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Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Maths Development


									              Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Maths

       Development of the Halloween party

    -to develop speaking, reading, listening skills through playing game
    -to learn the culture of English Speaking Countries through celebration of

Warm-up: A song “Are you scared?” (See Appendix 1)
S1: Good afternoon! Welcome to our Halloween party! Are you scared?
S2: On the 31st of October is Halloween. This day ghosts and witches are free and you can
expect to meet them. A long time ago, people were afraid and stayed at home on Halloween.
S3: But now in Britain it is a day for fun. There are always a lot of parties that night. Some
people wear masks, others dress as ghosts and witches. Everybody is happy.
S4: So today we decided to play a game! We have two teams today: “Vampires” and “Witches”.
They will compete with each other to find who better knows Halloween.
S1: “Witches”:

S2: “Vampires”:

S3: Jury:

“A scary house”
S4: The 1st task is to draw the scariest house possible! Draw windows, doors and include scary
pumpkins, bats, monsters, trees, trick or treaters – make it scaaaaaaary!
S1: The team that has the scariest house wins. (See Appendix 2)

Brainstorm “Halloween”
S2: Now let’s play with our fans! You can help your team to get more points.
S3: Write as many words related to Halloween as you can. The team that has more right words

S4: Make up a story about the house using key words

S1: Let’s watch a short film about Halloween. Then answer the questions
   1) Who has got an angry pumpkin? Rock star
   2) Who has got a red candy? Witch
   3) Who has got a blue lollipop? Baseball player
   4) Who has got glasses? Rock star
   5) How many candies have they got? Nine

“Reading comprehension”
S2: The next task is to help each trick or treater find the right scary house to ask for candy.
S3: Follow the text and stick the trick or treater to the house. The team that fulfills the task faster
and correctly wins. (See Appendix 3)

“The witch’s broom”
S4: Help the witch find her broom. Colour the words connected with Halloween to find her path.
S1: You can only travel horizontally or vertically. The fastest team wins. (See Appendix 4)

“Mystery eyes”
S2: - Who do the eyes belong to? Fill in the blanks. The winner is the team that has more right
answers. (See Appendix 5)
S3: Let’s count the results and find out who is the winner today. And the winner is ….
S4: Our party has finished. Which games do you like most of all? Thank you for your attention
and participation. Goodbye!

              Are you scared of spiders?

               Are you scared of sharks?

                Do you start to tremble
                When you’re in the dark?

                Do you believe in aliens
                    And UFOs?

             Do you hide under your pillow
                     Late at night?

             Are you scared? Who? Me?

             Are you scared? No, I’m not.

              Yes, you are. You’re scared!

                      (Repeat x2)

              Are you scared of thunder?
                Are you scared of bats?

                Do you start to tremble
                When you think of rats?

              Do you believe in vampires?

               Do you believe in ghosts?
             Do you hide under your pillow

                     Late at night?

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