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                   Present and Future of Asian Art at a Glance
                             AHAF HK 12 at Mandarin Oriental

Hong Kong, 19 December 2011 – Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (AHAF) returns to Hong
Kong for the third time. The event will be held from February 24th to 26th, 2012 at luxurious
Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. AHAF aims to unify Asian art market, to exchange Asian art,
and to introduce Korean Contemporary Art. AHAF HK 12 will feature artworks from 65
premier galleries of Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Taipei, Malaysia, Indonesia,
and etc. Participation of diverse international galleries from 10 nations, and interesting
special exhibitions make the fair further appealing.

There are exhibitions to prospect the future of Asian Contemporary Art: AHAF Young Artists
Group exhibition since 2009 whose goal is to support and nurture Asian young artists, and
Solo exhibitions of AHAF emerging artists - Yoshizawa Tomomi, Matsueda Yuki, Egene Koo,
Wu Nan.

A special exhibition Hong Kong in My Mind is accomplished in the cooperation with Hong
Kong Tourism Authority. The exhibition presents the pictures taken by talented Korean artists
– Ahn Jun, Han Young-Hee, Jang Won-Young, Lee Jin-Joon, Noh Jun, Roh Sean, Zio Minky–
during their visits to Hong Kong.

In addition, vital Korean contemporary artists will be introduced to Hong Kong art market.
Special exhibitions of Park Seo-Bo, a front-running man of Korean avant-garde art, and Lee
Dongi, a representative of Korean Pop Art with his Atomouse, are organized.

Along with a variety of special exhibitions, art lectures and art guides are prepared for VIPs
to draw a deeper understanding of the present Asian Contemporary Art.

    Event Overview
    Event title: Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2012 (AHAF HK 12)
    Event venue: Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
                  5 Connaught Road, Central Hong Kong
    Event date: Feb. 24th-26th, 2012
    Press Preview: Feb. 24th 11am~4pm
    Open hours for public: Feb. 24th(Fri), 4pm~9pm
                            Feb. 25th(Sat), 26th(Sun) 12pm~8pm
    Ticket: HK ticketing
Details of AHAF Special exhibition

Empty the Mind by Park Seo-Bo 朴栖甫《空出意念》
Known as a pioneer of Korean Contemporary art, Park Seo-Bo gained international fame after he
worked on monochrome series called Ecriture(描法). Since the 1980s, he continuously used the
theme of repetition by drawing numerous lines on the big canvas of Korean paper.                   Park
represents highly moderated yet harmonized modernism and oriental spirit.

Bitter Sweet by Lee Dongi 李東起 《先苦後甜》
Lee Dongi is representative of Korean Pop Art, his character Atomouse (the artist calls it an Avatar)
is an excellent combination of Atom’s head and Mickey Mouse’s face. Atomouse demolishes the
boundary between fine art and popular art; furthermore it has an element of social criticism and
shows the essence of fusion art.

AHAF Emerging Artists by Egene Koo, Tomomi Yoshizawa, Wu Nan, Yuki Matueda
《香港印記》 - 安晙, 韓永熙, 張遠永, 李進俊, 盧濬, 盧世桓, 趙珉基。
Colorful comments of emerging talented Asian artists, representatives of Korea, China and Japan.
<Never ending Childhood> by Egene Koo, hovering in endless childhood, tells her stories using
elements of fairy tales. <Round in Circle> by Tomomi Yoshizawa is based on the study of
existence, its meaning and relationships. In <Intangible Landscape>, Wu Nan explores new possi
bility in Chinese paintings by attempting new elements in the traditional primary medium.
Yuki Matsueda, in his <To the Wider World> through 3-dimensional spaces, expresses his
curiosity about space and desire to escape the reality.

Very, Vary - AHAF Young Artists by Chae Ji-Min, Ching Man Leung, Cho Hye-Yoon, Cho Sung-
Hoon, Choi Hyun-Seok, Kim An-Seon, Kim Dong-Hyun, Michelle Kuen Suet Fung, mr clement, Rha
Omi, Takashi Onishi, Wadino

<Very, Vary> is a group exhibition of 12 young Asian artists selected via the AHAF Young Artist
contest. The title reflects the possibilities of young Asian artists to divulge into various directions.
In their works they shed new light on modern society from different perspectives.

