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    Perceptions about interviews usually depend on the interviewer's likeability and
    first impressions.

  India Today
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    by Aspire - India Today - 12 hours ago

    Right after a job interview, you could either be supremely confident or faintly worried.
    Either way, we feel pretty relieved when it is all over. Perceptions about interviews
    usually depend on the interviewer's likeability and first impressions. It is, therefore,
    important to remember some statutory courtesies in order to have a positive interaction
    and favourable result.

    After an interview shoot a thank you email or letter
    Many interviewees think that once the face-to-face interview is over, the interview
    process is complete. However, this is not the case. The job interview is just the
    beginning. Once the personal interview is done, the company mulls, evaluates and
    decides the best candidate who would best suit the job profile and company.

    Therefore, it is a good idea to remain in touch with the interviewer and the company in
    general. One of the best ways to do so is to drop them a ?Thank You? note. If you have
    been in touch with company or interviewer via e-mail, then one should email such a
    note within 24 hours after the interview. Interviewers have short memories. So, this is
    your final chance to stand apart from all of the others who want the same position.

    Follow up after the interview when there is no response
    How long should you wait before you call the company or interviewer? Usually, if there
    is no response within sometime, you will start worrying about whether it is appropriate to
    call back and check hiring status.

    When to call
    Post-interview it is best to give a gap of two to three days before you make the first
    follow up call. One of the most important things to keep in mind during the call is that
    one should be succinct and brief. Another important aspect is to chalk out a time when
to call. The best time to call the interviewer is after lunch or an hour before closing time.
This will ensure that you have a comfortable time frame to speak to the interviewer.

Whom to call
Interviewees are sometimes confused about who to follow up with after the
interview?the human resource team or the interviewer directly. This situation is more
confusing if there was more than one interviewer. In such circumstances, it is best to
first check with the human resource team on the hiring status.

What to say
Begin the conversation by thanking the person for the opportunity to interview with the
company. Recap some of the conversational highlights and clarify any information you
need to check on. Use the last paragraph as the chance to state, ?The job is a good fit
for me because of XYZ, and my past experience in XYZ.?

Continue your job search
While waiting to hear from the company after the job interview, you should not ignore
other interview calls because you are waiting to hear back from the current interview.
Even if you are convinced that you have got the job, there can be many slips between
the cup and the lip. It is also a good idea to critique your previous performance and use
the experience to polish your interviewing skills.

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