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Phase 4 side by side comparison


									                                     Phase 4: Technology Infrastructure, Management, and Support
                                                        WCCC Tech Plan Draft

2009 – 12                                                                         2012-15

     Technology Infrastructure, Management and Support                              Phase 4: Technology Infrastructure, Management, and
                          2009 – 12                                                                       Support
Networking, Internet & Telecommunications                                         Goal Titles:
                                                                                  Wireless Infrastructure
                                                                                  Upgrade the Fiber Plant
                                                                                  10 Gbps Core
                                                                                  WAN Services
                                                                                  Virtualization Upgrade
                                                                                  Safe and Secure Access
                                                                                  Data Driven Decision Making
                                                                                  Service Improvement
                                                                                  Managing TCO

                                                                                  Phase Comments:
                                                                                  We are at a critical time for Technology Infrastructure decision making.
                                                                                  Internet bandwidth has brought a wide variety of cloud-based services that
                                                                                  can supplement or replace previously existing internal systems. Core
                                                                                  network bandwidth is on the verge of becoming affordable to increment to
                                                                                  10 Gbps and the backbone cabling must be able to support this change.
                                                                                  WAN services are changing and blurring between telecom, video, satellite,
                                                                                  and Internet companies. LAN protocols are becoming the norm over WAN
                                                                                  connections with dedicated bandwidth handoffs. Efforts are made to
                                                                                  virtualize environments to save on hardware costs and energy footprints.
                                                                                  Cyber safety and security is becoming more challenging. Multimedia
                                                                                  systems are making the analog to digital conversion. Operating platforms
                                                                                  are making the 32 bit to 64 bit conversion. Mobile technology is shifting
                                                                                  from laptops to tablets and netbook manufacturing is grinding to a halt.
                                                                                  While all of this is very exciting for the average “techie”, it is the
How will we get there?                                                            responsibility of the Technology Coordinator to position the district to make
Our current services are:
WAN Connection/ Internet Services - WCCC is connected to a county fiber ring on
                                                                                  these changes in the most affordable manner while not sacrificing support or
the Third Frontier Network @ 1 gbps. The current Internet Services contract with      access for staff, students, and the community. The goals and strategies
our ITC expires June 30, 2009. We will be filing a new Form 470 requesting a          included in this section of the Technology Plan lay the foundation for moving
multiyear contract for 1 gbps bandwidth.                                              the district through the next decade by addressing standards, services, and
Email Service - Exchange email is provided by the Technology Department with          the total cost of ownership for the future.
Office Outlook and Outlook Web Client access. No changes anticipated.
                                                                                      Goal: Wireless Infrastructure
Telephony, Contracted - Our current VoIP system is under contract through 2012
for both maintenace and PRI
circuit. Telephone quantity will increase.                                            Information
                                                                                                           Phase     4. Technology Infrastructure,
Telephony, Month to Month - Our current service goes under a new Form 470                                            Management and Support
annually. We seek:
                                                                                                      Goal Type      Networking, Internet and
      Digital Transmission Service - 1 T1 or more, 1.54 mbps each
      Telephone Service Local POTS - 7 lines or more, 64 kbps each                                                  Telecommunications
      Telephone Service Long Distance - Single Service                                If Other, please specify
      Telephone Service Directory Assistance Local - Single Service
                                                                                                       Goal Title    Wireless Infrastructure
      Telephone Service Directory Assistance National - Single Service
Our criteria of for evaluating bids is 26% cost, 25% ease of transition, 25% local             Goal Description      As we move toward one 2 one
calling area, 24% long                                                                                               technology for our students, our
distance servce. A criteria sheet further delineates the above criteria.
                                                                                                                     wireless infrastructure needs to be
Telephony, Cellular - Our current service is on month to month billing and goes                                      upgraded from 25 controlled APs
under a new Form 470                                                                                                 and 10 additional APs to 50
annually. We seek:                                                                                                   controlled APs. Bandwidth and IP
      Telephone Service Wireless/Cellular - 7 lines or more                                                         address scope needs to be increased
      Telephone Service Wireless/Cellular plus Data + Email - 4 lines or more,                                      from 2 Gbps/512 addresses to 8
          250 kbps or higher
                                                                                                                     Gbps/1024 addresses or higher
      Telephone Service Wireless/Cellular Mobile to Moble Only - 12 lines or
          more                                                                              Needs Assessment         Our current wireless controller is
      Telephone Service Wireless/Cellular Data Only - 1 connection or more,                                         saturated and we have depleted our
          250 kbps or higher                                                                                         current ip address scope. As a
Our criteria of for evaluating bids is 21% cost, 20% ease of transition, 20% direct
mobile to mobile, 20% signal
                                                                                                                     temporary patch, we have added
strength, 19% data services add-on. A criteria sheet further delineates the above                                    local APs in one 2 one labs with
criteria.                                                                                                            unique SSIDs.
                                                                                           Where are we now?         ii. Some
Enterprise level applications include PDExpress, Aceware, Exchange Email, and
WSS which are available                                                                  Where do we want to         iv. Increase
online externally, antivirus, WSUS, WMS, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP,                                   be?
miscellaneous application services,                                                                  Created By      David Cairns, 2/14/2012 2:08 PM
print services, SQL services, SAN Storage, NAS storage, email archiving, and                   Last Modified By
backup software. Our current
                                                                                                                     David Cairns, 2/15/2012 2:50 PM
LAN/WAN bandwidth is more than sufficient.                                            Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
                                                                                         Estimated Cost for Goal in Year1        $43,000.00
Our ITC provides DASL, PDExpress, D3A2, EMIS, KIOSK, SSWAT, SWAN,
USAS, and USPS services online.                                                           Estimated Cost for Goal in Year2        $15,500.00
Our current WAN bandwidth to those services is sufficient.
                                                                                          Estimated Cost for Goal in Year3        $15,500.00
WCCC also uses a variety of online texts and services driven by curriculum and
administrative support. Again,
our WAN bandwidth is sufficient.                                                        Strategy Titles:
                                                                                        Wireless Controller
1. Maintain existing WAN/Internet Bandwidth of 1 gbps.                                  AP Bandwidth
2. Maintain existing LAN bandwidth of 100 mbps to the desktop, yet future proof         Conversion to 802.11N
with all new network adapters and horizontal cabling to be 1 gbps capable.              Wireless IP Scope
3. Maintain a maximum of 200 nodes per subnet and segment where necessary.
4. Maintain all vertical (trunk) cabling at 1 gbps with the exception of our Aviation
Technology program connected via T1. Future proof all installations for a
                                                                                        Strategy: Wireless Controller
migration to 10 gpbs at the core layer and 1 gbps distribution/access layers.
5. Maintain existing quality and features of service for Telephony and Internet                 Goal    Wireless Infrastructure
                                                                                            Strategy    Wireless Controller
6. Provide Remote Access to the desktop for staff members. Develop/implement
policy for use of Microsoft Live@edu over the next three years.
7. Continue providing key personnel with VPN and RDP remote access to their              Description    Our current wireless controller is a Cisco 4402
desktop.                                                                                                which handles a max of 25 APs (Maxed) with 2
8. Continue expansion of our wireless network coverage over the next three years                        Gbps throughput. We are looking for solutions
to eliminate dead zones and improve bandwidth. Integrate wireless security level
                                                                                                        beyond the Cisco controller model that can
AES encryption with Active Directory over the next three years.
9. Revive the old Telephone Demarc as a central wiring closet under phase 1 of                          perform with local AP subnet-level throughput
construction/renovation of the Master Facilities Plan. Monitor subnet size and                          and not necessary pass wireless traffic through
adhere to bandwidth standards during phase 2 and 3 of this plan.                                        the controller. We are also examining the benefit
                                                                                                        of a higher powered Cisco Controller or utilizing
How will we know we are getting there?
                                                                                                        multiple controllers. As a strategy, we are
Much of our goals above are maintaining current levels of service, infrastructure,                      working with external resellers and service
and bandwidth over the next three years. WCCC currently operates at a high                              providers to examine possible solutions. The
quality of service with regard to network and telephony. The Erate Form 470                             need is pressing and will increase over the next
provides a public posting of all non-contracted Internet and Telephony services                         couple of years. If it is a phase in solution, then
sought and all subsequent Erate documentation is public record and on file.
                                                                                                        we have time. Currently being examined are
Our technology committee serves as an outreach to all of our stakeholders and                           solutions involving Cisco, Adtran, Extreme,
our Intranet/Extranet has a Technology Public page that includes our technology                         Aruba, and Meraki.
plan and all public documentation that the Committee is working on.                       Evaluation    One evaluation factor is cost. Anothers are
                                                                                            Process     flexibility and longevity. The solution must be
Purchasing is key on several of our goals regarding future proofing of our vertical
cabling, core bandwidth, and                                                                            expandible. Finally, completeness, bandwidth,
desktop bandwidth.                                                                                      and throughput of the implemented solution will
                                                                                                        be evaluative measures.
1. Our WAN is simple - it is the the connection to the Internet for our single site.
                                                                                            Outcome     The wireless infrastructure will be centrally
The Erate process will determine a new contract for Internet Access to begin July
1 2009.                                                                                                controlled by the Tech Dept staff. Staff and
2. All new purchases of horizontal cable installation and desktop will be 1 gbps
                                                                                                       students will have stable, fast wireless
capable. Switch purchases will continue to provide 100 mbps to the desktop,
although this standard could change over the next three years depending on the                         connectivity and the district will be able to
associated cost.                                                                                       expand the current one 2 one initiative annually
3. We currently have two overpopulated subnets. The data is collected directly                         until it reaches 100%.
from the network devices and the cabling. The logical subnetting will take place       Position(s)
over the next two years and will require additional vertical cabling to the wiring
                                                                                                       IT Director
closets affected.
                                                                                         Timeline      2 years - 3 years
4. All purchases of distribution level switches will be capable of 10 gbps uplink
with module replacement and all fiber optic cable installed will be 10 gbps
capable. This will be evidenced through purchasing records.
                                                                                     Estimated Budget for this Strategy
5. Annual survey data is collected and key indicators for stakeholder satisfaction
                                                                                     Funding Source (if applicable)        General Fund
with technology services, access, and support are included to monitor the quality
and features provided.                                                               Estimated Cost for Strategy in        $20,000.00
6. Citrix and other terminal services programs are being researched and                                      Year1
considered for implementation for staff remote access to their desktop for off-      Estimated Cost for Strategy in        $2,500.00
campus productivity. Microsoft Live@EDU will be piloted Spring, 2009, and a                                  Year2
gradual rollout will take place for students as their teachers receive training.
                                                                                     Estimated Cost for Strategy in        $2,500.00
7. The VPN concentrator for WCCC is currently at our ITC. RDP is an open port in                             Year3
the firewall for VPN clients. documentation of all VPN accounts issued to the
district are on file at both locations.
8. Quality of wireless service is easily montitored both by Technology Department
sampling and by querying key people who utilize the technology the most. Fewer       Strategy: AP Bandwidth
dead zones and improved speed and reliability are the key indicators. Our current
level of wireless encryption is very good, but the convenience to adding an
                                                                                                     Goal   Wireless Infrastructure
authentication componenet to it would be an improvement in efficiency for the
Technology Department. Completion of this task is the indicator.                         Strategy Title     AP Bandwidth
9. This goal is targeted under the Master Facilities plan and will happen by Fall,
                                                                                           Description      We need to Increase the switchport
2009. What remains to be seen during subsequent phases is the impact on
existing subnets and bandwidth during subsequent phases of                                                  bandwidth per AP from 100 mbps PoE to
construction/rennovation. The Technology Coordinator sits on the Core                                       1000 mbps PoE. We are looking at options
Committee for the Master Facilities plan and attends weekly meetings with the                               including our Wireless subnet size and the
Architecture/Engineering firm during the construction/renovation process.
                                                                                                            need to further isolate wireless in certain
How will we sustain focus and momentum?                                                                     areas of our infrastructure. Switches must
                                                                                                            have modular uplinks to the core that are
WCCC currently has no issues with bandwidth or quality of service for networking                            upgrade capable and must be managed.
and telephony. There are no guarantees that this will be the case three years from          Evaluation      Completion of the implementation will be
now. Our plans for growth and expansion do not indicate a need for additional                 Process
VoIP, network core, or network distribution/access bandwidth. Monitoring of                                 measured.
network traffic is an easy thing to accomplish inexpensively with a good linux box           Outcome        Our Wireless Subnet will be running on a
and open source software. Another inexpensive approach would be in setting                                  flat 1 Gbps bandwidth infrastructure with 1
switch level QoS for guaranteed bandwidth on certain types of traffic per subnet.
                                                                                                            Gbps dedicated to each access point.
Costly approaches include hiring a third party remote monitoring service or
purchasing a bandwidth shaping hardware appliance. Obviously, we have                      Position(s)      IT Director
identified two overcrowded subnets, have set a standard for subnet size, and                   Responsible
intend to make changes over the next three years. The difficulty with network                     Timeline
monitoring is the research and time/cost of implementation. WCCC is approached
                                                                                                              2 years - 3 years
often by vendors offering remote network monitoring services and hardware
appliances. To reach our educational objectives, our plan is:                             Estimated Budget for this Strategy
1. Adhere to the standard of future proofing all purchases for 1 gbps to the              Funding Source (if applicable)
desktop and 10 gbps at the core.
                                                                                                                            general fund
2. Monitor survey data to ensure the satisfaction of the staff and students.              Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $10,000.00
3. Perform benchmark testing during peak times to ensure adequate bandwidth                                       Year1
and performance.                                                                          Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $0.00
4. Investigate and test, as time permits, open source network monitoring software                                 Year2
5. Bring all LAN subnets into the standard of no more than 200 nodes per subnet.          Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $0.00
6. Enforce QoS traffic shaping if performance becomes an issue that cannot be                                     Year3
addressed by one of the above strategies.

