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					        Total Solutions Guide:
        High Performance Mixed Signal
        and Standard Products

             Microcontroller Solutions                1

        Interface Products
             Clocks, Watches and Graphics Products    2
             High Speed Interface Products            3
             System Management Products               4

             Small Signal Discretes                   5

        Power Management
             Solid State Lighting Solutions           6
             Power MOSFETs                            7

        Front End & MI
             TV Front End                             8
             HDMI Solutions                           9

             Logic Solutions                         10

        Data Converters
             High Speed Converters                   11

             RF Power                                12
             RF Small Signal                         13

        Block Diagram                                14

                                        NXP Microcontroller Solutions
                                        A World of Possibilities

                                        The Broadest Line of ARM core 32-bit microcontrollers

Focus Markets:                          NXP Microcontroller Solutions
                                                                                                         Number of NXP 32-bit
}	Industrial                            From the smallest 8-bit to the highest performing 32-bit ARM     ARM microcontrollers
}	White Goods                           microcontrollers, we drive the industry as an innovation leader    shipping today!
}	Mobile/PC Accessories                 with our highly-integrated and cost-effective MCUs. Our leading
}	Smart Metering                        ARM9/ARM7-based families have numerous, sophisticated integrated peripherals
}	Lighting                              available. The industry’s fastest microcontrollers based on the low-power, cost-
                                        effective ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0 cores are part of our exciting new
}	Medical
                                        LPC1000 family, running at speeds of up to 120 MHz and offering best-in-class

                                        performance and peripheral support. Our ARM-based Bluestreak families feature
                                        high-resolution integrated LCD controllers and provide System-on-Chip capability.

                                        Leading the Way:
                                        }	LPC1700 – the world’s fastest
                                          Cortex M3 microcontroller
    World’s lowest                      } LPC1102 – the world’s smallest 32bit
     cost 32bit                           MCU package in 2x2mm2 CSP
        MCU!                            }	LPC1100 – the world’s lowest cost
                                          32bit MCU starting at $0.65
                                        }	LPC3130 – the world’s lowest cost
                                          ARM9 with High-Speed USB 2.0

           Product Series       Core             Memory          Key Peripherals    Package options

           LPC1100          ARM Cortex-M0    8KB-32KB Flash        ADC, CAN             CSP
                                             2KB-8KB SRAM                              HVQFN
           LPC1300          ARM Cortex-M3    8KB-32KB Flash      ADC, CAN, USB         HVQFN          100% ARM portfolio
                                             2KB-8KB SRAM                               LQFP
           LPC1700          ARM Cortex-M3   32KB-512KB Flash     ADC, DAC, CAN           LQFP         }	LPC1100 – Cortex M0 core
                                            8KB-96KB SRAM,        USB, Ethernet,        TFBGA         }	LPC1300 – Cortex M3 core
                                                                   RTC, LCD
           LPC2000             ARM7           2KB-1M Flash      ADC, DAC, CAN,          LQFP
                                                                                                      }	LPC1700 – cortex M3 core
                                             8KB-98KB SRAM       USB, Ethernet,        HVQFN          }	LPC2000 – ARM7 core
                                                                  RTC, LCD             TFBGA
           LPC3000             ARM9         64KB-256KB SRAM      ADC, CAN, USB,         LFBGA
                                                                                                      }	 – ARM7 & ARM9 cores
                                            16KB - 32KB Cache   Ethernet, SD/MMC,       TFBGA         }	LPC3000 – ARM9 core
                                                                                                      }	Coming soon – Cortex M4 core

                                        3 Levels of Support:
                                        }	Fully featured development tools from 3rd party vendors such as IAR, Kiel,
                                          Code Red and many others
                                        }	mBed – online rapid prototyping tool
                                        }	LPCXpresso – lowest cost fully featured development system supporting
                                          the Cortex product families for less then $30.

                                        For more information on Microcontrollers go
                               NXP Clocks, Watches and
                               Graphics Products
                               Intelligent User Interface Solutions
                               Graphics, timekeeping, and proximity sensing
                               devices for a broad range of applications                             RTC with
                                                                                                 integrated TCXO

Focus Markets                  Real Time Clocks
}	Industrial                   NXP offers a number of real time clock/       Industry’s
}	Automotive                   calendars based on 32 kHz quartz oscil-       lowest power
}	Medical                      lators. With these products, time keeping     (100nA @2V)
}	Smart Meters                 is made easy, and alarm, timer, bat-          - PCF2123 (SPI)
}	White Goods                  tery back-up, and watch-dog features          - PCF8523 (I2C)
                               complement the basic functionality.           Highly accurate with integrated
}	Consumer and
  Handheld Electronics         Extremely low power consumption,              TCXO (+/- 3ppm)
                               down to 100 nA, outperforms most RTCs         - PCF2127A (w/ RAM)
Design-in Support              in microcontrollers. This allows the use      - PCF2129A
} Demo Boards                  of an RTC to wake up a microcontroller        AEC-Q100 automotive compliant
                               in hibernation mode for greater power         - PCA21125
} User Manuals
                               savings. Options with I2C-bus, SPI-bus, or    - PCA8565
} Application Reports
                               both are available.                           - PCA2129
} Selection Guides                                                           Smart Card Applications

