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					                                    Blackheath High School GDST

                                SUPERVISION of PUPILS POLICY

                                 ECM: S √ H √ A                P     E

                                 This policy also applies to EYFS

The safety of our pupils is paramount and the Staff Handbook contains guidance to staff on how pupils
are to be supervised at all times and in all situations when they are in the care of the school.


Early Years and Foundation Stage:
See separate policy.

Before school:
For parents accompanying their children, the gate is opened and manned from 8.10am and girls can go
to the playground with their parents.
Staff supervise pupils from 8.30am when girls are taken to their cloakrooms and classes.
Girls being dropped off before 8.10am have to attend Breakfast Club, in the Dining Room, where they
are supervised by a Teaching Assistant plus a member of the catering staff. They may have breakfast
and can then play quiet games until just before 8.30am when they go to the playground.
Girls arriving by the school bus are met by two teaching assistants and walked to school. Minibuses are
met by the caretaker in Paragon Place and girls brought into school under his care.

After School:
All staff complete an end of day register which lists where each pupil goes after school. This register is
returned to the office when all pupils have been dismissed.
EYFS/KS1 girls waiting to go home with older sisters who finish at 3.30pm are supervised in the
Holding Club between 3.00 and 3.30 pm by a Teaching Assistant. ASC is available from the end of
school until 5.50pm and is supervised by the appropriate number of qualified TAs supplemented by
sixth form helpers. (See ASC Policy).

Supervision during breaks and lunchtime:
There is a rota of teaching staff and TAs to cover playground areas and the dining room. At break there
are three adults in the main playground. (Nursery playground is covered by nursery staff) At lunch
time there are three staff when the majority of pupils are outside and two when there are fewer (when
girls are either in lunch or KS1 have returned to their classes. The Dining Room is supervised by
teaching staff and Lunch Time Assistants. If it is raining at playtimes, girls go to specified rooms
where they are supervised by staff.

Curriculum time:
Absent staff are covered by supply teachers, their colleagues or a Gap Tutor.
Girls are fully supervised during PE lessons and whilst changing. When they travel to the school sports
field KS2 classes are accompanied by staff and Gap Tutors with a ratio of 1: 10. When travelling to
swimming lessons, teaching staff are supplemented by fully vetted parent volunteers with a ratio of 1:
10. Parent volunteers accompany the girls on the coach but not in the swimming or changing area.

EYFS and KS1 are accompanied by staff if moving from room to room, the exception being when girls
return to their class after an assembly in the gym when they may be led to their classrooms by Year 6
Lisa Laws July 2011
When Year 6 travel to Senior School by minibus they are supervised by the class teacher to the
minibus. The driver, who has a mobile phone, supervises the girls on the short drive to the senior
school where they are dropped at the main entrance door and go straight into school.

Supervision during extra-curricular activities:
Peripatetic teachers & coaches running clubs have been fully vetted with regards to safeguarding. They
are expected to keep a register of attendance and to ensure that pupils either return safely to lessons
or to their parents at the end of the day or to ASC.

Supervision during school visits and to sports fixtures etc:
See Educational Visits Policy


Supervision before and after school:
The school is open from 7.30am & girls arriving before 8.00am wait in the Centenary Room beside
Reception. From 8.00am they may go to the Resource Centre which is supervised from 8.00am or go
to their classrooms to get ready for the day.

Girls who remain in school after 3.45pm should either be in the Resource Centre which is supervised
until 6.00pm or be at a supervised after school activity (registers are kept for all after school

The school office is open from 7.30am until 6.00pm so that parents phoning with concerns/queries will
be able to talk to someone rather than an answer phone. In addition a member of SLT acts as Duty
Officer each day being in school from 7.30 am until 6.00pm. The member of SLT should take
responsibility for the care of any child not collected by 6.00pm.

Mon TS; Tues CM; Wed SC; Thurs HP; Fri EL. (Reserve: KE)

Supervision during breaks and lunchtime:
There is a staff duty rota which covers supervision of the Dining Room and areas of the school at these
times. If staff are absent, their duties are covered by others.

Supervision during non-contact time for pupils, including sixth form:
The only year groups with non-contact time are Y11 & Y12/13.

Year 11 -2 periods per fortnight for those who have discontinued RE. They are supervised in the
Resource Centre whilst some have permission to study in the Art Room under supervision of the Art
teacher. All girls are registered and their location known.

A few girls drop a GCSE subject after their mocks. If they do they either study under supervision in the
Resource Centre or remain in that subject’s lessons but study other work.

Year 12/13 – sixth formers are expected to study in the quiet study rooms in the sixth form area
during non-contact periods. A teacher is in the area supervising.

Supervision during curriculum time:
    a) Arrangements for cover of absent colleagues: Absent colleagues are covered by
       colleagues, supply teachers or a Gap Tutor.

Lisa Laws July 2011
    b) Supervision during PE lessons, including changing arrangements, both on and off site:
       PE teachers/Gap Tutors supervise during PE lessons. It is not our policy to supervise within the
       changing rooms but a teacher is always near the door and ready to respond should a problem
       Appropriate supervision is in place for all PE activities both on and off site and when travelling
       to fixtures. (See Educational Visits Policy)
    c) Supervision of pupils travelling to another venue for lessons: Girls travelling to the
       sports field travel by bus and are accompanied by teachers.
       Those travelling to other lessons off site are always accompanied by the appropriate number of
       teachers/adults according to our Educational Visits Policy.
    d) Supervision of pupils attending lessons with peripatetic teachers: Senior pupils are
       permitted to make their own way to and from peripatetic music lessons on the school site. All
       peripatetic staff are fully vetted & have had safeguarding training.

Supervision during extra-curricular activities:
    e) Arrangements for keeping records of attendance: all staff/coaches running clubs are
       expected to keep a record of attendance. These registers are monitored by the Assistant Head.
    f) Supervision of pupils while waiting to be collected by parents at the end of an activity:
       Girls who wait after school to be collected by parents are expected to study in the Resource
       Centre which is supervised until 6.00pm. After that time, if still not collected they are brought
       to wait in Reception & supervised by the member of SLT on duty that day.
    g) Supervision of pupils attending clubs organised by third parties, but which take place
       on site: All third parties running clubs during the school day have been fully vetted & safeguard
       trained. They supervise the children in their clubs/activities and are expected to keep registers
       of attendance. These activities are overseen by the Assistant Head.

Supervision during school visits:
See Educational Visits Policy

Lisa Laws July 2011

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