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Year Plan IX 2010-11


Paris, November2010 FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY Microbial Biocontrol Agents (MBCAs) for IPM Michelina Ruocco CNR Italy RA4.3 –Exploitation of natural biological processes Involved partners: Endure Partner 1: INRA Endure Partner 2: RRES Endure Partner 3: CNR Endure Partner 4: IBMA Endure Partner 5: UdL Endure Partner 6: PRI

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									hmÀjnI ]²Xn 2010þ11

       ¢mkv 9

    hnZym-`ymk hIp¸v
    tIcf kwØm\w
YEAR PLAN 2010-11 - ENGLISH                                                 Standard IX
Months                Unit                                Suggested Activities                          Time
June, July   Unit 1- ROOTS                      Character sketch, Letter drafting, Script for skit,
             The Son from America               Developing questionnaire, Preparing brochure            30 periods
             Those Winter Sundays (Poem)
             The Tattered Blanket
             To My Nanny

August       Unit 2 - BREAKING                  Write-up, Character sketch, Speech, Conversation,       30 periods
September    BARRIERS                           Narration, Letter, Review
             The Princess on the Road (Play)
             Even Past Fifty (Poem)
             Only Daughter
             Women (Poem)

September    Unit 3 TALES OF TOIL               Debate, Paragraph writing, Interview, Letter writing,   30 periods
October      The Man Who Knew Too Much          Script writing, Description, Reviewing a story,
             I’m the People (Poem)              Character sketch
             The Resignation
             Follower (Poem)
                                               HALF YEARLY EVALUATION
November     Unit 4 GLIMPSES... GREEN PLANET                                                            30 periods
December     Make the Right Choice (Editorial) Letter to the Editor, Slogans and placards
             To Nature (Poem)                  Writing tasks, Panel Discussion
             Memories of a Dying River         Using synonyms and antonyms
             On the Grasshopper and the
             Cricket (Poem)
YEAR PLAN 2010-11                                               Standard IX
Months             Unit                                Suggested Activities                    Time
January    Unit 5 GUNS AND ROSES            Preparing screenplay, constructing conversation,   30 periods
February   An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge Letter, Developing magazine
           General Your......Vehicle (Poem)
           Colonel’s Ideas
           Mass (Poem)

January    Unit 6 MIRRORING THE TIMES        Preparing Write-ups, Conducting Survey            30 periods
February   The Mass                          Powerpoint presentation, Making a Newspaper
           Television (Poem)
           The Initial Days of Doordarshan

February   Orukkam

           kvIow Hm^v h¿Iv ˛ ckX{¥w ˛ 9˛mw ¢m v (H∂mw tSw)
 amkw                  bqWn‰v/ ]mT`mKw             {][m\{]h¿Ø\߃           ]ncoUpIfpsS

               bqWn‰v . 1                µ {]Xe_ew F∂ Bibhpambn _‘
                                           s∏´v hnhn[ ]co£W߃

               ]Zm¿∞ßfpsS kz`mhw
                {]Xe_ew                  µ {]Xe_ew Fßs\ kw`hn°p∂p
                                                             km[yXIƒ          8
  Pq¨            sImloj≥                 {]tbmP\s∏SpØns°m≠p≈ N¿®Iƒ          ]ncoUv
           µ     A[oj≥                   µ{]Xe_ew \nXyPohnXØnse kµ¿
                                                  `߃ ˛ Assk≥sa‚v

                                         µ  sImloj≥, A[oj≥ F∂nh Xncn
                                         ®dnbp∂ Xn\p≈ ]co£W߃

               bqWn‰v 1 ˛ XpS¿®
                                             tIinIXzw F∂ Bibhpambn _‘
               (tIinIXzw)                                                   4
   2010                                       s∏SpØns°m≠p≈ ]co£ W߃.
  Pqsse                                      tIinIXzw PohnX kµ¿`ßfn¬ ˛
                      bqWn‰v ˛ 2
                                         an{inX߃ th¿Xncn°p∂Xn\p {]tbm
               an{inX߃ th¿Xncn°¬        P\s∏SpØp∂ hnhn[ am¿§ßƒ ˛
                                          ]co£ W߃                          6
                                         PohnXØn¬ an{inX߃ th¿Xncnt°≠      ]ncoUv
                                          kµ¿`߃ ˛Assk≥sa‚v
                                         d^d≥kv Im¿UpIƒ D]tbmKn®p≈
                                         {Kq∏v N¿®
                                         Linux Kalziuin ICT km[yXIƒ
               bqWn‰v ˛ 3                {]tbmP\s∏SpØns°m≠p≈ {Kq∏v
               Bh¿Ø\∏´nI                 N¿®Iƒ
               BZyIme{ia߃               h¿§oIcWØn\p≈ BZyIme {ia

