; Video Scribing - THE New IM Buzzword
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Video Scribing - THE New IM Buzzword


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									                      Video scribing is THE new buzzword for creating videos that
                      promote one’s business and connect with potential clients. Tech-
                      nically, it can be understood as the method of creating a video
                      shot from an artists perspective as he or she creates the video
                      real time using a marker and white board resulting in a white-
                      board animation video.

                      The contemporary business world relies on videos to promote it-
                      self and spread the message around socially. However, the atten-
tion span of viewers is rather limited and they tend to be distracted easily. Video scrib-
ing is a natural and spontaneous way to highlight the video while capturing the audi-
ence’s attention and keeping them engaged.

Video scribing is a powerful tool which combines visuals with audio, illustrations and
third party interaction creating an unforgettable impact on the senses. The audience is
kept curious wanting to know more, see more and understand more .

Many commercial powerhouses such as Bridgestone, Microsoft and the like are opting
for video scribing to boost their sales strategies and for instructional purposes. Also re-
ferred to as Whiteboard Animation, Video Scribing videos capture, process and iterate
information into an interesting and people-friendly visual form.

The video scribing procedure uses words, caricatures and cartoons, diagrams, flow
charts, pictures, etc. transforming mundane things into unique creations of art. This
amazing tool can be utilized for Social Media videos, How-to videos, Marketing and Fi-
nance videos, electronic and directional videos, presentations and other business re-

The combination of visuals and oral information delivery works well and is retained by
people for longer durations. The key points of any particular business are reinforced
better this way which is what every business aspires for.

Video scribing can also work wonders for business plans, business related blogs and
history, bios, investment presentations and sales instructions. It revamps an ordinary
looking video into an extraordinary visual treat and increases comprehension levels to
a large degree. What’s more, the scribing process is customizable and can be tailored
to fit in your exact specifications and business needs always keeping the target audi-
ence in mind.

Compared to screen capture and webcam videos, video scribing has emerged as a
more convenient, economical and viable option. The process uses creativity rather
than just technology and therefore is quite a fresh approach towards creating brand

Also, it has been observed that the use of tablets, pens, markers and drawing is on the
rise providing a sought-after platform for video scribing. However, it is not always rec-
ommended to scribe your particular software interface when you can function better
with ‘screen capture’.

Video scribing services are becoming increasingly available and business establish-
ments can utilize them certainly for a fee. In the world of ever changing technology
and trends, video scribing comes as a refreshing option for businesses to create their
brand awareness and try something different. It’s time to upload, share or broadcast
your business video like never before.

There are now a few different video scribing software applications and services you
can use. However, to learn how to easily create your own video scribing videos for as
many marketing video projects as you would like, you must click here to ==> check out
the best and most affordable video scribing software available today .

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