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                                         September 2006
                                                                                                                                              Page	8

                                                                                                                                  Seniors                                                                        Elephants with
                                                                                                                                  Remember                                                                       Riders

                                         Northside College Preparatory High School
                                                                                                                The performing arts live on
                                                                                            Northside’s auditorium is dedicated to Mr. Hampton
                                                                                     by Zainab Bilfaqi
                                                                                           May 26, 2006 was a day full of
                                                                                     celebration, happiness, and memo-
                                                                                     ries of a loved and honored member
                                                                                     of the Northside community: Cedric
                                                                                     L. Hampton. Mr. Hampton, of the
                                                                                     music department, passed away
                                                                                     in January of last year. Teachers,

                                                                                     family, students and friends gathered
                                                                                     in the auditorium at 1:00 p.m. to
                                                                                     commemorate him. The auditorium
                                                                                     was named “The Cedric L. Hamp-
                                                                                     ton Center for the Performing Arts”
                                                                                     because of his passion for art and
                                                                                          “Mr. Hampton was really driven
                                         Vol. 8 No. 9

                                                                                     and passionate about the fine arts. I
                                                                                     think it’s an honor well deserved,”
                                                                                     said Mr. Chris Pellikan of the Spe-
                                                                                     cial Education Department.
                                                                                          The afternoon began with Dr.
                                                                                     James Lalley, Northside’s principal,
                                                                                     welcoming everyone and speak-
                                                                                     ing briefly about Mr. Hampton
                                                                                     and his contributions to Northside.
                                                                                     Then, Mr. Leo Park of the Fine
                                                                                     Arts Department spoke about his
                                                                                     relationship with Mr. Hampton as
                                                                                     a student, co-worker, and friend.
                                                                                     Mr. Park also touched upon Cedric
                                                                                     Hampton’s passion, dedication and
                                                                                     vast knowledge of music. He then
                                                                                     conducted Northside’s Chamber
                                                                                     Orchestra in Gymnopedies No.1 by
                                                                                     Erik Satie. The relaxing ambiance
                                                                                     was created by the string ensemble
                                                                                     with a combination of violinist and
                                                                                     a harpist.
                                                                                          “Looking at his life being
                                                                                     projected brought back memories.
                                                                                     Listening to Mr. Park and the
                                                                                     orchestra playing Erik Satie’s song
                                                                                     Gymnopedies was just beautiful,”        Dr.	Lalley	and	Ms.	Hampton	unveil	the	plaque	that	honors	Mr.	Hampton’s	accomplishments	outside	
                                                                                     said Dr. Lalley.                        the	Cedric	L.	Hampton	Auditorium.	
                                                                                          “The sound and melody of this      Photo by Kana Yoo
                                                                                     song was so beautiful that it left
                                                                                     me thinking ‘Wow’,” said Bianca               Andrew Wang, a Northside               After Mr. Wang’s speech, Ms.       complete dedication and love for
                                                                                     Cuyun, Adv. 804.                        parent and friend of Mr. Hampton,      Rivera, Mr. Park, and Mr. Mike           music
                                                                                          Following the orchestra perfor-    followed the choir performance.        Lill, also of the Fine Arts Depart-          “The piece with Duke Ellington
 News	         																						pages	1-3                                       mance, Northside’s Advanced Choir       Mr. Wang, an architect, worked         ment, performed Come Sunday by           was chosen because the first piece I
 •	Musicians	recognized                                                              filed on stage dressed in matching      with Mr. Hampton to develop the        Duke Ellington. Ms. Rivera sang,         performed with Mr. Hampton was
 •	Spring	choral	concert                                                             maroon T-shirts. With Ms. Nythia        colloquium program and in later        Mr. Lill played the cornet and Mr.       a Duke Ellington song,” said Ms.
                                                                                     Rivera of the Fine Arts Department      years assisted Mr. Hampton with        Park played the bass. Paul Balik,        Nythia Rivera. “Also, the text was
                                                                                     conducting, the choir performed         his Living Structures Colloquium,      Adv. 604, accompanied the trio on        appropriate because bad times were
 Features	 																						pages	4-6                                           Wondrous Love by Robert Shaw            which was about the architectural      the piano. Ms. Rivera first spoke a
 •	Northside’s	Chinese	                                                              and Alice Parker.                       structures of Africa and Asia.         few words about Mr. Hampton’s            Continued as “Hampton” on pg. 2
 •	Class	of	2010:	the	
                                                                                                             Northsiders make their mark
 Editorial	 																				pages	8-9
 •	Markowski:	One	Fine	
                                                                                     Cambodian Genocide curriculum, Lifetime Service award
 Summer	Day                                                                          by Abir Usman
 •CPS	budget	crisis                                                                       Northside offers many different                                                                    gether to create a curriculum that could be taught at
                                                                                     curriculums in which students can par-                                                                  schools on the genocide. Once completed, a few of
 Centerfold																			pages	10-11                                            ticipate. Throughout the past two years,                                                                the students went to the 17th Annual National Ser-
 •	Senior	goodbyes                                                                   Northside’s Future Leaders colloquium,                                                                  vice-Learning Conference in Philadelphia to present
 •	Clubbing	at	Northside                                                             in collaboration with Mr. Tim Devine’s                                                                  their curriculum between March 22nd and the 25th
                                                                                     World Studies class of 2004-2005, has                                                                   of 2006. James Kurisunkal, Adv. 710, Matthew
 Arts	&	Entertainment				page	12-13                                                                                                                                                          Cohen, Adv. 710, and Jessica Galang, Adv. 708, pre-
                                                                                     been working on creating a curriculum
 •	Beresilicious:	My	Little	List                                                     for other schools on the topic of the Cam-                                                              sented the curriculum on the March 23rd. A copy
 •	The	Da	Vinci	Code                                                                 bodian Genocide.                                                                                        of the curriculum was given to all of the service
 •	Loosen	up	with	Nelly                                                                   The Cambodian Genocide occurred                                                                    presenters and to any schools that requested one. It
                                                                                     between 1975 and 1979. A group of                                                                       is currently being field tested at various schools.
 Sports	       																			pages	14-16                                        communists, also known as the Khmer                                                                         Ms. Christine Olsen played a key role in creat-
 •	Tennis	Season	Wrap-Up                                                             Rouge, took power over Cambodia on                                                                      ing the curriculum for the Cambodian Genocide.
 •	Women’s	Volleyball	Begins                                                         April 17, 1975. Their goal was to instill                                                               Through creating this, as well as aiding many
                                                                                     fear in Cambodian people who would                                                                      other programs at Northside, Ms. Olsen has been
                                                                                     then be willing to do anything the Khmer                                                                a pioneer in service learning. Recently, Ms. Olsen
                                                                                     Rouge wanted. Their reign ended on De-                                                                  received the CPS Lifetime Service Award on May
                                                                                     cember 25, 1978, when Vietnam invaded                                                                   17, 2006.
                                                                                     Cambodia. About 1.7 million people lost                                                                     Matthew Cohen presented a speech at the
                                                                                     their lives during the time of the geno-                                                                awards ceremony talking about his first encounters
                                                                                     cide—about 20% of their population. Mr.                                                                 with Ms. Olsen and how he became involved with
                                                                                     Leon Lim, Northside’s head program-                                                                     the genocide project.
                                                                                     mer and Chairman of the Cambodian                                                                           “Ms. Olsen was the compass for all of the
                                                                                     Museum, is a genocide survivor.                                                                         students involved with the Cambodian Genocide
                                                                                          “Within days, the Khmer Rouge was         Ms.	Christine	Olsen	holding	her	Lifetime	Service	        Curriculum Project,” said Cohen in his speech. “Mr.
                                                                                     taking people out of their homes,” says Mr. Award.	                                                     Lim along with Ms. Olsen helped build a communi-
                                                                                     Lim.                                           Photo from Northside’s archives                          ty that could foster a triangle of community service
                                                                                          “I showed the Future Leaders collo-                                                                between the Cambodian Museum and Killing Fields
                                                                                                                                     a local reporter, uncovers the grueling tragedies of
                                                                                     quium “The Killing Fields” and after they                                                               Memorial, the Cambodian Association of Illinois,
                                                                                                                                     war. Many, if not all of the students, had never even
                                                                                     saw it, all of them were touched by what                                                                and Northside College Preparatory High School.”
                                                                                                                                     known about the genocide until the film was showed
                                                                                     had happened,” said Ms. Olsen. “They all                                                                    The Northside community is very proud of all
                                                                                                                                     in class. This is where the idea began. Ms. Olsen
                                                                                     wanted to do something about it.”                                                                       of the students who have participated in the project
                                                                                                                                     partnered with Mr. Lim to create awareness of these
                                                                                          “The Killing Fields” is a 1984 film about                                                          as well as the teachers who led it.
                                                                                                                                     tragic events.
                                                                                     a New York Times journalist who covers                                                                      “It is a great way for our newer generations to
                                                                                                                                         About one hundred and thirty students worked to-
                                                                                     the genocide. The journalist, along with                                                                learn about the past” said Mr. Lim.
 Page 2                   News                                                                                                                                          The Hoof Beat

Singing their hearts out “Hampton” Northside College
Spring Choral Concert                                                                           Continued from front page                       Prep High School
by April Nwatah
     On Friday, May 19th at 7 p.m.,            “I’ll Make the Difference.” The begin-                temporary and good times were com-
Northside’s choral groups performed
their annual spring concert. Directed by
Ms. Nythia Rivera, Northside’s choruses
                                               ning girls chorus performed “Pentatonic
                                               Alleluia,” “Hashivenu,” “Deo Dicamus
                                               Gratias,” and “I Dream a World.” In ad-
                                                                                                ing and that focused on the positive aspect
                                                                                                as opposed to the negative.”
                                                                                                     The ceremony ended with a pictorial
                                                                                                                                                5501 N. Kedzie
presented a classical, multilingual perfor-
mance including works in Latin, French,
                                               dition, “Wondrous Love” was sung with
                                               members of the Grant Park Symphony
                                                                                                presentation by Mr. Jorge Lucero and Mr.
                                                                                                Chris Santiago of the Fine Arts Depart-
                                                                                                ment. The pictures were of Mr. Hampton
                                                                                                                                                Chicago, IL 60625
German, Italian, and English.
     “I don’t think singing in different
languages was hard,” said De’Monicka
                                                     Overall, the singers felt positive about
                                               their performance, and the audience
                                                                                                throughout the years: from his high school
                                                                                                years with an afro to his vacation in
                                                                                                                                                Tel: (773) 534-3954
Burton, Adv. 806. “It’s all about making       responded with enthusiasm.
sure each vowel was sung correctly.”
     The concert consisted of performanc-
                                                    “I think we did excellent,” says Bur-
                                               ton. “It was our last performance and we
                                                                                                      Afterwards, Mr. Hampton’s family
                                                                                                was led outside of the auditorium for an        Fax: (773) 534-3964
es from the beginning boys’ chorus, the        had a blast!”                                    unveiling of a plaque honoring Mr. Hamp-
beginning girls’ chorus, the concert choir,         “I thought the performance were             ton. The plaque contains a short descrip-
and solos performed by Marisa Buchheit,        really good,” said Elmor Pineda, Adv.            tion of Mr. Hampton’s accomplishments
Adv. 701, Rana Marks, Adv. 810, Amy            803, an audience member. “[The singers]
                                               sounded like angels – even the guys!”
                                                                                                and life. There are also 24 un-engraved
                                                                                                plates on the plaque that are reserved for
                                                                                                                                                Principal: Dr. James Lalley
Perez, Adv. 708, and Elly Kakacek, Adv.
601. Each chorus had intense practices              “This concert was a bit different from      the Cedric L. Hampton Award for Music.          Assistant Principal:
prior to the performance.                      the winter performance,” said Jodlowski.         This award is given to a graduating senior
     “[The beginning girls’ choir] had com-    “At the winter one, we were always on the        who demonstrates an outstanding level           Ms. Lisa Moreno
                                                                                                of commitment and sincere dedication to
bined chorus for a few weeks before the        risers, so for this one we moved around a
                                               bit more. I definitely think we did a good       music.
                                                                                                                                                Advisor: Mr. Chester Tylinski
concert,” said Margaret Jodlowski, Adv.
800. “All of the chorus groups performed       job.”                                                 The day ended with refreshments and
together during the colloquium before the           “The concert was awesome,” said             music provided by pianist Steve Solomon,
concert.”                                      Tim Ng, Adv. 809, a member of the stage          Adv. 810. Students, teachers, family and        Editors-In-Chief: Damon Beres,
                                                                                                friends gathered together and discussed
     Marisa Buchheit, Adv. 701, opened         crew. “It was much better than the winter
                                               concert.”                                        various memories of Mr. Hampton from
                                                                                                                                                Aliy Markowski
the show with an Italian solo titled “Se Tu
M’ami, Se Sospiri.” The male ensemble               “It’s fun in class learning the songs,      educational advice to jokes he said which       Copy Editors: Maxwell Brown,
performed “Ready,” “Prayer of the              but it’s hard work and practices that make       left some teary-eyed.
Children,” and “The Awakening.” Rana           us sound so good,” said Larry Trice,                   “The part that really affected me was     Natalia Emanuel
                                                                                                when his mother touched the plaque and
Marks performed a German solo titled
“Bist Du Bei Mir.” The female ensemble
                                               Adv. 811, a member of the concert choir.
                                               “Overall, I think we did great, but there is     began to cry,” said Carlos Rivas, Adv. 801.
                                                                                                                                                Managing Editor: Kana Yoo
performed “Beau Soir,” “Die Nacht,”            always room to make it even better.”             “It made me sad because it’s difficult for a    Assistant Managing Editor: Rachel
“With a Song in My Heart,” and “Nach-               “The concert went really well,” said        parent to lose a child, especially some-
telle.” Amy Perez performed another Ital-      Jennie Ceisel, Adv. 800, a member of the         one who was as devoted to music as Mr.          Hautzinger
ian solo titled “Tu Lo Sai.” The concert       girls’ ensemble. “We sang more melodic           Hampton.”
choir performed “The Heavens Are Tell-         pieces this time and had guest soloists and
ing,” “Wondrous Love,” “Alleluia,” and         pianists.”                                                                                       News Editor: Ashraf Abbas
                                                                                                                                                Features Editor: Elizabeth Jose
Northside’s musicians receive                                                                                                                   Centerfold Editor: Abir Usman