WCCC maintains a redundant core that performs all inter-subnet routing. Each
subnet has a failover through this redundancy. High availability through                  Strategy: Conversion to 802.11N
redundancy is also be added over the next three years with server virtualization
and multiple connectivity points for the server subnet and the storage area                           Goal    Wireless Infrastructure
network. The reliability of services within the WCCC network is excellent and will
continue to improve as these measures are taken.                                             Strategy Title   Conversion to 802.11N
                                                                                               Description    Our existing Access Points are under the
Access to Technology                                                                                          802.11G standard providing 54 mbps of
                                                                                                              bandwidth. We currently have 25 access
                                                                                                              points served by a controller with 2 Gbps
                                                                                                              throughput. We need to upgrade in a phased
                                                                                                              approach our 802.11G access points to a
                                                                                                              802.11N with 350 mbps capable throughput.
                                                                                                              This is the reason we also need to upgrade
                                                                                                              our wireless switchport bandwidth from
                                                                                                              10/100 mbps to 1000 mbps. Common public
                                                                                                              areas, such as the cafeteria, will be the last
How will we get there?                                                                                        to be converted. Priority will be given to
Our student count is limited to grade 11 and 12 students enrolled in a career
technical program either on our campus or in one of our partner districts. WCCC
                                                                                                              student access. The upgrade project will take
is geographically spread with satellite programs in four of the six partner school                            years in a phase in approach.
districts. Of our satellites, only one does not currently receive its technology
equipment and support from WCCC due to a partnership. Partner orgranizations                                  The controller must be established up front.
provide network connectivity to those satellite students. There are currently 423                             If we stray from Cisco, the existing
satellite students in our count. The ratio of .62:1, computers to students, is strictly
our grade 11 and 12 students to the computers which they access and does not
                                                                                                              controller and 25 APs will run in parallel
include computers dediated to teachers, administration and support. Computer                                  with the new system as the phase in evolves.
access includes 53 computers in public labs, 127 mobile computers, 66                           Evaluation    Completeness of the project will be
computers in academic classrooms, 406 computers in career technical Program                       Process
Labs. Some computers have dedicated function in the career technical lab such                             measured over the years of phase in.
as the numerical control computer for our welding lab's plasma cutter.
                                                                                                          Wireless bandwidth and throughput will also
The purchasing of peripheral equipment is decided by the Director during the                              be measured for evaluation.
purchasing process. Digital Cameras, scanners, camcorders, multimedia decks                   Outcome     Our wireless infrastructure will be capable
and other peripherals are housed in the Media Center. They are available for                              of handling our student body in a 100% one
teacher check out through which student access occurs. Many Career Technical
programs are permitted to purchase portable peripheral equipment.
                                                                                                          2 one technology environment. We will be
                                                                                                          able to remove our stand alone APs and
WCCC engages in emerging technologies as funding permits including student                                restore Central Management and
response systems and handheld gps units available in the media center and                                 monitoring. Roaming will improve.
interactive whiteboards in terms of hardware. Interactive software, simulation
                                                                                            Position(s)   IT Director
software, and use of Web 2.0 is encouraged for our curriculum.

WCCC has minimal assistive and adaptive hardware including magnification and                  Timeline    2 years - 3 years
auditory hardware. WCCC is investigating Kurzweil assisstive technolology to
assist students with disabilities in reading.
                                                                                      Estimated Budget for this Strategy
Our building construction/rennovation process under the Master Facilities Plan will   Funding Source (if applicable)    general fund
bring change including a new                                                          Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $13,000.00
media center. This will greatly impact access to technology for students and staff.                           Year1
                                                                                      Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $13,000.00
Our technology purchasing process is staff driven. All staff participates in                                  Year2
business advisory committees which
                                                                                      Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $13,000.00
includes partners from area business, colleges, students, parents, and partner
districts. Advisory committees
review the technology inventory and make recommendations to the teachers for
future purchase and implmentation. Teachers then engage the previously detailed
purchasing process by submitting a request for technology online by the end of        Strategy: Wireless IP Scope
February. The Technology committee works closely with staff and helps with
research and training requirements. WCCC holds the expectation that all staff
members remain current in their field and technology proficiency through                          Goal    Wireless Infrastructure
professional development.                                                                Strategy Title   Wireless IP Scope
Whenever new technology is considered, the Technology Department runs field                Description    Our DHCP scope for wireless does not
testing to ensure compatibility,                                                                          support a 100% one 2 one implementation.
feasibility, and cost-effectiveness prior to implementation.                                              As we expand our wireless infrastructure
                                                                                                          and add additional programs to the one 2
1. Maintain existing standards for purchasing computers with Intel multicore
                                                                                                          one initiative, we will need to zone the
processors, Intel or ASUS                                                                                 buildings and break up the zones into
mainboards, front access usb and multimedia, RW optical drives, and non-                                  multiple subnets. The main building may
proprietary chassis/power supply/                                                                         require multiple zones. This will need to be
2. Maintain the minimum standard for supported computer hardware of PIII 1.0                              carefully planned and executed so that
GHz/384 Mb/20 GB.
3. Maintain an average computer age of 3 to 4 years
                                                                                                          roaming with open applications does not
4. Investigate both the use of hardware terminal systems (NComputing) and                                drop service or cause issues as students
Network Terminal systems (Citrix,
                                                                                                         move from class to class.
MS Terminal Services, X2) and move into field testing and potential implentation.
5. Have interactive whiteboards in every classroom and a well-trained staff using           Evaluation   Completion of the project will be measured
them.                                                                                         Process
                                                                                                         as evaluation of this strategy in addition to
6. Increase the computer to student ratio to .75:1                                                       statistics on the volume of DHCP leases.
7. Add additional peripherals that supplement the student generation of interactive
content in the curriculum                                                                    Outcome     Our IP scope will be healthy and wireless
using web 2.0 such as digital cameras, camcorders, and audio recording                                   bandwidth will be optimized through
periperals.                                                                                              segmentation.
8. Continue investigating and seeking funding for Kurzweill Educational Systems
                                                                                           Position(s)   IT Director
assistive technology
How will we know we are getting there?                                                        Timeline   2 years - 3 years
Our technology purchasing process is very comprehensive and drives the
evaluation, planning, procurement, and
upgrading of technology. Advisory Committee input is key to ensuring that our
technology is current and support
the curriculum.                                                                       Goal: Upgrade the Fiber Plant
The Technology Department is a key resource in finding and evaluating new
technology. By setting up bench tests in a simulated environment, the Technology
Department is able to test both hardware and software, evaluate it based on                         Phase    4. Technology Infrastructure,
effectiveness and cost, and make recommendations to instructors and                                          Management and Support
administration. The Tech Dept staff finds new educational technology through                    Goal Type
journals, ETech Ohio, SOITA, and other professional organization memberships.
                                                                                                             Networking, Internet and
Often, a teacher, parent, student, or advisory committee member may                                          Telecommunications
recommend technology for evaluation by the Technology Department.                         If Other, please
The purchasing process begins with roundtable discussions held by Technology                    Goal Title   Upgrade the Fiber Plant
Committee members with career technical programs/academies, academic
departments, administration, and administrative support staff. The initial               Goal Description    WCCC will upgrade the Fiber Plant
roundtable occurs prior to the business advisory committee dinner and kickoff                                to be compatible with 10 Gbps
meeting. The initial roundtable is a review of technology inventory, methods of                              Ethernet.
use, and integration into curriculum. Each instructor receives printed and
                                                                                        Needs Assessment     The majority of our Fiber Plant is
electronic documentation of this data for the business advisory kickoff. The Data
is then taken to the Business Advisory Committee for review and discussion.                                  62.5/125 micron multimode which
Advisory committee input is documented and the instructor then edits and submits                             does not meet the standard for 10
any changes in the documentation to the Technology Coordinator for                                           Gbps Ethernet.
incorporation into the local Technology Plan. All staff is encouraged to discuss
and to explore new ideas and concepts with the Technology Coordinator.                 Where are we now?     ii. Some
Samples, trial versions, and bench testing often results.                               Where do we want     iv. Increase
                                                                                                  to be?
The second roundtable actually kicks off the purchasing process.                               Created By    David Cairns, 2/15/2012 2:31 PM
Programs/Academies and departments have evaluated curriculum, determined
needs, and agreed upon technology requests for the coming fiscal year. Those              Last Modified By   David Cairns, 2/15/2012 2:51 PM
requests are submitted online and include a rationale, description of use of the         Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
technology, and the training required to make the technology integration                     Estimated Cost for Goal in     $3,500.00
successful. The Technology Coordinator has the right to deny a request at this                                   Year1
stage if the request is not feasible. All requests are discussed by the Technology           Estimated Cost for Goal in
                                                                                             Estimated Cost for Goal in     $6,000.00
The Technology Coordinator then works with the Director to prioritize requests
and examine the budget. The requestor is given feedback online as the process
continues. The requestor is asked to provide additional details to the director
should questions arise. Once the final decision is made to determine what will be
purchased, feedback is given to requestors so that they can plan for any                 Strategy: Fiber Upgrades
necessary training and implementation the following year. All purchases are made
at the turn of the fiscal year in bulk to ensure the deepest discounts possible and
to adhere to the set timeline for purchasing.                                                       Goal    Upgrade the Fiber Plant
Evaluation of items purchased comes through the staff evaluation process and               Strategy Title   Fiber Upgrades
through survey data. During evaluation, the Director makes not of new technology
in the classroom and the effectiveness of its use. Staff also have the ability to give       Description    We began this initiative in 2009 and currently
verbal feedback to the Technology Coordinator and to respond through surveys.                               have 3 IDFs on 50 micron fiber and the
                                                                                                            administration building with Single Mode
Upgrading of technology occurs and is reflected in the local Technology Plan.                               fiber all with enough port density to
Minimum standards for supported equipment changes as upgrades take place.
With our focus on career technical education, higher priority for age,                                      accommodate 2 uplinks per 48 ports. We will
reliability, and computing power is given to programs requiring computer                                    need to run 12 pair to IDF 224, 12 pair to IDF
technology such as Digital Design Tech Prep or Graphic Arts Tech Prep as well                               527, and 6 Pair of Single Mode fiber to the
as to year round administrative support staff. Currently our weakest (oldest)                               TEC building.
computer technology is in the academic classrooms where use is typically limited
                                                                                              Evaluation    Completion of the project will be measured for
to Internet research, word processing and preparation of presentations.
How will we sustain focus and momentum?                                                        Outcome      The district will be ready to move to a 10 gbps
This technology plan, with the technology purchasing plan and timeline, does
indeed ensure that we are future proofing and making smart decisions. With input
                                                                                                            core when the price point become reasonable.
from our business partners, students, parents, and teachers, in addition to the              Position(s)    IT Director
research conducted by the Technology department, WCCC ensures that the                      Responsible
appropriate technology is planned for current and future academic integration. By               Timeline    2 years - 3 years
purchasing in bulk at the turn of the fiscal year, the technology department has
summer help to deploy new equipment and WCCC ensures the deepest discounts
possible.                                                                                Estimated Budget for this Strategy
                                                                                         Funding Source (if applicable)     general fund
This technology plan outlines the target goals for future technology purchases and
                                                                                         Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $3,500.00
emerging technologies that have already been identified. This plan undergoes a
three year revision with ETech Ohio for Erate. Additionally, a more comprehensive
version of this plan that includes cut sheets, appendices, a glossary, etc is revised    Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $3,500.00
annually and approved by the local Board of Education. The local version of the                                  Year2
technology plan contains all of the data/text in the ETech Ohio plan plus additional     Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $6,000.00
information specific to career tech education.                                                                   Year3
Warren County has the second largest growth percentage in Ohio. One of the
WCCC strategic plan objectives focuses on increasing our market share of
students. We anticipate growth and our Master Facilities plan is written provide a       Goal: 10 Gbps Core
modern and future proof facility for our students. Technology is a key part of this
plan and we are already in phase 1 of building and rennovation. While we are             Information
under OSFC (Ohio School Facilities Commission) guidelines for technology for                           Phase    4. Technology Infrastructure,
our building and rennovation, the Technology Coordinator has worked as part of
the core planning team, the architects, and the engineering firm to ensure that the
                                                                                                                Management and Support
technology introduced into the district ties in seamlessly with existing technology,               Goal Type    Networking, Internet and
but also prepares WCCC for the future.                                                                          Telecommunications
                                                                                             If Other, please
Stakeholder Access to Educational Information & Applications
                                                                                                   Goal Title   10 Gbps Core
                                                                                             Goal Description   Note: This is a research goal. It is not
                                                                                                                anticipated that the price point will be
                                                                                                                affordable within 3 years.