Hong Kong in My Mind by Ahn Jun, Han Young-Hee, Jang Won-Young, Lee Jin-Joon, Noh
Jun, Roh Sean, Zio Minky
A special exhibition <Hong Kong in My Mind> is accomplished in the cooperation with Hong
Kong Tourism Board. Seven skillful Korean artists visited and their experience turned into splendid
works of art. Through their works, you can meet colorful Hong Kong captured by their unique

Work images of AHAF Special Exhibition

Park Seo-bo, Ecriture (描法) No. 091020, 2009, Mixed media   Dongi Lee_Atomaus Eating Noodles_Acrylic on
      with Korean hanji paper on canvas, 130 x 200cm                canvas_190 x 130 cm, 2008

   Egene Koo, Being alone2, 2011, Oil on Canvas,           Tomoi Yoshizawa, Inconsistent, Oil on Canvas,
                   116.7X91cm                                          80.3×65.2cm, 2011

Wu Nan, Dec 3057, 2011, Ink and Color on Silk, 130         Yuki Matsueda, Between 415, PET, Acrylic, MDF,
                    x 65cm                                             41.5x41.5x27cm, 2011

  Kim Dong-Hyun, Punk Temple in narcissist, oil on                     Han Young-Hee, 2011
                  canvas, 2010
Major participating galleries

The Cat Street Gallery
Located in the thriving art and design district of Sheung Wan, The Cat Street Gallery encompasses
two custom built spaces and has quickly become a prominent fixture in the Hong Kong art world.
Autumn 2010 marked the opening of The Space (it is adjacent to the The Cat Street Gallery) in a
former meatpacking factory. The Space is the largest gallery of its kind in Central Hong Kong and
will play host to several blockbuster exhibitions a year under the remit of The Cat Street Gallery.
The gallery has exhibited at every ART HK fair. At Art HK 10 The Cat Street Gallery had excellent
results, selling over 2million Hong Kong Dollars worth of art to new collectors whilst selling out
the entire exhibition at the gallery. The Cat Street Gallery attracts a varied spectrum of visitors,
from noted Hong Kong collectors to art students, to first time buyers and interested local

der-horng Gallery
der-horng Gallery has been established since 1993. Our mission is to present high-quality arts
without boundary, and introduce contemporary Taiwanese arts worldwide. In recent years, we
actively participated in major art fairs and exhibitions internationally, such as CIGE Beijing, ART-
Beijing, KIAF Korea, Art Taipei and Art Fair 21.
Der-Horng Gallery became member of Taiwan Contemporary Art Link, and hosted YOUNG ART
TAIPEI, International Contemporary Hotel Art Fair. In the future, we are eager to introduce
excellent artworks to art lovers in Taiwan.

PYO Gallery leads the unique Korean and modern art culture with an international point of view
and management policy. It firstly started out as Yeouido Art Gallery in 1981 and has moved
through Insadong in 1986 and an office building in Sinsadong of Gangnamgu in 1988. Finally, the
gallery arrived at an exhibition space in Itaewon on February, 2007. In addition, by opening PYO
Gallery Beijing in Beijing for a start, it began to expand its exhibition space to Chungdamdong,
Art Zone 798 in Beijing, and L.A. as well.
PYO Gallery not only represents the artworks of the Korea’s leading artists such as Chang Yeol
Kim, Kyung Ja Chun, Seo Bo Park and Woo Hwan Lee. But also, makes a greater effort to raise
young artists, and participates in various national and international Art Fair. In addition, PYO
Gallery has established the Korea’s first Art Fund and only the special Art Bank Gallery, leading to
have true appreciation of artworks for the value of investment for collectors.
As the leading independent gallery in the Heyri Art Valley, Korea, Keumsan has supported and
promoted the work of international and emerging artists in Korea, Japan, China and India. With
galleries in Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo, Keumsan provides a venue for a rich cultural exchange
between Asian artists and cultures. Through our active involvement in a large number of
international art fairs in the East Asian art world and North America, Keumsan Gallery has
introduced Asian contemporary art to a wide range of audiences and global art markets. At the
same time the gallery has established a strong network between collectors, galleries and artists
within the international Asian art community.
Keunsam Gallery is looking to continue raising the profile of Asian artists - new and established –
and their contemporary art practice by establishing a gateway between the cultural and
geographical distances between East and West.

AHAF VIP Lecture
There are special lectures for AHAF Hong Kong 12 VIP clients. VIP clients who wish to attend the
lectures should contact AHAF committee. As the places are limited, it is a first-come first-serve

Young Artists in the Country Side
青草上的青春 – 年輕藝術工作者的機遇
Date & time: Feb.24th(Fri) 2pm~3pm
Lecturer: Mr. Alexander Hui 許日銓 先生

The Power of Portraits in post-1949 China
Date & time: Feb.25th(Sat) 2pm~3pm
Lecturuer: Dr. Yeewan Koon 官綺雲 博士

The Lives of Others - Artists of the Chinese Diaspora
活在他方- 海外中國藝術家
Date & time: Feb.26th(Sun) 2pm~3pm
Lecturer: Ms. Davina Lee 李國瑜 女士

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