recognition                                                                                                                                     Editorial Editor: Aliy Markowski
                                                                                                                                                Satire: Ashraf Abbas, Damon Beres
First annual Music Awards Dinner                                                                                                                Arts and Entertainment Editor:
                                                                                                                                                Patricia Radkowski
by Kana Yoo
     For the first time in Northside’s seven-year existence, students an announcement of the MAAAD Committee’s previous ac-                     Sports Editor: Salim Patel
in advanced level band, orchestra, and chorus were specially          complishments, like insuring a two-page spread in the yearbook
honored at an awards dinner on Thursday, May 31.                      featuring the concert-level groups. The lack of official represen-        Photo Editors: Neha Alam,
     All members of the concert level performance groups received tation in the yearbook was one of the reasons that Mr. Solomon
Participation Awards, but twenty students in particular were          originally met with Dr. James Lalley, Northside’s principal, over
                                                                                                                                                Zenobia Gonsalves
given special
awards in eight
                                                                                                                            dinner in the       Art Editor: Vasiliki Mitrakos
                                                                                                                            summer to dis-
different catego-                                                                                                           cuss the idea
ries. The winners
of the highest four
                                                                                                                            for the awards
                                                                                                                                                Reporters: Shoaib Ali, Zainab
awards were Elisa-
beth Graham,
                                                                                                                                 “As a          Bilfaqi, Sejla Dizdarevc, Puja
                                                                                                                            group of
Adv. 704, for the                                                                                                           parents -- we       Gopal, Mohammad Khaleelulah,
“National School                                                                                                            felt collectively
of Orchestra                                                                                                                that music
                                                                                                                                                Karolina Maslanka, Martyna
Award”, Paul
Balik, Adv. 604,
                                                                                                                            wasn’t as much      Michalak, April Nwatah, Patricia
                                                                                                                            a part of the
for the “Louis                                                                                                              culture of our      Radkowski, Nadir Rashid,
Armstrong Jazz                                                                                                              school that
Award”, Elyse                                                                                                               many other
                                                                                                                                                Elizabeth Sobenes, Michelle
Kakacek, Adv.
601, for the
                                                                                                                            groups were         Zacarias
                                                                                                                            like sports and
“National School                                                                                                            the clubs,” said
Choral Award”,
and Sarah Shier,
                                                                                                                            Mr. Solomon.
                                                                                                                                 During the
                                                                                                                                                Junior Reporters: Adaora Achu-
Adv. 600, for the
“John Phillip Sou-
                                                                                                                            ceremony, a         fusi, Zlatana Alibegovic, Rhiannon
                                                                                                                            special video
sa Band Award”.                                                                                                             presentation        Koehler, Andrea Ljevar, Moham-
The winners of                                                                                                              composed by
these highest                                                                                                               Mr. Solomon         mad Rahman, Riaz Shaikh
honors received                                                                                                             featured
large trophies                                                                                                               students from
and their names Mr.	Leo	Park	presents	Paul	Balik,	a	Northside	Alumni,	with	an	award	that	represents	                         the advanced          The Hoof Beat is a monthly publication
on the plaques         his	musical	talent.
created for each       Photo by Kana Yoo
                                                                                                                             introducing        produced by the Northside Prep Journalism
award. They                                                                                                                  themselves         Class. As a student-run newspaper, your
were acknowledged for their exceptional dedication, passion, and and stating their reason for liking their music class. Mr. Solo-
musicianship.                                                         mon made the video so that all student musicians could see the
                                                                                                                                                opinions are important to us. If you have
     “I guess it felt pretty good because I’ve been playing in the    shared enthusiasm between groups. However, not all featured               any comments, corrections, critiques, or
school’s Jazz Band for all four years,” said Balik. “I haven’t been   students felt the intended effect.
playing the piano or trombone for very long so I’ve had to work                                                                                 questions, please e-mail Mr. Chester Tylinski
                                                                          “I thought it was pretty entertaining because it seemed like
hard to get where I am.”                                              his sole intent was to embarrass the people he was interviewing,”         at
     The Music Advocacy and Awards Dinner Committee                   said Nick Florence, Adv. 601. “It was charmingly awkward.”
(MAAAD), in collaboration with the Music Department, put the              The evening was made especially possible by Mr. Solomon,
evening together to excite students about participating in music.     graphic designer Mr. Lance Rutter, and Ms. Imelda Bennett,
     “In sports the school really makes playing for a varsity team    Music Awards Dinner Co-Chairman. In addition to designing
exciting, so usually, as a younger player, your goal is to work your the invitations and posters for the event, Mr. Rutter designed the
way up to the varsity team,” said Mr. Bob Solomon, Northside          school’s new Music Department logo, which is “ncphs” with the
parent and MAAAD Committee Chairman. “That’s what we’re               c written as a treble clef.
trying to do with music: to get beginning level students more mo-         Dr. Lalley summed up the reason for celebrating the evening
tivated to stay in the music program and improve to a level where in his speech at the beginning of the ceremony.
they can get into the concert level performing groups. The awards         “Tonight we honor those who make music, those who know
dinner is one very important way of obtaining this goal.”             that the real challenge for all of us is to displace the chaos, ugli-
     After a buffet dinner, which lasted from 6 to 7 p.m., Mr.        ness and destruction in the world with balance, harmony, and
Solomon welcomed the 302 guests who attended, 101 of whom             beauty,” said Dr. Lalley. “Tonight we salute those who create the
were concert level musicians. Included in the introduction was        sounds that make us cry and laugh, think and love.”
September 2006                                                                                                                                       Features                        Page 3

 Going out with a bang
 Senior project crescendos to a grand finale
 by Monica Wojcik

     The guitars on                                                                                                                   contribution was blues songs, Balik’s expertise fell with jazz,
stage may have out-                                                                                                                   while Florence focused on pop tunes. Guest starring in the
numbered the guys,                                                                                                                    concert were six string players as well as members of the
but the senior concert                                                                                                                Northside College Prep Jazz Band.
on Tuesday, May                                                                                                                           “I used technology, and synthesized the drum beat with
23rd was no small                                                                                                                     Fruity Loops software. [It was] very modern sounding,” said
feat as alumni Nick                                                                                                                   Florence. “Paul and I each wrote orchestra music, and Paul
Florence, Paul Balik,                                                                                                                 wrote music for the jazz band to play.”
and Kevin Kilgallon                                                                                                                       Inspiration for the songs came from personal musical in-
performed for an                                                                                                                      fluences as well as simply random events of daily life offering
audience of friends,                                                                                                                  insightful opportunities.
family members,                                                                                                                           “The ones I wrote were blues,” said Kilgallon. “That’s the
and curious onlook-                                                                                                                   music I’m most into and the one I know best, I know how it
ers. With its smooth                                                                                                                  works.”
blend of jazz, blues,                                                                                                                     “The one I wrote for the jazz band, it was last summer
and pop, the evening                                                                                                                  and it was raining outside, and I thought of the melody,” said
served up a tasty                                                                                                                     Balik. “It was a great rainstorm outside.”
acoustic treat, com-                                                                                                                      Living rock star lives all year may have had its ups and
plete with the sweat                                                                                                                  downs, but for the three musicians, everything came down to
and tears of several                                                                                                                  the evening concert. Before the show, the three were nervous
months’ hard work.                                                                                                                    but confident in the previous months’ work. After guest band
     The idea for the                                                                                                                 ‘Splosions opened, comprised of Simon Schwartzman and
project was born                                                                                                                      Adrienne Marshall, both recent alumni, the Last Crescendo
when Florence, Balik,                                                                                                                 got underway. Within the first few notes, the worries were
and Kilgallon were                                                                                                                    swept away as the trio rocked out with professional stature
juniors, and had been                                                                                                                 and quiet humor. Shifting from quiet jazz to loud blues, the
over a year and a                                                                                                                     audience was taken on a musical roller coaster, and within a
half in the making.       Paul	Balik,	Adv.	604,	Kevin	Kilgallon,	Adv.	606,	and	Seth,	Adv.	601,	stand	and	chat	after	                  few songs, left wanting more. Balik, Florence, and Kilgallon
Aspiring musicians,       the	music	performance.                                                                                      obliged with an impromptu encore, which brought the night to
the trio decided to       Photo by Kana Yoo                                                                                           a crescendoing close.
take advantage of                                                                                                                         “Once I started, I wasn’t nervous at all,” said Kilgallon
Northside’s Senior Project option to write and perform their         “It’s hard to say ‘I have 100 minutes, I’ll write a song’,”      after the show. “I felt like the concert went really well, every-
own music.                                                       said Balik. “It tends to be one of the processes that comes to       thing flowed pretty well.”
     “We were into writing our own music and we realized we      you.”                                                                    “We practiced a lot and we put in the time,” said Florence.
wouldn’t have enough time to start a band given the hours at         “You can’t keep working on something straight,” said                 The end of the show also inspired reflections about the
Northside,” said Florence. “We needed time during school.”       Florence. “Creativity is exhausting. It’s fun but a different kind   year and the experience, which is one of the goals of the
     “Especially if we wanted to write more complicated things   of fun.”                                                             senior project curriculum. The concert was a testament to
and sheet music,” added Balik.                                       “Masochistic fun,” added Balik.                                  Northside’s unique environment of fostering such creativity.
     “I was talking to Nick in biology, we wrote the proposal,       The creative process, however, was also very rewarding. “I           “It was a good experience and I definitely feel like I got
and decided our final thing would be a performance,” said        had a great time,” said Balik. “Once I came up with the song         something out of it,” said Kilgallon.
Kilgallon.                                                       hearing other people bring it to life, there’s something pretty          “The senior project was a great learning experience, espe-
     Throughout the year, the guys got a taste of what it is     cool about that.”                                                    cially to see the capabilities of putting on something like this,”
like to write, produce, and perform music, and sometimes,            The easy group dynamic certainly had much to do with             said Florence. We learned very quickly what our limitations
especially when it concerned the creative process the going      the success of the final result. Their harmony was reflected in      were. Something like this is hard without professional experi-
was tough.                                                       the way they were able to combine three different genres and         ence, but we pulled through at the end.”
                                                                 seamlessly integrate them into the performance. Kilgallon’s

 Hitting those books
 NCP students and their AP
 summer assignments
 by April Nwatah

     Although summer is traditionally a time           Other                                                                                              “For AP Biology, I have to learn a whole
to relax with your friends and forget about        students do                                                                                       unit and be prepared for a test the first week,”
school, many of Northside’s AP classes as-         not really see the                                                                                said De’Monicka Burton, Adv. 806. “I don’t
signed summer homework. Towards the end            point in summer                                                                                   like it because I want to work the summer and
of last year, most students were informed          assignments, but                                                                                  make money. Also, I don’t want to have to
which AP classes they got into, out of the         are willing to do                                                                                 worry about school work [over the summer],
ones they selected. Most students were then        them anyways.                                                                                     but if it’s best for me, then I guess it’s okay.”
invited to an informational meeting hosted by                “My                                                                                          For some students it was not merely one
their future teachers to receive their textbooks   summer assign-                                                                                    class that they had to prepare for, but several.
and summer assignments.                            ment for AP                                                                                       The stress was great but there was a general
     As the weather got warmer and attention       Government                                                                                        willingness to do their work.
spans got shorter, Northside students still had    was to read the                                                                                               “I received summer homework from
the reminder of summer homework hang-              newspaper,                                                                                        AP Lit, Psychology, and Bio,” said Tatiana
ing over their heads. Over the years, many         recharge my                                                                                       Karpouzian, Adv. 801. “It’s pretty manage-
students have questioned the necessity of AP       academic                                                                                          able, but in AP Bio there may be a test on
summer assignments.                                mojo, and                                                                                         the first day for a unit. Homework like that is
      “I was in AP US History last year, and       write a brief                                                                                     pretty tough, but I think when you take an AP
the summer homework was pretty irrelevant,”        biography                                                                                         class, it is expected.”
said Annie Tran, Adv. 810. “Most of it was         of myself                                                                                                     “Over the summer I have to define
pointless, and I don’t see why we needed to        for Mr.                                                                                           a list of vocabulary words and read a few
do it.”                                            Devine,”                                                                                          chapters,” said Vicki Levin, Adv. 801. “I
     Many teachers have responded to this          said                                                                                              don’t really like doing it, but if they think it
speculation by stating its relevance when          Nick                                                                                              will prepare me for the class then I guess it is
it comes to getting students prepared for                                                                                                            okay.”
the rigorous course. With the majority of                                                                                                                        Although opinions vary slightly, the
Northside’s students taking one or more AP                                                                                                           common thought amid Northside students is
courses, summer homework is a common and                                                                                                             apparent – although AP homework may not
reoccurring duty.                                                                                                                                    exactly be the ideal way to spend the summer,
           The concept of summer assignments                                                                                                         in the long run it is necessary and useful.
received mixed reviews from Northside stu-
dents. While some students view AP summer
work as pointless, others think differently;
many believe that summer homework will
prepare them for the course.
     “For AP French, my summer assign-
ment was basically just another homework           Blum-
assignment; it’s nothing complicated,” said        berg, Adv. 709. “I don’t really                 mild and should
Carla Padvoiskis, Adv. 809. “I think summer        mind summer assignments, although they are      be somewhat enjoyable. I don’t think reading
assignments make sense because you need            not my favorite thing to do over the summer.”   half of a textbook for the summer is a fair
something to keep you in touch with school                  “The only summer homework I            assignment, but a small assignment to prepare
over the summer and to prepare you for the         received was from AP Government,” said          for the first day of class is not too much to
upcoming year.”                                    Rana Marks, Adv. 810. “The summer work is       ask.”
Page 4                   Features                                                                                                                                             The Hoof Beat

Chinese Exchange Students
by Elizabeth Jose
     Heads turned to observe and                                                                                                                                                They went to Six Flags
welcome the newcomers to North-                                                                                                                                             Great America, Navy Pier
side. They were spotted occasion-                                                                                                                                           several times, walked the
ally during passing periods and                                                                                                                                             magnificent mile, went
during some classes. Some students                                                                                                                                          to the Illinois Institute of
watched in awe as they played al-                                                                                                                                           Technology, Soldier Field,
most flawless games of badminton                                                                                                                                            China Town, and played
and basketball. These newcomers                                                                                                                                             basketball at the neighbor-
were the foreign exchange students                                                                                                                                          hood parks. Furthermore,
from China.                                                                                                                                                                 their favorite places to shop,
     They came from Northside’s                                                                                                                                             according to Senor Blease,
sister school in Beijing. On May 19,                                                                                                                                        were Target and Wal-Mart.
2006, Northside was recognized for                                                                                                                                          One of their trips became
this sister school program by Mayor                                                                                                                                         an extremely memorable
Daley and others when CBS 2                                                                                                                                                 experience. This happened
news featured it in their 10:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                        when they took a trip to
session. The news team and some                                                                                                                                             the Buckingham Fountain
political leaders, such as Mayor                                                                                                                                            and Mayor Daley happened
Daley, feel that creating such inter-                                                                                                                                       to be there. However, this
national relationships will not only                                                                                                                                        was certainly not their only
allow Chicago to be a more global                                                                                                                                           memorable occasion.
city but will open business opportu-                                                                                                                                            “One time I gave them
nities and the like between the two                                                                                                                                         [the Chinese Exchange
cities. Although there are always                                                                                                                                           students and teachers] exact
these economic and political aspects                                                                                                                                        directions and let them go
to such programs, for the students                                                                                                                                          on the train alone,” said
participating in the exchange, the                                                                                                                                          Senor Blease. “It was their
cultural value and the chance for                                                                                                                                           most scary experience.”
adventure are what truly appeal to                                                                                                                                              The guests were, ac-
them.                                                                                                                                                                       cording to Senor Blease,
     “It [the exchange program] is                                                                                                                                          often exhausted after getting
an eye-opening experience for the                                                                                                                                           through an overwhelming
students,” said Dr. Haiyan Fu of                                                                                                                                            schedule, but thoroughly en-
previous trips to China. “This is                                                                                                                                           joyed themselves. There are
such an experience for both the                                                                                                                                             plans of continuing the for-
Chinese students who come here                                                                                                                                              eign exchange program be-
and for the Chicagoan students who                                                                                                                                          tween China and the United
go to China.”                                                                                                                                                               States in the future and
     Dr. Fu says that earlier when      The	Chinese	exchange	teachers	pose	in	front	of	Buckingham	fountain	with	Mayor	Daley	whom	they	                                      also with other countries.
she took a group to China the stu-      happened	to	meet	there.                                                                                                             Senor Blease has already
dents were surprised and amused by      Photo Courtesy of Senor Robert Blease                                                                                               begun the search for more
numerous things, such as signs that                                                                                                                                         host students to take in the
were improperly translated [into                                                                                                                                            group from Korea that will
English] and the age at which some      visited China during December,           had to leave on May 4, 2006. These         from a spectator’s point of view.               be coming to Northside in
people started to work in order to      six students and two teachers from       students and teachers were able to         The touring was very extensive and      October 2007. The foreign exchange
support their families. This year the   the Beijing N.57 Schools came to         experience all the fun that accompa-       left little time to feel bored.         program at Northside is not only a
responsibility of organizing the ex-    Chicago recently for four weeks.         nies a trip to Chicago—particularly             “They absolutely loved it,”        learning experience, but a time to
change has been the duty of Senor       The students stayed for the full four    the tourist attractions. Although          said Senor Blease of the students       kick back and reap the benefits of
Robert Blease.                          weeks, from April 20, 2006 to May        they did have to come to school,           and teachers reaction to Chicago’s      taking a language class.
     Since Northside students           16, 2006. The teachers, however,         they were also able to participate         sights.