                                                                                                                Upgrade the network core from 1
                                                                                                                Gbps to 10 Gbps. This project is price
                                                                                                                dependent and may not occur within 3
                                                                                           Needs Assessment     We are moving to a flat network
                                                                                                                which can introduce bottlenecks. Our
How will we get there?                                                                                          Wireless will be migrated above 100
                                                                                                                mbps and our desktop standard is
One WCCC strategic objective is "all decisions will be data driven." Career                                     1000 mbps. WCCC needs to position
technical students are shared with                                                                              core bandwith for the next upgrade.
our partner districts and often associated to the partner district in state databases.
                                                                                          Where are we now?     i. None
DASL and D3A2 are examples. We do not have full access to data for 100% of
our students in a timely manner. Student ID numbers are generated by our                   Where do we want     iii. Researching
partner districts and they do have consistent practices on changing them. This                       to be?
makes SIF a non-factor for our district as we depend on DASL and the student ID                   Created By    David Cairns, 2/15/2012 2:41 PM
as reported to the state by our partner districts.
                                                                                             Last Modified By   David Cairns, 2/15/2012 3:11 PM
WCCC has investigated and gone through fact finding on the building of a data            Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
reporting service. Our goal is to pull data daily out of DASL, EMIS, USAS, USPS,            Estimated Cost for Goal in   $0.00
Point of Sale, and other individual databases into a central database with a secure                             Year1
online customizable reporting service and a quickview dashboard on vital student
                                                                                            Estimated Cost for Goal in   $0.00
statistics such as attendance, graduation deficiencies, OGT scores etc. We have                                 Year2
sought proposals from several vendors to develop this capability to date. Our long
term goal is to convert this service into a data warehouse capable of tracking data         Estimated Cost for Goal in   $0.00
over time, performing advanced analytics to find trends, and to make predictions
based on data for the future. Dated student records have all been archived

Career Tech programs use a variety of application software as their labs are           Strategy: Vendor Communication and Price Point
simulations of business. For example, our Cosmetology lab uses a package called
Salon Manager, recommended by their advisory committee. Our academic                            Goal     10 Gbps Core
classes also use software packages to enhance curriculum. Some of our
                                                                                       Strategy Title    Vendor Communication and Price Point
curriculum is actually online or has online supplements. We have a limited number
of actual simulators and it is our goal to pursue increased access to simulators. Of     Description     WCCC will stay in contact with vendors and
interest are additional heavy equipment simulators, driving and dispatch                                 examine the price point as the cost of 10 Gbps
simulators for both Fire Science and Criminal Justice, and weapons simulators for
Criminal Justice.                                                                                        layer 3 switches drops over the next 3 years. By
                                                                                                         consulting with Vendors who have their ear to
We are very satisfied with our online Gradebook, Progress Book. We can improve                           the ground in the industry, we will be able to
in our consistency with online reporting, lesson plans, and calendars for parent                         research and make this transition while getting
and student access.                                                                                      the most efficiency for our money.
Our media center coordinator does an excellent job teaching every student,
through English class, how to use the media center and InfOhio. Student ID cards                         Stage 1 of our strategy is another goal that must
have bar codes to check out materials. Our new media center, opening fall of                             be accomplished in the next 3 years which is to
2009, will have modern technology systems in place. We need to increase our                              upgrade our Fiber Plant. Stage 2 is this research
printed and multimedia selections.                                                                       strategy. Stage three will be to determine the best
WCCC subscribes to Ohio Public School Works (OPSW) for Health and Safety,                                possible implementation point and move forward
online training, IT Management, and Facilities Management. Through OPSW,                                 with the implementation.
both the Tech Dept and the Facilities Dept have an online reporting and ticketing         Evaluation     Development of the research and a
system. Thus any user can report any problem that they see quickly and efficiently          Process
                                                                                                         recommendation to the Administration Team
and the appropriate department has the ability to track previous instances and the
actual fix. Both departments operate very efficiently.                                                   will be evaluation for this strategy.
                                                                                           Outcome       WCCC will be prepared and ready to make the
Our VoIP system is state of the art and our staff uses it well.                                          jump from a 1 Gbps core to 10 Gbps utilizing the
WCCC is going through the process of converting forms to electronic format and
                                                                                                         best equipment for the least cost.
automating the processing of forms. Part of this is being done through a vendor,         Position(s)     IT Director
Formshare, and the rest is being done in house using Sharepoint services (yes,          Responsible
the names are confusing for staff!) This process is helping the efficiency of Human         Timeline     2 years - 3 years
Resources and the Treasurer. Online forms can be tracked and archived easily
and provide instantaneous feedback to staff.

Currently all network acount management is performed by Tech Dept staff. It is         Goal: WAN Services
our goal to develop a secure online interface to allow the creation of accounts and
the modification of group membership and passwords by key personel without
requiring access to server consoles.                                                   Information
                                                                                                        Phase    4. Technology Infrastructure,
Transportation is limited at WCCC and our services are adequate.                                                 Management and Support
                                                                                                  Goal Type      Networking, Internet and
Our food service is contracted and our point of sale is Meals Plus (MP). MP will                                 Telecommunications
undergo an upgrade summer, 2009, which will put the database onto our SQL
                                                                                              If Other, please
How will we know we are getting there?                                                              Goal Title   WAN Services
                                                                                             Goal Description    Improve WAN connectivity and
Evaluation comes down to use, efficiency, and increased productivity. When
WCCC moves forward with a central data reporting services, the administration                                    Services.
team will have access in one location to all key indicators for our state report card,     Needs Assessment      We have had significant down time
local report card, financial data, and strategic plan and will be able to track this                             for various reasons during the past
data over time. The improvement over multiple sources of data with lack of data
tracking over time will be instantly recognized as an improvement in efficiency and
                                                                                                                 several years. Redundancy and
will help us, as a district, to make data driven decisions for continuous                                        reliability are key needs.
improvement. Teacher access to student data through this service and data                 Where are we now?      i. None
involving their program or department will also improve their local efficiency and
                                                                                           Where do we want      iii. Researching
their global view of fit into the organization.
                                                                                                     to be?
Educational software applications that we implement are evaluated by the
instructor. This includes curriculum supplements and simulators. Naturally,
students give feedback to the instructor. Instructor feedback reaches the
technology department during roundtables and their immediate supervisor during           Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
observation/evaluation. Indicators are student engagement and assessment                     Estimated Cost for Goal in    $2,400.00
scores.                                                                                                          Year1
                                                                                             Estimated Cost for Goal in    $2,400.00
For Progress Book, one statistic we track is parent access online. It is important to                            Year2
WCCC that our parents stay involved in the success of their student(s). If we are            Estimated Cost for Goal in    $2,400.00
not satisfied with the percentage of parents accessing their student's gradebook,                                Year3
we take action such as sending letters home or making an automated phone call
using Community Safe. WCCC has discussed holding an open house to teach
parents how to log into the gradebook and examine their student's progress.              Strategy: Failover Connectivity Inbound

Key indicators for our Media Center and our Facilities and IT Department are                      Goal    WAN Services
strictly numbers. Circulation numbers for the Media Center, and work order
                                                                                         Strategy Title   Failover Connectivity Inbound
numbers and response times for Facilities and Technology. The development of
online forms, their dissemination on Sharepoint, and the use use of electronic             Description    Note: This is a research only strategy with price
transfer of applicable forms makes for a more efficient process that is                                   point and need being the essential determining
environmentally friendly. As each form is migrated to electronic format, the paper
versions will be discarded.

When our intranet is enhanced with secure, online, scripted access to user                                Establish a minimal business class solution for
accounts for select staff, the number of interruptions to the technology department                       backup WAN connectivity so that our WAN
will diminish as will the delay for staff and students forgetting their password or                       Services are accessible to our clients and our
needing a new account. This will greatly improve efficiency.
                                                                                                          Administrative and Office staff when our
Obviously in exploring and plannning to implement a centralized data reporting                            primary connection is down.
service, WCCC is prepared to expand its use of SQL Server. This will include
Meals Plus summer 2009 and Sharepoint services. Our goal is to get as many                               Establish a lower priority route to the Internet
databases onto a single server so that backup routines are streamlined which will
                                                                                                         locked down by Access Control Lists to provide
improve efficiency. We are also in the process of virtualizing many of our servers
to save electricity, to have high availability through redundant physicals serving                       Internet accessto essential personnel during a
virtuals, and to streamline backups and improve efficiency.                                              primary connection outage.