                                                                             - PCA8802U
                                                                             - PCF2123U
                               LCD Display Drivers
                               NXP’s standalone LCD display drivers                    Segment drivers
                               bring high reliability and low power                    (Drive up to 640 segments)
current consumption            consumption to a broad range of ap-                     - PCF851xx
   of the PCF2123              plications. They require no external                    - PCA851xx
      RTC at 2V                components for operation, operate                       - PCA85xx
                               over a wide temperature range, sup-                     Character Drivers
                               port a wide range of supply voltages,                   - PCF211x
Value Proposition              and integrate vital interfaces.                         Graphic Drivers
 Large segment driver
}	                                                                                     - PCF8531
 portfolio                                                                             - PCF8811
 Ultra-low power products
}	                             Capacitive Proximity Switches
 Highly integrated features
}	                             NXP’s capacitive proximity switches use       No
                                                                            }	 contact required
 and functions                 a patented (EDISEN) digital method to         Configurable and self-calibrating
}	Extended temperature         detect changes in capacitance on a            Adjustable sensitivity
	 range	(up	to	+125˚C)	for		   remote sensing plate. The auto calibra-       Adjustable response time
  use in automotive and        tion feature allows sensing even with         Single-channel
  other harsh environments.    grease or moisture on the sensing plate.      device
                               The single-channel device does not            - PCF8883
                               require a microcontroller making imple-       Multi-channel
                               mentation very simple. It’s optimized         devices
                               for battery-powered applications with a       - PCF8885
                               typical current draw of only 3µA.             - PCF8886

                               For more information on Interface Products
                               go to
                             NXP High Speed Interface Products
                             Enabling Connectivity

                             High performance Interface solutions to seamlessly interconnect ever
                             developing new protocols and feature sets requiring smart connectivity

Focus Markets                To meet the demands of ever increas-         UARTs and Bridges
}	Industrial                 ing data transfer rates, NXP provides a       Wide portfolio of Industrial and
}	Consumer                   variety of solutions for high speed con-      Commercial UARTs.
}	Mobile                     nectivity including high speed switches,      Bridge solutions for connecting SPI,
}	Commercial                 multiplexers, buffers, and adapters.          I2C and UART interfaces
}	Computing                  We have extensive experience in high         Bridge types available
}	Automotive                 speed integrated circuit, PCB, and           I2C/SPI to UART bridge
Design-In Support:           signal integrity design and provide          I2C/SPI to DUART bridge
                             world-class application support through      UART to I2C master bridge
 Demo Boards
 Reference Designs
}	                           application notes, demo boards and           SPI to I2C master bridge
 User Manuals
}	                           reference designs.                           I2C slave to SPI master bridge
 Application Reports
                                                                          PCIe PHY
 Selection Guides
                                                                          }	 Express Gen 1 PHY (2.5 Gbps)
                                                                          SDIO Controller
                                                                          }	16-bit Memory Interface SD Host
                                                                          Memory Switches & Registers
                                                                           High performance multiplexers/
                             DisplayPort Solutions                         switches for DDR, DDR2 and DDR3
                             }	DisplayPort to DVI & HDMI level             memory architectures
                               shifters                                    Memory registers supporting DDR
PTN3392 DisplayPort to VGA   }	DisplayPort to VGA adapters
adapter reference design                                                   and DDR2 memories
                             }	High performance multiplexers for

                                                                          Value Proposition
                               DP v1.1a and DP v1.2
                                                                           Gigabit design expertise
                             High Bandwidth Analog
                             }	High performance
                                                             Gbps          Continuous innovation in solutions for
                                                                           high speed interfaces like DisplayPort,
                                                                           PCIe, USB 3.0, LVDS, and SATA
                               multiplexers for        Switch for Gen3
                                                                           Wide portfolio of Commercial and
                               switchable graphics          PCIe
                                                                           Industrial UARTs
                             }	 Gbps switch for LVDS,                      Low power solutions for battery
                               DisplayPort 1.1a, & Gen2 PCIe               powered and mobile platforms in
                             } 8 Gbps switch for Gen3 PCIe,                attractive packages
                               DisplayPort 1.2, & USB 3.0

                             For more information on Interface Products
                             go to
                                                    NXP System Management Products
                                                    High Performance Interface Solutions

                                                                                                                     I C-bus
                                                    Smart connectivity with the largest portfolio of
                                                    I2C-bus devices in a wide range of functions