Elephant with Riders: Falling in Love
by Karolina Maslanka                                                                                                                           Elephant with Riders also displayed a great variety of
                                                                   which provided them with ideas for their projects. Then                 paintings, drawings, sketches and photographs showcasing a
                                                                   groups of about seven people were created, and each group               large variety of styles. Many skeleton sculptures and ceramics
                                                                   chose a letter. Once they chose a letter, they had to think of          were also showcased during the event.
                                                                   a theme and create their section of the mini golf course that               Student-made films were also shown at this art event. Liz
                                                                   would contain certain elements, such as different levels, elec-
                                                                   tronics, water traps, ramps, or monumental objects.
                                                                         The mini golf course contained a total of 27 holes: one
                                                                   for each one of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and one for a
                                                                   punctuation mark. One hole, “Kanga’s Kitchen,” made by
                                                                   students in Ms. Minyo’s class, contained tile floors, kitchen ap-
                                                                   pliances, cereal boxes, pans, fruits, and other accessories that
                                                                   fit its theme. This hole also contained a kangaroo with a baby
                                                                   in its pouch. Another hole was “A Disney Par” also created by
                                                                   students in Ms. Minyo’s class. It contained Disney characters
                                                                   such as Ariel, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, and his monkey
                                                                   Abu. Other holes also contained music, such as Elmo singing
                                                                   in the Sesame Street hole, or even electronics that moved
                                                                         “This project took a lot of effort,” said Lilianna Leon,
                                                                   Adv. 804. “I am very happy that people actually came and
                                                                   enjoyed it.”
                                                                         The school was bustling with people who came to the El-
                                                                   ephant with Riders event. Many of them were attracted to the
                                                                   mini golf course, which was enjoyed not only by the students
                                                                   that worked on the project for many hours a day, but also by
                                                                   entire families.
                                                                         “This mini golf course is a very practical and fun use
                                                                   of art,” said Mr. Tim Devine of Northside’s Social Science
Many	young	children,	such	as	this	one,	                            Department. “Art that can be played with, especially for
enjoyed	playing	on	the	mini-golf	set.                              kindergartners.”Mr. Devine, like many other parents, brought
Photo by Kana Yoo                                                  his child along. In addition to the mini golf course, Elephant
    The Elephant with Riders art show was a success for its        with Riders contained many other activities and presentations.
fourth year in a row. The show combined the artistic talents       There were workshops available to the public including a Kid
of numerous students within Northside as well as those from        Studio at hand for the younger children. Kids could create                A	young	girl	and	her	mother	try	out	a	hole	
Chicago Public elementary schools. This year’s Elephant with       paintings, drawings, sock puppets, and paper masks. They                  created	by	Art	I	students.	
Riders event included many exhibits, workshops, and even           could also have their faces painted. In the encaustic workshop            Photo by Kana Yoo
a mini golf course. The programs, available for free, enticed      people were able to create paintings using hot wax. Younger
a large crowd to get out of bed early on Saturday, May 13th,       children eagerly worked on their Mother’s Day paintings.
                                                                   Visitors also had the opportunity to attend either the ceramics         Born, Adv. 710, shared two of her short cartoons, “Orange
and participate in this school event. Created by high school                                                                               Crush,” and “Lightning Strike.” Other films conveyed the
students, the show was enjoyed by every age group.                 workshop or the photogram workshop.
                                                                         “It’s a little overwhelming at first, but it’s also really nice   theme of love in a humorous way, including “Love at First
    The main feature of this year’s Elephant with Riders was                                                                               Bite” created by Michael Wojcik, Adv. 907. In this short film
the mini golf course. Originally, the idea for the course was      that so many people showed up,” stated Carla Padvoiskis,
                                                                   Adv. 809. “I think that more people showed up this year than            Kenji Tran, Adv. 904, who played the main role, fell in love
proposed to Ms. Joanne Minyo by Mr. Chris Santiago.                                                                                        with a candy bar.
    “I hopped onto the wagon,” said Ms. Minyo.                     last year.”
                                                                         Many students like Padvoiskis helped out during Elephant                    Elephant with Riders: Falling in Love allowed the
    Ms. Minyo’s and Mr. Santiago’s classes started working                                                                                 Northside Community to gather and admire not only art, but
on this project several months ago. In March, the two teachers     with Riders. While some took part in Elephant with Riders
                                                                   because of an interest in art and school events, service hours          also the spirit and hard work of Northside students.
presented their students with images of mini golf courses,
                                                                   and extra credit were the incentives for many others.
September 2006                                                                                                                                  Features                      Page 5

Freshmen’s Pearls of wisdom from Northside’s
first taste of class of ’06
                                           by Puja Gopal

                                                As Northside’s seniors prepare for gradu-       “Start looking at colleges early,” said            Though college applications were time
                                           ation and college they leave valuable advice     Michael Kharouta, Adv. 605.                        consuming students should not forget about
Freshman                                   for underclassmen and next year’s seniors.
                                           For many of the seniors, high school has
                                                                                                “Start college applications in the summer
                                                                                            or as soon as possible especially college es-
                                                                                                                                               their high school studies.
                                                                                                                                                   “Don’t slack off second semester, look at

orientation                                been an unforgettable journey consisting of
                                           AP classes, sleep-deprived school days, and
                                                                                            says,” said Maximilian Swiatlowski, Adv 603.
                                                                                                “Don’t worry too much about what looks
                                                                                                                                               Ms. Kato’s scholarship emails, and make sure
                                                                                                                                               to give your teachers the recommendations

and trip to
                                           complaints of ‘too much homework’, but it        good on a college transcript but what you          early,” said Jonathon Nagatani, Adv. 605.
                                           has also been filled with experience, memo-      enjoy,” said Bonnie Vu, Adv. 606.                      “Don’t slack off or you’re screwed,” said
                                           ries, and laughter. High school experiences          According to this year’s seniors, however,     Monica Guerrero, Adv. 606.
Snake Road                                 have molded these students into mature
                                           individuals and
                                                                                            studying should not be all encompassing.               “Do your homework,” said Daniella
                                                                                                                                                                         Romero, Adv. 601.

Adventure                                  prepared them for
                                           their future colleg-
                                           es, while teaching
                                                                                                                                                                             “Get an easy
                                                                                                                                                                         class on each day,”
                                                                                                                                                                         said Jason Williams,
Center                                     valuable lessons
                                           along the way.
                                                                                                                                                                         Adv. 604.
                                                                                                                                                                             “Don’t wait till
                                                After four                                                                                                               a week before to pay
by Rachel Hautzinger                       years of North-                                                                                                               fees,” said Lauren
     At Northside College Prep, the        side, the seniors                                                                                                             Akainyah, Adv. 601.
administrators don’t agree with            have figured out                                                                                                                  For many
“throwing the frying pan into the fire.”   all the tricks of                                                                                                             students, college is
The first time the incoming freshman       the trade for do-                                                                                                             expensive but high
walked through the front doors as a        ing well in school.                                                                                                           school has its share
class was not the first day of school:     They shared some                                                                                                              of problems.
they were given Freshman Orientation.      of this advice.                                                                                                                   “Apply for schol-
Orientation enabled them to figure out                                                                                                                                   arships, the odds
those confusing block schedules, get            “Get plenty                                                                                                              aren’t against you,”
all of their books together, take their    of sleep but not in                                                                                                           said Riscarte Bayon,
photo IDs, and get a little taste of the   class,” said Ryan                                                                                                             Adv. 606.
Northside lifestyle.                       Keleher, Adv.                                                                                                                     “Don’t graduate
     They were given a further chance      604.                                                                                                                          early, you’ll miss too
to bond at Snake Road Adventure                “Care about                                                                                                               many things,” said
Center, where they came together as a      school more than                                                                                                              Colin Byrne, Adv.
class to tackle team building activities   others want you                                                                                                               607.
and individual confidence boosters.        to care. It will                                                                                                                  “Get to know
Freshman Orientation took place on         affect your habits                                                                                                            your teachers. They
August 22nd, and the two Snake Road        in college,” said                                                                                                             are very understand-
sessions took place on August 23rd to      Jason Tran, Adv.                                                                                                              ing. Open the mail
the 24th, and the second on August 24th    606.                                                                                                                          you receive at home
to the 25th.                                   “Make it a                                                                                                                from colleges and
     “Snake Road is a very popular pro-    priority to get                                                                                                               don’t overload on
gram,” said Ms. Angela Lekkas. “The        as organized as                                                                                                               AP courses. Spend
kids get the chance to bond with each      possible,” said                                                                                                               your time wisely in
other before school starts, making it a    Michael Kennedy,                                     “Have a life outside of school,” said                                   the counseling office,
very positive experience.”                 Adv. 600.                                        Genet Tesfamichael, Adv. 604.                      during lunch and after school,” said Tatianna
     “Freshman Orientation really              “Love the college you will be attending,         “Enjoy Northside and don’t be quick to         Atkinson, Adv. 601.
helped me out when I was a fresh-          get outside as much as possible and enjoy        leave. The time here is important,” said Katy          “Be prepared to spend a lot of money
man,” said Christine Swisher, Adv.         your last times with your class at the best      Hintzen, Adv. 603.                                 during senior year,” said Gaby Deguzman,
802. “You get oriented and I met some      place to be. Don’t worry too much!” said             “If you procrastinate get good at it,” said    Adv. 606.
friends there. You get all your books      Stefanie Couchman, Adv. 600.                     Paul Koukouvanis, Adv. 600.                            “Apply for scholarships because your par-
and get settled for freshman year.”            After a hard year of college applications,       “Think about what you want to major in         ents are not as rich as they may seem,” said
     Each year, at freshman orienta-       essays and interviews the seniors can relax      before going to college,” said Joel Perez, Adv.    Tracey Fredricks, Adv. 607.
tion, the freshmen are given the basic     and share their experiences.                     604.
guidelines about the Northside day and
are given all they need to begin their

                                            Fresh Faces
first year of high school. Ms. Medina,
a counselor, sets up the day’s schedule.
     “First thing in the morning we
have an introduction by Dr. Lalley,
Ms. Moreno, and me about what they
[students] are doing during the course      The Class of 2010
of the morning,” said Ms. Medina.           by Joanna Chromik
“We also have a guest speaker who                Many people harbor the misconcep-          side should be accepting an average of 300         25.4% Hispanics and 0.3% people from the
gives a motivational talk about making      tion that the incoming freshman class will      students per freshman class.                       Other category.
the best out of your high school ex-        be much larger than any previous one, but            “We realize that Northside is a prize              The 2009 class, for comparison, is com-
perience, and then they go on to their      the latest sta-                                 for many students, so when we choose our           posed of 32.8% white students, 14% black
rotations, in which they take their ID      tistics prove                                                                         students,    students, 0.3% American Indians, 31.1%
pictures, get their books, and pay their    otherwise.                                                                            we have      Asian/Pacific Islanders, and 21.7% Hispanic.
fees.”                                      For the most                                                                          to remain    According to the Chicago Public Schools
     “I think Freshman Orientation is       part, besides                                                                         mindful      Policy manual, available at <http://policy.
good because you get familiar with          the fact that                                                                         that very >, the
the school, where to go, and what you       the class will                                                                        few will     Chicago Public Magnet Schools, or schools
have to do,” said Erin McMannon, an         be slightly                                                                           reject our   which have 35% reading scores at or above
incoming freshman. “You also get to         smaller, the                                                                          offer of     the national TAP score level, must, abiding
meet people.”                               only major                                                                            admis-       by the requirements of the U.S. v. Board of
     Snake Road Adventure Center,           difference                                                                            sion,” Ms.   Education of the City of Chicago ruling,
located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,          is that the                                                                           Moreno       admit 65-85 minority students and 15-35
has hosted Northside freshman for           gender ratio                                                                          comment-     white students. Among the minority are
two years. Northside freshman are           is further                                                                            ed.          students who are Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pa-
first given the chance to do some team      apart, giving                                                                             A        cific Islander, or American Indian/Alaskan
building activities. This was done in       girls the up-                                                                         gender gap   Native.
order to bond the freshman class before     per hand.                                                                            becomes            Heta Panchal of Adv. 906., a current
they even enter school. After that,              Statistics were obtained from Mr. Jeff     apparent in the entering freshmen. The 2010        freshman commenting on what she thinks
the students are given access to the        Grey, who manages Chicago’s college prep        class will have 38.8% of its 287 students be       of the incoming class, said, “I guess it will
high ropes course, which encourages         school admittances and is responsible for       boys while the girls make up 61.2% of the          be more diverse.” The 2010 freshmen, just
them to push the limits and gain more       releasing CPS admissions statistics. Last       incoming students. When asked
confidence.                                 October 5th, 5,635 eighth graders bubbled       why so many more girls than boys
     “Snake Road was extremely fun,”        in Northside as one of their selective          have been accepted into Northside
said Elza Casas, Adv. 802. “It was          enrollment choices. Out of the 5, 635           Ms. Moreno noted that girls score
beneficial because you didn’t feel so       applicants only 5.093%, or 287 students,        higher—it may be that they are
awkward coming to Northside.”               were chosen. The 2009 graduating class          more serious about adolescence.
     “It was awesome,” said Jesse Speth,    had 6,119 students apply and only 4.886%,       Popular opinion suggests that girls
Adv. 906. “It’s a couple of days to hang    or 299 people, actually got in. It seems        may be more focused and may
out with the kids you’re going to go to     that the amount of freshmen accepted has        not easily be distracted from their
school with for the next four years.”       decreased.                                      educational goals. Of the current
     “I signed up for Snake Road so I            “I think that a large number of students   freshman class, 41.5% are boys and
can meet people before school starts,”      who do not choose to attend Northside go        58.5% are girls. In this year’s senior
said McMannon. “It was a good and           to Catholic or private schools,” said Ms.       class the number of boys and girls
fun experience.”                            Moreno, Northside’s Vice Principal.             attending Northside is, for the most
                                                 What has to be taken into consider-        part, evenly balanced.                             like the classes before them, are sure to bring
                                            ation is that Northside actually invites more       The future freshman class will consist of      to Northside their own unique, individual,
                                            students than the number of those who           35.9% whites, 5.6% blacks, 2.1% American           atmosphere.
                                            attend. According to Ms. Moreno, North-         Indians, 30.7% Asia and Pacific Islanders,
Page 6                   Centerfold                                                                                                                                         The Hoof Beat

                                                                               Go clubbing
 Publish yourself!
 by Damon Beres                                            The staff meets once a week to review and
         Northside’s various publications eagerly     workshop student submissions, which may
 anticipate new staff members for the coming          include works in poetry and prose, non-fiction
 school year. The Stampede, Northside’s year-         or fiction. All students at Northside are free
 book, Verve, Northside’s literary magazine,          to submit their pieces via Ms. Malueg or Mr.
 and The Hoofbeat, Northside’s newspaper,             Hennagir even if they aren’t on Verve’s staff.
 are all student-produced works that require          The value of being on the staff, then, comes
 hours upon hours of work. Each publication           from being able to make decisions as to which
 has at least one faculty mentor but is generally     pieces are ultimately printed in the magazine.
 birthed and nurtured by the students.                Students that submit work are encouraged to
         Ms. Dianne Malueg heads The Stam-            meet with the staff and discuss their work
 pede. Dedicated editors and contributing staff       to allow for revisions, though this “work-
 work year-round to create the annual year-            shop” aspect is not a requirement.
 book, a treasure of the year for Northside                          Verve is eager to accept
 students. Of all the various publica-                                         new members
 tions at Northside, the yearbook                                                that are inter-
 is the most costly and requires                                                 ested in writing
 an equally robust amount                                                        as well as layout.
 of work.                                                                        Contact Ms.
         “What makes                                                            Malueg or Mr.
 it hard is that year-                                                          Hennagir for more
 book is respon-                                                               information.
 sible for covering                                                                   Last but not
 as many events                                                              least is Northside’s
 and activities                                                              newspaper, The
 as possible                                                                 Hoofbeat. Mr. Chester
 throughout the                                                              Tylinski is the fac-
 year,” said Kana                                                            ulty advisor, but its
 Yoo, Adv. 707,                                                              student staff, which
 yearbook pho-                                                               is led by co-editors-in-
 tography editor                                                             chief Damon Beres
 and prospective                                                              and Aliy Markowski,
 co-editor-in-chief                                                           Adv. 700, runs the
 for the 2006-2007                                                             publication for the
 school year. “I                                                               most part.
 feel like I have                                                                    The Hoof-
 to be everywhere                                                                beat is actually
 all the time to take                                                            a product of
 pictures.”                                                                     Mr. Tylinski’s
          Though The                                                      journalism
 Stampede does call for                                           class, which meets
 an intense work ethic, it’s                             twice a week after school
 also rewarding and the most anticipated publi-       for a full block. During class
 cation of the year, as evidenced by the days of      time, students discuss how to
 yearbook signings that occur after its release.      improve their work and the news- paper,
 Those interested in joining for the 2006-2007        and also work on their articles, which often re-
 school year must be dedicated workers, have          quires tracking down peers or faculty members
 at least some knowledge of photography, and          for interviews.
 should contact Ms. Malueg.                                Working on The Hoofbeat requires
         The school literary magazine, Verve,         dedication and a strong interest in writing,
 is headed both by Ms. Malueg and Mr. Alan            not to mention a flexible schedule that can be
 Hennagir. Editors for the 2005-2006 school           twisted by approaching deadlines or interview
 year were Jake Baskin, who was a graduating          appointments. With its monthly releases, the
 senior, Damon Beres, Adv. 706, and Anjalee           newspaper requires a large amount of work,
 Verma, Adv. 701. Unlike the other publica-           and those interested should note that commit-
 tions, Verve is not constantly pressured by          ment and responsibility are requirements. For
 harsh deadlines and has a more laid back             more information, contact Mr. Tylinski.