           µ   sa≥Uentb^v Bh¿Ø\
                                         h¿°vjo‰v N¿®, {Kq∏vN¿® F∂nhbneq

           µ   B[p\nI Bh¿Ø\∏´nI          sS Bh¿Ø\ \nbaw, Bh¿Ø\∏´nI
                                         bpw s]mXpkhntijXIfpwXncn®dnb¬
                                         Bh¿Ø\∏´nIbpw ckX{¥hpw
                bqWn‰v ˛ 3 XpS¿®         h¿°vjo‰v hniIe\hpw {Kq∏v N¿®bpw

         µ      Bh¿Ø\∏´nIbpw
                                         1. B‰w LS\bpw Bh¿Ø\∏´nIbpw
                                         hep∏hpw Bh¿Ø\∏´nIbpw

         µ     hen∏hpw
                                         CeIvs{Sms\K‰nhn‰nbpw Bh¿Ø\
                                         ∏´nIbpw                             10

sk]vXw_¿ µ
  2010                                   h¿°vjo‰v N¿® ˛ hniIe\w            ]ncoUv
                                         1. AtbmWnI_‘\hpwkwbp‡ßfpw
         µ CeIvs{Sms\K‰nhn‰nbpw
           AtbmWnI _‘\w
                                         2. klkwtbmPI _‘\hpw kwbp‡
                klkwtbmPI _‘\w           AtbmWnI kwbp‡ßƒ ˛ khntij
                                         XIƒ ]co£W߃

                                         H∂mw tSw aqey\n¿Æbw
   2010                                                                       6
                                         Hcp°w {]h¿Ø\߃                     ]ncoUv
               bqWn‰v 1 apX¬ 4 hsc
                    ckX{¥w ˛ 9˛mw ¢m v (c≠mw tSw)
amkw              bqWn‰v/ ]mT`mKw                     {][m\{]h¿Ø\߃                        ]ncoUpIfpsS
                                    ]´n-I-I-fp-sSbpw Nn{X-ß-fp-sSbpw hni-I-e-\-
                                    Øn- e qsS {]Ir- X n- b nse Atem- l - ß - f psS
          bqWn‰v ˛ 4                {]m[m\yw Xncn-®-dn-bp∂ {]h¿Ø-\-߃.O2,
  2010    {]IrXnbnse                NH3 , H2F∂nh ¢mkv apdn- b n¬ \n¿an®v                         8
 \hw_¿    Ateml߃                   {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ Xncn-®-dn-bp∂ ]co-£-W-{]-                     ]ncoUv
          ssl{U-P≥ hsc              h¿Ø-\-߃. ssPhhfß-fp-sSbpw cmk-h-
                                    f-ß-fp-sS-bpw km[y-X-Ifpw ]cn-an-Xn-Ifpw
                                    N¿® sNbvXv Ipdn-∏p-Iƒ Xøm-dm-°¬, ss\{S-
                                    P≥ N{I-Øns‚ hni-I-e\w˛{]-Ir-Xn-bnse
                                    kzm`m-hnI Nm{InI {]hm-l-Øn¬ CS-s]-Sp-
                                    tºmƒ ]pe¿tØ≠ {it≤- s b- ° p- d n®v
                                    t_m[y-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ {]h¿Ø-\-߃

