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									  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
        Arts Strategy 2011–2012

our vision
Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures are acknowledged,
valued, preserved, promoted, developed and celebrated

our principles
We will:

CELEBRATE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures
PROMOTE the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures to our
FOSTER the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural leaders
INVEST in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures
PARTNER with other organisations to deliver better outcomes
EMBED Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives within all policy
OBSERVE cultural respect protocols

our actions in 2011–2012
Goal 1
Raise cultural awareness and knowledge
ACPA Cultural Awareness Training Program for arts workers, ACPA campus, Brisbane
QAG I GoMA Inclusion in Australian Art Collection display, QAG, Brisbane
SLQ kuril dhagun interactive experience profiling Queensland Indigenous cultures,
SLQ Yarnin’ Time and Night by the Fire, kuril dhagun, Brisbane, bimonthly

QAG I GoMA Desert Painting: New Works from the Collection, GoMA, Brisbane, till 14
QM Awakening: Stories from the Torres Strait exhibition, Brisbane, 25 Jun – 2 Oct
QM Kids Meet Up! Island Style – workshops and activities exploring Torres Strait Island
cultures, Brisbane, 27 Jun – 10 Jul
QAG I GoMA, QM, QPAC and SLQ The Torres Strait Islands: a Celebration (including
major artwork commissions, acquisitions and publication), Cultural Centre, South Bank,
Brisbane, 1 Jul – 23 Oct , with opening weekend program 1 – 3 Jul
QAG I GoMA Land, Sea and Sky: Contemporary Art of the Torres Strait Islands (includes
access and education programs and resources), GoMA, Brisbane, 1 Jul – 9 Oct
SLQ Strait Home – interactive exhibitions, conversations, installations and performances,
Brisbane, 1 Jul – 23 Oct
QPAC Mabo Oration by Terri Janke, Brisbane, 3 Jul
ACPA NAIDOC Week Family Day, Musgrave Park, Brisbane, 8 Jul
AQ Second Tilt Train launch (public art initiative), Brisbane to Cairns, Aug
SLQ Deepen the conversation – Indigenous science and technology, Brisbane, Sep
BF Smoking Ceremony, Sunsuper Riverfire event and statewide television broadcast, 3
QAG I GoMA Indigenous Collection display, GoMA, Brisbane, 5 Nov 2011 – 21 Oct 2012
ACPA and QPAC Major annual student performance, QPAC, Brisbane, Nov

ACPA Stylin’ Up contemporary music and dance performances, Inala, May
QAG I GoMA Representation in Contemporary Australian Women exhibition, GoMA,
Brisbane, 21 Apr – 29 Jul
QAG I GoMA Representation in The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art,
GoMA, Brisbane, 8 Dec 2012 – 7 Apr 2013

Goal 2
Support arts development
AQ heARTlands artist placement projects in remote communities
AQ Performing Arts Circle – support services for independent artists, Cairns region
AQ and SLQ Black & Write! – Indigenous editor training and manuscript development for
publication, Brisbane and national
AQ Public art projects, Lockhart River, New Mapoon and Brisbane Indigenous Media

ACPA and JWCOCA Nick Enright’s Black Rock (theatre student showcase), Brisbane, 29
Jun – 1 Jul
QPAC Belong, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Brisbane,
1 – 9 Jul
QMF Queensland Youth Orchestras tour, Yarrabah and Mossman, 13 – 14 Jul
QMF Ailan Kores concert in traditional language with Torres Strait Island communities,
Thursday Island and live webcast, 17 Jul
QMF Australian String Quartet with Fiona Campbell workshops and concerts, Aurukun,
Weipa and Mapoon, 26 – 28 Jul
ACPA and JWCOCA Black Dust (music and dance student showcase), Brisbane, 27 – 30
ACPA International collaboration with Compagnie Mado, Noumea, New Caledonia, Aug
AQ Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Shed #3, Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, 19 – 21 Aug
AQ Indigenous Music and Dance Forums, Cairns, 19 – 21 Aug
AQ 2nd National Indigenous Theatre Forum, Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts, 19 – 21
BF Indigenous theatre performance, Brisbane, 7 – 10 Sep
AQ Official opening of refurbished Mornington Island Art Centre, Sep
AQ David Unaipon Award for best writing by an unpublished Indigenous author, Sep
ACPA and QPAC Student showcase performance, Brisbane, 31 Oct – 6 Nov
JWCOCA Blackbird performed by Megan Samardin, Brisbane, 16 – 19 Nov