Service groups pervade
by Natalia Emanuel                                  money for HIV-AIDS awareness in Rwanda.                                     Club's Vice President      either NHS or Key Club in that instead of
     It is fairly well known at Northside that      NHS also sponsored Winter Wonderland                                           of the 2005-2006        facilitating service, it focuses upon one aspect
community service is an important aspect of         where Northside's clubs set up booths to                                       school year and         of the school. The club was founded in 2002
student life. Student e-mail accounts regularly     explain missions and activities.                                              Northside Alumnus,       and is currently sponsored by Mr. Johan Tab-
receive notices of service opportunities. Often         Key Club is another service oriented                                    is to allow "young         ora and Dr. Anna Maria Vites, both science
times, Northside's homepage sports informa-         organization. Its mission, as                                             people, namely high          teachers. Recycling Club is the group that al-
tion about upcoming service walks or other          stated by                                                              schoolers, to service the       lows for Northside to sport the blue trash bins
ways of helping. Indeed, twenty hours of            Nancy                                                                community in a variety of         in classrooms which welcome paper.
service are required as a minimum for each          Cheng,                                                               ways. Not only does it allow           Recycling Club members devote ten to
student in order to graduate. At Northside,         Key                                                                 members to give back to            15 minutes of their lunch periods to sort
there are a number of groups that help spon-                                                                            those in the community who         through such bins and collect paper from
sor these service activities, such as National                                                                          are most in need, but it [Key      around the school to be recycled. Recycling
Honor Society (NHS), Key Club, and Recy-                                                                                Club] also cultivates the next     Club identifies and removes materials that
cling Club.                                                                                                             generation of young leaders        cannot be recycled when going on their
     NHS, is, as the name suggests, a larger,                                                                           and volunteers."                   rounds. Such materials include gum, post it
national organization which was started in                                                                                  Key Club pursues this          notes, staples, etc. Along with paper, batteries
1921. Northside's branch was started in 2001                                                                           mission via running fundrais-       and cell phone recycling is also organized by
and is currently sponsored by Ms. Anna                                                                                 ing projects and sponsoring         Recycling Club. Cell phones and batteries can
Lisa Searcy, a Social Science teacher, and                                                                             drives. For instance, in the last   easily be recycled via the green boxes set out
Ms. Lidia Ortiz, a science teacher. NHS is a                                                                           academic year, it sponsored         by Recycling Club in the library and security
selective organization, open by application                                                                           the March of Dimes, where            desk.
to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In its                                                                         students brought in change to               “When you have the option of letting it
applicants, NHS looks for a demonstration of                                                                       benefit prematurely born babies,        all go to waste, on the one hand, or being effi-
scholarship, leadership, service, and character.                                                                  and also a number of drives such         cient, on the other hand, it is an easy choice,”
     One of the purposes of NHS, according                                                                      as the Toy Drive and the Book              says Harold Jaffe, Adv. 802, a member of
to its Constitution, is to "stimulate a desire to                                                              Drive. In addition, Key Club members        Recycling Club.
render service." NHS carries out this mis-                                                                  also volunteer to benefit the community             As the new academic year begins, all
sion by sponsoring fun service projects that                                                               with manual labor, such as working at the       Northside students have a new chance to
are also beneficial. For instance, last year,                                                            Food Depository.                                  benefit the community via their service.
NHS sponsored a Car Wash in order to raise                                                                 Recycling Club is slightly different than
  Page 7                Centerfold                                                                                                                                          The Hoof Beat

g at Northside
                                                                                   For all your special interests
                                                                                   by Sejla Dizdarevic                                          with books.”
                                                                                               As the new school beings, a wide variety                  Mahjongg Club, sponsored by Mr. Greg
                                                                                             of special interest clubs provide after-school     DiFrancesco of the Science department and headed
                                                                                                activities for Northsiders. These clubs are     by Theresa Lean, Adv. 604, is another club that can
                                                                                                   available to everyone and are a fun way      fulfill ones interests. Anyone interested in playing
                                                                                                     to express one’s self. Special interest    and mastering mahjongg, a traditional Chinese game
                                                                                                        clubs include The 20 Minute Dance       compared to Solitaire, is welcome.
                                                                                                        Club, Hypnotic, Disney Club, Pep                 “Mahjongg is a fun game that we can all
                                                                                                         Club, Beatles Club, Mahjongg,          play together and learn from each other,” said Tom
                                                                                                          G.E.E.K, Anime, Sewing Club,          Skawski, Adv. 805.
                                                                                                          AKA, French Club, Music Ap-                    G.E.E.K. Club is another club available at
                                                                                                          preciation Club, Martial Arts Club,   Northside. Headed by Sean Kung, Adv. 807, and
                                                                                                          Photography Club, Ceramics Club,      sponsored by Mr. Nathan Harada of the Science
                                                                                                          Know Your Heritage, Academic          department, G.E.E.K. is a great place to just hang
                                                                                                         Decathlon, Socratic Circle Society,    out after school and play video games.
                                                                                                         Computer Club, Poetry Slam Team,                “Come by and play,” said Sean Kung. “If you
                                                                                                        and Drama Club.                         play DDR [Dance Dance Revolution], I will take you
                                                                                                                    The 20 Minute Dance         down.”
                                                                                                      Club, sponsored by Mrs. Julie Healy                Anyone interested in the The Beatles should
                                                                                                      of the Social Science department, is      definitely join The Beatles Club. Members of the
                                                                                                    a great place to dance for 20 minutes       club, headed by Kalinka Borkiewicz, Adv.807, and
                                                                                                  to a themed mix CD one day a week.            sponsored by Mr. Jorge Lucero of the Fine Arts
                                                                                                  Miriam Dolnick, Adv. 603, and Claire          department, listen to music, watch movies, do art
                                                                                                 Rabkin, Adv. 705, are the leaders of this      projects, and have birthday parties for The Beatles.
                                                                                                club and they try to make it as fun as pos-              “Every Beatles Club meeting last year was a
                                                                                               sible.                                           blast!” said Kalinka Borkiewicz. “The most memo-
                                                                                                          “Twenty Minute Dance Party            rable was John Lennon’s 65th birthday party, with
                                                                                              Club is very fun,” said Emily Sher, Adv. 800.     food, games, prizes, and trivia. We really accom-
                                                                                           “Especially when there is a good theme.”             plished a lot last year, and I hope this year will be just
                                                                                               “Twenty minutes of boogie is the per-            as productive.”
                                                                                     fect way to kick off the weekend,” said Samantha                Since many seniors have graduated, the club will
                                                                                     Schmidt, Adv. 708.                                         be under new management.
                                                                                               Another fun club to join is the Disney Club,          “I hope we will get many new members,” said
                                                                                       sponsored by Ms. Nicole Flores of the Mathemat-          Borkiewicz. “As the Beatles said ‘a splendid time is
                                                                                        ics department. Bonnie Mark, Adv. 804, and              guaranteed for all!’”
                                                                                        Ashley Rivera, Adv. 811, lead this club in which                 Hypnotic Club, sponsored by Ms. Martha
                                                                                        members talk about Disney movies, music, TV             Mulligan of the Mathematics department, embraces
                                                                                       shows, etc.                                              the art of dance. This club, headed by Kristine Pol.
                                                                                               “Disney Club, when we actually had meet-         Adv. 804, and Marilyn Botero, Adv. 804, creates
                                                                                    ings, was a huge success,” said Bonnie Mark, Adv.           dances for talent shows, school dance shows, and
                                                                                   804. “It will be back next year with more meetings           outside performances.
                                                                                   and movies.”                                                          “Hypnotic has gone through a lot this year, but
                                                                                            One of the bigger clubs at Northside is the         we pulled it through together, especially for the talent
                                                                                   Pep Club, sponsored by Mr. Michael Heavy of the              show,” said Hypnotic member Kristina Mascarenas,
                                                                                   Physical Education Department. Pep Club members              Adv. 806. “We’re a bunch of dedicated dancers who
                                                                                   focus on increasing school spirit by attending sport-        perform our hearts out to show our talent.”
                                                                                   ing events and alerting the rest of the student body of               In Anime Club, sponsored by Ms. Park of the
                                                                                   important games and matches.                                 Language Department, and led by Tipa Limson, Adv.
                                                                                            “Pep Club’s main purpose is to get people           802, students learn about the Japanese culture and
                                                                                   excited about sports at our school,” said last year’s        watch Japanese movies.
                                                                                   president Patty Duffy, Adv. 601. “As you know,                        “It’s fun and exciting because we have fun
                                                                                   school spirit at times dwindles, but it is Pep Club’s        while we learn,” said Adriane Quan, Adv.811. “We
                                                                                   job to stop that. We want people to have pride in            even learn Japanese.”
                                                                                   Northside’s teams and just have an amazing time all                   These are just some of the clubs available at
                                                                                   around.”                                                     our school. Anybody interested with extra time on
                                                                                         As a selective enrollment school, Northside            their hands should attend the annual club fair to learn
                                                                                   sometimes struggles with the reputation of poor              more about the vast array of clubs Northside offers.
                                                                                    sports programs and minimal school spirit. Pep Club         There are many ways to express one’s self and join-
                                                                                    members make efforts to change this reputation by           ing one of the aforementioned special interest clubs
                                                                                    increasing Northside school spirit.                         or any other Northside group is a great place to start.
                                                                                         “Have pride in your school because there is no
                                                                                   better one anywhere else on this planet,” said Patty
                                                                                   Duffy. “So show people we are more than just kids

   In action and behind the scenes
   by Zainab Bilfaqi                                                                           side can be getting involved in         the lights at a certain, cued time. Stage crew also deals with
           While Drama Club performs and                                                       the upcoming fall play. As the          the audio during the performances.
   acts to the best of their ability, Stage Crew                                                name suggests, this a play held                 Besides the technical aspect of being a member of
   works behind the scenes with lighting,                                                        in the fall of the school year.       stage crew, there is also a physical role involved. Stage crew
   props, and creating the set that is crucial                                                    People who want to perform           members put a vast amount of time into creating scenery
   to an excellent performance.                                                                   go through auditions that are        and props. They assemble the sets and create the scenery.
       “Drama Club recruits people to                                                             held and those students that                   Commitment is necessary to be a stage crew
   support Northside’s drama productions                                                          are casted for roles are required    member. Although most members are not required at every
   throughout the year,” said Alexia Williz,                                                      to attend rehearsals. The final      performance, they have to be available regardless. Maturity
   the social activities coordinator.                                                            performances have always been         is also required to be a member in stage crew. Members
           Drama club is for those who have                                                      highly applauded by Northside         have to deal with all sorts of authorities and it’s necessary
   a passion of acting, patience, and a certain                                                 audiences. This is a great way to      to know how to react to certain sorts of people. To join,
   level of maturity which will get them                                                       make new friends, especially in-        newcomers need to fill out an application which can be
   through any of the more difficult duties that                                              coming freshmen, and a fantastic         found on the Northside website, receive a teacher recom-
   they will have to perform. Members unite to                                               opportunity for drama-oriented or         mendation, and maintain a C average. No prior experience
   publicize theatrical productions and expand                                              interested students to express their       is necessary and newcomers will be trained. Stage crew
   their skills in certain areas such as directing or                                      talents.                                    members are also paid for outside performances that they
   acting.                                                                                       Behind the scenes exists a work-      assist with. For example this year, members were paid for
           Drama club members improve their skills                                     ing organization of students, stage crew.       assisting in the Lake Shore Symphony concert.
   through intensive yet fun workshops geared to assist                              Stage Crew’s mission is to deal with every-                 Stage Crew and Drama club are two activities
   them in specific areas of need. Furthermore, many of                       thing in a production besides the actors—props,          which, by many, seem to be a great opportunity for people
   the students incorporated within drama club also participate   lighting, audio, scenery, curtains, etc. The stage crew deals        interested in the theatrical arts. Both require dedication, yet
   in the plays that they publicize.                              with lighting tools such as dimmers, which dim the lights in         they are fun-filled and fulfilling.
           The various plays offer another way for Northsid-      the auditorium to the performer’s request, to the complex
   ers to connect with their dramatic side. One of the ways       work required to run the channels sub-master, which fades
   for Northsiders to uncover their thespian
Page 8                   Centerfold                                                                                                                                      The Hoof Beat

Johanna	Gutierrez,	Adv.	602,	
attending	University	of	Chicago
    “I want to thank all of my friends who
were always there throughout high school,
and to all the teachers who helped me
acquire all the knowledge I have. 06!”
                                                As they go on..     Stella	Elizabeth	Martin,	Adv.	607,	attending	Evergreen	
                                                                    State	College	(Go	Greeners!)
Katie	Adams,	Adv.	602,	attending	DePaul	University                      “Most of the teachers I’ve had at this school are incred-
   “I loved this school so much, and I’ll miss it!”                                                                                   Candy	Le,	Adv.	603,	attending	Loyola	University
                                                                    ible people, willing to look at us for who we are as people
                                                                                                                                          “I want to thank all of my friends and teachers for a won-
                                                                    and not just as students or grades in a book. I want to thank
                                                                                                                                      derful four years of high school.”
                                                                    those teachers: people who have taught me things that can’t be
Alexia	Jeaná	Willis,	Adv.	606,	attending	Wheaton	
College                                                             found in our textbooks.”
                                                                                                                                      Riscarte	Bayon,	Adv.	606,	attending	DePaul	University
    “I’m a Wheatie now (and a mustang forever). Most of             Kristy	Dumlao,	Adv.	607,	attending	University	of	Illinois	            “Keep up those grades; apply early for college and scholar-
my thanks has got to go to Mr. McRaith, and the slam team           Urbana-Champaign                                                  ships. Have fun and get crazy enjoying the best years of your
(Northside’s 2006 slam team). To Jesse, Adam, Natalia, An-              “I love you all my little underclassmen! And all terminated
nie, and Minnie, thanks so much for just being your awesome,        friendships are void.”
talented, creative selves. I learned a lot from you. To Ms.
Price, I miss you. Thank you for your continued devotion
to us. To Mr. McRaith, thank you for believing in me- form
English to slam to words to life.”

Jillian	Bertagna,	Adv.	604,	attending	University	of	
     “It’s been fun. I’m just sad I didn’t get a chance to become
friends with everyone I wanted to become friends with. Good
Luck guys!”

Chris	Field,	Adv.	606,	attending	University	of	Illinois
   “Cop didn’t see it? You didn’t do it! He did? That’s why
you take track.”

Cesilia	Esquivel,	Adv.	602,	attending	University	of	
     “I am glad to get out but I am thankful for the knowledge
I gained.”

Cassie	Boykin,	Adv.	603,	attending	Digipen	Institute	of	
    “I forgot to put a quote for the yearbook, but I figure out
Milliways it’ll all be behind me. Milliways, you know the res-
taurant at the end of the universe. OK, maybe you don’t know,
but I’ll find this hilarious later.”
Natalia	Dudziuslae,	Adv.	607,	attending	Loyola	
University	Chicago
    “It was good while it lasted, and I’m just happy that I
managed to get through these last four years. Good luck in the
future to all the seniors and thanks a lot to all my friends, who
for four years have made my experience at NCP a bit more
bearable. I will miss you guys.”

Eileen	Keleghan,	Adv.	606,	attending	Northwestern	
    “Goodbye, goodbye forever.”