Focus Markets:                                      The I2C-bus was invented by NXP (Philips)                        Invented by NXP!
}	Industrial                                        more than 30 years ago and continues
  Automotive                                        to gain popularity due to the growing
}	                                                                                                     Bus Buffers
                                                    demand for low cost intelligent intercon-
}	Gaming                                                                                               }	Repeaters
                                                    nectivity. NXP has the largest portfolio
}	Computing                                                                                              Hot
                                                                                                       }	 Swap buffers
                                                    of I2C-bus devices and is continuously
}	Mobile                                            adding new devices to the portfolio. The           }	Long distance buffers
                                                    I2C-bus uses a simple two-wire format              }	Voltage translating buffers
Design-in Support:
                                                    to carry data one bit at a time. It per-
} Demo Boards                                       forms inter-chip addressing, selection,
}	User Manuals                                      control, and data transfer. Speeds
} Application Reports                               include 100 kHz (standard-mode), 400
} Selection Guides                                  kHz (Fast Mode), and 1 MHz (Fast-mode
                                                    Plus). By replacing complex parallel               LED Controllers
                                                    interfaces with a straight-forward yet             }	Voltage-switch drivers
                                                    powerful serial structure, the I2C-bus has         }	Constant-current drivers
                                                                 revolutionized chip-to-chip           } Flash LED drivers
                                                                                                       Multiplexers and Switches
                                                                         GPIO Expanders                 2,
                                                                                                       }	 4, and 8 channel multiplexers
                                                Sensors                   4-
                                                                         }	 to 40-bit widths            and switches
           General Purpose                      and voltage
         Input Output (GPIO                     management                Options with reset and
                                                                         }	                             2:1
                                                                                                       }	 de-multiplexer
                 expanders                                                interrupt                     Options with reset and interrupt
                                                                          Various output types
         LCD display drivers                            Clocks/RTCs       - Totem-Pole (Push-Pull)     Other I2C Functions
                                                                            Outputs                     Bus
                                                                                                       }	 Controllers and Bridge ICs
                                                Multiplexers              - Quasi Bidirectional I/O     Level shifters
                 Tiny serial
                                                and switches              - Open Drain I/O              ADCs / DACs
                                                                          Wide supply voltage
                                                                         }	                             EEPROMs
        Bus buffers
                                                        I2C-controlled    ranges                        Electronic DIP Switches
                                                        DIP switches
        and voltage                                                                                     Stepper motor controllers
         translators                                                     Temperature Sensors
                                                       Intelligent                                      Real Time Clocks
                                                       Stepper Motor     }	Local and Remote
                                                                                                        LCD Display Drivers
                                                                         }	General purpose for
                               Blinkers, dimmers,
                                                                           industrial, medical, con-
  ICs, bus
                               drivers                                     sumer, computing, etc.
controllers                                                              }	JEDEC-compliant
                                                                           for DIMM applications

                                                    For more information on Interface Products
                                                    go to
                               NXP Small Signal Discretes
                               A broad portfolio offering complete
                               discrete solutions
                               Packaging • Energy-effiency • Protection • Integration

Package Types:                 Quality, performance, world class           Diodes
Medium: SOD128,                support, expertise in manufacturing         }	Low VF (MEGA) Schottky diodes
SOD123x, SOT89 (SC-62),        and leadership in innovation. These           - 0.07A – 5A, 20-100V
SOT223 (SC-73)                 are the core values by which NXP’s          }	Zener diodes
Small: SOT23, SOT1061,         discrete components group addresses           - 2.4-100V
SOT143x, SOT457 (SC-74)        the day to day challenges faced by          }	Small-signal switching diodes
                               design engineers. Since the ground-           - 0.1-5A, 50-300V
Very Small: SOD323x
                               breaking introduction of the SOT23
(SC-76, SC-90), SOT3x3                                                     Protection and signal conditioning
                               package in 1968, NXP has continued
(SC-70, SC-88)                                                               ESD
                                                                           }	 protection,
                               to push the boundaries of package
Ultra Small: SOD523,           and technological innovation.                 - USB, HDMI, SATA, SIM/SD card
SOT416, SOT66x, SOD882,                                                        interface and more

