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					                                      On going projects in MPT

       Progress of work of various Plan Schemes during the month of July, 2011 is indicated below:

                                      Sanctioned        Date of
                                      Cost        Commence Scheduled
Sr.                                                                      % of
             Name of Scheme           Original/   ment     Completion/                               Remarks
No.                                                                    Progress
                                      Revised(Rs           Revised
                                      . in lakhs)          Completion
 1                   2                     3            4           5           6                       7
     1 a) Construction of four lane      8000.00       Jun-98      May-04      68%     Completed stretch from 0 to
       road from Mormugao to                                                           13.10 km from Verna to
       Verna junction of NH -17B                                                       Varunapuri junction and was
                                                                                       thrown open to traffic in May,
       b) Balance 5.2 km of NH 17B      12000.00       Oct-09       Oct-11     9%      M/s. K.M.C Constructions Ltd.,
       from Varunapuri Junction to                                                     Hyderabad has been awarded
       Sada flyover from Gate No. 9                                                    the work of construction of
       to NH-17B.                                                                      remaining 5.20 km. road from
                                                                                       Varunapuri junction to Sada
                                                                                       including Fly-over connectivity to
                                                                                       Gate No. 9 of the Port from NH-
                                                                                       17B. The progress of work is
                                                                                       very slow. Govt. of Goa filed
                                                                                       Special Leave petition in Hon'ble
                                                                                       Supreme Court challenging
                                                                                       Hon'bleHigh Court order to
                                                                                       hand over balance strench of
                                                                                       land by 30.06.2011. Goa
                                                                                       Rehabilitation Board, Govt . of
                                                                                       Goa has initiated the allotment
                                                                                       of housing units at Joshi Bhatt
                                                                                       and at Sada. The coastal Zone
                                                                                       Management Authority Govt. of
                                                                                       Goa has withdrawn the CRZ
                                                                                       approval      granted     vide

     2 Construction of a 7.2 MMTPA         72100                                       1))Only one party submitted
       Iron Ore Export Handling                                                        RFP document and Security
       Terminal at West of                                                             clearance of the party have
       Breakwater(WOB)                                                                 been received from the Ministry.

                                                                                       2)Goa Pollution control Board
                                                                                       (GSPCB) has returned the
                                                                                       documents along with the
                                                                                       amount and directed to conduct
                                                                                       comprehensive EIA study which
                                                                                       is in progress at WAPCOS,
                                                                                       Gurgaon. 3)Application for CRZ
                                                                                       Clearance     resubmitted to
                                                                                       GCZMA. (4) CCI approval is
                                                                                       awaited (5) Comprehenssive
                                                                                       hydrodynamic study report
                                                                                       submitted to GCZMA.
                                        Sanctioned        Date of
                                        Cost        Commence Scheduled
Sr.                                                                        % of
             Name of Scheme             Original/   ment     Completion/                         Remarks
No.                                                                      Progress
                                        Revised(Rs           Revised
                                        . in lakhs)          Completion
 1                   2                      3          4          5         6                        7
     3 Construction of two Additional     12000.00                                  M/s. Tran System USA, in
       Berths at Vasco Bay.                                                         consortium with M/s. MIR
                                                                                    Projects consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
                                                                                    Cochin,      appointment     as
                                                                                    consultant for preparation of
                                                                                    feasibility report. Preliminary
                                                                                    report received and is being
                                                                                    scrutinized and the consultant
                                                                                    has been informed to submit the
                                                                                    Draft final report. The project will
                                                                                    start only on relocation of the
                                                                                    fishing Jetty and rehabilitation
                                                                                    of encroachers from the project
                                                                                    site at Khariwada.

     4 Remodelling and upgradation          608.00   Oct-06      Dec-08    16%      The sanctioned amount or Rs.
       of existing railway yards at                                                 6.08     crores     includes
       harbour including other allied                                               Construction of Roads &
       works.                                                                       Realignment of Compound Wall
                                                                                    has been completed.
                                           5000.00                                  The following works are now
                                                                                    proposed to be taken under the
                                                                                    i) Augmentation of Railway
                                                                                    Network at Mormugao Port -
                                                                                    Work order is being issued to
                                                                                    lowest tenderer M/s. Vyshnavi
                                                                                    Infrastructure and Concrete
                                                                                    Products with completion time
                                                                                    as fourteen (14) months.
                                                                                    ii) Construction of internal roads,
                                                                                    drains and cable trench Draft
                                                                                    tender is being prepared.
                                                                                    iii) Relocation of existing MOHP
                                                                                    structures - Estimate approved
                                                                                    work to be kept in abeyance
 5     Construction    of   berth          4652      Feb-10    Mar-12      65%      The progress has been
       alongside of breakwater                                                      hampered due to bad weather.
                                                                                    65% work complete.
 6     Construction of RCC Piled           1002      Jul-10    Dec-11      56%      56% work complete.
       Retaining Structure Alongwith
       Reclamation of the Area to be
       taken over from SWPL at
       East of Berth No. 4.
                                      Sanctioned        Date of
                                      Cost        Commence Scheduled
Sr.                                                                      % of
            Name of Scheme            Original/   ment     Completion/                       Remarks
No.                                                                    Progress
                                      Revised(Rs           Revised
                                      . in lakhs)          Completion
 1                  2                     3          4          5         6                      7
 7    Development of 4 MMTPA            35530         -         -          -      1) Approval obtained from the
      Coal Import Terminal at Berth                                               Board vide Resolution No .7 of
      No. 11.                                                                     18.06.2010 to executed as PPP
                                                                                  2) Board has approved all 13
                                                                                  RFQ applications based on the
                                                                                  scrutiny report submitted by the
                                                                                  Transaction Advisor.
                                                                                  3) Upfront tariff notified by
                                                                                  4) Financial Viability Report
                                                                                  received from Transaction
                                                                                  5)PPPAC Memo sent to Ministry
                                                                                  of Shipping.

11 Modernisation of MOHP                60700      Jun-08     Apr-14     2%       M/s. HOWE India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
                                                                                  have submitted the DPR for the
                                                                                  modernisation of MOHP and the
                                                                                  same has been accepted by the
                                                                                  Port on 22.12.2009. PIB memo
                                                                                  submitted to the Ministry on
                                                                                  18.10.2010. The project has
                                                                                  been recommended by the PIB
                                                                                  for the approval of the CCI. The
                                                                                  project will be executed by
                                                                                  International Competitive

12 Replacement of 3 no. stackers         2780      Apr-07    Mar-10      20%      Supply of 95% material for the
                                                             Oct-12               1st stacker has been completed.
                                                                                  Manufacturing of materials for
                                                                                  balance 2 no. stackers is in
                                                                                  progress. Work order for
                                                                                  modification of the stacker has
                                                                                  been placed on M/s. Sandvik
                                                                                  no.CME/XEM(PW)/STK/3703 dt.
                                                                                  29/09/2010. Modificastion work
                                                                                  on all the 3 stackers is
                                                                                  scheduled for completion by

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