Vanja	Tesnjak,	Adv.	605,	attending	DePaul	University
     “My time at Northside has been unforgettable but now it
is time for me to move on and experience new things.”

Katie	Thomas,	Adv.	606,	attending	University	of	Illinois	
    “Cheerleaders I’ll miss you guys so much. You mean the
world to me and I lave each of you so much. I’ll visit you guys
next year and see you guys compete. I know you guys will do
great. Come visit me at U of I next year!”

Carolina	Vargas,	Adv.	607,	attending	Massachusetts	
Institute	of	Technology
     “What can I say? These last four years were tough but I
met amazing people and made great lifelong friends. My ad-
vice to underclassmen would be this… work hard but always
take some time to appreciate your school, your friends, and
the high school experience while it lasts- because after a blink,
it’s gone.”

Nancy	Cheng,	Adv.	601,	attending	University	of	
    “Students, some of you probably cannot wait to graduate
or get out of this school via some other means, but know that
Northside privileges you with luxuries many other high school       Asma	Ahmad,	Adv.	601,	attending	Northwestern	
students are deprived of, so savor it while you have it.”           University                                                        Vanessa	Hernandez,	Adv.	607,	attending	University	of	
                                                                       “Mr. Yanek, you rock.”                                         Illinois
                                                                                                                                           “I enjoyed my four years at Northside. The friends I made
                                                                    Bobby Ziegler, Adv. 603, attending Alaska Pacific                 were amazing. I’ll always remember this place.”
                                                                       “Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!”
                                                                                                                                      Patty	Duffy,	Adv.	601,	attending	St.	Mary’s	College
                                                                                                                                         “THANKS for an AMAZING 4 years.”
                                                                    Jacqueline	Pfeil,	Adv.	607,	attending	University	of	
                                                                    Illinois	Urbana-Champaign
                                                                         “I had a fun time at Northside! I will always remember my    Stephanie	Gonzales,	Adv.	606,	attending	Loyola	
                                                                    experiences here, and all the good friends I made throughout      University
                                                                    these four years. Thanks for everything.”                             “The best thing about Northside is the people I had the
                                                                                                                                      honor of meeting. I believe the students and all Staff members
                                                                                                                                      make Northside what it is. I am so happy to have met such
                                                                    Joseph	Rodriguez,	Adv.	604,	attending	University	of	              wonderful people that helped me get this far. I want to thank
                                                                    Illinois	Urbana-Champaign:	College	of	Engineering                 all my friends for being there whenever I needed them and for
                                                                         “Peace Out Northside!”                                       making me a better person.”
                                                                    Glenna	Reyes,	Adv.	602,	attending	Loyola	University	
                                                                    Chicago                                                           Barbara	Moy,	Adv.	607,	attending	Cleveland	Institute	of	
                                                                       “Don’t let life get you down… keep on truckin’. I LOVE         Art
                                                                    YOU FU LAOSHI.”                                                       “Awesome.”
September 2006                                                                                                                                   Centerfold                    Page 9

they remember...                                                                                                              Cory	Craig,	Adv.	606,	attending	University	of	Illinois	
Chelli	Zanotti,	Adv.	602,	attending	University	of	                                                                            Champaign
Illinois	                                                                                                                         “No other high school in the world is quite like North-
     “The classic: Goodbye, Good luck, and I’ll miss        Alexandra	Maties,	Adv.	607,	attending	DePaul	                     side, it was awesome!”
you! PS- Cheerleaders I L-O-V-E you guys. Take city         University
beetches!”                                                     “College should hopefully be fun!”                             Michael	Kennedy,	Adv.	600,	attending	Macalester	
Dagmara	Uredowska,	Adv.	607,	attending	DePaul	              Cory	Craig,	Adv.	606,	attending	University	of	Illinois	               “Northsiders, my brothers of the pen. I’d rather study
University                                                  Champaign                                                         beside you than any school of thousands. No man knows how
   “Yay for me!”                                                “No other high school in the world is quite like Northside,   menacing we are, we are lions! Do you know what lies beyond
                                                            it was awesome!”                                                  graduation, immortality! Take it, it’s yours!”

                                                                                                                              Adolfo	Luna,	Adv.	603,	attending	University	of	Chicago.
                                                                                                                                “It’s not ‘good bye’, more like ‘see you later’.”
                                                                                                                              Amy	Pak,	Adv.	602,	attending	Wright	College
                                                                                                                                  “High School has been fun for the most part. Northside
                                                                                                                              seems like a very unique school and I hope the school will
                                                                                                                              continue to be special in its own way. Thank you to all of the
                                                                                                                              great teachers I’ve had (including those who are no longer
                                                                                                                              here at Northside) and Good Luck to everyone!”

                                                                                                                              Anthony	Vu,	Adv.	607,	attending	University	of	Central	
                                                                                                                                 “Senioritis is highly contagious… be warned.”

                                                                                                                              Colia	Byrne,	Adv.	607,	attending	Carthage	College
                                                                                                                                 “Going to Northside was a very good choice, because I
                                                                                                                              was able to meet a group of friends with qualities I would
                                                                                                                              have a very hard time finding anywhere else.”

                                                                                                                              Dylan	Bailey,	Adv.	602,	attending	Roosevelt	University
                                                                                                                                  “The LP (Lily Pads) is stronger than ever. All the sks who
                                                                                                                              aren’t seniors need to continue carrying out tactical espionage
                                                                                                                              missions and continue providing protection to the Northsid-
                                                                                                                              ers who are unable to handle the hostel environment we go to
                                                                                                                              school in. You know your missions, Good Luck.

                                                                                                                              Goodbye time
                                                                                                                              Departing seniors
                                                                                                                              share high school
                                                                                                                              by Martyna Michalak
                                                                                                                                          With graduation just around the corner and college
                                                                                                                              decisions finally made, Northside’s seniors are reminiscing
                                                                                                                              over their past four years of high school. Students remember
                                                                                                                              good as well as bad experiences. It is evident that seniors are
                                                                                                                              happy to continue their lives past high school and cannot
                                                                                                                              wait for what life brings them. On the other hand, seniors will
                                                                                                                              always remember their years spent at Northside.
                                                                                                                                          “The best part about high school is the memories
                                                                                                                              formed with your peers,” said Dagmara Urzedowska, Adv.
                                                                                                                                   “I have enjoyed these past four years both academically
                                                                                                                              and socially, but I am ready to move on into a new environ-
                                                                                                                              ment and experience the college atmosphere,” said Vanja
                                                                                                                              Tesnjak, Adv. 605.
                                                            Tracey	Fredricus,	Adv.	607,	attending	University	of	                   Students remember both social and academic aspects of
                                                            Michigan                                                          high school. Many students have participated in sports ranging
                                                                 “Although at times this place may seem a bit over-           from soccer to chess, clubs, fine arts productions and showed
                                                            whelming, my four years at Northside have been quite              great academic achievement overall.
                                                            enjoyable and memorable. I have developed friendships,                        Students feel relieved that they are finally able to
                                                            and had moments that I will never forget. Thanks Home-            leave and enjoy a new life outside school.
                                                            skillets for 160 WKS of Good Times.”                                   “It’s been a long four years; I’m glad it’s finally over,” said
                                                                                                                              Joe Rodriguez, Adv. 604.
                                                                                                                                   Seniors came to this school four years ago with big hopes
                                                            Mariben	Lyn	Gopez	Escalona,	Adv.	605,	attending	
                                                            University	of	Illinois	Chicago	                                   and preconceptions of what high school might be.
                                                               “Cherish and make the best of your high school years, it            “High school seemed very scary at first, but now it seems
                                                            went by just way too fast.”                                       like nothing,” said Ryan Powers, Adv. 602. “Now college
                                                                                                                              seems scary, but it [high school] has been fun. It’s good to go
                                                            Bouan	Mendoza,	Adv.	606,	attending	University	of	                 on to bigger, better things.”
                                                            Illinois                                                               Seniors are going into college life with hopes and dreams
Katie	Regal,	Adv.	607,	attending	University	of	Illinois	         “Play videogames everyday.”                                  of achieving something by using the information learned
Urbana-Champaign                                                                                                              at Northside. Students will be choosing their paths of life
    “It was an awesome four years. Thank you everyone for                                                                     whether it be medicine, law, or any other field and Northside
the amazing memories we will have forever.”                 Kelsey	Koon,	Adv.	602,	attending	Queen’s	University	of	
                                                            Kingston,	Ontario                                                 is in no way the finish line.
                                                                “Thank you to all the teachers for helping us grow and             “I am very glad I came to this school,” said Joseph Car-
                                                            mature (for the most part!) and for putting up with us for 4      rozza, Adv. 601. “I am glad I chose to go to a tougher school
Sandy	Guttman,	Adv.	603,	attending	Knox	College
                                                            craaazy years! Thank you to the juniors and sophomores and        because it has helped me in the long run. I achieved a better
   “Peace out.”
                                                            freshmen we know for continuing our legacy next year! Shout-      education than I would have elsewhere.”
                                                            outs to: Alex K., Danielle F. and Meggie H., French was awe-           Seniors came to this school even though they might not
Samantha	Ghanayem,	Adv.	606,	attending	University	of	
Illinois	Urbana-Champaign                                   some! Shout-outs to Kavinda W., Smokey, Max S., Michael           have wanted to at first, but there was something that drew
     “No more busy work.”                                   P. and Kevin K., you made an awesome Certamen team and            students to the environment of challenging work and tough
                                                            I was so proud to win 4 straight championships alongside you      classes.
                                                            guys! Here’s to all the graduating seniors; we made it! We’re          “My favorite thing coming to this school was that I felt
Jordan	Stacey,Adv.	600,	attending	Cornell	College	                                                                            safe and I knew that whatever I would learn here I would
    “Thank you, teachers and thank you, Dr. Lalley. May     going to totally rock the world!”
                                                                                                                              use,” said Candice Gant, Adv. 602.
the future of Northside bring hard work during the last                                                                            “Learning at Northside has been really exciting,” said Joe
weeks of school! I wish the budget wasn’t so systemati-                                                                       Buchheit, Adv. 607. “There is no other high school that can
cally unfortunate.”                                         Hiromi-Anne	Usui,	Adv.	602	attending	University	of	
                                                            Illinois	Chicago                                                  offer what Northside does.”
                                                                 “Muhaha! jk. I’ll miss school. Mr. Benincasa and Ms.              Whatever the high school experience, students think that
Michael	Kharouta,	Adv.	605,	attending	
Northwestern	University                                     Rivera were awesome teachers. Don’t forget, He-row-me!            people should enjoy the most out of it.
    “Don’t wait until someone’s dead to give them flow-     Shout out to Aimee Morakes! I’ll be back! Don’t forget to call         “Enjoy every moment because high school will go by re-
ers.”                                                       my cell.”                                                         ally fast,” said Dao Nguyen, Adv. 604.
Page 10   The Hoof Beat
September 2006                                                                                                                                                         Editorial Page 11

Mark My Words
One Fine Summer Day
by Aliy Markowski
     Finals are over. In fact, I really only had   ages fill the beaches. I feel the warm peace-     drive to pick up a friend from her house and       der. After growing tired of the rides, we walk
two finals to begin with, thanks to a hand-        ful wind as we zoom by the rollerbladers          together we cruise down Lake Shore Drive,          to the end of the pier and back laughing and
ful of AP classes with teachers who luck-          and weave around the slightly annoying            windows down, wind streaming through               talking while watching the boats and vendors
ily chose not to re-assess us only a month         pedestrians blocking our way. We ride until       our hair, and music blasting. We scream the        along the water. Outside the main gates, we
after the mad AP rush in early May. As I sit       we reach Montrose Beach, stopping only to         lyrics as loud as we possibly can, with no         run through the fountain to cool ourselves
trapped in an overly air-conditioned class-        buy popsicles from one of the many vendors        worry about judgment, partially since you          from the summer heat. Even at eight o’clock
room on the final few days of mandatory            stationed along the path. Once we reach the       can barely hear us over the radio, but mostly      at night, it’s over eighty degrees outside.
attendance, inevitably my mind wanders to          beach, we spread our towels (of course we         because we both know neither of us can sing             We hop on the free trolley, the blue line
the sunshine outside, to the seemingly endless     came prepared: towels, swimsuits, sunscreen       anyway. At North Michigan Avenue, we pull          to be exact, and make our way over to Grant
summer days that lie ahead, to the clock that      and all) on the sand, scorchingly hot to our      off the Drive and onto the shopping tour-          Park, the central site for Chicago’s Movies in
reads 8:53 a.m., a time I hope to see only         feet at first. By this time, the                  ist-filled main drag of our city. Magically,       the Park each week. I help my friend reserve
sporadically over the next three months.                                                                 we find a metered parking spot just a few      our spot by setting out our blankets, several
     I daydream about what I’d be doing this                                                                       blocks away from Water Tower         layers to cushion us from the uneven grass
very moment if I could be liberated to the                                                                                  Place. What luck! We        below, while the rest of the group stops by
outdoors, soaking in the summer heat with-                                                                                                              Chipotle to retrieve our picnic dinner. All
out a worry in the world. So for this month                                                                                                             of us enjoy our Americanized yet delectable
I have chosen to stray from my normal                                                                                                                    burritos while gazing at the stars above and
heavier column topics, and to do a twist                                                                                                                  waiting for the movie to begin. Once the
on the Chicago Tribune’s rotating column                                                                                                                  film does start, an old black and white clas-
“One Fine Day,” in which Tribune writers                                                                                                                sic to the middle-aged, a slow moving story
detail their ideal weekend days from start                                                                                                              with low quality resolution to us, we hardly
to finish. Let’s consider, instead, a perfect                                                                                                            pay attention. Instead, we talk quietly and
summer day. This column will find most of                                                                                                                 play hearts and gin, glancing up only oc-
you in September, struggling to become                                                                                                                     casionally to look at the big screen.
re-accustomed to life within Northside’s
walls. Let it serve as a reminder of the                                                                                                                      Night
magic of summer. Take a moment to                                                                                                                             When the movie ends, squished masses
reminisce about your own fond memories                                                                                                                    of people flow out of Grant Park, hurrying
of the last three months, about your finest                                                                                                               to get home to rest for tomorrow’s day of
summer day.                                                                                                                                               work. Not us—on this perfect day we are
                                                                                                                                                          responsibility free: no rush, no curfew, no
    Morning                                                                                                                                              need to hurry. We stroll toward Millennium
    My day begins at the fine hour of                                                                                                                   Park, where we walk through the gardens
10:00 in the morning. I wake without                                                                                                                    and take in the lights of the city’s night sky-
an obnoxious alarm or frustrating parental                                                                                                              line. Someone suggests we head to the beach.
demands, but instead on my own accord,                                                                                                                  All in complete agreement, we drive to Ard-
when nature tells me it’s time to get up. I eat                                                                           walk down Michigan            more Beach, a hidden gem at the north end
a simple breakfast, a bowl of cereal most                                                            Avenue, browsing through stores and buying         of Lakeshore Drive, stretching for blocks and
likely, while watching whatever morning tele-                                     beach is teeming   as we please, since on this perfect day money      blocks along the lake yet largely undiscovered
vision happens to be filling the airwaves. And     with people. We breathe in the rush of sum-       is no object.                                      by most Chicagoans.
I enjoy it, too—even the semi-trashy shows         mer excitement in the air.                            While sifting through the racks at Nor-
like “Passions” or “Days of Our Lives”, sim-           About a half hour of soaking in rays is       dstrom, I start to feel slight pangs of hunger          Late Night
ply because of their forbidden fruit appeal.       about all we can take before becoming too         shooting through my stomach. My friend                  We run around on the cool sand, no lon-
They’re shows I certainly cannot see during        hot and needing to jump into the cold Lake        agrees that she, too, is hungry, so we head to     ger boiling at night without the beating sum-
the school year, so I must seize the oppor-        Michigan water. We expect the worst, the          “The Lo Cal Corner,” a small healthy food          mer sun, throwing a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee
tunity to watch daytime television when I          coldest of the cold, dipping only our toes into   joint on Maple Street between Dearborn and         along the shore. We move to the water and
can. After finishing breakfast and an exciting     the crashing waves at first. Praise the gods of   Rush, to satisfy our cravings. There, we buy       run through the calm waves. We splash
episode of “The Price is Right,” I slowly          summer, the lake has reached its mild August      angel food cake-flavored frozen yogurt –           around, still throwing the Frisbee while dunk-
make my way down to the hammock in the             temperature, refreshing yet tolerable. I dive         delicious and only ten calories an ounce.      ing each other under the water. We have the
backyard, where I lie under the trees enjoying     into the waves right away, always wanting to      We sit outside on the small restaurant’s patio,    whole beach to ourselves as no one can claim
the mild morning temperatures while becom-         be the first to go under. After another half an   watching yuppies stream by and visitors            during the daylight hours. After an hour of
ing enchanted in a novel, perhaps the latest       hour splashing around, we leave the water         shop.                                              swimming under the stars, our limbs grow
Harry Potter book or some other equally light      oasis and return to our towels where we bask                                                         tired and cold. We slowly trudge out of the
summer reading material.                           under the sun for a little while longer until         Evening                                        water, sand sticking to every inch of skin. We
    About an hour later, a friend who lives        we’re dry enough to get back on our bikes.            By the time we finish our yogurt, it’s past    brush off our feet, pile into the car, and drive
nearby appears. We decide to go on a bike          We ride the four miles back somewhat tired        six o’clock. We head over to Navy Pier where       to a friend’s apartment, where we lie on the
ride. We mount our bikes and head to the           but content from our beach stay.                  we meet five of our friends. We ride the           roof laughing and story-telling until we all
lakefront bike path, which begins about a                                                            swing attraction three times in a row, until       fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning.
mile away from my house. We ride down                 Afternoon                                      the rush of flying begins to make the Lo-Cal                  Ah, one fine summer day.
the path and watch varied people of all               After returning home, showering, and           churning in my stomach slightly uneasy. A
                                                   preparing myself for the rest of the day, I       switch to the snail-slow Ferris wheel is in or-