How will we sustain the focus and momentum?                                                              Establish an effective firewall on this route
                                                                                                         including NAT, IPS, and DoS prevention.
The Technology Department and the Administration Team is proactively pursuing
the use and availabilty of data to drive decision making. While we are under              Evaluation     Completion of the project and failover testing
phase 1 of construction/rennovation, it is easy to projects such as these on the            Process
                                                                                                         will be used to evaluate the project.
back burner. To sustain focus and momentum, the technology department will
                                                                                            Outcome      Should the primary Internet connection for the
continue to research, migrate databases to SQL, and stay in contact with vendors
regarding the potential implementation of a data reporting service.                                      district go down, we would be able to provide
                                                                                                         access to essential ITC and web based services
In terms of software use and development, research, trial copies, and interaction                        for essential personnel in the outbound direction
with software companies is essential to maintaining awareness of availability and
                                                                                                         over the failover connection.
performance of applications and simulators. The business advisory committee
drives the momentum, however, it is not unusual for the concept to begin with the        Position(s)     IT Director
Technology Committee or the teacher before it goes to the advisory committee.           Responsible
                                                                                            Timeline     2 years - 3 years
With regard to online systems for the media center, the coordinator is dealing with
students and has their best interest at heart. If a student does not have their ID
card, she looks them up in the system and checks materials out for them. This          Estimated Budget for this Strategy
cannot change. She does encourage them to bring their card in next time. For           Funding Source (if applicable)        general fund
facilities and technology, our departmental staff has been well trained to ask staff
                                                                                       Estimated Cost for Strategy in        $2,400.00
to submit an online work order rather than respond to impromptu requests unless                                Year1
there is an emergency. Taking this approach is in fact conditioning the entire staff
and improving the data, documentation, and efficiency of our departments.              Estimated Cost for Strategy in        $2,400.00
WCCC technology staff will continue to attend conferences, webinars, take              Estimated Cost for Strategy in        $2,400.00
classes, and read books and journals to ensure that they are remaining current in                              Year3
the field and are driving positive change in access/use of data and software
applications for all staff members.

ation                                                                                  Strategy: Failover Connectivity Inbound
Softw                                                                                            Goal    WAN Services
                                                                                        Strategy Title   Failover Connectivity Inbound
                                                                                          Description    Note: This is a research strategy and is
                                                                                                         dependent on the establishment of a failover
                                                                                                         WAN connection.
                                                                                                          Research and discuss with our ITC partner the
                                                                                                          potential for multiple prioritized BGP routes to
                                                                                                          our internal service network between their
                                                                                                          external ip address for our district and our
                                                                                                          failover service external ip address for our
                                                                                                          district. If this cannot be accomplished, research
                                                                                                          options with dynamic DNS service providers
How will we get there?
                                                                                                          that monitor the external district ip addresses
At the infrastructure level, WCCC holds a Microsoft School Agreement , is                                 and forward to the address that is up at any
essentially involves annual leasing of rights to use Office, operating system, core                       given time.
client access rights, and servers packages. Currently the minimum Office
standard for WCCC is Office 2007 for PCs and Office 2008 for MACs. Operating                              We are targeting the following services as
systems are Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Business. Without
getting into infrastructure services, Microsoft Office is a primary tool used by all
                                                                                                          essential: Email/Webmail, student registration
students and staff for word processing, presentations, spreadsheet, and                                   website, intranet/extranet website.
database.                                                                                 Evaluation      Completion and field testing of the failover will
                                                                                                          be used to evaluation the project.
There is no desire to change our School Agreement with Microsoft.
                                                                                            Outcome       Our essential external services will be
Currently, WCCC holds an Adobe Education License Agreement for Creative                                   accessible with greater uptime.
Suite Design Premium 4. This package is used for our Graphic Arts and Digital             Position(s)
Design programs and is installed on all staff computers providing access to Adobe
                                                                                                          IT Director
Photoshop for graphic editing and Acrobat professional for editing and converting
                                                                                            Timeline      2 years - 3 years
PDF files. It should be noted that our networked copiers have the ability to scan to
email any document in graphic, text, or combination mode as a PDF file so that a
printed document can be converted to digital format. For fall of 2009- 2010, it is
targeted to purchase another 500 seats of Creative Suite 4 Basic for installation
on student computers and public computer labs so that Photoshop and Acrobat
Professional are available to all students. Currently, a site license exists for       Goal: Virtualization Upgrade
Macromedia Suite 8 which provides Fireworks for graphic editing for students.
As such, every computer students have access to will provide a modern operating
                                                                                                        Phase    4. Technology Infrastructure,
system (OSX Tiger or Leopard for MACs), Microsoft Office 2007, a graphics
editing package, and Internet access. This is the base installation.                                             Management and Support
                                                                                                 Goal Type       Access to Technology
Certain education software packages are renewed annually such as Shop Keys
for Automotive Programs. Some packages are purchased in conjunction with                   If Other, please
textbooks to supplement the Board approved curriculum such as Automated
Accounting, Salon Manager, Geometer’s Sketchpad, etc. WCCC ensures that all                       Goal Title     Virtualization Upgrade
software purchases for supplements to curriculum have been reviewed by the                 Goal Description      Upgrade our virtual service
business advisory, demoed by staff, and validated against the ACS and the
curriculum prior to approval for purchase. The replacement cycle for these                                       (VmWare) host hardware. (VmWare)
software packages follows the replacement cycle for the computers the software           Needs Assessment        Our Virtual Service hosts (3 in all)
operates on and/or the curriculum review process. Some software packages are                                     are maximized in terms of CPU and
the actual Board approved curriculum such as Ford PASS for Auto Mechanics,                                  RAM utilization.
Cisco Network Academy for Information Technology, Pivot Point for Cosmetology,
                                                                                     Where are we now?      ii. Some
ICar for Auto Collision, Princeton Review for Gateway to College, Plato for
Gateway to Success, Final Cut Studio for Digital Design, etc. Simulators undergo      Where do we want      iii. Pervasive
a rigorous process of demo and testing, Advisory Committee review, and                          to be?
Administration review to crosscheck curriculum and ACS standards. Currently                   Created By    David Cairns, 2/15/2012 5:26 PM
WCCC has two simulators: CAT Software Excavator for our Heavy Equipment
program and ITI Bank Teller Software provided by National Bank and Trust for our        Last Modified By    David Cairns, 2/15/2012 6:59 PM
Financial Services program.                                                         Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
                                                                                        Estimated Cost for Goal in    $26,000.00
The need for new software always comes from the curriculum which requires                                   Year1
Advisory Committee approval prior to Board approval. The purchasing process
                                                                                        Estimated Cost for Goal in    $6,000.00
requires Technology Coordinator involvement in planning and approval which                                  Year2
guarantees demo evaluation and validation of system requirements, necessary
professional development for staff, and technology/operational support.                 Estimated Cost for Goal in    $6,000.00
For wide scale deployments, such as Microsoft Live@edu, a test pilot is always
used. This is conducted by the Technology Department with a selected class or
program. The Administration team is always involved in determining the need for
a pilot and targeting the class or program to perform the pilot.
                                                                                    Strategy: Virtual Host Hardware Upgrade
How will we know we are getting there?
                                                                                             Goal    Virtualization Upgrade
The bottom line for evaluating educational software is the alignment with the
                                                                                    Strategy Title   Virtual Host Hardware Upgrade
curriculum. The teacher must demonstrate that the software supports and
compliments the student performance objectives in the curriculum document as          Description    We currently have 3 hosts with dual quad-core
determined by the Director of Curriculum and the Advisory Board. Finally, the                        xeons and 24 GB of RAM. The hosts are four
rationale,implmentation plan, and professional development plan must be
                                                                                                     years old and the RAM is maxed. In a phased in
including in the Request for Technology which is screened by the Technology
Coordinator, the Technology Committee,and the Director.                                              solution, we will install 1 new server per year
                                                                                                     and transfer the license from an old host.
Once staff is trained and software is implemented, the evaluation process
conducted by the Administration Team examines the use and effectiveness of the                       The old host hardware unit will be converted to
software through observation, teacher goals, and teacher review.
                                                                                                     VMWare ESXI for remote service restoration
How will we sustain focus and momentum?                                                              either from our Administration Building or from
                                                                                                     our Greentree location as part of the disaster
The number of phone calls and emails received from software vendors can get                          recovery plan.
very annoying. However, the content of those interactions can be very beneficial       Evaluation
because the vendor often wants to inform the district of new and innovative
                                                                                                     Completion of the project will be measured for
products. Therefore, all vendor initiated contact is met with a smile and cordial                    evaluation
disposition.                                                                            Outcome      We will have faster response times and the
                                                                                                     ability to scale our environment with additional
ETech Ohio is an extremely valuable resource with relevent Education
Technology professional development offerings, the annual technology                                 servers as needed. Vmotion will take care of
conference, the technology coordinator listserve, and information posted on the                      load balancing more servers to the host with the
website. WCCC needs to take greater advantage of professional development                                stronger hardware set.
opportunities with ETech Ohio both by Technology Department staff and teaching
                                                                                          Position(s)    IT Director
staff. Keeping in touch with other technology coordinators through the listserve is
an invaluable resource - it allows us to share both tribulation and success stories
involving hardware, software, and peripherals. Most vendor contact comes from                Timeline    2 years - 3 years
the ETech Ohio Technology Conference - by interacting with vendors on the floor,
gathering materials, and following up with phone calls, WCCC stays in tune with
developments and potential products to enhance and supplement curriculum and            Estimated Budget for this Strategy
student learning.                                                                       Funding Source (if applicable)       general fund
                                                                                        Estimated Cost for Strategy in       $6,000.00
The Microsoft School Agreement, Adobe Agreements, Anti-virus agreements, etc                                    Year1
are built in costs for the Technology Coordinator's budget. Annual subscription
                                                                                        Estimated Cost for Strategy in       $6,000.00
renewals, such as Shop Keys, are built into the cooresponding program budget                                    Year2
annually as are software packages that serve as the curriclum itself such as Plato.
During the purchasing process, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is evaluated as            Estimated Cost for Strategy in       $6,000.00
these packages are renewed and new/replacement supplemental softare is
evaluated for approval/rejection by the Director, Technology Coordinator, and
Curriclum Director. The purchasing process begins with one dollar amount
dedicated to software. Dollars are then moved into program budgets as requests          Strategy: SAN Upgrade
for software are prioritized and approved.

WCCC momentum with educational software will be sustained by research,                          Goal    Virtualization Upgrade
innovation, professional development, and support. A Technology Department                  Strategy    SAN Upgrade
excited about the opportunities software makes available for students spills into               Title
professional development activities for staff. Staff excitement translates into a fun    Description
and rewarding learning environment for students.                                                        Our EMC AX4 SAN is four years old and the
                                                                                                        hard drives are nearing end of reliable life
Security                                                                                                expectancy. WCCC will contact vendors and
                                                                                                        research new centralized storage options for
                                                                                                        housing Virtual Servers, Staff and Student Data,
                                                                                                        network shares for programs. Once a solution has
                                                                                                        been determined, the solution will be