SOD883, SOT886                                                               TVS
                                                                           }	 diodes
                                                                             - 24W, 40W, 400W, 600W
                                                                           }	 and ESD filters, Integrated
                                                                           }	Low VCEsat (BISS) transistors
          Over 40                                                            - Single/Double – 0.5-8A, <100V
      space saving,                                                          - High Voltage 150-500V
      highly efficient                                                     }	Resistor-equipped transistors (RETs)
         package                                                             - 0.1-0.5A, 50V
                               With solutions in over 40 different
           types!              package types, NXP aims to address          }	Small-signal and medium power
                               ALL application segments. Ranging             bipolar transistors
                               from designs that require space saving        - 0.1-0.5A, 50V
                               solutions like our best in class ESD pro-   }	Matched Pairs
      Did you know?            tection devices in SOD882D (low profile     }	Mosfet Drivers
    }	 out of every 4 small
     1                         0402) or designs that require the highly    Small-signal MOSFETs
     signal discretes in any   efficient, power handling capabilities of
     given application is                                                   12V-200V
                               our low Vce sat (BISS) transistors which
     an NXP discrete                                                       Standard Linear products
                               come in a variety of packages.
     There are over 3000
    }	                                                                     }	Adjustable shunt voltage
     active part types in                                                    regulator Ics
     the portfolio
                               The Connected World
                               NXP’s Discrete Group recognizes the           - TL431
    }	 discretes produced                                                  }	LDO’s
     in three years easily     importance of increased connectivity
                               between the applications we use in            - NX1117
     cover the distance
     from the earth to         our every day lives. Our portfolio of
     the moon                  ESD and EMI filters for connections
                               ranging from USB3.0 to HDMI ensure
                               the safety and high performance
                               levels of today’s sophisticated
                               electronic products.

                                  NXP Solid State Lighting Solutions
                                  Complete Lighting Driver Portfolio

Focus Markets:                    NXP Commitment and Dedication
                                                                                                    Lighting IC
}	Retrofit                        NXP is deeply committed to lighting and understands the             Supplier
}	Residential                     resources required to bring best in class driver technology
                                  to the Solid State Lighting market. We have built state of the
}	Commercial
}	Street lighting                 art labs that are producing leading reference designs and
}	Integral Lamps                  assisting customers with their design challenges. This investment
                                  is supported by high volume manufacturing and an extensive IP portfolio.
Reference Designs
Available:                        Mains Dimmable                               Highly Integrated
} Down Light                      } Supporting Buck and Flyback                }	Enabled through years of experience
    Non-Isolated Buck Design        topologies                                   and power conversion IP
    for 9W in a 2” Diameter
                                  Powering a wide range of applications        }	Low component count
 Linear Light
                                  } Large input and output power               }	Low cost solution
    Isolated Flyback Design for
    12W, 2.5” x 1” x 0.75”          capabilities                               #1 Lighting IC Supplier Worldwide
} PAR38                                                                        }	High volume production
    Isolated Flyback Design for
    10W, 1.25” x 0.7” x 2”
                                                                               }	Reliable supply
}	                                                                             SSL Portfolio at a Glance
    Isolated Flyback Design
    with PFC                                                                   IC         Dimming            Max Power
 Task Light
}	                                                                             SSL2101    Triac              15W
    Isolated Flyback design                                                    SSL2102    Triac              25W
    for 6W                                                                     SSL2103    Triac              N/A
                                  Innovation Award Winner                      SSL1522    Non-dimmable       8W
Coming Soon:                      The SSL2102 dimmable IC is the recipient     SSL1523    Non-dimmable       15W
} A19                             of LIGHTFAIR International’s (LFI) 2010      SSL1623    Non-dimmable       25W
}	High Bay                        Technical Innovation Award for having        UBA3070    PWM                N/A
} Pendant                         the industry’s most forward-thinking         TEA1750    Triac              250W
                                  advancement in lighting technology.

                                                                                          Did you know?
                                                                                 Reducing cost and component count
                                                                                 in your power supply starts with the
                                                                                 choice of IC?
                                                                                }	 build in a natural dimming curve
                                                                                 via logarithmic correction to simulate
                                                                                 incandescent dimming?

                                                      PAR38 board top (left)
                                                      and bottom (middle)
                                                      and 9w 2” diameter
                                                      buck (right).

                            NXP Power MOSFETs
                            The most rugged, reliable MOSFETs
                            in the industry

LFPAK @ a Glance            NXP Power MOSFETs: Smaller Faster Cooler…
} Ideal Alternative to      NXP Semiconductors offers a complete portfolio
  DPAK                      of discrete MOSFETs that are designed to
} Simple Rugged Cu Clip     meet today’s requirements for high-
	 design	(No	Bond	wires)    efficiency power conversion. With
} Mechanical reliability    more than 600 device types, these
  exceeding existing        Trench MOSFETs are optimized for
  DPAK and D2PAK            low RDS(ON) and low gate charge
} Fully footprint compat-   Qg(tot) and improve switching perfor-
  ible with PowerSO8        mance in a wide range of power applications,
  (easy 2nd	sources)        including DC/DC conversion, voltage regulators
                            (VRMs), power OR-ing, load switching, Li-ion battery

