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									                The 5 Degrees of E’s!

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The 5 Degrees of E’s!

   • Empowerment
   • Encouragement
   • Enthusiasm
   • Embracing
   • Energy
     The 5 Degrees of E’s!

•Explore the attitudes and approaches we
can adopt that will give our team their best
opportunity to shine

•To enjoy the rewards of their spirit of
1st Degree of E:

• If a huge heart could render all that must
  be accomplished we could assemble our
  team—and go shopping!
• Remember, huge hearts need guidance
• The planning of events are far too important
  to leave to chance – the organization of our life
  shouldn’t be left to happen stance!
We need a plan:
• What has been done
• And what still needs to be done
• And wondering who that lady was I asked to
  check on the name tags and flowers ~ and by
  the way – Where is she? What about the person
  that is your ‘everything’ in your office?

• A volunteer effort or an assigned task is only as
  good as we are clear
• Critically important is delegation
• People giving their time can’t be asked to
  mystically know what we need or want
• Or even try to understand us

• Clearly defined assignments lead to instant
• Tentative steps versus a confident “go forth”
  stride are in direct proportion to the existence
  of clear instructions

• To delegate means to entrust to another,
  to assign responsibility or authority

• Feel a sense of personal responsibility and
  pride when presented with a task

• Delegation is truly empowering another to
  act on our behalf
• Empowering another to truly care about
  the results

• Clearly defined delegations of duty
  we empower:
  – Self worth
  – Confidence
  – And self-reliance
• The big picture is firmly planted
• How do we all fit in
• We must do our homework
• Our “master plan” is critical to the success
  of the team
• It is like a blueprint showing details such as where
  the light switches will be and where the
  important items are in the office

Volunteers or team members must:
• Envision the results
• Have a clear sense and understanding of
  how their role fits in
• See the importance of all roles
• And not expected to assume anything!

• Envision then empower!
 2nd Degree of E:

• Hand in hand with empowerment is

• Affirm each volunteer or employee’s results,
  efforts and attitude

• Every person gets to shine
• Every person gets to feel important
• Affirmation gives purpose

• As written by George Herbert:
      True praise roots and spreads

• Praise is that added lift in one’s spirit that is
  sustaining and contagious

• Affirmation grows:
   – Self-assurance
   – Happiness
   – And gratitude

Encouragement can be:
• A voice of calm and reason in franticness
• An appreciated volunteer who works hard
• An employee that knows how much you care
  more than how much you know!
• Well-meaning, truthful praise is the best
• We can’t say it enough:
   – You’re doing great.
   – Thank you so much!!
• There is nothing like hearing how grateful
  an organization is

• Encouragement comes in the form
  of thoughtful suggestions
• In art form of writing
• And suggestions that leads to“Oh, I never
  thought of that, now I can do better”

• Praise and affirmation are always warranted
   – Thank you for showing up
   – Thank you for caring
   – Thank you for giving your day
   – Thank you for your service
   – Than you for loving me
3rd Degree of E:
• Emerson said it, “Nothing great was ever
  achieved without enthusiasm”
• We can achieve nothing great without
• Especially if we’ve grown up with an
  unflappable work ethic