ACPA and JWCOCA Key industry performance seasons (dance, music, theatre students),
Jun – Jul

Goal 3
Protect and strengthen culture
ACPA Yarnin’ Time mentoring program, ACPA campus, Brisbane, plus industry
AQ Girringun Aboriginal Corporation’s public artwork Gijalordi – the Kingfisher Story, Tully
QAG I GoMA Acquisitions for State Collection, Brisbane
QM Research, collection, preservation and presentation of cultural materials, statewide
QM Cultures and Histories community access program, statewide
QM Support for local community museums and keeping places, statewide
QM Support for repatriation of Ancestral Remains and Secret or Sacred Objects, statewide
SLQ Indigenous Knowledge Centre network, statewide
SLQ Keeping Culture Strong digital archive project, Hope Vale and Wujal Wujal
SLQ Culture Love school holiday program, Cape York and Torres Strait

QM Display of Andrew Jack O’Chin’s traditional boomerang, South Bank, Brisbane, from 1
QM Our Story Your Story – talk series on Torres Strait Island people, place and cultures,
South Bank, Brisbane, Jul – Sep
AQ NAIDOC Week cultural activities, 3 – 10 Jul
ACPA Cultural immersion program for young people, Barambah Environmental Education
Centre, Aug
AQ Gulf Festival, Mornington Island, 16 – 18 Sep
ACPA Cultural immersion program for young people, Barambah Environmental Education
Centre, Mar
AQ Torres Strait Festival, Thursday Island, Sep

Goal 4
Increase employment and training
ACPA Former Origin Greats Indigenous Careers Expos, statewide
ACPA Certificate III – Advanced Diploma performing arts training, ACPA campus,
AQ Indigenous Art Centre Network and hubs, Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait
AQ Djumbunji Press and UMI Arts, Cairns; and Mirndiyan Gunana, Mornington Island
AQ Backing Indigenous Arts residency, workshops and internships, Far North Queensland
BF Professional development and employment opportunities for Indigenous artists,
QAG I GoMA Indigenous internship, Torres Strait Islander Art, Brisbane
QPAC Professional development and employment opportunities for ACPA students,
QTC Community residencies, and theatre-based workshop programs for young people,
Mapoon, Murgon, Mt Isa, Townsville, Cunnamulla and Charleville

SLQ iStreet Lab xChange creative enterprise project for young people, Inala and Cairns,
till Nov
SLQ Away with words writer and illustrator workshops, Pormpuraaw and Torres Strait
Islands, till Nov
QTC Scholarships for Year 10, 11 and 12 students for Theatre Residency Week, Brisbane,
18 – 24 Sep
QTC Advanced drama workshops, Murgon State High School, Oct
QTC In-school artist residency, workshops and devised performance, Cunnamulla State
21 Oct
ACPA On Two Feet – two-day performing artist mentoring residency program, ACPA
campus, Brisbane, Nov
AQ Australasian World Music Expo – artist showcase, Melbourne, 17 – 20 Nov

ACPA On Two Feet – two-day performing artist mentoring residency program, ACPA
campus, Brisbane, May
ACPA Performing Arts Industry Careers Expo, ACPA campus, Brisbane, May

ACPA Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts

AQ Arts Queensland

BF Brisbane Festival

JWCOCA Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

QAG I GoMA Queensland Art Gallery I Gallery of Modern Art

QM Queensland Museum

QMF Queensland Music Festival

QPAC Queensland Performing Arts Centre

QTC Queensland Theatre Company

SLQ State Library of Queensland

SQ Screen Queensland

A full copy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Policy 2009–2013 can be
downloaded from Arts Queensland‘s website at The goals outlined in
this policy also support the Queensland Government Reconciliation Action Plan 2009–
 Supporting Aboriginal & Torres Strait
           arts and culture

get funded
Got a great idea?
Grant programs help turn creative ideas into real arts and cultural projects
Arts Queensland
Development and Presentation Grants
Up to $50 000 for arts projects that support artists and benefit communities
Career Development Grants
Up to $5000 to help develop your career and practice as an artist
For more information on these grants and other funding programs, call 07 3224 4896, toll
free 1800 175 532 or go to
Backing Indigenous Arts – Building Skills & Opportunities
Up to $20 000 to develop skills and strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts
and cultures in Far North Queensland
Call the Cairns Regional Office on 07 4048 1411 or go to
Queensland Indigenous Arts Marketing and Export Agency (QIAMEA)
Promotion of Indigenous arts through strategic marketing and export initiatives at the state,
national and international level
Call 07 3224 4896, toll free 1800 175 532 or go to

