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									                                     OAPEE (NATIONAL AGENCY OF SPAIN)

                                         GRUNDTVIG PARTNER SEARCH

 Grundtvig action                                               Seeking for

 Learning partnership                                             Coordinator             
 Multilateral project/network                                    Partners                

 Preliminary project title
 Animal assisted activities (AAA)

 Summary of the project

 Main covered fields          Disabilities/special needs, Social integration, Pedagogical methods, health
                              education, adapted sports
 Target groups                1.- The intention is to provide our students we occupational alternatives for
                              their free time as well as show them other possibilities of interest as a
                              counterpart to the reality they already konw as a result of their family’s social
                              2.- As a means to occupying their time in a more advantageous manner we
                              intend on using AAA to fulfil this objective. We believe that these activities
                              constitute a model to better well-being and social relationship seeing as
                              understanding animals and their needs can influence oue own behaviour.
                              3.- Despite their mental and physical limitations, AAA can constitute a means
                              of developing, their capabilities and competence as students, until now
                              unexplored to its entirety, through creative arts.
 Objectives                   1.- Contribute to the assesment of the importants of these therapies in
                              enabling the desire to learn and to socially involve handicapped (menthally or
                              phisically) or others with relating difficulties.
                              2.- Outline and define training curricula for the various participants and
                              3.- Create practical guides in AAA (hipotherapy, adapted riding and assisted
                              therapy with dogs).
                              4.- Develop assessment and intervention instruments to be uses in an AAA
                              educational setting.
 Activities                   Assisted therapy with dogs, hipotherapy and adapted riding
 Outcomes                     1.- Structure new work methods to enrich the work with discapabilities to
                              improve their quality of life.
                              2.- Promote an exchange of knowledge, experiences and methodologies on
                              the theme of AAA, by creating a partnersship between various european

 Potential partners

 Special needs centers

 Working language

 English                 
 Other (namely)

 Institution
 Name                     Asociación Provincial de Parálisis Cerebral
 Type of institution      Cerebral palsy association (ocupational activities center/residential facility)
 City                     Tarragona

 The mission and main         To represent, to educate, to protect and to recover the affected persons
 activities of the            of cerebral palsy or similar patologies.
 The connection between       To foment the communication, orientation, social and affective relation
 the activities and adult

 Contact person
 Name           Cristina Salazar
 Position       Ocupational monitor
 Telephone      0034 977217604
 Fax            0034 977248396

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