} Rated to 175c

                            protection and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

                            Summary of NXP N-Channel and P-Channel offerings
                            	 Package	                Dimensions	(mm)	       Vds	range	(V)	      ID	max	(A)
                            HUSON6(SOT1118)               2 x 2 x 0.65            -20V                 1
                            TO-236AB(SOT23)               3 x 1.4 x 1.1        -60 - 100V            5.9
                            SC-73 (SOT223)              6.5 x 3.5 x 1.65      -60V - 100V              6
    Avalanche               QFN3333 (SOT873-1)            3.3 x 3.3 x 1       -30V - 100V             40
      Tested                LFPAK (SOT669)              3.95 x 4.9 x 1.1       25V - 200V            100
                            SO8 (SOT96-1)                3.9 x 4.9 x 1        -30V – 200V             32
                            TO220AB (SOT78A)           15.5 x 10.0 x 4.3      30V – 200V             100
Focus Markets:              I2PAK (SOT226)             11.0 x 10.0 x 4.3         100V                100
                            D2PAK (SOT404)             11.0 x 10.0 x 4.3       20V - 200V            100
}	Automotive
}	Computing                 Smaller
}	Alternative Energy
                            } Compact QFN 3x3 and SOT223 packages allow power engineers to design
}	Industrial                  extremely dense DC/DC power conversion.
}	Telecom
                            } NXP Trench Technology is optimized for low Rds(on) and gate charge Qg(tot).
                              Ideal for high-efficiency fast switching applications.
                             Rugged Industrial packages such as LFPAK, TO220, I2PAK, and D2PAK offer
                             enhanced reliability and superior thermal performance.

                            For more information on Power MOSFETs
                            go to
                                      NXP TV Front End
                                      Targeting Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial Markets

                                      Driving System Optimized Silicon Tuners

Focus Applications:                   Volumes
                                      } More than 400 Mpcs silicon tuners sold                Flexible platform development
}	TV
}	STB                                 } High volumes fabs and assembly centers                } From low cost to high performance
}	DVR                                 } Driving full supply chain                             } Single or multi-tuners (with internal
}	PCTV                                Industry	firsts                                         }	With or without loop through
}	DVD-R                               } First low IF analog silicon tuner                     }	Flexible & easy-to-use SW drivers
}	Gateways                            } First zero IF digital silicon tuner
                                      } First integrated dual silicon tuner                   Best performances

                                      }	 dual satellite silicon tuner
                                        First                                                 } High performance analog/digital
                                      }	 dual use Operator+FTA satellite
                                        First                                                 } Programmable performance & power
                                        silicon tuner                                         } Defined and validated with network
                                                                                                operators and service providers
                                      } Partnerships with system suppliers                    Worldwide broadcast standards
                                      } Worldwide customer support teams                      } NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    Billion MOPLL                     } Selling to worldwide key players                      } DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-C2,
    & IF DEMOD                                                                                  DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB,
         SOLD!                        Quality                                                   SARFT, SBTVD, 8SPSK Turbo, ISDB-S,
                                      } Based on automotive policy                              ABS-S
                                      } Design for excellence in development
                                                                                              Fully integrated
                                      } Zero defect program in production
                                                                                              } LNA, RF & IF filters, loop through,
                                      } One digit PPM
                                                                                                RF splitters
                                      All systems
                                                                                              High performance
                                      } TV, STB, DVR, PCTV, DVD-R & Gateways
                                                                                              } Noise figure, AGC, Max input level,
                                      } Digital only                                            Phase noise, Image rejection, ACI,
                                      } Hybrid analog/digital                                   CSO, CTB
       Cable Tuner                                                                            Validated reference designs
       TDA18254A Digital only silicon tuner with loop through and RF splitter
       TDA18260       Digital only dual tuner with loop through and RF splitter
                                                                                              } ATSC A/74, NorDig, CENELEC, DTG,
       Satellite Tuner
       CX24118A       Single DVB-S2 tuner                                                     Robustness
       CX24132        Dual DVB-S2 tuner
       TDA20136       Dual Unicable DVB-S2 tuner                                              } Built on 1.2 billion MOPLL & IF sold
       TDA20142       High performance tuner with integrated LNA and loop through             } Torture room and field tests
       Terrestrial Tuner
                                                                                              } Customer test case validation
       TDA18218       DVB-T only tuner with loop through
       TDA18219       Digital only multi-standard tuner with loop through                     } System validation with partners
       TDA18212       Digital only worldwide tuner with dual tuner support and loop through
       TDA18272       Worldwide hybrid terrestrial and cable tuner with dual tuner support
       TDA18273       High performance worldwide hybrid terrestrial and cable tuner
       IF Demodulator
       TDA8296        Analog IF demodulator
       Channel Decoder
       TDA10025       Dual Cable demodulator
       TDA10027       Dual Cable demodulator with out-of-band reception

                           NXP SMART HDMI System Solutions
                           Transmitters, Receivers and Switches Portfolio

