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Objectives - Amazon S3


									                         Individual Halloween Web-Quest Project

                        Escuela Americana Extension TCC 8.30 AM

                                           October 2011

                                   Teacher: Danielle Mackey

   -   To use the internet as an effective tool to research Halloween
   -   To understand the origins of the holiday we are about to celebrate, and how it has evolved
       throughout the years
   -   To understand how different areas of the world celebrate the holiday differently
   -   To understand All Souls’ Day vs. Halloween

      Make a Powerpoint in which you explain each aspect of Halloween that you researched. Each
       aspect should take up at least one slide. For example: Slide 1: Cover page. Slide 2: The history of
       Halloween. Slide 2: The origins of the holiday. Etc.
      Include one image on each slide.
      The information you put on the slide MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Even one sentence that is
       copied/pasted will result in a grade of 0 for your entire project. Copy/paste is plagiarism, which
       is illegal, and it doesn’t help you learn.
             o You should avoid plagiarism by summarizing all of the webpages that you read—take
                 notes and then summarize it in your own words. Remember, in class we learned that a
                 good summary as three parts: a) is in your own words, b) is short, and c) captures all of
                 the main ideas, and only the main ideas!
      You should have 8 slides in total (One slide for each topic, and and a cover page and a closing

Topics and Websites to use:
   1. The history of Halloween
   2. The origins of the holiday
   3. The origins of the Jack-o-lantern
   4. Halloween Songs
   5. Halloween ghost stories
   6. Halloween in Spain

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