       bqWn‰v 5˛                    Cl 2¢mkv a p- d n- b n¬ \n¿an®v tiJ- c n- ° p∂
       {]IrXnbnse                   {]h¿Ø-\-߃, Cl2 hns‚ ªo®nwKv kz`mhw
  2010 Ateml߃                      hy‡-am-°p∂ ]co-£-W-߃, Hmtkm¨
Unkw_¿ t¢mdn≥ apX¬
                                    ]mfn- b psS ]mcn- ÿ n- X nI {]m[m- \ yhpw,
                                    AXns‚ \mi-Øn¬ BUw-`-c-Po-hn-X-Øns‚                        2
                                    ]¶pw N¿® sNbvXv Ipdn-∏p-Iƒ Xøm-dm-°p-                  ]ncoUv
                                    Im¿_-Wns‚ {]m[m-\yhpw Im¿_-WnI ˛A-
          12. Im¿_-Wns‚             Im¿_- W nI ck- X - { ¥- i m- J - I - f psS {]k-
          temIw (BtKm-f-            ‡nbpw t_m[y- s ∏- S p- Ø p∂ N¿®- I fpw
          Xm-]\w hsc)               Ipdn∏v Xøm-dm-°epw, CO2\n¿an®v KpW-߃
                                    hni- I - e \ hnt[- b - a m- ° p∂ ]co- £ - W - { ]-     4
                                    h¿Ø-\-߃, Im¿_¨ N{I-Øns‚ hni-I-                        ]ncoUv
                                    e\w ˛B-tKm-f-Xm-]-\-Øn¬ CO2hns‚ ]¶v
                                    hy‡-am-°p-∂-]-{Xn-I-Ifpw Assk≥sa‚p-
                                    hnhn[ sslt{Um-Im¿_-Wp-IfpsS LS\
          12. Im¿_-Wns‚             Nn{Xo- I - c n®v ]cn- N - b - s ∏- S ¬, Hm¿Km- \ nIv    3
  2011    temIw                                                                            ]ncoUv
                                    kwbp‡-ß-fpsS h¿§o-I-c-W-Øns‚ ASn-
 P\phcn   XpS¿®                     ÿm\w Xncn- ® - d n™v Ahsb h¿§o- I - c n-
                                    °p∂ {]h¿Ø-\-߃.
          13. Bkn-Up-Ifpw
          B¬°-en-Ifpw               Bkn- U p- I fpsSbpw B¬°- e n- I fpsSbpw ]ncoUv
          (\yq{S-sse-tk-j≥          LS-I-ßfpw khn-ti-j-X-

         13. Bkn-Up-Ifpw            hnhn[ emb-\n-Isf pH]cn-tim-[n®v h¿§o-I- 5
  2011   B¬°-en-Ifpw                                                        ]ncoUv
                                    cn-°p∂ ]co-£-W-{]-h¿Ø-\-߃
s^{_phcn (XpS¿®)
                                    \yq{S-sse-tk-js‚ {]m[m\yw t_m[y-s∏-Sp-
                                    Øp-∂-Xn-\p-ff hni-I-e-\-߃
amkw              bqWn‰v/ ]mT`mKw                 {][m\{]h¿Ø\߃                 ]ncoUpIfpsS
                                    eh-W-ß-fpsS cmk-kq{Xw cq]o-I-cn-°p∂
                                    hn[w Xncn-®-dn™v cmk-kq{Xw FgpXn ]cn-
         13. Bkn-Up-Ifpw            io-en-∏n-°¬ ˛ _‘-s∏´ Assk≥sa‚p-Iƒ
  2011   B¬°-en-Ifpw                hnth-I-]q¿Æamb cmk-h-f-{]-tbm-K-sØ-°p-        5
s^{_phcn (XpS¿®)                    dn®v kaq-lsØ t_m[y-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ Xc-Øn-          ]ncoUv
                                    ep-ff t{]mPIvSv {]h¿Ø-\-߃-˛-sk-an-\m-dp-

                                    hm¿jnI aqey\n¿ÆbØn\p th≠n Hcp°w

   2011                             hm¿jnI aqey\n¿Æb {]h¿Ø\߃
                                             KWnXimkv{Xw IX
amkw            bqWn‰v                        {]h¿Ø\߃                                                       kabw

