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									Ms. Terry

English 1301

Thursday, September 20, 2012

                                                   Fear of Writing

        In today’s modern times people are constantly tested, whether it is temptation, loyalty, or just

simply a difficult task there is always some form of test. For most people the hardest test to overcome is

the very common difficult task. It can sometimes be very common, but at same time still be very difficult

to handle. For me personally, when I had to write a speech for my school assembly and read it in front of

everyone I felt I had met my match.

        Growing up I wasn’t the best writer, but for some reason my teacher still selected me to write a

speech representing our class and read it in front of the school at the assembly. This of course wasn’t in

my best interest. I had consistently pleaded over and over with my teacher to possibly reconsider

putting me up to read and write the speech, but for some reason she wouldn’t budge. She had her mind

made up. I even gave her a list of reasons on why I would be a bad candidate for the speech but it was a

no go. At that time I found myself in a sticky situation, one that I would’ve done anything to get out of.

        The problem at hand for me wasn’t so much the reading. I knew how to read it was just that I

didn’t know how express and read my words aloud in front people, especially in a gym full of people at

that. I figured that if I could somehow improve my writing skills to a subpar level, I would be filled with

enough confidence to write my speech and present it in front of the entire school with no worries. At

the time writing was difficult for me because I lacked a vocabulary. Though all my friends were basically

illiterate I felt that since I was the only one who had to present in front of the school I would have to

figure out a way to stand out and separate myself from the rest of the crowd. For hours, and days on

end I spent restless nights learning the ins and outs of textual and grammatical structure, dictionary

definitions, and alternatives words in the thesaurus. I had become filled with ideas and concepts for
Ms. Terry

English 1301

Thursday, September 20, 2012

grammar and only had writing on the brain. When it finally came time for me to write my speech I felt

that what then seemed to be a daunting task had now seemed to become so simple all of a sudden. I

seemed so sure that now this speech wouldn’t be a problem.

        When it came the day of the big speech I felt a slight hint of nerves, but for the most part I felt

confidence running through my veins. I went through the beginning of the day feeling exuberant about

the fact that I had defeated that little green monster I called fear when it came to me and my speech.

But as the clocked struck one I felt a sudden drop in my heartbeat, and then it dawned on me that I still

hadn’t gotten over the fear of presenting my speech. I reread the speech and I was confused, the words

weren’t making any sense, I couldn’t read most of my writing, and my palms were sweating profusely. I

wanted to back out and go home; in my mind there was absolutely no way that I could get away with a

successful speech now. There was only one hour left until the speech and I felt even more unprepared

than when I started.

        I had decided to make a run for it. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I ran out of

school, but in my mind it would have been if stayed and endured the suicidal agony of that speech. So I

made my way out. On my way out of the emergency exit I was stopped by my teacher. She calmed me

down in the middle of my nervous rant and assured me it would be ok. She explained to me that the

reason she picked me in the first place to write the speech was because that between me and her she

felt that I was the most talented writer in her class. After hearing my teacher’s assuring pep talk I quickly

made my way to the gym. I stepped forward and instead of reading the speech I wrote, I simply used my

imagination and made up a speech as I was going on. In my mind I was writing a brand new speech and

saying it to the class as I was thinking of it. When I was done I received a standing ovation from the

whole school.
Ms. Terry

English 1301

Thursday, September 20, 2012

        Though in today’s modern time’s fear are what make people’s hearts stop, but at the same time

they make the world go around. When we overcome a fear we become stronger more ready for any task

ahead of us. I feared writing and reading a speech in front of my school, but when I decided to face my

fear overcame my problem and picked up a new talent on the way.

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