Hoof Beat Student Newspaper
The CPS budget crisis and Northside
     As the 2005-2006 school year draws to a close,         a “whittling away,” he was first able to have all of the
                                                                                                                            Aliy’s Sudoku
                                                                                                                            Created by Aliy Markowski
so do the negotiations on the Chicago Public School         special education and aid positions reinstated. Then
2006-2007 budget. Stories of the 328 million dol-           with a bit more arguing, a few teacher positions were
lar shortfall have been in the news since October,          saved. Finally, Dr. Lalley negotiated Northside’s way
when the deficit was projected at 175 million dollars.      back up to four counselors, and up a few more teach-
Schools across the city will be forced to cut back on       ers. In the closing weeks of this school year, he will
their education staffing, which amounts to the larg-        continue to haggle for the positions of the rest of the
est portion of the CPS bill. At one point this meant        school’s teaching body.
Northside was to go from sixty teachers to forty-nine;           2005-2006 is not the first year, nor will it be the
four counselors to one; six special education teachers      last, that CPS has faced negative numbers. This means
to three; ten special education aides to three. Every       that the 2006-2007 year will pose the same questions
teacher surviving the cutback would have to take up         and bargaining tactics, the same worry, and the same
the slack. Department heads would be required to            potential loss of teachers. The problem is not going to
teach one more class, and class sizes would be in-          go away. Reform is needed, if not of the general fund-
creased. Northside’s beloved AP classes, averaging at       ing and money-raising practices of City Hall, then at
about twenty students per class, would swell to twenty-     least in its equations for determining how many educa-
eight (though AP Calculus would number at thirty-           tors each school is to have. Accordingly, high schools
seven). The variety of classes would also decrease,         receive funding for one teacher per thirty-two students,
with the only P.E. classes available becoming P.E. I        and one counselor for every three-hundred and fifty
and II (goodbye, Lifetime Activities), and there would      students – which certainly does not make sense for a
be one less fine arts teacher. Every counselor would        school where nearly every student goes on to college.
be responsible for at least one hundred more students.      Public School authorities, as Dr. Lalley said, need to
Every special education teacher would have the              make decisions about the future of public selective
overwhelming task of taking care of entire classrooms       enrollment schools like Northside. If they truly want
of children without help. In short, the Northside Prep      these schools to compete in a city once dominated by
its students so dearly treasure for its personal classes,   the notion that private schools are always preferable
free environment, and diverse teaching body would be        over the shoddy public education system, they must
gravely altered.                                            rework their thinking on how to keep them going.
     Fortunately for Northsiders, there is a knight in      This will save many teachers the heartache of being
shining armor within their midst, prepared to do            told their positions have been closed, and at least one                Instructions: Fill in the puzzle so that every row
everything in his power to save the school from the         knight from the telling.                                               of 9 numbers includes all digits 1 through 9 in any
realization of this upsetting scenario. While he may                                                                               order, every column of 9 numbers includes all digits 1
no longer be able to gallop across Northside’s prairie         The previous article is an editorial written by
                                                                                                                                   through 9 in any order and every 3 by 3 subsection of
on any white horse, Dr. James Lalley is certainly able      a member of the Hoof Beat staff. Letters to the
                                                                                                                                   the 9 by 9 square includes all digits 1 through 9.
enough to navigate the vast maze that is the CPS            editor are welcome. Please e-mail questions or
bureaucracy. Through a series of memos, phone calls,        comments to
and visits to City hall, and in a process he describes as
Page 12            Arts and Entertainment                                                                                                                                    The Hoof Beat

Stick It lands upright
An adolescent success
by Mohammad Khaleelullah
    Summer season is starting at the box office and with so            The plot is very recognizable as the washed-up pro being
many big name flicks around the corner, Stick It is the perfect   overshadowed by the new rook plays out to an emotion filled
way to begin the hottest movie season.                            twist to an otherwise predictable movie. Furthermore, involv-
    Stick It is a humorous teenage comedy that somehow turns      ing a sport that has gone mostly unused in previous films
overplayed clichés into a delightful and emotional movie.         bolsters the film’s appeal.
The story follows a washed up gymnast trying to overcome               Written and directed by Jessica Bendinger, Stick It creates
her past after walking out and earning a disqualification in      a bond between the characters and the audience by relaying
the biggest event of her life. Haley Graham, played by Missy      common emotions on the screen. Bendinger, who in the past
Peregrym, plays the role of an obedient and potential-filled      has written about other young athletes in the spicy flick Bring
gymnast gone south. She finds herself spending hours in her       It On, creates a memorable set, vivid with color that provides
neighborhood in Plano, Texas doing extreme tricks on her bike     a lasting of visual mastery and expression. Each scene is vi-
and skateboard, all while hanging out with her two best guy       brantly staged in order to bring out the film and help overlook
friends. One day, after crashing her bike into a building and     some of the movie’s shabby dialogue. However, before Stick
causing an immense amount of damage, Haley finds herself          It can go on to stardom, glitches in the dialogue certainly do
in court. The judge declares that Haley is to attend Vickerman    need to be mended. Characters sometimes seem to be speak-
Gymnastics Academy, notoriously known as VGA. After join-         ing robotically as they lack expression and wit.
ing the academy Haley endures much bickering with Coach                Missy Peregrym does wonders with her role as an outcast
Vickerman, played by Jeff Bridges. Bridges plays a troubled       gymnast among a group of gymnasts. The opportunity to
coach who blatantly lies to all his clients and ends up produc-   emotionally connect with her role provides the audience
ing less elite gymnasts and more hospital stricken athletes.      with a chance to relate and feel the pain and pressure the she
     In the end, however, Haley finally settles down and          endures from the judges.
returns to competition mode. As she sets to meet her archrival         Ultimately, with the audience being able to relate to both
gymnast, tension builds among the gymnasts present at the         the set and the characters, and the film creating a memorable
competition. After a judging fiasco caused by a bra strap that    and vivid image in the viewer’s minds, Stick It is on its way to
peaks through a gymnasts leotard results in an unfair deduc-      becoming a small time favorite.
tion, the athletes become disgusted and decide to fire back.

The Da Vinci Code, a code in itself
                                                                                                                                        Promotional	Poster	for	Stick It
                                                                                                                                        Image courtesy of

by Patricia Radkowski
     Whether The Da Vinci Code is fact or                                                                 ere’s mutilated body, which is covered
fiction can be left to theologians to decide.                                                             by symbols written in his own blood and       involuntarily embarks on a game of “Where’s
Treated solely as a work of fiction, The Da                                                               arranged into a meaningful pose, Neveu        Silas?” especially when there is too much
Vinci Code is a dramatic thriller that is sure                                                            interrupts to warn Langdon that he is in      silence or the music becomes tense. There is
to captivate most viewers. It is difficult not                                                            danger. The two join forces to uncover        just something extra scary about a tall, skinny
to be intrigued by the wild chases through                                                                the first clues that Marielle left at the     albino popping out of nowhere to kill people
Europe, the shocking revelations accompa-                                                                 Louvre and escape from the French po-         in the name of God. Better yet is his practice
nied by sinister music, the constant chaos                                                                lice. The pair continues their journey of     of chastising himself through whippings and
as new clues are found, and the overall                                                                   ambiguity by visiting a bank. The action      various other bloody methods that are sure to
mysterious atmosphere stemming from                                                                       then becomes a whirlwind of people and        send shivers up the spine. For such reasons,
the combination of faith and mystery.                                                                     places as the pair becomes a quartet at       younger siblings are best left at home.
Yet, it is quite simple to grow bored of the                                                              the villa of Langdon’s friend, Sir Leigh           With the plot aside, The Da Vinci Code is
repetitiveness of the plot. There are only                                                                Teabing (Ian McKellen). Teabing and           marvelously made. Ron Howard’s adapta-
so many times that one can be frightened                                                                  his “servant” join Neveu and Langdon          tion of the book is religiously true to Dan
by a psychotic albino, and this movie cer-                                                                as they travel to several churches to pick    Brown’s novel, leaving the work only a few
tainly abuses the element of surprise.                                                                    up yet more clues. All this time, the         times. Howard’s filming style, however, gives
     For those unfamiliar with the best-sell-                                                             French police are hot on their track.         the text a special magic touch. The interest-
ing book, it is suggested that undivided                                                                       Aside from being chased by the law,      ing shots from various directions offer a fresh
attention be paid. Spacing out for just                                                                   Langdon and Neveu are also followed           way to view a movie. Although not the first
one line could cause the viewer to miss                                                                   by Silas (Paul Bettany), an albino fanatic    director to put an original spin on a published
the entire plot, so going to the bathroom                                                                 who works for the Teacher. The Teacher,       story, Howard does this with skill and grace.
is impossible during this film. A moment                                                                  whose identity is another mystery, is         Especially nifty is his choice to show how
of daydreaming could cost the wander-                                                                     working with the Opus Dei, a society          Langdon notices patterns and taps into the
ing mind to miss a significant detail that                                                                of Catholics who supposedly wish to           secrets of the past. Howard mimics Langdon’s
will cause much confusion. However, the                                                                   conceal the truth behind the Holy Grail.      thought-process by highlighting the numbers,
tangled web of plot is intricately woven                                                                  Amidst all these conspiracies and secrets     letters, or symbols that Langdon is focusing
and is a welcome relief from the shallow                                                                  are Catholic cardinals who are also try-      on. Those pieces of the puzzle are then rear-
stories Hollywood has been spewing out                                                                    ing to conceal the existence of the Holy      ranged to form some coherent message.
recently.                                                                                                 Grail.                                             The Da Vinci Code is sure to keep viewers
     Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a Har-          Promotional	Poster	for	The Da Vinci Code                      The hunt for the clues is long, but      on the edge of their seats. The constant ac-
vard symbologist lecturing in Paris, is asked    Image courtesy of                      interesting. The betrayals and the escapes       tion, broken only by times of reflection during
by Inspector Fache (Jean Reno) to survey the                                                           are entertaining and add to the already          which clues are put together, will definitely
                                                  but before he passed away he left his supposed
murder scene of the Louvre museum cura-                                                             messy plot. On top of that, around every            keep the audience engaged. In the end, it is
                                                  granddaughter Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tau-
tor, Jacques Sauniere (Jean-Pierre Marielle).                                                       other corner lurks Silas, whose casting in-         worth it to solve the ancient mystery of the
                                                  tou) a scavenger hunt made up of clues.
Sauniere was shot at night inside the Louvre,                                                       creases the film’s fear factor. The viewer soon     Holy Grail, whether it is true or not.
                                                      While Langdon and Fache inspect Sauni-

A real ship wreck: Poseidon sinks at the box office
by Mohammad Khaleelullah
    The clock ticks closer to midnight                                                                                                                          rives. But as former mayor of New York
on New Year’s Eve, as a marvelous                                                                                                                               City, Robert Ramsay (Kurt Russell) de-
party is underway in the ballroom of                                                                                                                            cides to lead the charge of survivors out
a new luxury cruise liner, the Posei-                                                                                                                           of the ship, many new obstacles rise.
don, where over 2000 passengers are                                                                                                                             Russell, the lone actor to shine in his
on board. Dancing, drinking, and                                                                                                                                role, takes over as the new captain and
celebrating their way into the New                                                                                                                              uses his old managerial skills to bring
Year, the passengers are oblivious to                                                                                                                           everyone to safety while keeping an eye
what is going to happen while the                                                                                                                               on his daughter’s every move. The may-
somersaulting ocean waves have an                                                                                                                               or, however, is sometimes affected by
idea of their own. Tremendous waves,                                                                                                                            this filial relationship, altering the way
known as rogue waves, rile up and                                                                                                                               he leads the rest of the group, watering
crash into the ship just as the New                                                                                                                             down most of the scenes with his lame
Year rings in, causing massive damage                                                                                                                           style of over-parenting. Along with new
to the ship and eventually turning it                                                                                                                           dangers that arise, the audience is left to
over. The new technology of the near                                                                                                                            witness sometimes unreal events, leav-
future allows for the ship to remain                                                                                                                            ing to question the believability. Should
considerably afloat until rescue work-                                                                                                                          they feel for these actors? Should they
ers are able to come to assistance. But                                                                                                                         celebrate the survival of one character
as the limited survivors worry about                                                                                                                            even though he dies in the next scene?
their own lives, they become anxious                                                                                                                                 As the plot goes on, it is obvious
after realizing they must quickly reach                                                                                                                         that not everyone will make it and that
safety by themselves. Whether they are                                                                                                                          it is only a matter of time before the
able to configure their way out in time                                                                                                                         next cast member dies off. This effect
before other dangers arise becomes the                                                                                                                          can be predicted from the very begin-
question, as time is not on their side.                                                                                                                         ning and it not that hard to realize
    Wolfgang Petersen directs Poseidon with experience from       Promotional	Poster	for	Poseidon                                                               who will be killed next. Poseidon gives
previous water based films such as Das Boot (1981) and The        Image courtesy of                                    a 1980s feeling to a 2006 flick. Viewers are a little used to that
Perfect Storm (2000). Peterson takes a weak $140 million dollar                                                                       theme by now.
budget film, provides a weak script, and generates detriment-     budget one would expect them to hire a writer who could do              With a cheap action plot and mediocre and overused spe-
like waves that audiences have seen only nine years back in the   more than just produce ill-witted and robotic lines.                cial effects, Poseidon fails to thrill the audience as the original
Titanic. Shouldn’t technology and visual effects have pro-           The ship’s captain, (Andre Braugher) asks for everyone to        had done decades ago. Audiences are over the stage of predict-
gressed since the 1972 edgy classic? With a $140 million dollar   remain calm and stay together in the ballroom until help ar-        ing the next cast member’s death and watching the same ef-
September 2006                                                                                                                   Arts and Entertainment                                 Page 13