                                                                                                               Enabled first ever
                                                                                                             smartphone with Micro
                                                                                                               HDMI connector!
Focus Applications:        Proven market presence since 2005                      Extensive product
}	TV                       } 35 Mpcs HDMI RX & Switches sold in HD                portfolio enabling great
}	STB                        TV for 3 of the top 10 manufacturers                 features for our customers applications
}	Mobile Phone             } 30 Mpcs HDMI TX sold in STB, DVD-R,                  } Upscaling STB to HD Freeview
}	Video Camera               DVC, Mobile applications…                              capabilities
}	Home Theater                                                                    }	Addition of HDMI inputs to STB and
                           Deep knowledge of HDMI standards
}	Portable Application                                                              portable set
                           } Contribution to HDMI standard and
}	Docking Station                                                                 } 3D TV, 3D DVR…and 3D on Mobile
                             Compliance Test Specification
                                                                                  } High Performance ESD protection in
                           } Participation in all HDMI PlugFests
HDMI Portfolio                                                                      embedded switches
                             (CEA861 and ETSI) to guarantee
HDMI 1.4a Transmitters       maximum interoperability
 - with Full HD Scaler     Experienced team equipped with
                           the latest equipment and top-class
                           support tools
 - Low Power Transmitter
                           } HDMI Authorised Test Center in Europe
HDMI 1.4a Receivers
                             to support customer’s product
}	                           qualifications
 - 3 inputs
                           } Deliver regularly updated software
                             drivers (Linux & other real time OS)
 - 4 inputs
HDMI 1.4a Switches
                           NXP offer for HDMI interfaces
 - 3:1 switch
                           Application            Product Reference    Function                      Customer Application Features
 - 4:1 switch              TV                     TDA19995/97          3:1/4:1 HDMI switch           3D TV Ready Integrated Low BoM
                                                  TDA19998             4:1 HDMI Fast switch          3D TV Ready Integrated Fast switching
 - same as TDA19997 with   STB                    TDA19988             HDMI Tx                       Low power, for 2 layers PCB on STB, CEC
                           Media box              TDA9984              HDMI Tx with upscaler         HDMI output for STB + Upscale to 1080p
   Fast switching          ...any box             TDA19998             4:1 HDMI Fast switch          HDMI Hub in a box
Various                                           TDA19978             HDMI Inputs to STB SOC        3D, HDMI Hub, Video insertion, recording
                                                  TDA19977 + TDA9984   HDMI Rx to HDMI Tx upscaler   Upscale STB out @ 1080p from <1080i
                           Home Theater	          TDA19997	            4:1	HDMI	switch	            HDMI	feature	in	AV	receiver/amplifier
 - 8-bit Video ADC
                                                  TDA19977 + TDA9984   HDMI Rx to HDMI Tx upscaler HDMI 1.4 Audio Return Channel+ HDCP
}	                                                                                                 repeater+ Upscale from1080i to 1080p
 - CEC Controller          Portable Application   TDA19988A            HDMI Tx for mobile (w/HDCP)   Low power, small D-connector HDMI TX
                           (Mobile Phone, PMP,    TDA19988B            HDMI Tx for mobile            3D TV capable with embedded CEC
                           DVC, DSC)                                   (without HDCP)
                           Docking Station        TDA19977 + TDA9984   HDMI Rx to HDMI Tx upscaler Add HDMI to docking station and enable
                           (For Portable)                                                          AV recording on PMP or phone
                                                                                                   + Upgrade to 1080p for display on TV

                           NXP Logic Solutions

                           - Broad logic portfolio – 14 logic families
                           - Small leadless package
                           - New switches and translators

Focus Markets:             NXP Commitment and Dedication
}	Automotive               NXP is deeply committed to the logic market
}	Mobile and Portable      and continually invests in new process and
}	Computer                 package technologies, and packaging
}	E-Metering               facilities, to ensure that our portfolio remains
}	Consumer                 leading edge. We offer a very broad variety of
                           innovative products, ranging from state-of-the-art solutions for emerging applications
}	Industrial
                           to specialty functions and proven, mature solutions that enhance virtually any application.
Design-in Support          General Purpose Logic
 Demo Boards
}	                         Supply Voltage Increasing speed
 Selector Guides
                           High Voltage        HEF       HC/T      AHC/T      VHC         FAST        ABT         CBT
 Circuit Analysis
                           Low Voltage         LV        LVC       AUP        ALVC        LVT         ALVT        CBTLV
}	 models

                           Switches and Translators                       Package
                            Low Rds(on) switches for audio
                           }	                                             }	Smallest logic leadless package on
                            applications                                    the market
                            High bandwidth switches for data
                           }	                                               All
                                                                          }	 assembly sites are Automotive
                            applications                                    TS16949 qualified
                            Auto direction sensing level translators
                            From 1 to 32-bit level translators
                           }	                                               Implements 9 logic functions with a single part
     Logic Families
                           Configurable	and	Combination	Logic

