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					Title : Social Studies – Landforms Presentation

Description : A rubric in student language written for elementary students to self-assess storyboards.

Instructions : Use this rubric as you work on your storyboard to set goals and self-assess your work.

Grade Level : 5th

             4                             3                             2                            1
My storyboard shows that      My storyboard shows that My storyboard shows that My storyboard shows that
I understand the content      I understand the content. I understand some of the I do not understand the
very well.                                              content.                 content.
Purpose and Theme
My storyboard has a           My storyboard has a      My storyboard has a                My storyboard does not
purpose. My storyboard’s      purpose and a theme that purpose and a theme                have a purpose or theme
theme makes an important      makes a statement about related to the topic.               related to the topic.
and interesting statement     the topic.
about the topic.

My images relate to the     My images relate to the         Some of my images relate None of my images relate
storyboard’s content and storyboard’s content.              to the storyboard’s      to the storyboard’s
add to the meaning.                                         content.                 content.
I use lines, shapes, mass, I use lines, shapes, mass,       I use some lines, shapes,     I use some lines shapes,
texture, and color          texture, and color. My          mass, texture, and color.     mass, texture, or color. My
creatively. My storyboard storyboard is interesting         My storyboard is              storyboard is sloppy.
is interesting, attractive, and attractive.                 somewhat plain.
and meaningful.
Organization and Balance
My storyboard is            My storyboard is fairly         My storyboard is slightly My storyboard is
balanced. All the pieces balanced. Most of the              unbalanced. Some pieces unbalanced. The pieces do
work together to create a pieces work well together.        take away from the overall not work together.
clear message.                                              message.
I use original, surprising,   I use original and            I try to use original and     I use unoriginal or
and appropriate graphics,     appropriate graphics, text,   appropriate graphics, text,   inappropriate graphics,
text, and design to           and design in my              and design in my              text, or design in my
communicate meaning in        storyboard.                   storyboard.                   storyboard.
my storyboard.
My storyboard has no      My storyboard has one or          My storyboard has some        My storyboard contains
spelling, grammatical, or two minor spelling,               major spelling and            many errors that make my
typing errors.            grammatical, or typing            grammatical errors that       storyboard hard to
                          errors.                           take away from my             understand.
                                                            storyboard’s meaning.

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