gun violence.
Interview an Expert
   I do not believe in gun control because the Second
    Amendment to the Constitution guarantees me the right to
    keep and bear arms. I am a law abiding citizen of stable mind
    and I have the right to protect myself and my family from
    harm. It have been proven time again that if you disarm the
    public, the crime rate goes up. In Washington D.C. guns were
    illegal until late last year, it had one of the highest murder
    rates in the U.S. “IF YOU OUTLAW GUNS, ONLY

Just my opinion,
Emotional Appeal
   Shelbie- I am against gun control because of self
    defense reasons and there is a low chance that
    somebody will just randomly shoot people.
   Hannah- I am for gun control because I just want the
    people who are not responsible not to have such easy
    access to guns, but I also believe responsible people in
    need of guns for self defense should be able to own
   Miranda- I am against gun control because the Second
    Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives American
    citizens to keep and bear arms. Also for self defense
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