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                                   Humboldt Storage and moving
                                   Customer Solution Case Study

Humboldt Storage
and moving
Organization Size:
 100 employees
Software and Services:             SITUATION                                       customer service capabilities, and
 Microsoft Dynamics® GP                                                            provide financial insight so they could
                                   Humboldt Storage and Moving, an agent
 and MoversSuite                   of United Van Lines (America’s largest
                                                                                   plan for the future and ultimately become
                                                                                   a more profitable business.
Industry:                          moving company), assists companies
                                   and families with everything involved in
 Transportation-Moving & Storage   the moving process, from relocating
                                                                                   “our biggest improvement
Country/Region:                    employees to moving priceless pieces            has been in our customer
                                   of artwork. Based out of Boston, MA,            service department. our
 United States                     Humboldt is the mover of choice.
                                   Being in business for over 100 years,           employees can actually
Business Need:
                                   Humboldt understands the stress that            understand the system
 Enhanced Customer Service         goes along with moving and strives to
                                   meet their ultimate goal of creating a
                                                                                   and entering an order is
Streamlined Business and                                                           no longer rocket science.”
                                   relaxing experience for all of their clients.
Accounting Processes
                                   As a member of the United Van Lines             Nick Abbatangelo, CFO of Humboldt Storage
Issue:                             operation, Humboldt was processing              & Moving
 Accounting Software               their orders, customer data and billing
 Management                        through legacy systems and applications.
                                   These systems were green screens,               SOLUTION & BENEFITS
Mover Management                   DOS based command entry, and
                                                                                   In 2004, Nick Abbatangelo visited
                                   “cumbersome” to use according to CFO
Microsoft Partner:                                                                 another United Van Lines Agency in
                                   of Humboldt Storage & Moving, Nick
EWS Group                                                                          Minnesota and caught a glance of the
                                   Abbatangelo. It was time consuming and
                                                                                   software system they had in place.
                                   difficult to enter orders correctly into the
                                                                                   “It was my first taste of something
                                   system. It would take them at least 6
                                                                                   better and I was impressed with the
                                   weeks to train new people to just enter
                                                                                   functionality.” In 2005, United Van Lines
                                   an order and process it efficiently. This
                                                                                   pushed Humboldt into researching other
                                   limited Humboldt greatly as they became
                                                                                   options as they were discontinuing the
                                   more focused on who knew the system
                                                                                   software they had provided for years.
                                   versus the quality of work they were
                                                                                   Nick had about five solutions for the
                                   providing. The order entry systems were
                                                                                   moving and storage industry that he was
                                   also all paper based which increased
                                                                                   interested in, but only one impressed
                                   the chances of manual errors. Nick
                                                                                   him the most. “EWS Group’s Microsoft
                                   stresses, “Our employees were servicing
                                                                                   Dynamics GP and MoversSuite were
                                   the system and not the customer. They
                                                                                   Windows based applications that were
                                   just weren’t able to place the focus
                                                                                   extremely easy and self-explanatory.
                                   where it mattered the most.”
                                                                                   “I was also very impressed with the
                                   These internal limitations restricted           management of EWS Group. They
                                   Humboldt in multiple ways. Most                 knew the industry and understood the
                                   importantly, they were unable to provide        pains we were experiencing. They knew
                                   the levels of service to their clients          Microsoft had the applications and I
                                   they knew was possible. The financial           respect that they didn’t try to recreate
                                   information was limited and had to              the wheel, but worked with what was out
                                   rely on required multiple manually,             there. I believe EWS Group really paved
                                   created worksheets. Humboldt needed             the way for improved workflow in the
                                   streamlined processes in place that             moving industry.”
                                   could limit manual errors, enhance