                                                                                                        The AX4 is not available for trade in so it will
                                                                                                        remain ours. Hard drive replacement will make it
                                                                                                        an effective storage unit for data backup,
                                                                                                        surveillance video storage space, etc.
                                                                                          Evaluation    Completion of the project with successful data
                                                                                                        transfer and minimal downtime for staff and
                                                                                                        students will be measured.
                                                                                           Outcome      Our centralized storage will be at a reliable age
                                                                                                        and will be scaled for the future.
How will we get there?                                                                      Position(s)   IT Director
The local copy of the Technology Plan includes the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).               Timeline
All staff must electronically sign off on the policy through Ohio Public School
works annually. The policy is included in the student handbook and students and
their parent/guardian are required to sign off on the policy. If a student or staff       Estimated Budget for this Strategy
member is suspected of violating the policy, an investigation is required. If the         Funding Source (if applicable)    general fund
suspected violation is contained in house, the Technology Department team will
gather facts and present data to the Director who may issue discipline. If a              Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $20,000.00
violation involves law enforcement requiring complete access to data pertaining to                                Year1
the staff member or student, WCCC will hire an impartial third party to perform a         Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $0.00
forensic image of that data for law enforcement officials.                                                        Year2
                                                                                          Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $0.00
User accounts are the responsibility of the Technology department. Staff account                                  Year3
requests come from Human Resources, student account requests come from the
Assistant Director. It is a goal to create a secure intranet site that allows for the
creation/disabling of accounts and changing/databasing of passwords WCCC has
an integrated circuit video surveillance system with interior and exterior cameras.       Goal: Safe and Secure Access
This system compliments a motion detector system for illegal entry. The video
system is monitored over a network connection by the Director, Assistant
Directors, and the district resource officer from the Sherriff’s Department. This
                                                                                                          Phase   4. Technology Infrastructure,
system is zoned for labs, exterior PTZ, and hallways.
                                                                                                                  Management and Support
Our wireless network is currently secured with WPA Personal 2. We have four                          Goal Type    Access to Technology
labs which use wireless laptop technology using Cisco/Linksys Business class
access points and unique SSID’s. The campus wide wireless has a single SSID,                   If Other, please
roaming, and is driven by Cisco Aeronet standalone operating systems. It is                             specify
desired following phase 1 renovation to convert these access points to lightweight                   Goal Title   Safe and Secure Access
operating sytems to tie into a new Cisco wireless controller so that there is a
                                                                                              Goal Description    As we move deeper into our one 2
single configuration location. It is also desired to expand coverage, bandwidth,
and to integrate security with Active Directory using Microsoft PEAP. Staff are not                               one initiative, WCCC will ensure that
given the encryption key, it is currently required of the Technology Department to                                all students have safe and secure
change the key and all of the technology that uses it. Active Directory integration                               access to technology resources for
will authenticate users reducing the workload on the Technology Department                                        their education.
                                                                                            Needs Assessment      CIPA compliance is transitioning
WCCC is in year three of a three year license with Sophos for antivirus and                                       with the FCC ruling for Erate
personal firewall. Antivirus software will be evaluated for purchase summer of                                    eligibility under the 21st Century Act.
2009. Evaluation components include resource load, enterprise management,
                                                                                                                  We want to ensure that our students
effectiveness, spyware removal, and ease of conversion.
                                                                                                                  have full but secure access to our
WCCC relies on their ITC for exterior firewall, SPAM, mail malware, and Internet                                  technology services anytime,
filtering. Exterior filtering is done with Cisco PIX firewall technology to secure live                           anywhere.
IP addresses and prevent intrusion. Web filtering is done by an 8e6 R3000                  Where are we now?
appliance. The Technology Department has control of the filtering policies for the
                                                                                                                  ii. Some
WCCC subnet. The base filtering policy is fully CIPA compliant and the                      Where do we want      iii. Pervasive
Technology Department has added filtering of URLs, wildcard URLs, search                                to be?
engine keywords, and URL keywords to eliminate browsing to unproductive sites                      Created By
such as gaming sites. The 8e6 is also very effective at stopping anonymous web
                                                                                                                  David Cairns, 2/15/2012 8:52 PM
proxies. The ITC also provides Mail Marshall email filtering for virus and malware            Last Modified By    David Cairns, 2/15/2012 9:03 PM
and Sophos email filtering for SPAM. Currently, these services are very effective.       Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
Email archiving will be implemented using EMC Mail Archiver by Jan 1, 2009. The              Estimated Cost for Goal in
email retention policy for WCCC will be five years.
                                                                                             Estimated Cost for Goal in     $3,360.00
Currently, centralized logging is only available through Active Directory and
logging of “interesting” traffic through the 8e6 filter appliance. It is a goal of the
Technology Department to implement a Microsoft ISA proxy to log all internet                 Estimated Cost for Goal in     $4,320.00
traffic. Computer hosts themselves are secured through comprehensive group                                       Year3
policy and registry settings. Teachers have few restrictions.

How will we know we are getting there?                                                   Strategy Titles:
                                                                                         Mobile Web Filtering
The AUP is reviewed annually by the Technology Committee and the
Administration Team. Changes in technology dictate changes in policy.                    Proxy
Implementation of Microsoft Live@edu will be another example of such change.             Hardening of Network Services
The AUP is Board policy. Any changes undergo review by legal counsel.                    Staff Procedures

Staff user accounts are created/disabled upon request from the Director of Human         Strategy: Mobile Web Filtering
Resources. The request will indicate the level of account access in terms of
computer logon, network storage, email, etc. Staff accounts are not deleted
unless they have been inactive for a period of 5 years.                                         Goal    Safe and Secure Access
                                                                                            Strategy    Mobile Web Filtering
Student user accounts are created/disabled upon request from the Assistant                      Title
Director. When a student is enrolled in the district, the Assistant Director issues a
                                                                                         Description    There are many web filtering products on the
DASL page to the Technology Coordinator indicating a student’s status as new,
withdrawn, transferred, etc. Student accounts are organized by their year of                            market. Our current use of the M86 appliance
graduation. Student accounts and network data are disabled, not deleted, until 6                        filters students while on campus. The FCC may
months after the graduation date.                                                                       rule that off campus filtering is a parental
The ITC holds periodic security audits. A recent security audit exposed clear text
                                                                                                        responsibility. But they may rule that the school
transfer of logon information on our PDExpress server which has since been                              retains responsibility if the mobile device is school
converted to https access only. All other exposed servers passed the audit. The                         property.
ITC also provides security monitoring and intrusion detection. If the ITC sees an
abnormal condition, they notify the Technology Coordinator to take action.                              WCCC will be proactive in researching options
Indicators for the success of the 8e6 are reports from teachers, incidence reports
requiring discipline of students or staff, and log files for the 8e6 in terms the
                                                                                                        and engaging a solution that will provide CIPA
quantity of "iteresting" traffic. The Technology Department has the ability to issue                    compliant web filtering for students off campus.
an override to the filter, but has only elected to do so for the district Resource                      Solutions being examined include proxy
Office so that he can conduct investigations for cyber bullying and/or other content                    redirection enforced by computer registry, software
involved in investigations. The Technology Department has the capability of                             packages, and service packages.
enhancing SPAM filtering in Exchange, but this has not been necessary to date.
Should complaints of SPAM become a problem, this action may be taken.
                                                                                                       The Technology Department desires a solution that
Implementation of Microsoft ISA as a web proxy will be a key indicator and the
                                                                                                       can detect when a user is on campus or off campus
information taken from logs will further allow WCCC to analyize Internet traffic
patterns beyond what the 8e6 finds "interesting". This will also make drill-down                       and engage the "home filter" when the student is
time more efficient should an incident arise.                                                          disconnected from our local network. The
                                                                                                       Technology Department desires a package that can
The key indicator in the success of our security implementations is the number of                      work with Active Directory security groups to
incidences. Over the past three years, incidences have been minimal and minor in
                                                                                                       apply policy. The Technology Department seeks a
nature. Thus, overall, it is the view of the Technology Committee that our network
and user security measures are effective. Should an increase in incidences be                          package that will allow quick editing to set global
observed, it is the responsibility of the Technology Coordinator to determine the                      policy, modify blacklists, and modify whitelists.
cause and efficiently find a solution that is cost effective and well researched.        Evaluation    Many packages will be examined and tested prior
WCCC takes a proactive stance with security hoping to stop the potential for               Process
incidents before they occur.
                                                                                                       to a decision and purchase. Completion of
                                                                                                       implementation of a solution will be measured.
How will we sustain the focus and momentum?                                               Outcome      WCCC will be compliant no matter how the FCC
                                                                                                       rules on off-campus computing requirements.
The AUP is key. Staff must complete online training regarding the AUP annually
and electronically sign off on it. They in turn cover the AUP with students from the                   WCCC will know that students in the one 2 one
student handbook at the beginning of each school year. The use of Sharepoint                           initiative are protected at all times.
services for our intranet/extranet is effective for publishing snippets of policy and   Position(s)    IT Director
inform staff of potential threats or changes in filtering.                              Responsibl
Technology Committee roundtables are also effective in information sharing with           Timeline     6 months -1 year
Security information passing to teachers. Teachers also pass issues or breaches
they have observed back to the committee or directly to the Technology
Coordinator.                                                                            Estimated Budget for this Strategy
                                                                                        Funding Source (if applicable)    general fund
WCCC recognizes the exponential growth in threats and the impossibility of
staying on top of threats internally. We are comfortable with our reliance on our       Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $2,250.00
ITC to provide filtering and protection for our network. With a new Erate Form 470                              Year1
for FY09 putting Internet Services out to bid, our Criteria for accepting services is   Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $3,360.00
25% cost, 10% Ease of Transition, 25% Filtering capability, 15% Remote Access                                   Year2
capability, and 25% Reliability. Should our bid critia worksheet dictate changing       Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $4,320.00
our Internet service provider, the WCCC technology department recognizes there                                  Year3
may be a need to add security measures in house. If that should occur prior to
implementation of Microsoft ISA server, a firewall unit and web filter may become
a necessary purchase.
                                                                                        Strategy: Proxy
The WCCC Tech Dept staff will continue to talk to vendors and stay up to date
regarding security products, threats, and proactive measures. One of the                       Goal    Safe and Secure Access
professional journals that we receive is Security magazine. The Tech Dept is
ready and willing to demo appliances as part of their research. Should the need            Strategy    Proxy
for implementation Educational Technology Plan for Warren County JVSD School                   Title
Years: 2009-12 of further security measures become necessary, the Technology            Description    WCCC will investigate the use of a web proxy to
Department will be prepared to take efficient action.                                                  not only log web activity on campus for
                                                                                                    disciplinary documentation but also to cache web
Technology Support and Management
                                                                                                    content and speed browsing. WCCC has had
                                                                                                    Forefront Security Gateway running and found it
                                                                                                    to be over-sized for our goal. Forefront remains a
                                                                                                    possibility and if continued, adding firewall
                                                                                                    capability to harden the network is a possibility.
                                                                                                    Other potential solutions include open source
                                                                                                    Linux based proxy servers.

                                                                                                    The technology department will consult other
                                                                                                    district technology coordinators during their
                                                                                                    investigation to determine the best practical
                                                                                                    solution for this strategy.
How will we get there?                                                                 Evaluation   Determining the best practical solution and
The ratios provided above for students, teachers, computers, and building pertain
                                                                                                    implementation of that solution will be measured.
to secondary teachers and students and the computers that they have access to           Outcome     Web traffic will flow faster due to cache and our
only. These ratios do include facilities staff/computers, administrative support                    Administration Team will have a log of user
staff/computers, or administration staff/computers.                                                 activity to examine should there be a violation of
The Technology Department is currently a three member staff. The Technology                         the Acceptable Use Agreement.
Coordinator is responsible for Administrative functions including policy, regular     Position(s)   IT Director
administration meetings, strategic planning, reporting to the Board of Education,     Responsibl
technology planning and procedures, scheduling, staff professional development,                 e
and evaluation. The technical expertise of the current Technology Coordinator lies      Timeline    6 months -1 year
in Cisco and Microsoft networking, education, servers, VoIP telephony, security,
data backup, and computer systems support. The Systems Specialist role is
server development and implementation, client side support, server upgrades and
migration, data storage and backup, scripting, programming, database, and web         Proxy: Hardening of Network Services
development. The technical expertise of the current Systems Specialist is
Microsoft networking and servers, Cisco networking, programming in .net
                                                                                            Goal    Safe and Secure Access
framework, scripting and automation, server virtualization, database, security, and
computer systems support.                                                               Strategy    Hardening of Network Services
The Computer/Network Technician role is end user support. The technical               Description   WCCC currently operates as a LAN segment of
expertise of the current Computer/Network Technician is Apple hardware and
operating systems support, Apple OSX Server, PC systems support, multimedia
                                                                                                    our ITC, SWOCA. We are firewalled by SWOCA
hardware/software, operating systems, and physical layer networking. All three                      from their other districts. We rely on SWOCA for
Technology Department staff members are educated in their field, have excellent                     web filtering, NAT, and firewalling our Internet
communication skills, and learn quickly and efficiently. While all three members of                 Access. We remain under SWOCA contract
the Department have their primary focus and unique expertise, they work                             through 2014 at which time the Erate process will
efficiently as a team and all three members are ready and willing to ensure good
service and quick response to trouble tickets as they are received.
                                                                                                    put our Internet Access back out to bid.
WCCC is a career technical high school with satellite programs in partner districts.                    All web facing servers in our district are encrypted
The technology department does not provide support to satellite programs beyond
                                                                                                        with SSL with the exception of Sharepoint
the program classroom (no infrastructure support). The satellite programs drive
the support staff to student and the support staff to building ratios up. Unlike a                      Services which uses encrypted Windows
comprehensive district where buildings supported are within a couple of miles of                        authentication. We undergo security audits by
one another, our geographic spread is 23 miles from our northernmost partner                            SWOCA and comply with any findings.
school to our southernmost partner school. In addition to our partner schools who
are connected to us through our ITC, we have programs at Miami University
                                                                                                        WCCC will investigate the potential to further
Middletown (Gateway to Success), Fenwick High School (Gateway to College),
Otterbein Retirement Community (Project Search), the Warren County Airport                              secure and harden the network from external
(Aviation Technology), and the Warren County Humane Society (Veterinary                                 threats by adding additional security layers.
Science). The impact of travel time and mileage is cumbersome on the                                    Investigation will include discussion with vendors
Technology Department. If a 15 mile trip must be made to diagnose a problem                             for solutions. It may include a security audit.
that requires parts, the trip does not solve the problem and additional trips must
                                                                                          Evaluation    This is an investigative strategy. Documentation
be made. If the Computer/Network Technician is on the road, the Systems
Specialist is in the middle of a critical server operation, and the Technology                          will be kept by the Technology Coordinator of the
Coordinator is in an Administrative function, there is no support left for staff. This                  findings. If a solution is recommended and
is also the case anytime a vacation, personal, or sick leave day is used by a                           adopted, the completion of the initiative will be
Technology Department staff member.
WCCC anticipates an increase in the number of satellite programs. Satellite                Outcome      The WCCC network will be better secured from
programs currently exist in four of our six partner school districts. Most satellite                    external threats.
programs require a full computer lab, although some labs are smaller than
                                                                                         Position(s)    IT Director
standard size (10-20 computers). While the potential number of increased
locations is only two, the time on the road for Technology Department staff
increases significantly with every new satellite program.
                                                                                           Timeline     1 year - 2 years
Additional Technology Department staff may be considered to provide consistent
service to all locations.