Enthusiasm means:
• To be inspired
• To maintain one’s grateful cheerfulness, in spite
  of anything that might make us grumble
Enthusiasm is:
• Whistling while you work
• Enjoying the most humdrum of tasks
• Thinking about chores as a privilege or a means
  to our primary purpose
A primary purpose that might be:
• Serving a greater purpose
• Leading an ethical life
• A decision each morning to do one’s best
Enthusiasm is:
• Going above and beyond the call of duty
• Achieving greater and greater greatness
• Seeing what needs to be done
• Enthusiasm is stick-to-it-ive-ness
• No matter the humdrum, tedious, or time-
  consuming the task is
• Enthusiasm is self-perpetuating
• Enthusiasm is rewarded with even more
• We get back more than we can give
• Enthusiasm always offers us our best chance of
  being an example to others
• Enthusiasm is its own reward – and it is
• I encourage you to let it take root
• And then, spread it as far and wide as you can!
4th Degree of E:
Consider the process of thinking that allows us to
   assign tasks
• Do we pull numbers out of a hat?
• Do we pass out multiple choice and let the
   volunteer choose?
It doesn’t really matter
• Certainly embrace each person’s strengths –
  they come to you to help
• If that’s all we need to know, then the
  assignment is easy
Embracing our gifts, our talents, our inclinations and
  those of our employees and volunteers and
  putting those gifts to work for us is an important
We can wake up every trait, talent, and attribute
  we all possess and put them to work.
Do what you love – when this happens it is easy to
  step up an extra degree
• Fully embrace who we are
  (and who we are not)

• Accepting the whole of a person;
  not just the pieces
The first benefit of a welcoming attitude:
• Fit the person to the position then embracing
  becomes empowering!

• Focus on the strengths – lead on the weaknesses

• Sometimes, we just need a ‘YOU can do this’
The second benefit of a welcoming attitude:
• The gift of surprise (“Wow! I didn’t think I’d
  be good at this”)
o We can truly find our legs and character and our
  reason to be while working or volunteering by
  reaching outside the box

o By doing different things than we might have chosen,
  we can often find out where our real talents lie

o What suits us to a tea
•   This gives me, more of me
•   This gives you, more of me
•   This gives you, more of you!
•   This gives our volunteers and our employees
    more of themselves!
5th Degree of E:
• I run marathons
• I run a company
• I teach for University of Texas
• I live life to its fullest – always looking for the
  opportunity to step up a degree
• And I am a Nana to 15 grandchildren
• What creates your energy?
•   I know what it means to step it up
•   To push harder
•   To stay in it longer
•   To aim for the next bend
•   And then the next
Energy creates energy
If I walk or run 3 miles every morning, I have
    infinitely more energy for my day
If you do anything, whether it be a morning
    devotional, spiritual time, or exercise, YOU will
    have more energy for the day
If you’ve done any volunteering at all, you know
a certain satisfaction that few other endeavors

Sometimes we think – do we have the time?

Better leave that to those with leisure, or those
who are younger, or older and retired.
But oh my, no! It’s just the opposite
• The time we take away from work, family and
  friends to give of our time is time that actually
  multiplies geometrically
• Thinking of others charges my batteries
• I can do twice as much in half the time, with
Giving is its own reward; a reward which
sustains and nourishes itself with daily doses
of thankfulness
• Energy, like enthusiasm, is also self-perpetuating
  and contagious
• It is our second wind, our new day, our blue skies,
  our hopes springing eternal.
    The 5 Degrees of E’s
• All we need to experience power and ability
  and follow-through of a measure quite beyond
  the words, is to just step everything we do up
  one degree.
• Just one degree!
  The 5 Degrees of E’s
Water boils at 211 degrees. It becomes steam;
powerful steam, at 212 degrees. Steam ran the
locomotives that built our country. As did the
men and women who stepped up, one degree,
everything they had of courage and grace
and grit.
  The 5 Degrees of E’s
Think of it! If we just step up, one degree,
our intent to empower every life we touch,
to encourage everyone we meet, to pass on our
enthusiasm, to embrace all our gifts (and others’
gifts), and to spend energy to have more
energy, imagine what great things we
can achieve!
     The 5 Degrees of E’s
So friends. Gather your volunteers, encourage your
  employees, motivate your family to step up one
  degree in everything that you do. And join me in
  experiencing daily doses of wonder.
Daily doses of gratitude for all that you accomplish
  because you made the conscious decision to
  step on one degree!
              The 5 Degrees of E’s
   I wish you 5 Powerful Degrees of E!

   It’s great sharing our time together.

   God’s blessings to you and yours!

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