            EWS Group • 454 Main Street • Grand Junction, CO 81501
“this decade has been the worst for sales growth,                                          who need to see it. With Microsoft
but we’re still able to sustain a profit thanks to                                                       ,
                                                                                           Dynamics GP Humboldt is able to drill
                                                                                           down into every order at the level of
Moverssuite and Microsoft Dynamics Gp.”                                                    detail needed for their company. This
                                                                                           insight is helping Humboldt not only
Nick Abbatangelo, CFO of Humboldt Storage & Moving
                                                                                           sustain their business, but also plan
                                                                                           for the future. “The financial reporting
EWS Group realized the pains within          backend. Nick explains, “We enter the         within Microsoft Dynamics GP is making
the moving industry related to move          data into one place and it pushes it out      it possible to weather the storms of
management and created MoversSuite           to where it needs to go. It’s like magic!”    economic change, and yet still grow”
in order to improve moving and               Integration with United Van Lines’            says Nick.
storage administration and operational       systems obviously makes data entry            Humboldt recently installed EWS
efficiencies. Humboldt implemented           much less labor intensive and allows          Group’s credit management system and
MoversSuite and Microsoft Dynamics           customer service representatives to           is greatly pleased with their decision.
GP in the spring of 2006. To streamline      focus on their clients.                       They can now easily see bill collector’s
the process, Humboldt compiled a                                                           information without needing to request
team of 10 project managers within           On a daily basis, customer service
                                             representatives are now able to               reports. The CFO himself can access
the company to oversee decisions and                                                       the data and see everything relevant
planning throughout the implementation.      manage more moves on a daily bases.
                                             They can manage about 15-20%                  to his inquiry into a particular issue.
Nick Abbatangelo explains, “It took                                                        He is also able to exchange reports
about 6 weeks total to implement, train,     more moves annually. MoversSuite
                                             makes it easy with task reminders             with United Van Lines electronically.
and transfer our data over to the new                                                      Humboldt is happy to say they are
system. It was very quick and easy.”         so representatives know when to
                                             follow up and how. They can also              onnow on the road of becoming
The accounting applications were the                                                       paperless!
last to be installed, but the transfer was   easily share notes with other agents
completely seamless. Nick continued,         throughout United Van Lines about             Nick Abbatangelo, CFO of Humboldt
“We started with a new set of books,         customer conversations and email              Storage & Moving explains, “If it
but still had access to everything prior,    correspondence. Management of the             wasn’t for MoversSuite and Microsoft
giving us enhanced insight into our          moving process has never been easier                       ,
                                                                                           Dynamics GP I know we wouldn’t be in
financials almost instantly”. EWS Group      as MoversSuite is the one stop shop for       the position we are today. It’s the best
has been creative in their training          all updates and Humboldt can now trust        software decision that we have made.
approach, offering various online            that the information is correct. Nick
trainings that can be viewed live or on      adds, “Our customer service scores            SUMMARY
demand. This method is respectful of         have also seen an increase since we’ve
                                             deployed. I note this point to prove          Humboldt Storage and Moving was
Humboldt’s time and makes it possible                                                      struggling with a legacy green screen
for a new hire to easily and quickly         that we have not sacrificed service for
                                             productivity.”                                and DOS based system they had
obtain the training they need.                                                             in place. These limitations made it
Humboldt is now able to monitor                                                            difficult fordifficult for Humboldt to fulfill
their clients at every step within the                                                     their ultimate goal of reducing their
moving process in real-time through                                                        customer’s stress. provide the high
MoversSuite. Microsoft Dynamics GP                                                         level of customer service they needed
is also making it possible for Humboldt                                                    in oirder to reduce the stress of their
to manage their financials online; no                                                      customers.
more paper based worksheets and                                                            EWS Group came to the rescue with
purchase orders. Together, MoversSuite                                                     MoversSuite and Microsoft Dynamics
and Microsoft Dynamics GP are helping                                                         .
                                                                                           GP This dynamic duo worked together
Humboldt preserve their ultimate goal                                                      to provide streamlined management
of creating a relaxing experience for                                                      of the moving process as well as deep
their clients.                               Sustainable Profit Margins
                                             “This decade has been the worst               insight into Humboldt’s financials. Today,
                                             for sales growth, but Humboldt has            Humboldt is able to provide industry-
BENEFITS                                                                                   best customer service with less difficulty
                                             remained financially solid thank in part
Customer Service Made Easy                   to MoversSuite and Microsoft Dynamics         through streamlined processes, making
Nick Abbatangelo believes, “Our biggest      GP” says Nick. Because of the efficiency      them a more profitable business.
improvement has been in our customer         now in place due to MoversSuite,
service department”. He continues,           Humboldt is now able to easily identify
“Our employees can actually understand       profit margins on various product lines,
the system and entering an order is          which has allowed them to generate
no longer rocket science.” It used to        additional profits not previously realized.
take Humboldt 6 weeks to train in their      For example, because of the automated
employees with their old system, and         processes and accurate information
now it takes a few days.!                    that MoversSuite is able to provide,
As a United Van Lines agent, Humboldt        Humboldt’s Revenue Ratio per Employee
needs to connect their data with United      (how many employees it takes to
Van Lines’ corporate system. They used       support their revenue) has seen a 17%
to spend hours entering their customer       increase since they deployed in 2006.
and financial data manually, but now         Less Reporting, More Insight
with MoversSuite and Microsoft               Humboldt’s financials are now housed
Dynamics GP it’s all connected on the        online making it visible to those

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