Guidelines for a Safe and Enjoyable Desert Safari by andycena1


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									    Guidelines for a Safe and Enjoyable Desert Safari

Dubai has developed as a delightful tourist destination with an amazing range
of natural and man-made marvels. However, most captivating and charming
part of this Emirati city lies in its never-ending sandy waves. If you are
travelling to Dubai, then a desert safari tour is a definite must. It is a
brilliant chance for you to get acquainted with the locals, their culture and
history, as well as their lifestyle. It is an exciting experience which you
certainly wouldn’t want to miss.

There are morning, evening, as well as overnight desert safaris. You can
pick and choose the one that suits you the best. All you need to do is book
yourself a four-wheeler, and everything else will just fall into place. You will
be surfing up and down the sand dunes at an amazing angle of 45 degrees.
Now doesn’t that just sound exhilarating?

Of course, before you take up the trip, you need to have a list of essentials
that you will need for the safari. Just have a quick look at the list given below
and you are good to go:-
    If you happen to take the morning safari, have a light meal before
      starting out. Don’t eat too much or drink a lot of water. The ride is as
      good as being in a roller coaster, and could make you woozy or sick.
    You should carry a pair of sunglasses, a hat and a camera with you.
      There are official photographers available too, in case you do not want
      to carry your precious photographic equipment.
    Do not forget to carry cash with you. You may want to eat or drink in-
    Wear loose clothing; and avoid accessories. Also, you may want to
      wear a good pair of open shoes or slippers. Avoid wearing sneakers as
      the fine sand may get inside them.
    Trust your driver. The drivers are professionals and skilled enough to
      take you over the sand dunes with absolute ease. They have perfect
      control over the vehicle and will ensure that you have a safe and fun-
      filled ride.

Once the safari is over, you can relax while you have your hands or legs
decorated with some beautiful henna designs. Mouth-watering feasts that
include Arabic appetizers, grilled meat, fresh salads, along with selected
beverages will also be on offer.

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