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                                     Department of Labor/ETA,
                 Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training
                              Project Title: National Stem Consortium

 Total Funding: $19.7 in total with $1.2M to RSCC (pending final MOU from Anne Arundel Community

Staffing: Full Time Director, Full Time Navigator/Case Manager (yrs 2 & 3) and Full Time Technical Clerk

Location: Staff and specialized training will be located at the Halcyon Center on the ORNL Reservation

The National STEM Consortium (NSC) is a collaborative of ten leading community colleges in nine
states organized to develop nationally portable, certificate-level programs in Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math (STEM) and to build a national model of multi-college cooperation in the design
and delivery of high quality, labor market-driven occupational programs. The NSC colleges are: Anne
Arundel Community College in Maryland (AACC); Clover Park Technical College in Washington; College
of Lake County in Illinois; Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio; Florida State College at Jacksonville;
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana; Macomb Community College in Michigan; NorthWest Arkansas
Community College; Roane State Community College in Tennessee; and South Seattle Community
College in Washington. Together, the NSC colleges enrolled over 410,000 credit and non-credit
students in FY 2010.

Under this program, the NSC will target five high-wage, high-skill STEM pathways: composite materials
technology; cyber technology; electric vehicle technology; environmental technology; and
mechatronics. See below for more details on these pathways. In each pathway, the NSC will develop a
“best in class”, nationally portable, one-year certificate program that is in demand by employers and
can be disseminated quickly and widely to community colleges throughout the United States. Upon
implementation, the programs will be targeted to TAA eligible unemployed workers but accessible to
others including unemployed and underemployed working adults, at NSC colleges and nationally. This
is a nationally significant project. The NSC’s assessment of need examines national as well as local
supply and demand issues and the work plan incorporates several steps to build toward national scale
and replication. The programs developed by the NSC will help build a national repository of high-
quality technical curricula and curricular materials that can be made available at no charge to all
community colleges.

