422 Elementary Lesson Plan by jessica.gratigny


									Lesson Plan for Class 1: Making Healthy Food Choices- Colors

   I.     Target Audience: Fifth graders
   II.    Objectives:
          a. After the lesson, given the instruction to make healthy choices, the
              child will be able to construct a list based on the colors blue, purple,
              and white.
          b. After instruction, the student will be able to justify why the food
              choices are considered healthy.
          c. After instruction, the student will be able to identify how many
              servings of fruits and vegetables they need per day with 100%
   III.   Time Allotted: 20 minutes
   IV.    Introduction (1 minute): Introduce self and topic
   V.     Pre-assessment (3 minutes): Pre-assessment
          a. Pretest on knowledge of varieties of fruits and vegetables that are
              blue, purple, and white by asking students to write down a quick list
              of one or two each as quickly as possible. Have the students flip over
              their paper when they are done.
   VI.    Content and Sequence (see attached content facts)
          a. Foods in the Color Groups (8 minutes)
                   i. Have a few students raise their hand to discuss their favorite
                      foods in the various color groups that they wrote down
                  ii. Discuss additional foods that fit into the color groups that they
                      might be missing
                          1. Grapes
                          2. Plums
                          3. Raisins
                          4. Blueberries
                          5. Potato
                          6. White beans
                          7. Cauliflower
                          8. Onion
                          9. Eggplant
                          10. Blackberries
                          11. Pomegranates
                          12. Figs
                          13. Cabbage
                          14. White corn
                 iii. Discuss the concept of receiving different health benefits based
                      on color
                          1. Purple and blue fruits and vegetables have many
                              antioxidants. Antioxidants help to keep you healthy and
                              prevent you from getting sick.
                          2. They may also help with memory function.
                            3. Finally, blue and purple vegetables help to prevent
                                cancer in your body.
                            4. These are just a few benefits of adding blue and purple
                                fruits and vegetables to your diet.
                    iv. Have students come the board and draw in their favorite foods
                         under color categories
             b. Servings of Fruit and Vegetables (5 minutes)
                      i. Discuss the amount of fruit and vegetables the student needs,
                         per day, their diet
                            1. It is important for the students to understand about the
                                serving sizes of fruits and vegetables they need on a day
                                to day basis to ensure they are receiving the right
                                amount in their diet.
                     ii. Discuss the serving size of fruit and vegetables that would
                         account for each serving per day
                            1. Reference handout
                    iii. Handout showing the size comparison for fruit serving sizes
                            1. Use the tennis ball visual aid
   VII.      Evaluation (3 minutes): Posttest on sources of fruits and vegetables that
             fall under the blue, purple, and white category, the differences in health
             content among the three, the amount per servings of each per day, and
             the serving sizes for each that entails a standard serving.

Materials Needed:

   -      Pretest
   -      Posttest
   -      White board + Markers (blue, purple, black)
   -      Serving size handout
   -      Tennis ball visual aid

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