                            Combine several functions in one
                            Create up to 9 functions with one
     Did you know?
}	 in every 4 logic
 1                         Comparators
 devices found in an
                            Low power rail-to-rail comparators
 application is an NXP
 Logic device               Flexible operating voltage from
} There are over 900+       1.3-5.5V
  Logic functions avail-
  able from NXP with
  over 5400 active
  part types
} In the time it has
  taken you to read this
  sentence NXP has
  produced another
  30,000 Logic Devices

                           For more information on Logic products go
                     NXP High Speed Converters
                     High Speed Gigabit Serial
                     A/D and D/A Innovation


                     NXP First to market with ADCs and DACs with integrated
                     JESD204A gigabit high speed serial interface
                                                                                            in PCB
                     Building on six decades of innovation in   serial interface
     SFDR and SNR    developing high speed data converters,     achieves transfer speeds
                     NXP Semiconductors has introduced a        of up to 4Gbps with up to 100cm
                     new line of ADCs and DACs based on         compliant signal reach. The reduction
Focus Markets and    high speed JESD204A digital serial inter-  of number of digital interface signals
Applications:        face. This new JEDEC standardized serial   allows the PCB designer to reduce the
                     interface, between high-speed converters   board size by as much as 10% as well
}	Wireless
  Communications     and SerDes based VLSI signal processors    as reduce the number of layers, lead-
                     (FPGA or DSP based), maintains state             ing to a typical 25% reduction in
}	Military Radios
                     of the art core converter dynamic                   PCB cost. Aside from the cost
}	Defense and Aero
                     performance (SFDR, SNR), while                       benefits, the JESD204A CGV
}	Radar              running powerful embedded                          interface promotes higher system
}	Satellite          synchronization and scrambling                   performance by reducing EMI/RFI
                     protocols without any additional                interference and facilitating multi-
                     software overhead. NXP’s CGV™                 channel coherent synchronization
                     implementation of the JESD204A             across multiple converter devices.

                     Benefits	of	NXP’s	CGV™ implementation of JESD204A Serial Interface
                     Highest data rate speed                 Up to 4Gbps
                     Enhanced data reach                     Up to 100cm
                     Additional Features                     MDS – Multi DAC synchronization
ADC1413D125 FPGA     Proven Interoperability                 Proven functionality with the latest FPGAs
demo board
                     PCB cost reduction                      Reduction in PBC area and PCB layers
                     Reduction in layout complexity          One or two digital lanes/channel
                     Increased Solution Reliability          Significant Reduction in interconnects

                     Key Selling Points
                      Best in Class Dynamic Performance
                     }	                                               8
                                                                     }	 to 16bit High Speed ADCs sampling
                      JESD204A High Speed Gigabit
                     }	                                               from 20 to 125Msps
                      Digital Interface                               10
                                                                     }	 to 16bit High Speed Interpolating
                      Stable Over Temp Performance
                     }	                                               DACs sampling from 125Msps to 1Gsps
                      Choices of parallel, LVDS DDR and
                     }	                                               Proven interoperability of JESD204A
                      JESD204A serial interfaces                      enabled ADCs and DACs with all
                                                                      major SERDES FPGAs

                     For more information on Data Converters go to
                              NXP RF Power
                              RF Power for the most demanding applications

Focus Markets:                RF Power for the most                      Why NXP LDMOS?
                              demanding applications                     LDMOS is the technology of choice
}	Wireless Infrastructure
                              NXP RF Power Transistors and MMIC’s        today for high power amplifiers up
                              are the most efficient on the market       to 4GHz:
 (Lasers, Lighting, Medical
 Imaging and Surgery)         today due to our breakthrough 8”           }	Excellent Gain
 Aero and Defense
}	                            LDMOS process technology. Aero and         }	Best In Class Ruggedness >10:1 VSWR
 (Mobile Comms. Radar,        Defense customers use our devices            in demanding applications
 Jammers)                     with confidence due to the excellent       }	Linear performance for todays digital
 Broadcast TV and
}	                            ruggedness and reliability we have           modulation schemes

 Radio                        delivered for Over 50 yrs !
                                                                         					}	      Highest allowable Tj in the
Design-in Support:            RF Power Portfolio                                      market - 225˚C!
} Demo Boards                 }	LDMOS discrete transistors
                                and MMIC’s                                         RF Power Applications Support
}	Spice Models                                                     Highest
} Americas Design               Full
                              }	 line-up for all cellular                          NXP knows the importance of
                                basestation standards            allowable Tj     apps support in the design-in
  Center                                                        in the market!
                              }	Complete offering for broad-                     process and has a dedicated
                                cast applications                                applications group in the US
                              }	Dedicated Aero and Defense                     for our US based customers. This
                                line-ups for VHF/UHF/Avionics/L-band         apps lab can help customer design
                                and S-Band Radars                        the optimal PA’s and get them to
                                                                         market faster.
                              }	Broadband products for ISM markets

                              Gen 6/7 LDMOS
                               34% Eff under 2C WCDMA
                              }	 and 50V processes

                                              NXP has innovative
                                              packaging and expert
                                              die designers that
                                              allows us to offer the
                                              markets first integrated
                                              doherty transistor with
                                              efficiency >40%!