How will we know we are getting there?                                                   Strategy: Staff Procedures

The Technology Department publishes surveys for staff regarding professional                    Goal    Safe and Secure Access
development and satisfaction. Additionally, the district Are We Making Progress
                                                                                            Strategy    Staff Procedures
survey includes data on Technology systems and service. Staff input to their
supervisors reaches the Administration team and if issues regarding technology
impairing the education process are made known, they are dealt with immediately.         Description    Another strategy in this Technology Plan has the
There is no excuse with all of the checks and balances in place for professional                        IT Department developing a policy and
development program, communication tools, and the planning and purchasing                               procedures manual for staff and students. All staff
plan for technology systems to ever be a hindrance to education unless there is
an unavoidable calamity - and the Technology Department always gives top
                                                                                                        and students have secure Active Directory logins
priority to emergency situations.                                                                       regardless of their platform (MAC or PC).
                                                                                                        However, we are our own greatest enemy. Staff
It is the responsibility of the Technology Coordinator to build into the annual                         and students need clear procedures, reminders,
Technology budget funds for repair and purchased services. Should there be an                           and training on securing their workstation and
immediate need beyond the ability of the Tech Dept to respond, external support
                                                                                                        ensuring password level security.
will be called in. At the close of the purchasing plan, the Technology Coordinator      Evaluation    Completion of the Technology Department User
knows the scope of summer work to prepare for the coming school year. It is his           Process
                                                                                                      Guide will be measured for evaluation as will
responsiblity to use purchased services money to employ summer help. In the
past, a single Information Technology Tech Prep student has been hired for a                          reminders and training.
paid internship to assist with prep work and deployment.                                  Outcome     Data at all levels, whether student, teacher,
                                                                                                      administrative support staff, or administration will
Use of Ohio Public School Works as the online IT service order system has
greatly improved the tracking and efficiency of the Technology Department. The
                                                                                                      be better secured.
data on response time from opening of ticket to closing of ticket is valuable. The      Position(s)   IT Director
tracking of issues and the database of their solution is also valuable.                Responsible
                                                                                          Timeline    6 months -1 year
Finally, the Technology Committee has a representative from every department in
the district. This committee steers technology decision making for the district and
serves as another vehicle for the staff to provide input and feedback. If there is a   Goal: Public, Parent, Student Access
problem and a staff member is unhappy, it will be discussed in detail at the next
Technology Committee meeting.
How will we sustain focus and momentum?                                                               Phase    4. Technology Infrastructure,
                                                                                                               Management and Support
WCCC will monitor the following pieces of data:                                                  Goal Type     Access to Educational Information
Average ticket response time
Average ticket resolution time                                                                                 and Applications
Tech Dept staff to computer ratio                                                          If Other, please
Tech Dept staff to location ratio                                                                   specify
Tech Dept mileage used                                                                            Goal Title   Public, Parent, Student Access
Tech Dept time spent off the main campus
Funds spent on purchased services                                                          Goal Description    Improve Public, Parent, and Student
                                                                                                               access to Education Information and
If any of these indicators becomes an issue, it is the responsibility of the                                   Technology Services.
Technology Coordinator and the Curriculum Director to determine the cause,
                                                                                         Needs Assessment      We are in compliance with public
formulate a solution, and present it to the Superintendent. Solutions may be
additional staffing, re-organization of the Technolgoy Department, or negative                                 records legislation and archiving of
evaluation with an action plan for a Technology Department staff member.                                       documents. We continuously try to
                                                                                                               improve our public facing services to
The Technology Plan mission and vision clearly dictate that we are here for
student. Our mission is one of service. Our Department works well as a team and
                                                                                                               better serve our community.
our vision and mission are reinforced daily in our office and workroom.                 Where are we now?      iii. Adequate
                                                                                         Where do we want      iv. Advanced
                                                                                                   to be?
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Total Cost of Ownership
                                                                                           Last Modified By    David Cairns, 2/16/2012 1:11 PM
                                                                                       Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
                                                                                           Estimated Cost for Goal in    $12,500.00
                                                                                          Estimated Cost for Goal in     $1,000.00
                                                                                          Estimated Cost for Goal in     $1,000.00

                                                                                      Strategy Titles:
                                                                                      Course Management System Migration
                                                                                      Sharepoint Intranet/Extranet Upgrade
                                                                                      Classroom Management Software

                                                                                      Strategy: Course Management System Migration

How will we get there?                                                                       Goal    Public, Parent, Student Access
You cannot help but make excellent relationships with vendors you trust and like         Strategy    Course Management System Migration
to work with. That said, WCCC is a public organization and has a responsibility to           Title
consider all vendor proposals at the time of purchase. While there is deliberate      Description    WCCC is at a crossroads with Course Managment
consideration for vendors, sometimes tied to existing contracts such as Embarq                       Software. Our current initiative is Sharepoint
for Telephony, Xerox for copiers, etc, standards play a more essential role in
                                                                                                     Services which is in need of upgrading. The
TCO. It should also be noted that WCCC always gives local vendors the
opportunity to place bids.                                                                           database is too large to be free and is not smoothly
                                                                                                     converted into the SQL format for the new version.
Standards play a key role in procurement. Our printers, peripherals, computer                        We are examining Moodle as an open source
components, servers, cameras, camcorders, dvd decks, etc are all standardized.                       option to migrate our teacher sites. In taking on
Through the purchasing process, TCO is examined for initial purchase,
                                                                                                     this initiative, using course management software
maintenance, professional development for staff, repair, replacement, and
disposal at end of life. These factors are weighed in the decision to purchase or                    would no longer be optional, but mandatory. The
reject a technology request and are included in budgeting for the life expectancy                    IT Dept is currently bench testing a Moodle server
of the item.                                                                                         and is pleased with its integration with Examview
                                                                                                     Pro and Progress Book. It will be the IT
Naturally during the planning stages of the purchasing process, specifications for
                                                                                                     Department's responsibility to establish teacher
the item and hardware/software requirements are analyzed to determine
feasibility. If the item requires major installation, such as an interactive                         sites and provide training for teachers moving into
whiteboard, the Facilities Maintenance department is consulted. If necessary, a                      the 2012-13 school year.
third party vendor may be consulted. WCCC is fortunate to have an electrician as
part of an excellent maintenance staff and the Technology Department works                           Whether the decision is to stay with Sharepoint,
closely with them. These factors are all built into the TCO and play a significant
                                                                                                     move to Moodle, or another package WCCC
role in the decision to accept or reject a request for technology.
                                                                                                     intends to make online Course Management a
Deployment, installation, and training are all part of the purchasing plan outlined                  requirement.
previously in this document. Staff must submit a rationale and plan for integrating
technology that includes professional development required in their request for                      This strategy is taking one more step toward
technology. These factors are all built into the TCO for every item purchased.
                                                                                                     becoming a paperless district.
                                                                                        Evaluation    Completion of determining a package and
Currently, the Technology Dept uses very little external support. As a Department,        Process
                                                                                                      implementing the migration will be evaluated.
pride is taken on handling any job. However, for installation, sometimes it is not
only desired but necessary to consider an external vendor. This is often the case                     Staff evaluation will include measuring the
for extensive interior cabling or exterior wiring. These costs are always considered                  effective use of Course Management Software.
in the TCO for purchasing decisions.                                                     Outcome      Students will have an online interface to connect to
WCCC has a well-planned phase out program with priority given for new
                                                                                                      their classes, retrieve assignments, engage in
hardware to those career technical programs needed state of the art equipment                         discussion, and turn in their work for teacher
and their older (new to most) handed down and redistributed. When it is time to                       collection. WCCC will be consistent.
scrap, a certified recycling company is brought in. WCCC use to pay for recycling      Position(s)    IT Director
technology items.                                                                      Responsibl
Today, there are several companies in Ohio that will come to our site, pick up           Timeline
skids of retired technology, shred the technology, and issue a certificate of proper
                                                                                                      1 year - 2 years
disposal under EPA guidelines. WCCC takes full advantage of this with recycling
pickup occurring in the summer. The company we currently engage for recycling          Estimated Budget for this Strategy
is ITScrap. Battery recycling is done at the time of battery replacement an our        Funding Source (if applicable)
vendor is Batteries Plus with a local store within 15 minutes. We take our old                                            General Fund
batteries to them for proper recycle under EPA guidelines and pick up                  Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $2,500.00
replacement batteries. For both technology retirement recycling and battery                                    Year1
recycling, no additional money is added to our TCO.                                    Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $1,000.00
How will we know we are getting there?                                                 Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $1,000.00
The Treasurer's office maintains a five year forecast which is revised twice per       Professional Development Need (If Applicable)
year. This forecast determines the financial health of the district. New
                                                                                        Identify     Workshops will be necessary starting in late summer
programming is discussed in Administration meetings early in the year and
potential for new programming is built into the five year forcast and the budgeting                  to prepare teachers for integrating the Course
process. The treasurer gives the Administration team an idea, as compared to last       Formats      Management System. It is not expected that teachers
year's budget, the percentage of increase/decrease to anticipate for the following                   be fully engaged until 2013-14 but that they have
fiscal year long before the technology requests for technology are received in the
                                                                                                     begun the process and are migrating their classes
technology purchasing process.
                                                                                                     during 2012-13. Workshops will continue
The Technology Coordinator's annual budget targets infrastructure and                                throughout the 2012-13 school year.
technology for Administration, Administrative Support, and Facilities staff. The         Identify    IT Director
Director receives a budget for equipment, supplies, and software for education         Person(s)
programs and departments. The Technology Coordinator can use budgeted                     to plan
money to support technology costs for programs and departments by transfering                 PD
money into the Directors budget for that program or department. This is all              How PD      Teachers will have the training necessary to train
coordinated and done during the purchasing process. As the Director and the                  will
Technology Coordinator collaborate, they examine ongoing costs, pre-established                      their students and be successful in using the Course
costs, renewal costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, professional                    this    Management System.
development costs, and potential third party support costs in addition to the life      Strategy
expectency of the item. Data examined includes the amount of of money spent on          How will     Workshop evaluation and teacher success will be
the program/department over time, past purchases, and future needs. These                 PD be
factors are all considered as requests for technology are prioritized and either      measured    measured.
accepted or rejected.                                                                        ?

