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					Eddie Cobham
8402 Cotton Valley Ln
8110 Abbey Glen Ct.
Arlington, TX 76002


                        4211 South Copper Street

                        Arlington, TX 76015
     Eddie Cobham

        September 19, 2011

        8402 Cotton Valley Ln.
        Arlington, TX 76002

        Dear, Mr. Fazekas.:

Hey I’m applying for an open position at Footlocker located at 3811 S Cooper Street Suite 1412 in the Parks
Mall in Arlington. I’d like to apply for the sales associate position that has recently opened up. I’ve been looking
for jobs for a while now and I feel that this one best fits my criteria and area of work. Compared to the other jobs
in this area I think my attributes are best fitted with this cooperation. I really need a job as good as this one and I
feel this is my opportunity to move up as a sales marketer. That is why I want to apply here at Footlocker.

 The reason why I feel I should be hired is because I feel this job fit my criteria. I am an effective communicator,
written & verbal pleasant & professional manner. I have the ability to diffuse conflict, ability to maintain
composure in stressful situations. I thrive on deadlines. I feel I do my best work when I’m in a race against the
clock. That’s not to say I cut corners. My work is thorough and complete. I’m self-motivated. I pride myself in
taking imitative and understanding what needs to be done and when to do it.

What I plan to do next after I work here is to want to become a part of a dynamic team like Foot Locker and I
expect to have the chance to learn and grow with the corporation as I advance in my career. I want to move up in
this business and become a number one associate. Hopefully this job will open up bigger and greater
opportunities in this particular field. Not only do I want to be part of the team of Foot Locker employees, but
more so become a family member of this team.


        Sincerely, Eddie Cobham

8402 Cotton Valley Ln.                                                            
8110 Abbey Glen Ct.                                                                          (682)-365-4699
Arlington, TX 76002                                                                          Fax or URL
        Eddie Cobham

        The Microsoft Office Template Gallery Team

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