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					                                           PAW PAW LATER ELEMENTARY

                                      PTO Meeting Minutes – October 18, 2011

PRESENT:   Julie Courter (Secretary), Nikki Vanderburg (President), Kristen Welling (Vice-President), Jessica Wressel
           (Treasurer), Jennifer Lang, Sara Bjorkman, Mary Puckett (Principal), Kathy McCloskey, Kelly Linder, Lisa Johnson,
           Sherry Bennett, Kathleen Lanphear, Sharyl Golisek, Becky Danna, and Ron Perkins

      1.   Approved meeting minutes from September21, 2011 1st Jessica and 2nd Jennifer, all approved.
      2.   Treasurer’s report –
            Balance of as of May $12,917.78
            Updated expenses from the summer and end of last year
            Ending balance of $10,789.95 / Starting balance for 2011 school year
            New balance of $35,202.49 (must pay fundraiser invoice out of this balance)
            Approved by all
      3.   Spirit Wear – Jessica Wressel
            Sporting Image – is interested in working with us on this project.
            October 28th - we will have orders to send out
            Late orders accepted during conferences
            Orders will be back around the 15th of December (handed out prior to Christmas break)
            No charge for printing the copies, LE did it through school
            We sold as many screen printed pieces as we did embroidered pieces
            Sporting Image recommended changing the logo – we want to keep it pretty similar between two options
            1 screen free, $25.00 charge per color after that per logo
            $15.00 ink change charge
            36 unit pricing was used, so will need a minimum of 36 pieces of each item
            Sporting Image does not encourage going ‘paperless’ as we will lose approx. 60% of sales
      4.   Principal’s report –
            Meap almost complete – make up’s will be next week
            ECCU - $500 donated to Paw Paw Middle School
            $50.00 received from a grape stomping team of girls
            Money will be used for an assembly – planetarium
            Jammin’ with Joes – virtues assembly lunch
            November 4th – Voices (high school choir) will be performing
            November 3rd & 4th will be anti-bullying days, 3rd grade new info, refreshers for 4th and 5th graders
            October 26th – 2 hour delayed start
            November 30th – 2 hour delayed start
            Craft Day – will be in December
            Halloween Parade – LE first at 1:30, will loop towards the EE first and sit in the outer loop
      5.   Fundraiser –
            Total sales were terrific, we earned approx. $13,000 -$14,000
            $2130 total donations
            114 kids going to the ultimate party – November 29th, from 12-3
            Katie will pop the popcorn for the event
            Katie will work on a donation for the juice/water – on Nov. 15th will follow up on outcome
            20 kids earned the lunch and limo ride – Erbelli’s $5.00 per kid, lunch/drink/ice cream
            November 8th – volunteers needed to help with distribution
      6.   Volunteer list – Nicki is still receiving the yellow sheets back and will get a list together shortly
7.    Halloween bags
       Still need candy donations
       Fill the bags October 25th, starting at 8:30, volunteers are needed
       Nicki will get the bags
8.    Box Top Contest
       Large Manilla Envelope for each teacher – kids can put the baggies in there
       Someone to count the labels to determine the top classrooms (Nikki)
       1st contest – November 14 – December 2
       2nd contest – March 5 – 23
       Prizes – top 3 classrooms
       Jessica motioned $30.00 for each of the top three classrooms, Lisa 2nd and all approved
       Teacher will choose items to purchase, board games/sporting equipment to keep in classroom
       Winning classes will receive free slushies, Jennifer made motion, Kristen 2 nd, all approved
9.    Meap Reward –
       Movie - $400.00 for annual license.
       Early Elementary PTO voted to share the cost with us, as license is good for 1000 students.
       Mary will fill out requisition to share cost between two PTO’s.
       We will show a movie for the reward and have popcorn
       November 18th – Nikki will pop the popcorn
       Movie – Zookeeper, African Cats, Smurfs, Cars 2, Kristen will check to see what is covered by license
10.    MSU Science Theatre Demo –
       Issue is finding a date for them to come here, college students so want to come on a Friday
       It may be into 2012 before organized
       No charge for this event from MSU
11.   School Store –
       School Store - $541.50 in Sales ($30.00 still in box for change)
       Nothing left for inventory to sell
       Leadership kids to help, but won’t be available until December
       Kristen will stop in Big Lots and check for add’l inventory items
       November 3rd and 4th next store dates
12.   New Business –
       Parent teacher conferences, November 21 & 22
       Julie motioned, Kristen 2nd and all approved, not to exceed $500.00 for conference dinners
13.   Newsletter – Lisa wants to get started on this layout
       Need to submit information by November 15th meeting so she can organize newsletter
       Email items for newsletter to (lisa)
       Kristen will get Lisa a copy of the previous newsletter

Adjourned 7:50 p.m.

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Julie Courter

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