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									                           University of Ballarat
                      Master of Nursing (Coursework)
About the Nursing School
The School of Nursing at the University of Ballarat is progressive and vibrant. Innovative programs for nurses and midwives
are delivered at two locations, Mt Helen (Ballarat) and Horsham. Programs are carefully constructed and regularly evaluated
to provide a balance between theory and practice. The focus is on helping students to accomplish their learning needs. The
School has also been delivering programs in Hong Kong since 1996. The Bachelor of Nursing (Postregistration) enrolled over
2,000 Hong Kong nurses in 29 intakes from 1996 – 2005.

Staff and students work in a dynamic, collegial environment, centred around the learning needs of students. The School values
its diverse student and staff base and students find that staff are friendly, approachable and willing to work with small groups
and individuals to help them achieve their learning goals. The School also has strong partnerships with health care providers
and other universities, providing students with breadth and depth of experience.

School of Nursing graduate programs are varied and focus on advanced practice and research. They range from graduate
diplomas in nursing, midwifery and paramedicine, to the Master of Nursing and PhD. The School delivers its postgraduate
programs flexibly through the use of various forms of technology.

Staff of the School of Nursing are pleased to be working with colleagues at the Hong Kong Management Association in the
delivery of the Master of Nursing (Coursework) in Hong Kong. The program outlined in this brochure introduces potential
students to a Master of Nursing by coursework with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of a wide cross section of the
professional nursing community.
Organising Institutions
The Master of Nursing (Coursework) (MN) Hong Kong program is
offered by the University of Ballarat, Australia, in partnership with the
Hong Kong Management Association.

The University of Ballarat
                        The University of Ballarat (UB) is a regional
                         university with a growing reputation for
                          relevance and excellence. Australia’s third-
                          oldest tertiary education institution, UB boasts
                          a strong tradition of education and training

UB meshes a youthful energy with its rich history, embracing the
freedom and dynamism that comes from being a progressive Univer-
                                                                             The Hong Kong
sity with close links to industry and technology. UB has emerged as          Management Association
a top ten University within Australia, and number one in Victoria for                                    The Hong Kong Management Association
Good Teaching based on analysis by the Department of Education,                                          (HKMA) is a non-profit-making
Science and Training.                                                                                    incorporated body established in 1960.
UB places great emphasis on the quality of its teaching and learning,                                    Over the years, the Association, with a
delivering a range of innovative programs through both its Higher                                        mission to train and develop human
Education and TAFE divisions. Embracing diversity, UB is Australia’s         resources, has been actively taking part in training tens of thousands of
only regional, dual-sectoral university and a pivotal provider of post-      management personnel and professionals, thereby raising the standard
secondary education for Central and Western Victoria. Six campuses           of management and improving its quality in Hong Kong.
in the region anchor the range of programs that UB delivers throughout
Australia and, increasingly, internationally. In addition to the six         As part of HKMA’s deep commitment to providing opportunities to
campuses in western Victoria UB offers programs at a number of other         local executives and professionals continuing development, the
locations in Australia and off shore.                                        Association, in partnership with a number of overseas universities,
                                                                             offers a series of programs leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral
Known for its supportive, community environment, UB offers affordable        Degrees in various areas of studies.
study options with small class sizes, friendly staff and easily accessible
academic support. Many UB programs are developed in consultation             The Program (UBMN) Local Secretariat at the HKMA takes care of
with appropriate industries, ensuring that courses are relevant and that     overall organisation of the Master of Nursing program, and will work
graduates are sought after. UB qualifications are recognized                 with students to answer their questions as well as help solve their
internationally for their quality and graduates regularly rate their study   problems, throughout the learning process.
experience as extremely positive.*
                                                                             HKMA Website:
With a proud track record in business innovation and entrepreneurship,
UB strives to enhance the relevance and currency of its education,
training, research and consultancy capabilities. UB is actively engaged
in the development and expansion of its strategic partnerships as well as
highly productive links with business, industry and the community. UB
delivers multi-disciplinary commercial services to a range of high-profile
clients, with existing alliances stretching around the globe. Providing
strong, practical knowledge and extensive experience in the development
and supply of innovative, commercial solutions, UB staff have undertaken
and overseen major national and international projects within both
academic and commercial environments.

Proud of its past while firmly focused on the future, student-centred and
commercially capable, the University of Ballarat continues to excel.

* Good Universities Guide 2005

University Website:
Key Features
• 5 star rating received for teaching quality in 2010 Good Universities Guide
• UB offered nursing programs in HK since 1996 with over 2,000 nurses graduating
• Ideal for certificate holders of the (Hong Kong) Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies as 4 courses at Stage I of the Master of Nursing (Coursework) program
  may be exempted
• The program can be completed within one year full time (exempted Stage I)
• Part time options are also available to assist with managing work/home commitments
• Entire program conducted via flexible distance learning therefore study can be conducted at a time that suits. No need to attend scheduled classes
• Highly structured course materials to guide you along
• Strong and friendly home university academic support
• Valuable advanced qualification to enhance your prospects for career advancement

                  Program Overview
                  The Master of Nursing (Coursework) [MN] provides an opportunity for advanced education for nurses. The program enables registered nurses
                  to build a strong foundation as practitioners. The Coursework Units of the program provide a sound basis for study in an Advanced Project or
                  Minor Thesis.