X-Men at number one                                                                                                                                      Beresilicious
One ‘Last Stand’ at the box office                                                                                                                       My little list
                                                                                                                                                         by Damon Beres
by Kana Yoo                                                                                                                   tired.                          We’ve put out nine
     The X-Men Tril-                                                                                                               A complete lack       papers before this one, and
ogy is now complete                                                                                                           of care is shown for       yet I feel like the contents
with the release of                                                                                                           the characters as seen     of this column have been
the third install-                                                                                                            from how some major        limited to two things: how
ment on May 26th.                                                                                                             characters are killed.     much I enjoy talking about
Though its script may                                                                                                         Their deaths are un-       sex and how much I enjoy
be lacking, its great                                                                                                         expected and jarring       talking about video games.
special effects, breath-                                                                                                      and then pushed to         A worthy combination in my mind.
taking action, and                                                                                                            the back of the movie.          Yet, I am not an adolescent Howard
unexpected plot turns                                                                                                         One death in particu-      Stern with an affinity for the gaming arts,
make X-Men: The Last                                                                                                          lar goes for the most      and as such it seems as though I owe my
Stand a fun and truly                                                                                                         part unexplained and       readership something more. Variety is, after
entertaining movie.                                                                                                           seems unnecessary          all, the spice of life. Though my column
     Appropriately                                                                                                            to the overall plot. It    has certainly been spicy in the past, we
titled, the final battle                                                                                                      serves no purpose but      can all probably agree that a little kick is in
between Homo sa-                                                                                                              to torture fans of the     order. So here it is: a short list of Beresili-
piens, X-men, and                                                                                                             character. In addi-        cious thoughts that should carry you well
Magneto’s force of                                                                                                            tion, though the new       into the summer. Think of it as a parting
mutants takes place                                                                                                           characters provide a       gift from me to you. These thoughts might
in the third movie                                                                                                            good opportunity to        have been ideas for potential columns over
when Magneto bands                                                                                                            show off more special      the course of the year that never saw the
a group of mutants                                                                                                            effects, the brief         light of day for one reason or another, or
together to fight the                                                                                                         acknowledgement of         they might be random little nuggets that
“cure” that is created                                                                                                        such characters may        seem appropriate for this column. Without
to repress the mu-                                                                                                            upset true X-men fans.     further ado, I bring you my little list of
tants’ DNA. Along                                                                                                             Fans should also be        Beresilicious thoughts.
with original charac-                                                                                                         prepared to adjust to a         Beresilicious thought #1: Headphones
ters like Wolverine                                                                                                           rather inaccurate por-     will be the death of our society. We’re
and Storm, the final                                                                                                          trayal of the original     beginning to see this now as multitudes of
movie also introduces                                                                                                         characters from the        teenagers wear them 24/7, abandoning all
new mutants, like the                                                                                                         comic books.               semblances of social life and toning out the
Juggernaut, Beast,                                                                                                                  Some over-           orders of their mothers. They’re turning us
and Angel, meaning                                                                                                            dramatic lines are         all into isolated vegetables, but aside from
a whole new slew of                                                                                                           cringe-worthy, giving      that, they’re making us deaf. Deaf, I tell
powers. The second                                                                                                            the whole movie a          ya! Invest in hearing aid companies now,
X-Men movie, X-Men                                                                                                            cheesy, artificial feel.   because they’ll be huge by the time we’re
United, ended with                                                                                                            For example, Angel         50. Mark my words.
Jean Grey sacrificing                                                                                                         and his father have a           Beresilicious thought #2: CPS internet
herself during a dam                                                                                                          potentially interesting    blocks are limiting our freedom. Let’s be
explosion to save                                                                                                             relationship that the      reasonable: am I saying that 18-year-old
the others. She then                                                                                                          movie, unfortunately,      students at Northside should be able to
returns in the third                                                                                                          has no time for, show-     look at pornographic content on school
movie as the Phoe-                                                                                                            ing only flashes of the    computers if they so please? Yes, that’s
nix, her super power-                                                                                                         father-son interaction.    exactly what I’m saying. It’s not illegal in
ful alter ego, which                                                                                                          In this brief time, the    the real world, why should it be illegal in
Professor Xavier                                                                                                              writers manage to          ours? Because of the potential increase in
was able to control                                                                                                           squeeze in one of the      spyware and viruses? Suck it up and buy a
for many years. This                                                                                                          most cliché exchanges      better Norton plan. Students can be respon-
new, volatile charac-                                                                                                         that can occur be-         sible in computer classes if they so please,
ter adds suspense to                                                                                                          tween father and son.      and blocking off certain websites (includ-
the story since she is                                                                                                        When father Warren         ing lyric websites for crying out loud) isn’t
a threat to everyone.                                                                                                         Worthington, Sr. says,     making us more productive. Beyond that,
     Like the previ-                                                                                                          “Warren, it’s a better     blocking websites like Xanga (a popular
ous two movies, X3                                                                                                            life. It’s what we all     blogging website) just discourages student
does not disappoint                                                                                                           want.” Warren shoots       creativity, if anything.
in the special effects                                                                               back with angst on full blast, “No, it’s what
                            Promotional	Poster	for	X-Men: The Last Stand                                                                                      Beresilicious thought #3: Anime is
department. As always,                                                                               you want.” He then runs and crashes through         garbage and you know it. Don’t get me
Mystique’s morphing                               audience wants to support fellow humans in         the window of a high story building and             wrong: I love me some anime, and several
ability is flawlessly realistic, like a reptile   the fight against the “bad-guy” mutants, it is   swoops over the city with his massive white           of my favorite films of all time are Japa-
gracefully shedding its scales. It seems that all also heart wrenching to see mutants drained      angel wings. Once again, action and special           nese animation (not to mention my love
the characters have improved powers: Storm        of their ability by the serum shot from the      effects save the movie from crumbling.                for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop,
twirls effortlessly through the air, and Mag-     army’s cannons.                                       To give the writers some credit, there are       Furi Kuri, Excel Saga, Azumanga Daioh, and
neto, in one brain tingling scene, repositions         At its core, X-Men: The Last Stand is a     amusing lines that actually had the intention         a multitude of other anime shows). It just
the Golden Gate Bridge, wrenching it apart,       sci-fi, action movie. And, like many action      of being funny. For those familiar with the Jug-      gets me all riled up whenever someone
cars and all, to then bring it down to its new    movies, large explosions and fighting over-      gernaut, there is a humorous treat waiting in a       from an anime club insists that Japanese
location.                                         rides character development and dialogue.        scene between him and Shadow Cat, a young             animation is the pinnacle of humanity’s
     The battle scenes are just as exciting and   What’s worse is that X-Men tries to go deeper    mutant who can go through walls.                      achievements and that it’s some glorious
stimulating to the senses; Wolverine against      into its characters but falls short. The love         If one is hoping for intellectual dialogue       art form that requires a mature mind to
the Juggernaut, Storm against Callisto (a         woes of Rogue and Iceman seem trivial and        and perplexing, complex characters, this may          appreciate it. Tell you what: go watch some
super speed mutant), and of course, the Ice-      out of place, as if The OC crossed over with     not be the ideal movie. But, for those who are        Love Hina and tell me it doesn’t make you
man against Pyro. The final stand off between 24. Jean Grey and Wolverine’s love is slightly       looking for nearly two hours of sheer aesthetic       lose a hojillion brain cells. Aside from that,
Magneto’s mutants and the X-men along with more mature but just as shallow. Wolverine’s            entertainment at its best, X-Men: The Last Stand      it’s hardly even accurate to call it animation
the soldiers makes the viewing of the whole       physical lust for Dr. Grey suddenly becomes      is the perfect choice. The special effects are a      in most instances since a lot of it consists
movie worthwhile. It’s like playing an intense a genuine, heart-felt “I would die for you”         showcase of advanced technology and the ac-           of still frames replicated over and over
fighting video game where each second is          passion. The “true love will save you” story     tion sequences are enough to make the movie           again with the slightest of changes to create
heart pounding and tense. Although the            line has been done before and is getting a bit   worth all the money and time.                         motion. You want some real animation?
                                                                                                                                                         Watch some pre-anime invasion American

Get “Loose” with Nelly
by Shoaib Ali
                                                                                                                                                              Beresilicious thought #4: Just as the
                                                                                                                                                         Macarena should never have been trans-
                                                                                                                                                         lated into English, the Star-Spangled
     Nelly Furtado, the female underdog of the pop music           upcoming release. She says her 2 ½ year-old daughter was one                          Banner shouldn’t have to be translated into
industry, makes her voice heard with her instant hit, “Promis-     of the greatest inspirations for this CD. “This album wouldn’t                        Spanish. Keeping in mind that this is an
cuous.” Since its release in late April, it has topped the pop     have existed if I wasn’t a mother,”                                                   Arts and Entertainment column, and thus
charts consistently. The album's first single debuted at number    she said.                                                                             pushing aside the heap of politics driving
64 on the Billboard's Hot 100. She ended her five-year absence          In addition, two songs from the                                                  such a statement, is it so wrong to be a
from the charts with her highest-debuting single of her career.    track listing, No Hay Igual and Te                                                    music purist and not want to experience a
It is bound to be one of the greatest hits this summer as radio    Busque, feature Spanish rhythms and                                                   song in an incorrect form? It doesn’t seem
play continues to soar.                                            sounds. The casual studio recording                                                   right to mess with the lyrical poetry of any
     With a Portuguese ethnic background, Furtado was born         also added to the leisurely produc-                                                   song, and maybe more people should pay
and raised in British Colombia, Canada. Her musical talent         tion. This ultimately did not imple-                                                  that some mind.
was revealed as early as nine years of age when she grasped        ment any pressure on the album, as a                                                       Beresilicious thought #6: The role of
the opportunity to master the ukulele and the trombone. By         range from folklore and hip-hop bass                                                  sexuality in Hollywood is something of a
her early adolescent years, Furtado was composing her own          beats were able to be incorporated                                                    paradox. So much is invested into be-
work. After her high school graduation she moved to Toronto,       simultaneously. Yet, the album will                                                   ing as sexy as possible, and yet there’s an
where she began to pursue her musical dreams. Fortunately,         still follow Furtado’s conceptual di-                                                 inch thick layer of paranoia surrounding
she caught the interest of Dreamworks Records, and her 2000        rection for her latest music to be full                                               anything too explicit. Jessica Alba played
debut album, Whoa Nelly! was released.                             of youthful energy.                                                                   a stripper in Sin City, yet we saw about as
     This album is definitely worth buying. Furtado’s vocals            Intended to be released on June Album	Art	for	Loose                              much skin there as we do walking through
and rhythm will never let you down. Timbaland’s produc-            20th, 2006, Loose is bound to earn      Image courtesy of              the second floor atrium during a passing
tion on the album also enhances the pop artist’s image as one      Certified Gold, which means that                                                      period. I think the only way to describe it
who can collaborate with a variety of styles to effectively give   it will sell at least 500,000 copies of                                               is “Prudish slutism” and I don’t like it one
your ears something worthwhile to listen to. Other producers       the album. The new single, “Promiscuous,” is a fresh sound                            bit.
include Pharrell Williams and Scott Storch. There is no doubt      from the pop artist. . She will contribute to the industry like no                         So there you have it! See you in the
that Furtado’s background has had a definite influence on her      other current artist.                                                                 Editorials section next month!
Page 14           Features                                                                                                                                              The Hoof Beat

Chalik on the                                                   from students, faculty, parents and administrators, so that it       involved, dedicated and hardworking.

Sidewalk                                                        can maintain its superior quality of educational experience.
                                                                Let the golden years of Northside continue for many years to
                                                                                                                                          So as I veer off from my journey on the Northside track to
                                                                                                                                     a different and wider path, I want to wish farewell to all those
                                                                come, because who knows how many bright leaders, scientists, people that I have met here during my four years – friends,
                                                                artists, professionals it can cultivate. Northside, with its superb fellow students, teachers, parents and staff – I wish you all the
                                                                facilities, rigorous academic program, and exciting extracur-        best. Keep our school bright, cheery and successful for the fu-
A Farewell                                                      ricular activities has the potential to shine for many years to
                                                                                                                                     ture generations of Northsiders that are replacing the Class of
                                                                                                                                     2006 and every previous graduate. And to the incoming fresh-

and a                                                                As a recent graduate I can verify that four years at North-
                                                                side go by quickly. There will be no more extended advisory
                                                                for me on Wednesdays, or colloquium, which actually is
                                                                                                                                     men (as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors) I just want
                                                                                                                                     to say: make us proud, work hard, try your hand at sports
                                                                                                                                     and clubs, create masterpieces, respect one another, and serve
Greeting                                                        in great danger of disappearing from our wonderful block
                                                                schedule. No more Aimee’s Mochas from the Pig in the Side-
                                                                                                                                     Northside to your greatest capacity. If you do, the rewards
                                                                                                                                     are endless and our fine school will continue to prosper and
                                                                walk Café, no more NHS car washes, no more lectures from             develop brilliant minds and intelligent, capable human beings.
by Ilya Chalik
                                                                Mr. Chester Tylinski, no more of Mr. Greg DiFrancesco’s
                                                                inane jokes and tangents off the important subject of
                                                                chemistry. For me there are no more math competi-
     I sincerely love Northside. It                             tions and swimming meets, IMP portfolios or Critical
has been my home for four wonderful years of my life,           Reading Journals, Open Mics or band concerts, morn-
where I have gained much knowledge and made many                ing announcements, or music during passing periods.
friends. Here, in this magnificent place, I learned how to      These four years have not only been productive and
swim, speak Japanese, write eloquently, and do Calculus.        eventful, but exhilarating and memorable.
Sure, there were many late nights and early mornings spent           And of course I’m no longer coeditor-in-chief of
on homework, but in the end all my hard work paid off. To       the printed Hoof Beat, a position that has passed on to
Northside I owe a large part of my success – I was chal-        Aliy Markowski, Adv. 700, and Damon Beres, Adv.
lenged, inspired, counseled, and in the end, commended.         706; I wish both the print and web newspapers con-
And I’m one of a great many alumni who have made                tinued success and improvement. As the newspaper
Northside a place of academic excellence, which for some        nurtures writers and artists, I encourage Northsiders
years has been its number one attribute.                        with these qualities to join its ranks and show what
     Yet Northside would certainly not be the place it has      they are made of.
been without the majestic leadership of Dr. James Lalley,            I will miss my high school. But after four years
our principal, who will soon be culminating his reign at        at Northside, I still procrastinate my assignments. As
Northside. Thank you, Dr. Lalley, as through your hard          I write my last column, the layout for this issue of
work and dedication you have enriched our lives immense-        the Hoof Beat is being finalized. I guess some habits
ly. Nonetheless, change is in the air. For several years many   just stick, but thankfully I have not paid dearly for
notable members of our faculty and staff have departed                                                                        Ilya	Chalik	gleefully	ends	his	high	school	life.
                                                                it. I cannot believe that I have come so far, and that
from Northside. And so has a lot of major funding from                                                                        Photo by Kana Yoo
                                                                my determination and perfectionism has led me to
CPS and other sources, which we must constantly protest         a place like Harvard. So for anyone who thinks that
and battle. This is why Northside needs urgent support          they cannot get into a top college, all you have to do is be

A presentation of the arts
Northside’s 5th Annual Film Festival
by Kana Yoo
           After a year of planning, direct-
ing, and editing, students of the “From
Script to Screen” Filmmaking Colloquium
presented their work at Northside’s 5th An-
nual Film Festival on Tuesday, June 6 at 7
     “I thought [the films] were good and
I liked that there were a lot of them,” said
Daniel Kittaka, Adv. 603, a Northside
alum. “I went sophomore year and I defi-
nitely think that the quality has improved
since the last time I came.”
     The festival, which lasted approximate-
ly three hours, showed a wide variety of
films that ranged from horror to comedy,
from animation to live-action. All films
were entirely student produced.
     “It was a lot of time management,”
said Calvin Lam, Adv. 906, executive
producer of a zombie horror movie called
The 11th Hour. “It was challenging. It took a
lot of time and effort and money.”
     The 11th Hour, a 19-minute film, was
co-created by John Mejia, Adv. 900, and
starred several Northside students as the
teen heroes and zombies. Special effects
included blasted brains, slit throats, and
torn abdomens.
     “The films are exponentially better
than those in previous years. I’m very
happy with the turnout,” said Mr. Chris
Santiago of the Fine Arts Department,
who co-teaches the colloquium.
     In this year’s colloquium, unlike
before, the curriculum allowed students
to work on several smaller projects
rather than to focus on one large project.
Students in the colloquium then voted on
which films would be screened.
     Another change to the colloquium was
that Mr. Barry McRaith of the English
Department and Mr. Santiago alternated
their teaching times of class so that they
rotated by class rather than by semester.
This allowed the teachers to feed and build
off each other more directly. An additional Mr. Santiago holds the microphone out for students to introduce themselves and their films during the Q&A session that took
improvement to this year’s colloquium was place	after	the	festival.
that it received $1500 in grant money from      Photo by Kana Yoo
“The Oppenheimer Family Foundation,”
making it possible to get more equipment.
     Mr. Santiago has even more changes                         tual. He also plans to open up the festival to accept submis-    him when it comes to narrative and when it comes to teaching
planned for next year.                                          sions from the entire school; the films will then undergo a jury and getting kids to think about their stories and reasoning and
     “One of the problems that we’ve faced is that we have      process.                                                         all those great literary things that he does. A great loss.”
these great films but the crowds are so small. We’re going          The biggest change under which the colloquium will go is
to try to work on promoting them,” said Mr. Santiago.           the departure of Mr. McRaith from Northside.
     Mr. Santiago’s plans also include having significantly         “Losing Mr. McRaith is quite a great loss,” said Mr. Santi-
more videos that are more performance based and concep-         ago. “I’m going to try to apply all the things I’ve learned from
September 2006                                                                                                                                           Sports               Page 15