Australasian World Music Expo
Assistance with travel costs for selected Queensland Indigenous music and dance artists
to showcase at the annual Australasian World Music Expo in Melbourne
Call 03 9329 1533 or go to

Australia Council for the Arts
The Commonwealth Government’s funding agency which supports arts and cultural
projects and organisations
Call the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit on 02 9215 9000, toll free 1800 226 912
or go to

Brisbane City Council
Creative Sparks grants of up to $20 000 for creative projects and professional development of
artists (Brisbane only). Due to widespread damage, funding for the Community Grants
Program has been redirected to the Brisbane flood recovery effort in 2011
Call Brisbane City Council’s Call Centre on 07 3403 8888 or go to

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet: Office for the Arts
Commonwealth support for Indigenous heritage, arts and cultural projects
Call 02 6274 1111 or go to

Indigenous Regional Arts Development Fund
Support for Indigenous arts and cultural projects in Far North Queensland, Cherbourg and
Talk to your local Indigenous council, call Arts Queensland’s Cairns Regional Office on 07
4048 1411 or go to

Regional Arts Development Fund
Grants to develop the quality of art and arts practice for, and with, regional communities
For more information check with your local council

Regional Arts Fund
Community Projects Grants
$5000 to $30 000 to support arts and cultural projects in regional and remote areas
Quick response grants
Up to $1500 to individuals or organisations for small-scale arts and cultural projects that
benefit communities
Call Queensland Arts Council on 07 3846 7500 or go to

Screen Queensland
The Queensland Government’s agency to develop and support the screen industry.
Screen Queensland’s development, production and screen culture programs are available
to all eligible industry applicants, and include a dedicated Indigenous fund
Call 07 3224 4114 or go to

visit us
Indigenous Knowledge Centres
Library services and places to capture and preserve local history and traditions

Aurukun 07 4060 6833
Badu Island 07 4069 4463
Boigu Island 07 4069 4066 or 4069 4093
Cherbourg 07 4169 9313 or 4169 9333
Dauan Island 07 4090 0233 or 4169 4609
Erub Island 07 4069 4765 or 4069 4001
Hope Vale 07 4060 9367
Iama Island 07 4090 0014
Injinoo 07 4069 3761 or 4083 0100
Kiriri Island 074069 1865
Kubin (Moa Island) 07 4090 0981
Lockhart River 07 4060 7166
Mabuiag Island 07 4069 4184
New Mapoon 07 4069 3444
Palm Island 07 4770 1177
Pormpuraaw 07 4060 4266
Poruma Island 07 4069 4033
Seisia (Bamaga) 07 4069 3883 or 4069 3884
Woorabinda 07 4913 2222
Wujal Wujal 07 4060 8094

Indigenous Art Centres and Hubs
Workplaces for artists and places for Elders to share their knowledge and stories

Art Centres
Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh Art Centre (Badu island) 0409 499 975
Erub Erwer Meta Art Centre (Erub Island) 07 4090 0827
Girringun Arts (Cardwell) 07 4066 8300
Hope Vale Arts and Cultural Centre 07 4060 9111
Lockhart River Art Centre 07 4060 7341
Mornington Island Art Centre – Mirndiyan Gununa 07 4745 7246
Ngalmun Lagau Mineral Art Centre (Moa Island) 07 4069 4993
Pormpuraaw Art Centre 07 4060 4085
Wei’num Aboriginal Corporation (Weipa) 07 4069 9013
Wik and Kugu Art Centre (Aurukun) 07 4060 6843
Yalanji Art Centre – Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku (Mossman) 07 4098 1305
Yarrabah Art Centre 07 4056 9120

Gab Titui Cultural Centre (Thursday Island) 07 4090 2130
UMI Arts (Cairns) 07 4041 6152
Cultural and Learning Centres
Places to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture
Binangar Language Centre 07 4659 4900
Cobb & Co Museum

Dandiiri Maiwar 07 3840 7555
Queensland Museum
kuril dhagun 07 3843 9482
State Library of Queensland

Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts 07 3846 7211

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