Repair and maintenace costs for technology are tracked in by line item in the
Technology Coordinator's budget. This data is used to factor into the TCO for
future purchases.                                                                     Strategy: Sharepoint Intranet/Extranet Upgrade

How will we sustain focus and momentum?                                                           Goal    Public, Parent, Student Access
It has taken WCCC a while to hammer down an effective technology purchasing              Strategy Title   Sharepoint Intranet/Extranet Upgrade
plan and we feel we have a really good system in place that is staff driven,               Description    Sharepoint is still under consideration for
involves advisory committee input, and puts student learning first. We are one
year into implementation of the plan. As with all new processes, there are bumps
                                                                                                          Course Managment Software. However,
in the road. The main obstacle for the first year was staff understanding that the                        there is a very good possibility that another
process was final (there would be no technology requests the assigned deadline).                          package will be utilized. Sharepoint has a
Another obstacle was unexpected, unbudgeted needs that have cropped up                                    dual purpose role in our district as Course
during the year. These obstacles have been very minor and the system will                                 Management Software and as our
continue to smooth out with time.
The key to TCO for WCCC is purchasing and implementation standards. This
requires dedication for a manufacturer's product, not a vendor's offering. WCCC is                        Our current version is Sharepoint Services
currently standardized to Intel motherboards and processors, HP printers, Xerox                           2003 which will be upgraded to Sharepoint
copiers, Cisco Telephony and network switches, Canon digital cameras and                                  2010. If an alternative CMS package is
camcorders, and Smart Technology interactive Whiteboards. With a six year
anticipated lifespan of computer equipment and the typical warranty period of
                                                                                                          selected, the Sharepoint upgrade will be to
three years for parts, it is the position of the Technology Department that no                            Foundations 2010 with SQL Express 2008
proprietary equipment, other than Apple MacIntosh for Digital Design and Graphic                          which has a 4 GB database limit. Migration
Arts, be purchased new. This includes the computer power supply, chassis,                                 is not a smooth transition because the the
interior cabling, drives, and mainboards. By adhering to these standards, WCCC                            database conversion.
is committing to manufacturers, not to vendors allowing the purchasing of
equipment to be easily estimated. This also allows WCCC to take multiple bids for           Evaluation    Completion of the project will be evaluated.
bulk purchasing and to aquire the best deal and warranty possible. The most                   Process
important benefit to the Technology Department is the ability to purchase                    Outcome      The Public facing Intranet/Extranet will
replacement parts beyond the three year warranty from any vendor rather than                              continue to provide valuable, searchable
from a proprietary                                                                                        information including forms, documents,
vendor/manufacturer. With the sputtering economy and more vendors filing
bankruptcy, it is reassuring to not be locked into a vendor for purchase, warranty,                       links, etc to staff, students, parents, and the
and support.                                                                                              community. The upgrade will perform better
                                                                                                          for all platforms.
WCCC has purchased off-lease equipment at highly discounted rates in the past.             Position(s)
The failure rate of off-lease equipment is low and the warranty period is one year.
                                                                                                          IT Director
Off-lease equipment offers the ability to quickly inject newer technology where
                                                                                              Timeline    6 months -1 year
immediate needs exist. WCCC will continue to purchase off-lease equipment as
necessary to meet budetary requirements. The downside of off-lease equipment
is its typical proprietary nature.
                                                                                      Strategy: Classroom Management Software
Should repair, maintenance, and purchasing costs go significantly beyond
budgeted amounts under our purchasing plan, the Director and Technology
                                                                                            Goal    Public, Parent, Student Access
Coordinator will be forced to re-examine the TCO. This would include looking at
the equipment being purchased, the associated warranty purchased, the cost of      Strategy Title   Classroom Management Software
salaries for maintenance and repair, and an alternative of leasing equipment and     Description
contracting maintenance and repair.
                                                                                                    The deeper we go into our one 2 one
                                                                                                    initiative, the more important a stable
                                                                                                    classroom management system becomes.
                                                                                                    Features desired are, over a wireless
                                                                                                    connection, for the teacher to be able to:
                                                                                                    - Control student screens for demonstration
                                                                                                    - Send document immediately to the student
                                                                                                    - Filter the software students are able to
                                                                                                    - Filter Internet access for students during
                                                                                                    the class period
                                                                                                    - Monitor student activity on the fly
                                                                                                    - Collect assignments back from students
                                                                                                    when finished

                                                                                                    We currently have licensing for a Classroom
                                                                                                    Management Softwware package called
                                                                                                    Netop. We have recently seen another
                                                                                                    package called DyKnow that we are very
                                                                                                    impressed with. The only negative we have
                                                                                                    with NetOp is stability.

                                                                                                    No matter the Classroom Management
                                                                                                    Software package we use, we need to
                                                                                                    increase teacher training on the use of the
                                                                                                    software and make the software mandatory
                                                                                                    for all One 2 One teachers. This means that
                                                                                                    it could be mandatory for all teachers by the
                                                                                                    end of term of this Technology Plan.
                                                                                      Evaluation    Teacher evaluation will include comments
                                                                                                    on the use of the Classroom Management
                                                                                                    Software to conduct the workflow of the
                                                                                                    observed class.
         Outcome      Workflows will be streamlined and exact in
                      the classroom. Teachers will be paperless
                      with electronic document flow with their
                      students. Discipline problems relating to
                      technology use will disappear.
      Position(s)     IT Director
         Timeline     2 years - 3 years

Estimated Budget for this Strategy
              Funding Source (if    general fund
Estimated Cost for Strategy in      $10,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in      $0.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in      $0.00
Professional Development Need (If Applicable)
 Identify      Professional Development Workshops will need to
               take place for the desired Classroom Management
 Formats       Software for all staff engaged in or new to the one 2
               one initiative. Once training is complete, targeted
               staff should meet regularly as a users group to share
   Identify    IT Director
to plan PD
  How PD       Teachers will be trained on the use of the Classroom
               Management Software.
 How will      All workshops are evaluated by participant survey.
   PD be

Goal: Data Driven Decision Making
   Phase     4. Technology Infrastructure, Management and
Goal Type    Access to Educational Information and Applications
 If Other,
Goal Title   Data Driven Decision Making
     Goal    WCCC will increase the use of data to evaluate
             progress and make decisions for continuous
   Needs     This ongoing goal is necessary in today's school.
             We need to make informed, justified decisions.
   Where     ii. Minimal
   are we
Where do     iv. Advanced
 we want
  to be?
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    Last     David Cairns, 2/16/2012 1:38 PM
Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
    Estimated Cost for Goal in    $10,000.00
    Estimated Cost for Goal in    $5,000.00
    Estimated Cost for Goal in    $5,000.00

Strategy: Common Data Dashboard

              Goal   Data Driven Decision Making
    Strategy Title   Common Data Dashboard
      Description    WCCC will investigate and potentially
                    purchase a canned data dashboard so that,
                    via manual input, historical data can be kept
                    and accessed by targeted staff, students, and
                    the community. This is a means of keeping
                    an internal, historical report card of the
                    district that can be used for strategic
                    planning and decision making.
      Evaluation    The decision to purchase a package will be
        Outcome     At minimum, WCCC will have better
                    understanding of what is affordable and
                    available. Although this strategy does
                    require human aggregation and input of
                    data, it streamlines that data into a reporting
                    feature that will allow quick access to key
      Position(s)   IT Director; Superintendent
        Timeline    2 years - 3 years

Estimated Budget for this Strategy
Funding Source (if applicable)    general fund
Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $5,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $0.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in    $0.00

Strategy: Data Mining and Warehousing

            Goal    Data Driven Decision Making
   Strategy Title   Data Mining and Warehousing
     Description    WCCC has investigated in the past
                    contracting services for the development of
                    a customized data warehouse. Price has
               always been unattainable and stability of
               companies has been an issue. WCCC has
               contemplated attempting to mine data
               internally with the help of our ITC,
               SWOCA. It is very difficult for a CTC to
               obtain data because students are still
               enrolled in their Comprehensive district
               which renders state database software
               useless to our cause. The State has been
               "working on" this issue for quite a few

               Our strategy is to continue to look for means
               to mine data automatically and feed that data
               into an SQL database with nightly refresh.
               Even if we have to accomplish this with one
               data system at a time. Then we want our
               dashboard software to be able to read that
               data from the SQL database and present it to
               key personnel.

               Whether this strategy evolves into an
               internal solution or a contracted service
               remains to be determined. The extent to
               which, once determined, this strategy is
               implemented has yet to be determined.
 Evaluation    The completion, system by system, of
   Process     mining data from an external database
               system, scrubbing it, and sending it to SQL
               for warehousing will be measured.
   Outcome     WCCC will have a historical picture of
               progress for targeted indicators in the
               strategic plan and the continuous
               improvement plan.
 Position(s)   IT Director; Superintendent
   Timeline    2 years - 3 years
Estimated Budget for this Strategy
Funding Source (if applicable)   general fund
Estimated Cost for Strategy in   $5,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in   $5,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in   $5,000.00

Goal: Service Improvement
              Phase     4. Technology Infrastructure,
                        Management and Support
          Goal Type     Technology Support and
     If Other, please
           Goal Title   Service Improvement
    Goal Description    The Technology Department will
                        improve efficiency and response time.
  Needs Assessment      We have a great staff and solid
                        practices in place. There is always
                        need to strive for improvement.
 Where are we now?      ii. Sufficient
  Where do we want      iii. Increase
            to be?
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    Last Modified By    David Cairns, 2/16/2012 3:48 PM
Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
    Estimated Cost for Goal in   $5,000.00
    Estimated Cost for Goal in   $27,000.00
    Estimated Cost for Goal in   $27,000.00
Strategy Titles:
Personnel Distribution
Cross Training
Efficiency and Response Time

Strategy: Personnel Distribution

       Goal    Service Improvement
   Strategy    Personnel Distribution
Description    Our current Technology Department Staff consists
               Technology Specialist (Coordinator), full time,
               Lead Computer Network Technician, Full Time,
               Computer Network Technician, Full Time, 7:30-4
               Computer Network Technician, Part Time, 3-9, M-

               The Technology Department also takes in summer
               interns freshly graduated from our Information
               Technology programs. The interns assists perform
               deployment, imaging, and teardown/putback for
               summer cleaning.

               WCCC will continue to monitor staff levels as
               expansion continues to be a factor. Two new
               programs are to be implemented off-site which
               brings 62 more computers under the Technology
               Department which is spread over 13 locations. Our
               next step in supporting the work load would be to
               elevate the part time technician position to full
               time on a 12-8:30 shift.

               The number of student interns required is
               dependent on the summer workload as set by the
              budget/purchase process and the expansion of
              existing programs. For summer of 2011, we hired 2
 Evaluation   We have an online ticketing system for break/fix
              work. Response time is measured. The deployment
              completion date and imaging completion ate are
  Outcome     The technology department will be adequately staff
              to ensure that school is ready to start with full
              systems preparation prior to the first day of student
Position(s)   Curriculum Coordinator/Director; IT Director;
              Superintendent; Treasurer
  Timeline    2 years - 3 years

Estimated Budget for this Strategy
Funding Source (if applicable)     general fund
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $5,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $27,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $27,000.00

Strategy: Cross Training

           Goal    Service Improvement
  Strategy Title   Cross Training
    Description    Within the Technology Department, each staff
                   member has different strengths and roles. In
                   order to keep the district stable and positioned
                   to handle attrition or catastrophe, the
                   Technology Department staff must have time
                   to meet as a department and cross train in
                   specialty areas. The Technology Coordinator
               is responsible to coordinate these exercises and
               evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each
               Department member to determine the cross
               training required.

