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									Chaim Herzog - Director Of
Chabad of Melbourne CBD
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Chaim Herzog melbourne
studied from a reputable Jewish day school and was ordained
Rabbi in the year 2000 at Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch in
Brooklyn, New York. As a Rabbinical student, he went on
Shlichus to Sydney and Los Angeles whereby he utilized his
knowledge to help, guide and inspire the Jewish community.
During 2004 Athens Olympic games, he acted as Chaplain. In
traditional sense, a chaplain is a minister in specialized setting
like pastor, priest or rabbi who works in a lay, non-religious
institution, such as a prison, an army, or a university.
A chaplain basically provides emotional and spiritual support
for the service personnel, which may include conducting
religious services in the field or at sea.
Director of Chabad of Melbourne CBD (Central Business
In 1998, Rabbi Chaim Herzog melbourne was appointed as a
Shliach and Director of Chabad of Melbourne CBD by Rabbi
Yizchok Groner OBM. Chabad of Melbourne CBD is
dedicated to helping Jewish business people and young
professionals living in Melbourne – a beautiful city that hosts
a rapidly growing Jewish community.
It is a central Jewish organization that offers support,
guidance and spirituality to Jewish individuals. It hosts major
events for Jewish festivals and its Purim luncheon has become
a tradition among people, providing them with great
entertainment and the Purim experience.
Hosted the 14th Sukkat Luncheon in Melbourne's City
Shliach Rabbi Chaim Herzog hosted the 14th Sukkat
Luncheon in the city square. The guest speakers included
Rabbi Ralph Gennende, Minister of Caulfield Hebrew
Congregation- the largest Synagogue in Melbourne.
The event was attended by some of the state's top politicians
including Daniel Andrews – leader of the opposition, David
Southwick who is MLA member for Caulfield, and Kelly
O'Dywer- MP Federal member for Higgens.
Other appointments
Rabbi Chaim Herzog is presently the Religious Chaplain at
RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is also the
founder of another Chabad House called The Shul which is
located nearby Caulfield North. He runs a Minyan and weekly
shuirim. A minyan in Judaism refers to the quorum of 10
Jewish adults required for some religious obligations.
Besides, Chaim Herzog was also honored with the 2008
Jenny Goldberg Bnai Brith International Award for community

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