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					        In today’s modern times people are constantly tested. Whether it be temptation, loyalty, or just
simply a difficult task. For most people the hardest test to overcome is the very common difficult task. It
can sometimes be very common, but at same time still be very difficult to handle. For me personally,
when I had to write a speech for the school assembly and read it in front of everyone I felt I had met my

         Growing up I wasn’t the best writer, but for some reason my teacher still selected me write a
speech representing our class and read it in front of the school at the assembly. This of course wasn’t in
my best interest. I had consistently pleaded over and over with my teacher to possibly reconsider
putting me up to read and write the speech, but for some reason she wouldn’t budge. She had her mind
made up. I even gave her a list of reason on why I would be a bad cannidate for the speech but once
again it was a no go. At that time I found myself in a sticky situation, one that a would’ve done anything
to get out of.

        The problem at hand for me wasn’t so much the reading. I knew how to read it just that I didn’t
know how express and read my words aloud in front people, especially a full gym of people at that. I

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