                             NXP RF Small Signal
                             For the most demanding applications

Focus Markets:               RFSS Portfolio                             Why	SiGe(C)?
}	Wireless Infrastructure    }	MMIC’s/Modules/Discrete Building         SiGe(C) is an advanced silicon based
}	Aero and Defense             Blocks                                   RF process that offers the same high
}	ISM                        }	Low Noise Amps (LNA)                     performance as GaAs with the many
}	Satellite                  }	Variable Gain Amps (VGA)                 benefits of silicon:
}	CATV                       }	Medium Power Amps (MPA) up to 2W         }	Integration with other functions
                             }	Mixers                                   }	Consistent silicon performance
Design-in Support:                                                        ESD
                                                                        }	 protection
                             }	Integrated PLL/VCO from 7-15GHz!
} Demo Boards                }	 Mods/DeMods
                               IQ                                       }	Better thermal
}	Spice Models                                                            behavior
                             }	Wideband Gain Blocks
} Americas Design                                                       }	Inherently lower
  Center                     }	CATV MMIC’s and Modules
                             Qubic4	SiGe(C)
                              Most advanced SiGe(C) process in
                              the market.                               } Lowest noise LO
                                                                          generators for 7 to 15 GHz range
                              Low Noise Figure Performance
                                                                        } Maximum power consumption for
                             }	 up to 200GHz!
                                                                          all types, typical 330 mW

                                                                        } Phase-noise compliant with IESS-308
                     Integrated      Highly integrated PLL/VCO            (Intelsat)
                     PLL/VCO from    TFF11xxxHN Integrated PLL/VCO      } Proven QUBiC4X SiGe:C technology
                     7-15GHz!         is an examples of our integra-      (120 GHz fT process)
                                     tion capabilities in millimeter
                                 wave applications. Manufactured        Medium	Power	Amplifier	
                             in NXP’s breakthrough QUBiC4X SiGe:C       BGA     6589      7x24 7x27 7130          7133
                             process technology, these highly inte-     P1dB    20        24     27      30       33     dBm
                                                                        Gain    17        17     16      13       13     dB
                             grated, alignment-free LO generators                      Wideband, 0.4GHz to 2.7GHz
                             are low-power, low-spurious solutions
                             that simplify design-in and lower the      Variable	Gain	Amplifier
                             total cost of ownership.                   BGA        7201     7202      7203       7204
                                                                        Freq Band 1GHz      2GHz      3GHz       Wide band
                                                                               OIP3 45dBm, NF 5dB, gain-control 30dB
                             SiGe(C)	to	replace	GaAs
                                                                        Low	Noise	Amplifier
                             RFSS offers the most advanced SiGe:C       BGU 705x
                             based discrete and MMIC solutions with         NF <0.7dB, gain 25dB-32dB, two stages, matched.
                             GaAs like performance for the Wireless
                             Infrastructure, Aero & Defense, Satel-
                                                                        BGX      71xx               72xx        73xx
                             lite and ISM markets. We have a broad
                                                                                 Modulator          Mixer       LO generator
                             line offer solutions from DC to 20GHz in
                             frequency range!

                         Security                         Power Management             Lighting Solutions     Microcontrollers
                           NFC                                 AC/DC                        TRIACS           Interface Products
                         ESD/EMI                                 PFC                    SSL LED Drivers     Small Signal Discretes
                                                                                                            Power Management
                                                             Small Signal
                    Graphics Connectivity                                                                      Front End & MI
DP                                                            Discretes
                         High Speed
                         Switches &                                                     Video I/O                   Logic
DVI                       Adapters                                                         Tuner                   Audio
                          ESD/EMI                                                          HDMI
USB                                                                                                           Data Converters
        Cable               RF                                                                                       RF
                           LNAs                               System Control

                     MMIC Amplifiers                            8-bit 80C51              Audio I/O
                      LO Generators                             32-bit ARM                Speakers
                        RF Modules                            32-bit ARM DSC            Audio Amps
                     LDMOS transistors                                                      DACs
                      IF Demodulator                                                      ESD/EMI

                        Data Acquisition
                              ADC                                                           Logic
                              DAC                                                         Switches

                                     Interface I/O
          GPIO, Bus                                                                      Discretes
                                  Real Time     Thermal       LED/LCD
        Buffers, Muxes,                                                        UARTs
                                   Clocks       Sensors      Controllers                 Integrated
                                                                                        Small Signal


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