steve-jobs by xiaopangnv


									When he was at college he only was in there
 for a semester and then he got kicked out.
 While he was in there he met a man called
 Steve Wozniak. Together they made
 “Apple”.( heres a Picture of the first apple
The reason why apple is called apple is
because he went to India and all he ate for
a week was apples. Plus, he was working
on an apple farm before he made apple.
He made the iPod classic, iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPod
 touch, iPad, iPad 2, iphone, iphone 3g, iphone 4 , iphone
 4s, iMac, Mac book air, Mac book pro and iTunes.
Steve Wozniak was Steve Jobs` best friend.
  He made all of the things Steve Jobs
  made and the two both made apple.
                                       Steve and woz          Iphone is published
1955                       Steve meets
                                       made the first apple   in USA.
                           woz.                                          2007
Born in san Francisco.

                                  1973          1990
       The jobs moved    Steve spends            Steve shuts
       to Palo Alto.     one semester            down all Pixar      Died in October
                         at college and          hardware.           5th
                         then he got
                         kicked out.                                 2011
Number 1

 What did steve jobs make first?

 A. a computer

 B. iPod

 C. ipad
 Well done click here for number 2
  Number 3

Number 4
 Try again
 What college did steve jobs go to   2

 A. reed college

 B. Blackpool college

 C. Manchester college
 Who was steve jobs`   Number 3

 best friend?

 A. Jake Guy

 B. Steve Wozniak

 C. David Beckham
                        Number 4

 What did he invent?

 A. Lego

 B. Nokia

 C. Apple
 How long was Steve jobs in college
                                       Number 5

A. 1 semester

B. 3 semesters

C. For all of college
 That’s it and I hope you liked the show

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