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As the game of golf is getting popular day by day, the needs for advanced

technologies have become mandatory for increased level of accuracy.

Lately, the golf range finders were owned only by rich guys and

professionals but now the scene has entirely changed.

Range finders are being featured even in weekend plays with amateurs.

Range finders help the player in the game of golf to find the range of

distance from the current point to the hole or any other reference position

in the field. Due to increase in demand for the range finders, companies

have started providing various varieties of options for the players to choose


There are usually 3 basic types of golf range finder. They are laser, GPS and

smartphone application. Laser types of range finders are being used usually

for high accuracy of measurement of distance.

There are also optical type of range finders which has less popularity than

the three listed above. Let us see the varieties of range finders in brief.                                Matthew

Laser type golf range finders are in play since 1990. The advantage of laser

type of range finder is that they have high accuracy of distance

measurement; it does not scratch your wallet for membership fee, simple to

use and just need batteries to run. On the other side, the course design

plays a big role in efficiency of laser type range finders.

In case of a slope or hills where you cannot see the target, you have to

prepare intermediate points to reach the goal. I would not be really

interested to make them if I am on a weekend game. Also, laser range

finders will take little time to get used to the device.                              Matthew

In case of GPS based golf range finders which are being widely used, have a

good database of features associated with them. Some of the features are

distance measurement from various points of the field, virtual view of hole,

statistics tracking, club choosing guides, etc.

The disadvantages of GPS based range finder is that they are not as

accurate as compared to lasers, lack of proper network in remote areas,

high subscription fees and unavailability of all golf courses.

Smartphones are now a days becoming compact guides to reach

destinations. This feature can be incorporated to use them as golf range

finder by just installing an additional application in your smartphone.

Usually, the cost of the application is one time, which may be around $50.

Some applications with additional features also have annual subscription


Finally, the decision merely depends on the user’s budget, which is a major

constraint. Do a brainstorming about the real use of the range finder.                              Matthew

If you are really serious in improving the skill of your game, I would suggest

you to invest in a good GPS based or laser based range finder. In case you

want them just to guide you as you play a friendly weekend game, it is

better to use your smartphone.

Before going into the range finder, even if it is a smartphone app, read

reviews by users, try to get some knowledge about the gadget, enquire

about signals and course availability in case of GPS based range finders and

pick the right one you require.

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