Roane State plans to deliver services to 5 cohorts of 25 each for a total of 125 students with 100
completing in the Composite Materials Technology arena.
STEM Certificates      Team Members               Required Education &              Current and Future Projected              Employers
                                                  Training: Competencies,           Demand
                                                  Certificates Required
Composite Materials    South Seattle CC - Lead    Writing Skills; Math Skills;      Projections for industry driven carbon    The Boeing Company;
Technology             Clover Park TC             Computer Skills;                  fiber demand are in excess of 700%        Toho Tenax America, Inc.;
(30 credit hrs.)       Cuyahoga CC                Communication Skills;             from 2006 to 2017 and are clearly         Oak Ridge National
                       Roane State CC             Critical Thinking Skills; Basic   supported by information about the        Laboratory; Alcoa Power
                                                  Safety; Disciplines:              growing carbon fiber need in the          and Propulsion
                                                  Chemistry, Polymers,              automotive & aerospace
                                                  Electrical, Composites;           industries.8Boeing Company is
                                                  Quality Assurance; Assembly       building the new all composite 787
                                                  Skills: Drilling Cutting,         airplane. Also, the Pentagon just
                                                  Finishing, Curing, and Repair     awarded Boeing Company a contract
                                                  of Composite Materials.           for aerial refueling tankers that will
                                                                                    significantly increase the demand for
                                                                                    qualified workers.
Cyber Technology (24   Anne Arundel CC – Lead     Writing Skills; Math Skills;      Work Team lead AACC has a critical        National Security Agency,
credit hrs.)           Cuyahoga CC                Computer Skills;                  mass of federal agencies and              Defense Information
                       Florida State College at   Communication Skills;             information technology companies          System Agency, ARINC;
                       Jacksonville               Critical Thinking Skills;         that place it at the national epicenter   Advanced Network
                       Ivy Tech CC - North East   Internet and Computing Core       of federal cybersecurity activities,      Technologies; Enterprise
                       Northwest Arkansas CC      Certification (IC3); A+;          including NSA, DISA, 12 major             Integration; Superior
                                                  Security +; Network+; Cisco       military installations, and in Anne       Industries International
                                                  Certified Network Associate;      Arundel County the home of the new        Arkansas, LLC
                                                  Certified Ethical Hacker;         U.S. Cyber Command at Fort Meade.
                                                  Committee on National             Throughout the country, areas such
                                                  Security Systems (CNSS)           as finance and energy employers are
                                                  4011 training standard for        seeking skilled cyber technicians.
                                                  information security              From 2008-2018, there is projected
                                                  professionals.                    to be a 22% increase in demand
                                                                                    nationally for occupations related to
                                                                                    cyber technology (computer support
                                                                                    specialists, database administrators,
                                                                                    computer support specialists, all
Electric Vehicle              Macomb CC - Lead             Writing Skills; Math Skills;     MI Dept. of Energy, Labor &              General Motors;
Technology (30 credit hrs.)   Ivy Tech CC-Lafayette        Computer Skills;                 Economic Growth has partnered with       Ford Motor Company;
                                                           Communication Skills;            the automotive industry to establish     Mike Raisor Ford Mazda,
                                                           Critical Thinking Skills;        the MI Academy for Green Mobility.       Inc.
                                                           Disciplines: Chemistry,          The goal is to ensure the auto
                                                           Electrical, Electronic,          industry has the trained workers they
                                                           Controls, Mechanical.            need to grow and prosper in the
                                                                                            emerging green economy. Demand is
                                                                                            expected to steadily increase for
                                                                                            workers with skills necessary to work
                                                                                            on emerging vehicle technologies.
Environmental Technology      Florida State College at     Writing Skills; Environmental    From 2008-2018, there is projected to    Superior Industries
Assessment & Safety           Jacksonville – Lead          Math Skills; Computer Skills;    be increases in demand nationally for    International; Rogers
Compliance Specialist         College of Lake County       Communication Skills;            occupations related to environmental     Pollution Control Facility;
(13 credit hrs.)              North West Arkansas CC       Critical Thinking Skills;        technology: Compliance Officer           Cardinal Health 200 LLC.
Hazardous Materials           Ivy Tech CC North East       Environmental Sampling &         (National: 25%); Environmental
Specialist (14 credit hrs.)                                Analysis Skills; Safety          Engineer (National: 31%);
Mold Assessment Specialist                                 Monitoring Skills; GIS;          Environmental Engineer Technician
(16 credit hrs.)                                           Knowledge of HAZMAT,             (National: 10%); Environmental
Mold Remediation Specialist                                EPA, DOT & OSHA Rules &          Scientist, Including Health (National:
(13 credit hrs.)                                           Regulations. HAZWOPER;           28%); Environmental Science
Water Quality Technician                                   OSHA 10; U.S. EPA Lead           Technician, including Health
(12 credit hrs.)                                           Abatement Worker; Lead           (National: 9%); Water & Liquid Waste
                                                           Renovator; Asbestos              Treatment Plant Operator (National:
                                                           Abatement; Mold                  20%).
                                                           Remediation; First Aid/CPR.

Mechatronics                  College of Lake County –     Writing Skills; Math Skills;    Mechatronics is an emerging technical     Toho Tenax America, Inc.;
(36 credit hrs.)              Lead                         Computer Skills;                field of study in the U.S. and there is   Oak Ridge National
                              Anne Arundel CC              Communication Skills;           clear demand from a broad range of        Laboratory; Ford Motor
                              Cuyahoga CC                  Critical Thinking Skills;       industries that will continue to seek     Company; Custom
                              Florida State College at     Design; Mechanical;             highly-skilled employees. Overall,        Machining Services, Inc.;
                              Jacksonville                 Electronics; Electrical         employment of engineering                 Aerolab LLC; ITW Switches
                              Ivy Tech Northwest & North   Controls & Sensors;             technicians is expected to grow by 5%
                              Central                      Robotics; Blueprint &           between 2008 and 2018. For
                              Roane State CC               Schematic Reading;              mechatronics specifically, projected
                                                           Systems Level Thinking;         growth and job prospects vary by
                                                           Programmable Logic              specialty as new opportunities are
                                                           Controllers; Troubleshooting.   emerging and those with
                                                                                           postsecondary training will have
                                                                                           greater opportunities.

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