Pq¨      _lp`qP߃        Hcp _lp`pPØns‚ B¥ctImWpIfpsS XpI (n-2) 180 F∂Xn¬ FØntNcp∂ hnh[ coXnIƒ ˛
          (Polygons)     Assk≥sa‚v                                                                           15 ]ncoUv
                         _lp`pPØns‚ B¥ctImWpIƒ sh´nsbSpØv hrØßfpw A¿≤hrØßfpw D≠m°p∂p.
                         _mlytImWpIƒ tN¿Ø sa®v hrØw D≠m°p∂p.
                         n hi߃ Dff ka_lp`pPØns‚ B¥ctImWpw _mlytImWpw XΩnepff _‘w.
        `n∂I kwJyIƒ      Xpey `n∂ßfmtWm F∂v ]cntim[n°p∂Xn\pff hnhn[ am¿K߃ I≠ج ˛ t{]mPIvSv
           (Rational     XpIbpw KpW\^ehpw Htc DØcw In´p∂ c≠v kwJyIfpw, XpI In´p∂ c≠v kwJyIfpw XΩn¬
           Numbers)      F¥mWv _‘w ˛ Assk≥sa‚v
                         KWnX ¢_v cq]oIcWw ˛ DXvLmS\w
                                                                                                             10 ]ncoUv
                         ]mkvI¬ Zn\mNcWw ˛ \º¿ Nm¿´v a’cw
                         `n∂IkwJyIsf Zimwicq]Øn¬ FgpXptºmƒ Ahkm\n°p∂Xpw, Ahkm\n°msX
                         Bh¿Øn°p∂Xpamb kwJyIsf Xncn®dnbp∂ coXn skan\m¿
                         Nm{Inb `n∂I߃ skan\m¿
Pqsse     hrØ߃          hrØ߃ D]tbmKn®v hnhn[ ]mt‰WpIƒ cq]oIcn°p∂p.
                         hrØ`mK߃ D]tbmKn®v hrØw ]q¿Ønbm°n Bcw IW°m°p∂p. {]mIvSnIƒ
                         GXv {XntImWØn\pw ]cnhrØw hcbv°mtam GXv NXp¿`pPØn\pw ]cnhrØw hcbv°mtam ˛ t{]mPIvSv   15 ]ncoUv
                         PymanXob ]T\Øn¬ ICT Geogebra Software
                         kwJyIƒ D≠mIp∂Xv ˛ skan\m¿
BKÃv       A`n∂I
          kwJyIƒ           2, 3,      5, 7, 8 F∂nh A`n∂IßfmW∂v sXfnbn°pI Assk≥sa‚v
                                                                                                             18 ]ncoUv
          (Irrational    Square root spiral s‚ \n¿ΩmWw {]ISn°¬
          Numbers)       A`n∂I \ofapff tcJIƒ \n¿Ωn°p∂ {]h¿Ø\w ˛ {]mIvSn°¬
                         Hcp \n›nX \ofw I¿Wapff a´{XntImWßfn¬ ]c∏fhv ]camh[n BIp∂Xv Ft∏mgmWv ˛ t{]mPIvSv
        ]c∏fhv (Area)    ISemkn¬ sh´nsbSpØ NXpc`pPßsf apdn®v tN¿Øv sh®v {XntImWam°n am‰p∂sXßs\ ˛
                         {]mIvSn°¬                                                                           4 ]ncoUv
                         kzmX¥y`n\mtLmj ˛ Iznkv
                         HmWmtLmjw ˛ PymanXob ]q°fa’cw
                                               KWnXimkv{Xw IX
amkw               bqWn‰v                       {]h¿Ø\߃                                                   kabw

sk]vXw     ]c∏fhv XpScp∂p   Hcp PymanXob cq]Øn≥sc ]c∏fhn\v Xpey]c∏fhpff {XntImWßfpsS \n¿ΩmWw ˛ {]mIvSn°¬
 _¿                                                                                                        12 ]ncoUv
                            {XntImW]c∏v ˛ hnhn[ coXnIƒ skan\m¿
                            _lp`pPßfpsS ]c∏fhv {XntImWo IcWØneqsS ˛ Assk≥sa‚v
                            ax + by = p
              (Pairs of     cd + dy = q F∂o kahmIyßfpsS \n¿≤mcWw hnhn[ coXnIƒ -˛skan\m¿
             Equations)     Utbm^m‚vkv kahmIy߃ skan\m¿
                                                                                                           14 ]ncoUv
                            kahmIytPmSnIƒ Dƒs∏Sp∂ eoemhXnbnse {]kv\߃ ]cnNbs∏S¬ ˛ skan\m¿
                            `mkvIcmNmcy≥ KWnX skan\m¿ t{iWnIfnse KWnXsskµcyw
                            kvIqƒ KWnXtaf
                            ¢mknse Iq´nIfpsS Dbcw, hbkv F∂nhsb ASnÿm\am°p∂ hnhc߃ tiJcn®v ]´nI Xømdm°n
                            lntÃm{Kmw, BhrØn _lp`qPw s#∂nh hc°p∂ {]mIvSnI¬
             (statistics)   hnhn[Xcw icmicnIƒ skan\m¿                                                      10 ]ncoUv
                            KWnX amKkn≥ 2 ˛mw ]Xn∏v {]Imi\w
                            KWnX Iznkv a’cw
                                                     A¿≤hm¿jnI aqey\n¿Wbw
                            Hcp {XntImWsØ Xpey]c∏fhpff hnh[ {XntImWßfm°n am‰p∂p {]mIvSn°¬
                            PymanXob Awi_‘w ˛ ICT klmbtØmsS ˛ skan\m¿
              PymanXob                                                                                     15 ]ncoUv
            Awi_‘߃         inipZn\w ˛ IpkrXn IW°v a’cw
             Proportions)      {XntImWßfpsS k¿hkaX kZbiw ˛ skan\m¿
                               PymanXob XXzßfpsS cq]oIcWØn¬ kZriy{XntImWßfpsS {]k‡n ˛ Assk≥sa‚v            10 ]ncoUv
           kZriy{XntImW߃ kvIqƒ tImºu≠nse FLAG POST s‚ Dbcw I≠Øp∂p ˛ {]mIvSn°¬
           (Similar Triangles)
                               cmam\pP≥ t]∏¿ {]kt‚j≥ kvIqƒ Xe a’cw
                                               KWnXimkv{Xw IX
amkw                bqWn‰v                      {]h¿Ø\߃                                                 kabw

