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					                                                                                    THE LONDON GAZETTE         MONDAY 23 August 1999         9119

Insurance Companies                                                           PARTI
                                                                              Offices of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and Confederation
NOTICE OF DIRECTION UNDER SECTION 11                                          Life Insurance Company (U.K.) Limited and Sun Life Assurance
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 12(8) of the Insurance            Company of Canada (U.K.) Limited
Companies Act 1982 ("the Act"), that, on 17th August 1999, the                Principal place of business in the UK of Sun Life Assurance Company
Financial Services Authority ("the FSA"), in exercise of the powers of        of Canada:
the Treasury, which the FSA or its employees are duly authorised to           Basing View
exercise in that behalf, pursuant to part II of the Deregulation and
Contracting Out Act 1994 and the Contracting Out (Functions in
                                                                              Hampshire RG21 4GP.
relation to Insurance) Order 1998, gave a direction under section 11 of
the Act to Newcastle Protection & Indemnity Association (the                  Principal place of business of Confederation Life Insurance Company
Company). The direction provided that the Company shall cease to be           (U.K.) Limited and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.K.)
authorised to effect contracts of insurance in general business classes 1,    Limited:
4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12 and 15 in the United Kingdom, and was given at the         Basing View
request of the Company.                                                       Basingstoke
Financial Services Authority                                         (880)    Hampshire RG21 4GP.
                                                                              Other offices in the UK of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada:
In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)                              3rd Floor                            Lesley House
Companies Court. No. 005181 of 1999                                           Sapphire East                        Shaftesbury Square
                                                                              550 Streetsbrook Road                Belfast
In the Matter of SUN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA                         Solihull                             BT2 7DB
and in the Matter of CONFEDERATION LIFE INSURANCE                             B91 1RU
and in the Matter of SUN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF                            Orchard Brae House
CANADA (U.K.) LIMITED                                                         30 Queensferry Road,
and in the Matter of the Insurance Companies Act 1982                         Edinburgh
Notice is hereby given that a Petition was, on 6th August 1999, presented     EH24 2HS
to Her Majesty's High Court of Justice by the above-named Sun Life            PART II
Assurance Company of Canada and Confederation Life Insurance
Company (U.K.) Limited for:                                                   Other offices
(1) the sanction of the Court under Part I of Schedule 2C to the              Freshfields                        WolfTheiss
Insurance Companies Act 1982 (the Schedule) of a scheme (the Scheme)          65 Fleet Street                    Schubertring 8
providing for the transfer to the above-named Sun Life Assurance              London                             A-lOlOWien
Company of Canada (U.K.) Limited of the whole of the long term                EC4Y 1HS                           Austria
business carried on by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada in the
United Kingdom and the whole of the long term business of                     Freshfields Deringer               Deloitte & Touche
Confederation Life Insurance Company (U.K.) Limited; and                      Bastion Tower                      H C Andersens Boulevard 2
(2) Orders making ancillary provisions under paragraph 5 of the               Place du Champ de Mars 5           DK 1780 Copenhagen V
Schedule in connection with the Scheme.                                       B-1050 Brussels                    Denmark
Copies of the Petition, the Scheme and a Report by an Independent
Actuary in pursuance of paragraph 2(1) of the Schedule may be                 Freshfields                        Deringer Tessin Herrmann &
inspected at the offices of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada,             60 Boulevard Haussmann             Sedemund
Confederation Life Insurance Company (U.K.) Limited and Sun Life              75008 Paris                        Heumarkt 14
Assurance Company of Canada (U.K.) Limited specified in the                   France                             D-50667 Cologne
Schedule hereto, at the locations in the European Economic Area states                                           Germany
specified in the Schedule hereto and at the offices of Freshfields,
Solicitors to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and                        Fox & Gibbons                      Deloitte & Touche Hadjipavalou
Confederation Life Insurance Company (U.K.) Limited, at 65 Fleet              Regal House                        Sofianos & Cambanis SA
Street, London EC4Y 1HS, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on normal                  Queensway                          250-254 Kifissias Avenue
business days (in the relevant country concerned) for the period from the     PO Box 246                         152 31 Halandri
date of publication of this notice until and including 21st September         Gibraltar                          Athens
1999.                                                                                                            Greece
The Petition is directed to be heard before a Judge of the Companies
Court, Chancery Division, at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand,             Freshfields                        Freshfields
London WC2A 2LL, on 21st September 1999. Any person, including                Via de Giardini, 7                 Coengebouw
any employee or policyholder of the said Companies, may appear at the         Milano                             6th Floor
time of the hearing in person or by Counsel. Any person who intends so        Italy                              Kabelweg
to appear, or who dissents from the Scheme but does not intend so to                                             1014 BA Amsterdam
appear, should give not less than two clear days' notice in writing of such                                      Netherlands
intention or dissent and the reasons therefor to the Solicitors named
below.                                                                        Deloitte & Touche                  Jose Spinola
Copies of the documents specified above may be obtained, on payment           Lars Hillesgate 26                 Deloitte & Touche
of the regulated charge, by written request to the Information Desk, at       N-5008 Bergen                      Empreendimento das Amoreiras
Demutualisation Information Office, Sun Life Assurance Company of             Norway                             Avenida Eng. Duarte Pacheco
Canada, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4GP, or by                                                      Torre 1-12 Andar
telephoning 01256 347347, in each case prior to the making of an Order                                           1070 Lisboa
sanctioning the Scheme.                                                                                          Portugal
Freshfields, 65 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1HS, Solicitors to Sun Life
Assurance Company of Canada and Confederation Life Insurance                  Freshfields
Company (U.K.) Limited. (Ref. RWH/RWS.)                                       Fortuny 6,-3
                                                                              28010 Madrid
                                                                              23rd August 1999.                                              (887)

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