                  Program Objectives
                  The program is designed to enable students to critically examine the distinctive role of nursing. It has been planned to meet the needs of nurses
                  who wish to take a leadership role in developing innovative programs and practice in a variety of health care settings, to undertake research in
                  nursing or to investigate an issue in professional nursing.

                  Program Structure
                  The Master of Nursing (Coursework) program consists of four advanced courses, four courses in an identified speciality stream and one Master
                  level course. Students may exit with a Graduate Diploma following completion of the four advanced and four speciality courses.

                  Applicants who have already completed postgraduate studies in a speciality nursing area may apply for exemption for the four speciality courses.

                  Speciality areas on offer include Aged Care Nursing, Acute Care Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Palliative Care Nursing. Also offered is
                  a Professional stream where any four courses can be selected across the four speciality streams or equivalent cross-school or equivalent cross-
                  institutional courses.

                                                                                            Stage III                                                AWARD
                                                            Stage II                       1 x Project/                                      Master of Nursing
                             Stage I                      4 x Advanced                        Thesis                                          (Coursework)
                      4 x Speciality Courses                 Courses                     (60 credit points)                                       (180 credit points)
                          (60 credit points)             (60 credit points)

                  Credit Transfer
                  Credit will be granted for previous successfully completed studies equivalent to a postgraduate certificate or a postgraduate diploma. Specific
                  postgraduate studies completed at recognised tertiary or industry providers such as the Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies (IANS), Hong
                  Kong will be recognised.

                  Certified documentary evidence of full transcripts of course, course descriptors and course results including CNE points must be submitted,
                  together will a fully completed credit application form. All applications for credit must be submitted at the time of the applications. Applicants wishing
                  to be considered for Stage I exemption must provide evidence of a minimum of a postgraduate certificate or its equivalent in a specialist nursing
                  area. Applicants who have already completed a Masters degree may be eligible to apply for credit for Stage II subjects however they will need
                  to provide appropriate documentary evidence.

                  All applications are individually assessed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they provide sufficient and correct evidence to
                  support credit.

                  Credit is assessed in relation to University of Ballarat regulations and the School of Nursing Programs Committee decides the outcome for
                  application for credit.
The program can be completed in 12 months of full time study if the applicant has successfully fulfilled the requirements of prior studies and receive exemption for
Stage I of the program. A part time option is also offered which allows students to undertake one subject at a time rather than two. The part time option would result
in a program duration of approximately two years.

Entry Requirements
To be admitted in the Master of Nursing (Coursework) in Hong Kong, applicants should possess the following qualifications:

1.   Registered nurse
2.   A Bachelor degree in nursing or health related discipline, e.g. health science;
3.   Evidence of English language competency at TOEFL 580 or higher, IELTS 6.5 or higher, or undergraduate studies in English;

If requiring exemption from Stage I:

1.   Completed study in a speciality area equivalent to a postgraduate certificate, e.g. through the Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies or another university.

Mode of Delivery
The Master of Nursing program has been developed to specifically cater to the needs of the students who are working while undertaking study. The School of
Nursing has many years’ experience in nursing education in Hong Kong and understands the difficulties that nurses have in managing work, shift hours, family and
studies, while maintaining quality of life.

As the course is delivered online, students are able to work at their own pace without the need to attend daily or weekly classes. In addition to the Coursework
courses students will either undertake a research project (thesis) or an advanced project, investigating a specific nursing issue.

An initial orientation session will be conducted in Hong Kong by University of Ballarat staff. Students will then be encouraged to interact with lecturers and fellow
students using technology such as online discussion forums, emails, podcasts and skype.

All courses are assessed. Examples of types of assessment tasks include online exercises, written scholarly papers, creative projects such as portfolios of work
or case study analysis.

Recognition of the Award
Awards obtained from the University of Ballarat are internationally recognised. All graduates, whether in Australia or offshore, receive the same recognition and
standing, and are able to use their qualification for further education and career advancement.

