Balanced Leadership by lord.guo.untung


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									  How to balance 'YING' and 'YANG' in

1. Know Your Employee
Recognize here not only know them, but also provide a space in
your mind to memorize their personal information. Because,
basically, every human being will feel happy if his name be
remembered plus some personal data you are able to remember
Remember, everybody wants to be treat very personal.

2. Show Your sincerely
Tell them, that they are not someone else. Share feelings and experiences with them. This
will make you more lovable. And will open the door to share them with you as the boss.
At the end will make you better understand the problems in the field.

3. Make Them Special
                   Make them special. Give your appreciation for the team members.
                   Should not be large - scale, but just a word of praise and a pat of
                   encouragement on their shoulders. Not a big deal small prize, but
                   more on that special attention be given to subordinates superiors.
                   Because the higher your position, the things - the little things you do
                   for subordinates will make special feeling in their hearts.
4. Arrange Free Time
Apart from being a leader you will also act as a counselor. Keep at least a once in a year
to talk to them, one by one, of course, because it will include elements of personal,
especially when there is a problem or a personal conflict of course. And the need to
remember is your time to provide coaching and conseling.

5. Keep your integrity.
Keeping your attitude means keeping your integrity, control what you say, do and did.
You are here as people who follow and be highlighted the best and keep your heart in the
right way.

Best of luck to be a leader who can combine elements
                 'YING' and 'YANG'

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