Unkw_¿     kZriy{XntImW߃ kZriy{XntImWßfpw ss]YtKmdkv XXzhpw ˛ skan\m¿
              ˛ XpScp∂p                                                                                  6 ]ncoUv
                          GsXmcp NXp¿`pPØns‚bpw hißfpsS a[y_nµp°ƒ tbmPn∏n®v In´p∂ NXp¿`pPØns‚ {]tXyIX
                             Is≠Øp∂ {]h¿Ø\w ˛ {]mIvSn°¬
                             hnhn[ {]tbmKnI {]iv\ßfpsS _oPKWnX hymJym\w ˛ _lp]ZßfpsS cq]oIcWw
                             XpS¿®bmb n FƬ kwJyIfpsS IpX, AhbpsS h¿KßfpsS XpI, Iyq_pIfpsS XpI ˛
                                                                                                         15 ]ncoUv
                             ]mkv°¬ {XntImWw ˛ {]tXyIXIƒ I≠ج ˛ t{]mPIvSv
                             KWnX amKkn≥ 3-mw ]Xn∏v {]Imi\w
P\phcn       hrØßfpsS        Rapid Mathematics - KWnX {]Xn`m \n¿Wb a’cw
                               Hcp AXoX kwJy ˛ skan\m¿
               (Circular                                                                                 18 ]ncoUv
                               hne ImWp∂Xn\pff {]h¿Ø\w {]mIvSn°¬
                               s\ Ipdn®pff Nm¿´pIfpsS {]Z¿i\ a’cw
           tcJob kwJyIƒ      hrØw ˛ _lp`pPßfpsS Ahkm\w skan\m¿
            (Real Numbers)   kwJymtcJbn¬ kwJyIsf tcJs∏SpØp∂ {]h¿Ø\w                                      8 ]ncoUv
                             x-a = x-b F∂nhbn¬ x s‚ ÿm\w kwJymtcJbn¬ \n∂pw ImWp∂p. Assk≥sa‚v
                             ¢_v{]h¿Ø\ßfpsS Hu]NmcnI kam]\w.
{^{_phcn      kvXw`߃
                             Im¿Uv jo‰pIƒ D]tbmKn®v hnhn[ Xcw kXw`߃ D≠m°p∂ {]h¿Ø\w AXn¬ \n∂pw ]m¿izXe   12 ]ncoUv
                             ]c∏fhv, D]cnXe ]c∏fhv F∂nhImWp∂p. {]mIvSn°¬
                             ]mZNp‰fhpw, Dbchpw Xpeyambn´pff _lp`pPkvXw`Øns‚bpw, ka_lp`pPkvXw`Øns‚bpw
                             hym]vX߃ XΩnepff _‘w Is≠Øp∂ t{]mPIvSv.
                YEAR PLAN 2010-11
                     STANDARD. IX


    MONTH                          UNIT

•³É          ƒÏýܶ£¬Ï µ“‰¸¶œ¯¨•° •“°ð¯œ ‚«¤Äà

             ˆ¯Ô¶¦Ý°¹‹¸ -°è¹
             ¶ª•¸ ¶½•¯--°¹‹¸

‚‹è¸         ¶ª•¸ ¶½•¯--°¹‹¸ (˜²“ÜÅ)
             ½•-¶ú¬Ï ¶-¯ý¸Ý¸µª¤¦²‰à

µ-•¸Ý¹¡Ü     ½•-¶ú¬Ï ¶-¯ý¸Ý¸µª¤¦²‰à ˜²“ÜÅ

ˆ‰¸¶“¯¡Ü     ‚ªÜÌœ¹, • ÜΪ¯Ü¬°‰ £³§»œ°Ü—¤¹

œª¹¡Ü        -¸µ½••¸¬±Ý¸

•°-¹¡Ü       ‰Ø»³ÈÜ µœÝ²ªÜ¾²¹ ƒúܵœÝ²¹

•œ²ª¥°       ƒÏýܶ£¬Ï µ“‰¸¶œ¯¨•° - ª°ª°› ¥¹‹Ä¨°Þ

             ¶¡-°‰¸ •”œ¹ ˜²“¥¯¹.
µý½¡²ª¥°     ‚ªÜÌœ¹

£¯ÜŸ        ªÜ¬¯Ð» £³§»œ°Ü—¤¹

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