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					Edwards MPAcc

                 MASTER OF BUSINESS
                      A   C
                 A D M ICN IOS U N T I TNI G N
                                T R A      O
     What is MPacc?
The Master of Professional Accounting Program (MPAcc) has been designed to prepare graduates for the world of
professional accounting, with the knowledge and skills they need to function in a highly competitive business environment.

This program takes your accounting and undergraduate education to the next level. We continue to develop your critical
thinking skills so you can better apply your knowledge to identify, stimulate and participate in the creation of workable
solutions for organizations.

Our bright, talented students are exposed to leading-edge lectures, cases and professional skills workshops. In addition,
we give students the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the academic research process and academe as a career

                                            Where our students come from

                                                               11%            9%




                                                               3%            6%

                               SFU   UofA    UBC        UofC         UofL   UofM   UofR     UofS     UVic   Other
Teamwork   Beautiful campus   Camaraderie
Engaging Faculty
      Master of Professional Accounting
MPAcc is a graduate degree program that attracts students from across Canada as well as internationally. It provides an alternative
route for students seeking the CA designation in Western Canada.

      1. MPAcc runs for two 4-month terms over consecutive summers from May to August.

      2. Between terms, students pursuing the CA designation may article at a professional firm approved for training.
         (This is not a requirement of the program, and students are responsible for securing their own employment).

      3. MPAcc students register with CASB but are exempt from Modules 1-5.

      4. Students participate in Module 6, CASB’s Uniform Evaluation Preparation program.

      5. Students who are successful in the MPAcc program and Module 6 are eligible to write the Uniform Evaluation (UFE).

      Benefits of the Program
A history of success. Our pass rate for first time writers of the UFE is well above national average

A master’s degree.

Seminars using real life cases develop and hone students’ professional skills and pervasive competencies, preparing them for the UFE
and the challenges of a CA career.

Work/Life balance.

Nation-wide professional network based on life-long friendships.
What will I Study?
  Year 1                                                       Year 2
  801 - The Business Environment and Strategy                  806 - Assurance
  802 - Corporate Financial Management                         808 - Taxation
  803 - Financial Reporting and Accountability                 809 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  804 - Strategic Management Accounting                        810 - Professionalism, Skills, Application and Integration
  807 - Information Systems Design, Control and Audit          812 - Advanced Financial Reporting
  992 - Research Project



                                                                                Total Applications
                                                                                Admitted into MPAcc


                      1       2009
                                2       2010
                                         3      2011
                                                  4     2012
                                                          5     2013
Business Skills
Peer learning
     Admission Requirements
Admission to the program generally requires the equivalent of a four-year university degree in business with an accounting major.
Students must demonstrate their ability to pursue advanced study, with a minimum 75% average in the last two years of undergraduate

          The following courses in Canadian accounting, auditing and tax must be successfully completed by the time
          students enter the program:

                9 credits (3 courses) in general business
                3 credits (1 course) in introductory auditing/assurance
                6 credits (2 courses) in finance (one introductory and one intermediate prerequisite)
                3 credits (1 course) in introductory information system and technology
                6 credits (2 courses) in intermediate accounting (assets and liabilities)
                3 credits (1 course) in intermediate managerial/cost accounting
                3 credits (1 course) in advanced accounting (theory, consolidations, equity interests or managerial/cost accounting)
                3 credits (1 course) in introductory taxation (personal and corporate)

Students intending to pursue the CA designation must register with CASB, and have also completed CASB’s prerequisite courses.
     How to Apply
Visit and select “Apply for Admission Now.”
Complete the online application by creating your own Login ID and
password and select “Grad Studies - MPAcc Program” when prompted.
If you have questions about the application process, please feel free to   GPA of MPAcc students over the past 5 years
contact our office.

In addition to completing your application online, please mail or e-mail   160

the following supporting documents to the contact information at the       140
back of this brochure.

    Supplementary Application Form (SAF)                                   100

    Resume                                                                  80

    Transcripts                                                             60

    Letters of Recommendation                                               40

    Proof of Immigration Status                                             20

    Application Fee                                                          0
                                                                              >75%     75% to 79%    80% to 84%    >85%

Although these documents may be submitted after the application
deadline, they should be received by our office no later than December
31 to ensure timely assessment of your application.

DEADLINE: November 30 (17 months prior to start date)
Top-Notch Students
           Contact us
      If you have any questions or require more information about the program, feel free to contact us.

                                              Tel: 306.966.8410
                                             Fax: 306.966.2514

                            Edwards Master of Professional Accounting Program
                                      Edwards School of Business
                                           PotashCorp Centre
                                            25 Campus Drive
                                        Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A7

                         MASTER OF BUSINESS
                        MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL
                               A   C
                          A D M ICN IOS U N T I TNI G N
                                         T R A      O

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