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Wildcard SSL from


WildCard SSL Security is an cost effetive SSL certificate security to protect multiple sub domains using a single server SSL certificate on single IP address.

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									                Secure sub domains with Single Wildcard SSL Certificate
Since the boom of online business market and its concept on internet that web security becomes core segment of
online product buyers. It’s very crucial deal that having secure user ecommerce business environment for
eCommerce shoppers.

In concern of eCommerce business and their user’s sensitive information security that Wildcard SSL certificate is
the best and suitable multiple sub host names security using a single server Wildcard SSL certificate. Wildcard SSL
can protect up to 100 sub domain names and as well as main host name on single web server. Being SSL industry
expert that many SSL security solutions are available in SSL industry but Wildcard SSL is the highly recommended
and widely trusted SSL security product program from the major Certificate Authorities (CA)

List of WildCard SSL security solution from major Certificate Authorities (CA)

Secure Unlimited Sub Domains with RapidSSL WildCard on Single Server

Wildcard SSL from RapidSSL is the best and comprehensive SSL security for small and standard size online business
websites and their customers. RapidSSL wildcard SSL certificate includes 128 bit and up to 256 bit SSL encryption
and Dynamic site seal of RapidSSL.

GeoTrust True BusinessID WildCard Certificate

True BusinessID WildCard SSL security solution from the most and top leading major Certificate
Authority (CA) GeoTrust is as easy for installation and also a affordable WildCard SSL security on

Thawte Wildcard

Thawte WildCard is the matured brand in SSL security industry. WildCard SSL from Thawte is the fully
qualified domain name SSL security for all level of business includes small and medium size eCommerce
business websites and their users.

Key Features of Wildcard SSL Certificates:

    •   Unlimited sub domains security without any extra charge

    •   Assurance of free unlimited reissue for 24/7/365

    •   The most cost effective multiple sub domains SSL security solution

    •   Fully multi sub host names security support (*
    •    Rapid issuance and minutes to installation

    •    The Lowest cost single root SSL certificate of major SSL brand

    •    Special discount price on multiple year purchase Up to 5 years

    •    Few steps of validation and be the owner of SSL - No paperwork!

    •    Recognized by over 99% of all browsers with no chained installation

    •    Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard WildCard SSL Certificate

List of Wildcard SSL Certificates supported web browsers:

IE 5+, 6+, 7+, 8+

Firefox 1+, 2+, 3+

Netscape 4+

Opera 7+

AOL 5+


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