Please refer to the attachments of this brochure for:
1. Application Procedures (Information for New Applicants)
2. Program fees (Information for New Applicants)
3. Application Form
4. Application for Credit Form
                                                                      Subject Descriptions
Speciality Courses
Palliative Care:                                                      The following are course descriptions of the four (4) core subjects and the
HCPAL6051             Foundations of Palliative Care Nursing          thesis/project of the program.
HCPAL6061             Assessing Complexity in Palliative Care
HCPAL6012             Managing Interventions in Palliative Care
                      Context                                         Coursework (Advanced) Subjects
HCPAL6022             Specialist Palliative Care Nursing              HCNUR 6031 NURSING INQUIRY
                                                                      This course explores the underpinning epistemological foundations of nursing.
Acute Care:                                                           The related ethico-legal, socio-political and economic influences are analysed
HCNUR 6051            Foundation of Acute Care Nursing                for their contributions to contemporary nursing knowledge. Students will
HCNUR 6061            Assessing Complexity in Acute Care
HCNUR 6012            Managing Interventions in Acute Care Settings   evaluate their own level of knowledge development and map their pathway
HCNUR 6022            Specialist Acute Care Nursing                   to high order professional knowledge in nursing practice.

Aged Care (2012):                                                     HCNUR 6011 NURSING RESEARCH
HCAGE 6051            Foundations of Gerontology                      METHODOLOGIES
HCAGE6061             Care of Older People in Diverse Health Care     This course will guide students through the process of refining a research-
                                                                      able problem, exploring different paradigms used in nursing research and
HCAGE6012             Screening and Assessment of Older People
HCAGE 6022            Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in      selecting an appropriate methodology to address the specific research
                      Older People                                    question. The course prepares the student to develop a research proposal
                                                                      that applies sound research design and the principles of ethical research.
Mental Health (2012):
HCMTL6051             Assessment Skills in Mental Health Nursing      HCNUR 6041 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN
HCMTL6061             Theory, Knowledge and Practice in Mental
                                                                      GLOBAL HEALTH
HCMTL6012             Psychotherapeutic/Psychopharmacological         This course explores the nature of contemporary health both globally and
                      Interventions                                   within Australia, and the role and practices of nurses within the health
HCMTL6022             Advanced Mental Health Practice                 workforce. Health is examined from the determinants perspective and
                                                                      burden of disease in Australia is seen as underpinning the policy and
                                                                      resource situation. The complexities and consequences of chronic illness
Professional Stream:
Any four selected courses from within or across the four speciality   are a particular focus, laying groundwork for the speciality courses in the
steams OR equivalent cross-school OR equivalent cross-institutional   program. Patients are seen as having shifted from passive recipients of
courses.                                                              care to critical consumers. Nurses are seen as occupying new and
                                                                      expanded roles supported by evidenced-based reflective practice.
Core Courses
HCNUR 6031            Nursing Inquiry                                 HCNUR 6101 POLICY, PLANNING AND
HCNUR 6041            Contemporary issues in Global Health            LEADERSHIP FOR NURSING PRACTICE
HCNUR 6011            Nursing Research Methodologies
                                                                      This course aims to provide registered nurses with knowledge of leader-
HCNUR 6101            Policy, Planning and Leadership for Nursing
                      Practice                                        ship and contemporary healthcare systems to be more effective in influenc-
                                                                      ing policy and the allocation of resources. Policy is seen as being planned,
Project/Minor Thesis                                                  implemented and evaluated within a broad based social, economic and
HCNUR 7001            Minor Thesis                                    political context. Students will be asked to use their leadership skills to
OR                                                                    analyse ways in which they can use power and planning processes to
HCNUR 7011            Advanced Nursing Project                        positively influence decision making and change within the health care
Project/Thesis Courses
A significant amount of nursing literature since the mid 1980s has
emphasised the growing importance of research to the development of
nursing as a profession. While most early research was conducted by
academics and nurses undertaking higher degree studies, it is exciting
to see that there is now a ‘body of knowledge’ emerging that is driven
by practitioners. Initially, research efforts tended to address questions
about nursing and nurses, but in more recent years this has shifted
focus to examine clinical issues and patient outcomes. An emphasis
on collaborative research projects has also become a pathway for
novice researchers to work across disciplines to gain experience in
research methods and methodologies.

Nevertheless it is important for nurses to develop skills in identifying
researchable nursing issues, to plan a research project and manage
the project through to completion. It is also vitally important for nurses
to communicate the findings of their research to their colleagues by
publishing in journals and presenting papers at conferences. These
strategies open up new ideas for critical review by one’s peers, and
validate the claim of nursing to be a profession. The concept of
producing work of publishable standard is emphasised throughout the
Master of Nursing program, and students are encouraged to submit
their essays to conferences and journals.

The Master of Nursing (Coursework) offers an alternative strand to a
research project for students who wish to study a special area of
professional nursing or health care. A wide range of topics related to
theoretical aspects of nursing, education, health care policy and
professional nursing issues lend themselves to in-depth study. Some
students may wish to undertake a practicum or travel off-shore to gain
experience of another health care system.

The topic for study will have been identified during core units, and will
be negotiated with the course coordinator.

Academic Statutes and Regulations
Students may refer to the University of Ballarat Handbook (access on handbooks/) for information
regarding academic statutes and regulations.

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