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					Marilyn Monroe
  By: Ashley Meier – Hunt

              •   Birth Name: Norma Jeane
              •   Born: June 1, 1926
              •   Born in: Los Angeles, California
              •   Religion: Jewish
              •   Height: 5’ or 5’1/2
              •   Nickname: The Blonde Bombshell

 Marilyn Monroe “Norma Jeane”,
 grew up without knowing her
 father, and her mother was
 mentally ill. Marilyn was
 abandoned to multiple foster
 homes. She was nearly smothered
 to death at two of them, and raped
 at 6 of them. Family friends of
 Marilyn's took her in for a few
 years, their names were Grace and
 Doc. Goddard. But unfortunately
 Doc’s job was transferred and they
 couldn’t afford to take Marilyn with
 them. So on June 19, 1942 at 16
 years old, Marilyn saved her self
 from being at foster homes and
 married her boyfriend Jimmy
 Doughtery. He was later sent to the
 south pacific though so she went
 on to work in a factory..
 Discovery of
Marilyn Monroe
                                  “Her rise to fame”

  She was Working in a parachute factory when she was discovered as
  the next new model. Her face then appeared on numerous magazine
  covers. (legend)
  Marilyn's rise to stardom began, She got a divorce, and a new name.
  She had changed her name from Norma Jeane to now Marilyn Monroe.
  She died her hair blonde and appeared in a number of movies (small
  roles). Her first film she appeared in was “Scubba – Hoo Scubba –
  Hay”. She also played the lead role in “Ladies of the chorus”.(legend)
     Joe DiMaggio
     Marilyn Monroe
1954:                                             Joe DiMaggio: was an
Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio are married (legend).    retired baseball player for
                                                  the Yankees.
         It was a well known marriage, but not
   a good one. Joe and Marilyn were
   completely different. He didn’t agree with
   Marilyn’s career. He was a conservative
   man and She wouldn’t give up her career
   for him (legend).

          When Marilyn’s Famous skirt blowing
   scene was released, Joe did not agree with
   it. They had gotten a divorce after 9 months
   of marriage. (legend)
            Marilyn’s                               Marilyn Monroe productions
                                                    was created in 1956. Though
          Achievements                              only one film was produced
     “through out her career”                       The film The prince and the
Marilyn had sung two songs:                         showgirl by Marilyn Monroe
“every baby needs a da-da-daddy” & “anyone can      Productions was released in
   see I love you”                                  1957 (legend)
                                                    Marilyn had sang “happy
                                                    birthday” on may of 1962 to
Her first leading role in a feature film was:       president Kennedy at Madison
Don’t bother to knock , which was released in       Square Garden. (legend)

Her best known song was:
“Diamonds are a girls best friend”

Marilyn Performed for the troops in Korea, One of
  her favorite moments in her life (legend).
Death of Marilyn
Some claim that Marilyn’s Death is unknown
  but others claim that at 36 years old,
  Marilyn Monroe was pronounced dead
  and was found with an empty bottle of
  sleeping pills by her bed (biography).

“ Her humor, as attested to by the people
   who knew her, her compassion for all
   living things, her desire to be loved, her
   wish to have children All of these things
   are difficult to see in the glamorous
   woman we know as Marilyn Monroe. But
   she was human. Beneath it all, She was
   a little girl who hurt just like anyone
   else. Perhaps that is the most important
   lesson to be learned from her life and
   her death. Illusions are just that. We
   must always try to see the person
   beneath them” (biography).
  What makes
 Marilyn Monroe a
I believe Marilyn Monroe is a hero because of the troublesome
   childhood she went through and how she went on to be an amazing
   icon and role model for many young women. For Marilyn to have
   been abused and hurt through out her young days, she became one
   of the most kind hearted well known women in history. She had
   turned her life around from bad to good and always wore a smile. To
   see someone do that, is an inspiration and a hero to me and
   hopefully others. She also didn’t believe in looking like every other
   model. She loved the size she was and expressed it proudly.
   Though her death may be unknown and from what is said not so
   heroic, she still lived a heroic and inspiring life. Marilyn Monroe is a
   true icon and hero.
 Marilyn Monroe Quotes
     to use in paper
“ I want to grow old without face lifts… I want to have the courage to be loyal to
    the face I have made” (biography).

“ I’m not interested in money, I just want to be wonderful” (biography).

“ If I’m a star, then people made me a star” (legend).

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely
   ridiculous than absolutely boring” (Marilyn).

“It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.”
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