               Targeted training includes:
               Operating plaforms
               Servers operation and procedures
               Backup and recovery operation and
               Disaster recovery procedures
               Deployment procedures
               Scope of summer work and responsibilities

               To accomplish this, the part time technician
               must have a schedule modification or get paid
               overtime for early arrival. Interns must be
               trained upon their start of work.

               Due to the nature of Technology service being
               on demand, 24/7, it is impossible for the
               Department to schedule regular meetings.
               These sessions must be scheduled in a quiet
               secure location with adequate access. They
               must also be well-planned and productive.
 Evaluation    The Technology Coordinator will evaluate the
   Process     effectiveness of the sessions. The Technology
               Coordinator will recommend annual goals and
               discuss the goals set for the evaluation process
               by the technicians. The Evaluation process
               will be measured.
   Outcome     WCCC will be prepared for loss of a
               Technology Department staff member for any
               reason and will be able to move forward with
 Position(s)   IT Director
   Timeline    2 years - 3 years
Professional Development Need (If Applicable)
Identify PD Methods/Formats       Meeting/Cross training session
Identify Person(s) to plan PD     IT Director
     How PD will support this     Knowledge transfer

Strategy: Efficiency and response time

         Goal    Service Improvement
Strategy Title   Efficiency and response time
  Description    The Technology Department is masterful at
                 multi-tasking. Every day has hundreds of tasks
                 for each staff member, many of which were
                 unexpected. As a team, the Department will
                 streamline procedures and work with the
                 Treasurer's office and the Superintendent's office
                 to put measures in place to provide greater
                 efficiency. This is an ongoing strategy.

                 Currently under investigation is and automated
                 Inventory/Asset tracking system. Currently, this
                 is an antiquated workflow with duplication of
                 effort by the Technology Department and the
                 Treasurer's office. Desired is a bar-coded system
                 that can tie into the State inventory system that
                 allows quick search by key personnel and the
                 ability to scan items for moves and deployment
                 quickly into the system. This system would
                 eliminate hand written information of items by
                 the Technology Department followed by keyed
                 entry of information by the Treasurer's office. It
                 would also allow the Technology Department to
                 scan in items for repair and make notes as to
                 parts orders, anticipated arrival time, and
                 completion of task.
                 One facet of this strategy is to remain in contact
                 with other districts and technology coordinators
                 to share ideas, products, and procedures.
  Evaluation     This is an ongoing strategy. We are constantly
                 looking for ways to improve efficiency and
                 response time. Any initiative that we undertake,
                 such as inventory systems, will be evaluated by
                 improvements in efficiency by the Technology
    Outcome      The district will improve efficiency, save money
                 in the long term, and provide better service to
                 staff and students.
  Position(s)    IT Director
    Timeline     2 years - 3 years

Goal: Managing TCO
                Phase    4. Technology Infrastructure,
                         Management and Support
          Goal Type      Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    If Other, please
           Goal Title    Managing TCO
    Goal Description     WCCC will maintain or reduce its
                         Total Cost of Ownership for
                         Technology Items.
  Needs Assessment       It is an ongoing goal to reduce the
                         TCO of technology items.
 Where are we now?       ii. Some
  Where do we want       iii. More
            to be?
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Estimated Budget Summary for this Goal
    Estimated Cost for Goal in    $46,500.00
    Estimated Cost for Goal in    $46,500.00
    Estimated Cost for Goal in    $46,500.00

Strategy Titles:
Contracted Services
Hazardous Waste Disposal/Technology Recycling
Manufacturer Selection
Life Expectancy of Equipment

Strategy: Leasing

       Goal    Managing TCO
   Strategy    Leasing
Description    Where appropriate, WCCC will lease equipment
               to reduce the burden of large up-front cost.
               Currently, all copier equipment is under lease. As
               we move toward a paperless environment, the
               need for large copiers will decrease. Currently, all
               MacIntosh computers are obtained through a
               lease-purchase. We own the equipment after the
               lease period and warranty expires. This equipment
               is then available for trade-in, continued use, or

               Large IT Infrastructure items are also typically
               purchased under a lease agreement. The SAN is an
               example of this.
 Evaluation    The number of leased items will be measured.
   Outcome     Reduction of initial cost followed by low interest
               financing is a great option to reduce the TCO and
               provide the equipment needed for student success.
Position(s)    IT Director; Superintendent; Treasurer
  Timeline     2 years - 3 years

Strategy: Contracted Services
     Goal     Managing TCO
 Strategy     Contracted Services
Descriptio    WCCC has an efficient Technology Department that
              has limited external dependencies for service
              support. WCCC will continue to monitor services
              hosted internally and those contracted out to
              determine the best cost factor for the work load and
              the greatest efficiency for service. With major
              manufacturers including Cisco, Microsoft, and
              VMWare, a maintenance contract via a channel
              partner is required. The following maintenance is
              contracted out:

              Cisco equipment maintenance (Century Link)
              Telephony Line Maintenance (Century Link)
              Basic Conduit Internet Maintenance (SWOCA)
              WAN Maintenance (SWOCA/Century Link)
              Primary web site hosting/maintenance
              Citrix Software Assurance (Citrix)
              VmWare Maintenance (Intrust Group)
              Suveillance/Security system maintanence (ADT)
              Software Agreement, Microsoft (CDWG)
              CLP Agreement, Adobe (Tiger Direct)
              Managed Print Services (DCS Technologies)
              EMC Maintenance, Networker (Roundtower
              EMC Maintenance, AX4 SAN (Roundtower

The WCCC Technology Department handles the
following internally:

Cisco network design
Cisco switch and router programming
Cisco telephony configuration
Cisco wireless configuration
Microsoft Server Administration
Microsoft Domain Administration
Microsoft SQL Administration
Microsoft Exchange Administration
Microsoft Sharepoint Administration
Application Server Administration including web
facing applications (8 total)
Email Archiving Administration
Print Server Administration
MacIntosh Server Administration with Active
Directory Integration
EMC SAN Configuration and Management
EMC Networker Backup and Recovery
VMWare administration with VCenter
Physical layer wiring and connectivity for network,
video, voice
Deployment of video, voice, multimedia, and data
Break/Fix and maintenance of video, voice,
multimedia, and data systems

With regard to TCO, WCCC continuously monitors
the balance between maintenance agreements,
service contracts, and internally provided services.
It is always, unequivacably less expensive for the
Technology Department to absorb a major initiative.
However, that is not always feasible based on the
work load. Most often, once the initiative is in place
              via contracted services, the Technology Department
              then assumes the monitoring and management for
              the system. It is essential that cost savings do not
              result in reduction in services or response time.
Evaluatio     Response time is monitored via the help desk
n Process
              ticketing system. Additionally, Technology Survey
              data is collected. Additional measures include
              initiative man hour estimates vs time on task.
 Outcome      WCCC provides the highest degree of service at the
              lowest TCO by balancing contracted services with
              in house services.
Position(s    IT Director; Superintendent; Treasurer
 Timeline     2 years - 3 years

Estimated Budget for this Strategy
             Funding Source (if    general fund
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $45,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $45,000.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $45,000.00

Strategy: Hazardous Waste
Disposal/Technology Recycling
     Goal     Managing TCO
 Strategy     Hazardous Waste Disposal/Technology Recycling
Descriptio    It is essential that all electronic circuit boards and
              technology hazardous waste be properly disposed of
              at end of life. WCCC monitors services both locally
              and state-wide for certified technology recycling.
             WCCC currently has no CRT monitors and very
             few CRT televisions left in the district. Expectations
             for a technology recycler include:
             certificate of disposal for all items
             low cost (by the pound or by the piece)
             low charge for pick up (by the load or by the hour)

             One additional desired feature is the ability to drop
             off by the truck or van load.

             Currently, WCCC utilizes the services of 2TRG.
             WCCC will continue to monitor and seek the best
             deal and the lowest price point. Disposal adds to the
             the TCO of every piece of equipment purchased.

             Additionally, WCCC demands that hazardous waste
             costs be considered when accepting donations of
             electronic equipment.
Evaluatio    Technology recycling typically occurs to some
n Process
             degree every year. Costs are monitored and
             inventory records are carefully kept and measured.
 Outcome     WCCC remains compliant with federal, state, and
             local regulations regarding hazardous waste for
             electronic equipment and participates in recycling
Position(s   IT Director
 Timeline    2 years - 3 years

Estimated Budget for this Strategy
Funding Source (if applicable)     general fund
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $1,500.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $1,500.00
Estimated Cost for Strategy in     $1,500.00

Strategy: Manufacturer Selection
     Goal    Managing TCO
 Strategy    Manufacturer Selection
Descriptio   The easy way to do business is to choose an
         n   equipment manufacturer and dedicate all of your
             purchasing power to them. WCCC chooses not to
             engage in this type of technology purchasing.
             Rather, WCCC chooses to standardize, not by
             manufacturer, but by internal components and
             functionality. The Technology Coordinator is
             responsible for setting minimum standards and
             choosing the products to be purchased. Often, a
             particular vendor is desired, not necessarily for
             their hardware product, but for the software that
             supports their hardware. Smart Technologies is an
             example of this level of commitment. The
             Technology Coordinator will constantly study
             product and compare offerings against minimum
             standards to determine the best fit for the district.
             The district shall never pay more money for a
             product or service out of manufacturer or vendor
             loyalty. While each area is continuously examined
             for benefit vs TCO, the following standards are
             currently in place:

             Classroom Interactivity: Smart Technologies/Smart
             Multimedia: Blue-Ray, microphone capable
             amplifier, wall-mount/ceiling mount speakers
             (manufacturer neutral)
             Data Networking: Cisco
             Telephony: Cisco
             Video Conferencing: Polycom
              Virtualization: VMWare
              Servers: Supermicro
              Storage: EMC
              Email Archiving: Barracuda Networks
              Video Surveillance: Pelco (This will change with
              new initiative)
              PC Computers: Intel Processors, Intel or ASUS
              Mainboards, Intel or NVidia GPU
              Network Server Cabinets: Tripp Lite
              UPS Units: APC
Evaluation    Changes in standard are monitored and measured.
              Cost savings is measured for every initiative.
 Outcome      WCCC maintains the highest level of standard for
              technology equipment while monitoring to ensure
              the lowest possible TCO.
 Position(s   IT Director
  Timeline    2 years - 3 years

Strategy: Life Expectancy of Equipment

      Goal    Managing TCO
  Strategy    Life Expectancy of Equipment
Descriptio    When planning for budgeting and for TCO, one of
              the most important statistics is the life expectancy
              of the equipment. This timeline includes a period
              under which the equipment should be taken off a
              replacement maintenance agreement. The
              Technology Coordinator will monitor timelines and
              maintenance agreements to ensure the district is not
              paying for replacement maintenance on older items
              that would be a new purchase upon failure. The
              Technology Coordinator is also responsible to
              monitor timelines prior to planning and budgeting.
              Life expectancy is a variable concept. For
              computers, not only is there hardware to consider,
              but also the software and operating platform. If
              minimum standards for operating systems cannot
              be met, the hardware is no longer a quality asset.
              For networking, bandwidth for connected hardware
              is another factor in addition to the hardware itself.

              Here are current life expectancy guidelines:
              Network Switches: 5 years
              Computers: 5 years
              Laptops: 4 years
              Cell Phones: 2 years
              Servers: 5 years
              Storage units/drives: 4 years
Evaluation    The number of failures causing down time due to
              hardware failure will be measured and monitored.
 Outcome      WCCC will be proactive in ensuring that systems
              have proper uptime and serve students and staff
 Position(s   IT Director
  Timeline    2 years - 3 years

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