For the love of tennis
Women’s tennis season begins
by April Nwatah                                   started when school started. In                                                                               meet new people. I think we’re
     Although the year has just begun, the        order to improve this problem,                                                                                going to have a great season and I
Northside Tennis Team has been already            the coaches are starting practice                                                                             can’t wait!”
working their way towards success. Divided        two weeks before school begins.                                                                                    “I am really excited to do
into a Junior Varsity and a Varsity team, team    In addition, both of the coaches                                                                              tennis,” said newcomer Gabri-
captains Amanda Kaiser, Adv. 706, and Rana        from the previous year were un-                                                                               elle Gulledge, Adv. 809. “I’ve
Marks, Adv. 810, have been preparing their        available to coach, so the captains                                                                           already started taking lessons and
team since last year. Last year, the captains     had to find a new coach.                                                                                      this summer, I am going to take
hosted an informational meeting for all those          “Last year was a bit disap-                                                                              lessons with my friends at the
interested in joining tennis. At the meeting,     pointing,” said Marks. “This                                                                                  Bally’s Total Fitness by my house.
the prospective members were informed on          year will be much more fun and                                                                                I’m looking forward to the team
what they would be required to do.                organized. [The captains] plan                                                                                atmosphere and being able to
     They learned that practices would be         to take it into our own hands.                                                                                participate in a sport I really love
held Monday through Friday for a five week        It’s hard to have team spirit with                                                                            playing. I expect it to be fun but
season starting August 15th, two weeks before     tennis, because it is basically an                                                                            competitive at the same time.”
school started (tryouts were held the first       individual sport. People should                                                                                    “I’m definitely excited
week of practice). Members were told to be        come out and watch us, because                                                                                because it seems like a fun time,”
at practice everyday. The potential tennis        they never do.”                                                                                               said Vicki Levin, Adv. 801. “I’m
members were also recommended to partake               The new players had an                                                                                   going to prepare by practicing
in tennis programs throughout the summer          overall enthusiastic reaction to-                                                                             with friends and possibly signing
to improve or maintain their game. The team       wards the upcoming season. The                                                                                up for a couple private sessions.”
gained many future members, all of which          informational meeting caused                                                                                       “Tennis is a really great sport
were enthusiastic about joining tennis.           excitement amongst the future                                                                                 that can travel with you from
     “I’m so excited for the season to start,”    players. Many of the players were                                                                             high school competitively to old
said Annie Tran, Adv. 810. “I hope to de-         excited to start playing and were                                                                             age leisurely,” said newcomer
velop a strong love for the sport and a great     determined to improve their ten-                                                                              Rhianna Jones, Adv. 810. I would
bonding with the team.”                           nis skills.                                                                                                   have done tennis from freshman
     Last year, both teams proved to be                 “I’ve never played tennis                                                                               year on, but cheerleading started
extremely successful. Both the junior varsity     before, but I just started playing                                                                            early and my schedule did not
and the varsity team made it to the final 4       with some friends and I really                                                                                work out right. I am really excited
teams in the city. Varsity won 4th place in the   like it,” said Raisa Santiago, Adv.                                                                           because it is a fun sport. I am
city. In addition, Northside’s doubles team       800. “I want to get better and                                                                                friends with most of the people
won 1st place in the city. Also, Rana Marks       improve…. I know it’ll be fun to                                                                              already on the team, so it should
came in 2nd place for singles in the city.        play everyday.”                                                                                               be a lot of fun. Also, the short-
     The team coaches have a lot in store for           “I expect that next season                                                                              ness of the season itself will make
this year. They have many plans to improve        will be great,” said Wing Chan,                                                                               it go really fast. I can’t wait for the
what they believe to have gone wrong the pre-     Adv. 807. “It seems to be more                   it. Since we play during the summer, I also                  season to unveil!”
vious year. One main problem was practice         organized than last year, so I look forward to   can’t wait to see everyone from last year and

Finishing off the season hard
Women’s Softball season wrap-up
by Sejla Dizdarevic                                               much this season ended up filling the positions of those who      created, the skills learned, and the friendships we will carry
    The Northside’s Women’s Softball Team concluded a             were injured and managed to do an outstanding job.                with us for the rest of our high school experience.”
successful three month season this May, suffering only a few          Last year’s junior varsity team placed third in the city.         “Whenever you see a good team, you see very skilled,
losses along the way. The Varsity Women’s Softball Team           This year, the junior varsity girls hoped to follow in their      talented players, with rich schools and being all serious, but
made it to the state playoffs this year where they competed       footsteps. The team made the playoffs and succeeded in            for us, we got improvement, team chemistry, and had fun,”
against New Trier Township High School. The girls lost the        winning the first round, yet in the second round they were        said Rosalind Dumlao, Adv. 802.
game 10 to 0, a loss which eliminated the team from the           eliminated after a 12-1 loss to Taft High School. After elimi-        “When we first started out this year, I was quick to doubt
playoffs.                                                         nation, Northside’s team members still felt they got a lot out    the team and the talent we had. As the year progressed
    “We all wanted to give our seniors a good season and,         of the season.                                                    though, they proved me wrong and we ended up being a
of course, win city and beat Lane Tech College Prep High              “Although we didn’t get first in city this year, we all got   really strong team,” said Amanda Perez, Adv. 801. “Yes, we
School. With a little more guidance, I think our team would       something just a little better than city championships: we all    had flaws and made many mental errors, but no matter what,
have done even better, but we still had a really fun season,”     got to make new friends with our teammates,” said Chyei           we always kept our heads in the game.”
said Christiana Prucnal, Adv. 805.                                Vinluan, Adv. 908. “Next year, I hope we go all the way               Team manager Liliana Leon, Adv. 804, saw the Mus-
    “Even though it took a while, at the end of the year our      taking the city championships and creating an even stronger       tangs’ improvement first-hand.
team really pulled together and showed great improvement,         bond with new and old players.”                                       “Seeing these girls improve was the greatest thing ever,”
even though our record didn’t show that,” said Rhianna Rey,           “Playing on the JV team this year was a privilege for me      said Liliana Leon. “Some of these girls were strangers to
Adv. 809.                                                         because I had the opportunity to become friends with 18           each other, and they ended up becoming not just teammates,
    “It was difficult to win without any coaching, but we real-   great ladies and 2 amazing coaches,” said Margot DiMuzio,         but friends as well. Their season was great, and I’m going to
ly ended the season strongly,” said Lena Guerriero, Adv. 810.     Adv. 807. “This team was all about commitment and disci-          miss losing my voice after every game.”
    Throughout the season, Northside’s players suffered           pline and whether on the field or on the bench, we continu-
many injuries. Those who thought they would not play as           ally supported each other and stayed focused. The bonds
Page 16          Sports                                                                                                                                           The Hoof Beat

Khan-Ya A disappointing ending
Hear Me? Men’s Varsity Tennis fall short against private schools
The ending                                by Salim Patel
                                              The season for the Men’s
                                                                                                                                                            including both public and private
                                                                                                                                                            school players. The Northside’s
to a magical                              Varsity Tennis Team has
                                          come to an end and the
                                                                                                                                                            doubles team was no more suc-
                                                                                                                                                            cessful, losing 6-1, 6-2 against the

ride                                      Mustangs didn’t finish off as
                                          strong as they had hoped. In
                                          division play the Mustangs
                                                                                                                                                            Lincoln Park Lions.
                                                                                                                                                                “I honestly thought that my
                                                                                                                                                            partner and I would get pretty far
 by Asrar Khan                            lost only two matches and                                                                                         in the tournament,” said doubles
      Gradua-                             finished with an impressive                                                                                       member John White, Adv. 705.
 tion has come                            8-2 record. After winning                                                                                         “The guys that we played were sick
 and gone, yet I                          their conference they moved                                                                                       and even though we were playing
 am being told                            on to the city championship.                                                                                      some of our best tennis, we ended
 to write a final                         Placing third in the city cham-                                                                                   up losing badly.”
 “farewell” column by my former           pionships was the highlight                                                                                           From the four first round
 journalism classmates. Yet I ask         of their success this season.                                                                                     matches that the Mustangs took
 myself, why say farewell to fresh-       However, at the Sectional                                                                                         part in, only one advanced to the
 men who will never know I even           Tournament the Mustangs                                                                                           second round. Marshall Kaufman
 existed? This is why I am devis-         didn’t perform up to their                                                                                        Adv. 600, was the only Mustang
 ing a rule for this column. If you       expectations.                                                                                                     to advance to the next round and
 are freshman, you cannot read                On Friday, May 19, the                                                                                        met the Latin #1 singles player
 this column. Put it down, turn it        tennis team was dismissed                                                                                         in the second.Marshall faced the
 over, and go do freshman things.         from their classes so that they                                                                                   #1 singles player from Mather
 Go talk to random people you             could make their way to the                                                                                       High School, who Marshall had
 don’t know just to make it seem          Lakeshore Tennis Courts.                                                                                          previously faced in division play.
 like you have friends. Go get lost       There, the Mustangs com-                                                                                          However, Marshall suffered a disap-
 within the atriums. Show up to the       peted against teams from both                                                                                     pointing defeat.
 wrong class. I don’t care what you       the public and the private                                                                                            The Mustangs did not per-
 do—just do not read this column.         division. The fact that the pri-                                                                                  form as well as they expected, and
 This farewell is not for your young,     vate schools and schools from                                                                                     one can say that it might have to
 fourteen year old eyes. So please        the red division took part in                                                                                     do with the fact that they are a
 look away.                               the tournament played an in-                                                                                      Chicago Public School. The private
      Now that those little rascals are   teresting role in the success of                                                                                  schools had the upper hand mainly
 gone, let’s proceed to the farewell.     the Mustangs. Private schools                                                                                     because they had more skill. The
 As you’re reading this, hopefully        including The Latin School of                                                                                     Chicago Public Schools are at a
 on the first day of school (unless       Chicago participated and had                                                                                      disadvantage because the private
 our handpicked editors stink and         an apparent advantage over                                                                                        schools have more funding to uti-
 up and delay the paper), you must        the public schools that took                                                                                      lize in improving the skills of their
 be feeling some sort of anxiety. If      part in the tournament.                                                                                           players. Also, the private schools
 you’re a sophomore, you might be             “The guy that I played                                                                                        take part in twice as many matches
 concerned about some teachers            was a beast,” said first place                                                                                    in their seasons and thus have more
 you have. If you’re a junior, you        public division city champion,                                                                                    match play experience. The CPS
 might be concerned that this year        Tony Casado Adv. 800. “I                                                                                          tennis teams will need access to the
 is your make it or break it year.        ended up loosing 6-0, 6-0 and                                                                                     same resources to compete with
 If you’re a senior, you may be           I think that this was the hard-                                                                                   the private schools in the future.
 anxious over those tough college         est match I have ever had.”                                                                                       Though the season is over, hope-
 decisions. During my four years              Tony played the first        Anthony	Casado,	Adv.	800,	sets	up	for	a	forehand	winner.	Anthony	placed	         fully the team will strive to get their
 at Northside, I experienced all          seeded player from The Latin first in the city individual championship. 	                                         hands on some of these resources
 these things. Things don’t always        School, a private school. The Photo	by	Salim	Patel                                                                which will serve as means for the
 go as planned, and things may not        coach had believed that Tony                                                                                      Mustang tennis players to excel on
 always happen in the ideal way.          would perform better, but ulti-        the Public City Individual Cham-   was a disappointing surprise that he    the tennis courts.
 But I lived through it, and I’m          mately Tony was playing a superior     pionship mainly because only the   did not win the Citywide Individual
 absolutely certain 98% will live         player. He had performed so well in public schools had participated. It   Championship with competition
 through it too. Enjoy your time
 here at this wonderful school, a
 school I hope stays wonderful for
 the years to come. Cherish every
 moment, because high school does
                                          Serve, Set, and Spike!
 not repeat itself.
      You might ask yourself, why is      Northside’s Volleyball Team
 this guy not talking about sports?
 Isn’t this the sports column? Well       by Martyna Michalak
 my friends, I must tell you, though           Northside’s women’s volleyball season         school that came in first in city champion-      day during the season practicing. Thus, hard
 sports is something we should all        begins when the summer sun still shines. The       ships last year, bumping the Northside Varsity   work, their strong positive minds, and team
 cherish and enjoy, we must realize       girls dedicate their time to practice starting     team down to second place.                       spirit pay off and lead them to win many
 that sports is simply an illusion.       August 14. Matches begin after the first cou-           “We play tough suburban schools but they    games.
 An illusion of false reality. When       ple of days of tryouts. The first game of the      are not in our conference,”
 we play or watch sports, we are          season usually occurs at the end of August. In     said Courtney Konow, Adv.
 caught up in something that will be      a regular season the girls have 15 matches and     801, a varsity volleyball play-
 insiginificant in the long run (un-      3 tournaments.                                     er. “Within the city, I would
 less you’re freaking Saif Rahman,             Last season, Northside had three teams,       say the toughest competitor
 the best baller Northside’s ever         junior varsity, varsity, and freshmen. The var-    is Whitney Young.”
 seen not named Eschmann, Burke,          sity team was coached by Ms. Nicole Flores,             Throughout the season
 Kinsler, Rivers, and the entire JV       a Northside math teacher. The junior varsity       the players grow close to
 team). Sports is something we            team was coached by Ms. Nicole Hebson,             each other. The teams have
 should all enjoy, all have a stake in,   and the freshmen team was coached by Ms.           a lot of team spirit and sup-
 but in the end, we should realize        Wendy Lombie. Both women are teachers              port for each other.
 that sports helps sway a person          that come to coach from outside schools. In             “During the season,
 from reality, if only briefly.           total with all the teams combined, there were      we basically eat, sleep, and
      However, sports in general          44-45 girls playing. The volleyball teams this     breathe together because we
 are significant to us. We should         season can accept up to 16 girls from the          are always together,” said
 all cherish the teams here at            freshmen class.                                    O’ Connell. “We also have
 Northside, because they allow us              Last year’s season was very successful        bonding trips.”
 to—even if only temporarily—             with the JV and freshmen teams making it all             This closeness is best
 sway away from reality into a state      the way to the semi-finals of the city playoffs.   explained when every year
 of excitement and fantasy. So my         The varsity team won regionals and came            the girls show their apprecia-
 advice: go to the games. Support         second in city.                                    tion for their senior players
 your teams. Yes, even you, fresh-              “Last season was very successful and we      by having “Senior Day.”
 men. That’s right. I know all.           plan to continue last year’s programs,” said       Different sports have differ-
                                          Ms. Flores.                                        ent ways of honoring their
                                               The teams are going to be reinforced and      players; the volleyball team
                                          much stronger this year with 8 seniors return-     makes t-shirts and does other
                                          ing to play. Other players are hopeful that this   things as well.
                                          season will be the better than last year.                “Every year we make t-
                                               “We had a really strong season last year,”    shirts to honor our seniors,”
                                          said Maggie O’Connell, Adv. 807, a varsity         said Konow. “Last year, we
                                          volleyball player. “The juniors provided a         put cool quotes on the back
                                          strong core for the team, and so we really         of the t-shirts for each of the
                                          hope with them returning as seniors this           players and got them quirky
                                          season, we will do even better.”                   little gifts that match their
                                               The volleyball players compete against        personality.”
                                          many tough schools both within the city and              The Northside students’
                                          outside the city but their toughest competitor     dedication to volleyball is
                                          is Whitney Young High School. It is not sur-       best described by the amount
                                          prising though; Whitney Young was the high         of hours they spend every-

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