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                       CALL FOR PROPOSALS
American University – Central Asia, Central Asian Resource
Centre & Civic Education Project Central Asia and Mongolia
        invite proposals from scholars from Western and Eastern Europe for

    An international sociology conference to be held at the American
    University – Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 15-17 June 2003

    The Central Asian Sociology
Curriculum Development Programme
  The American University – Central Asia, Central Asian Resource Centre and Civic Education Project
Central Asia & Mongolia invite applications and proposals from sociology and related social fields on
topics detailed below. The curriculum development programme will bring together sociology lecturers from
across Central Asia to receive training from established Western scholars in curriculum design and key
topics in sociology. These topics have been selected as high priority reflecting the discrepancies in their
teaching across the region and their poor quality in comparison to Europe and Russia.
  Curriculum development facilitators will be invited to deliver a four-hour intensive session (with
translation) to a group of Central Asian participants in one of the following areas:
       Advanced Social Theory
       Research Methodologies and Methods
       Economic Sociology
       Urban Sociology
       Gender Studies
       Sociology of Religion
  The facilitators are encouraged to tailor their teaching resources to the specificity of the region, moving
away from the ethnocentric approach commonly found in textbooks and other teaching resources.
  The curriculum development programme will be followed by a three day international sociology
conference “Transformations and Interventions: Critical Perspectives on Economy and Culture in
Post-Socialist Societies” (18-21 June 2003). Curriculum development facilitators are invited to stay longer
and deliver plenary presentations if they wish to do so. This conference will be a major event bringing
together participants from many different countries, and leading to a publication of the best papers (a
conference poster is attached).
  Interested candidates are invited to submit their curriculum vitae and a short proposal of the
intensive course in one of the areas stated above. If you would also like to present a plenary
session at the conference, please indicate so in your proposal, stating the title of the paper. Please
send all materials to Tatiana Yarkova at <> and Balihar Sanghera at
<> no later than 20 February 2003.
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