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					                        Welcome to
The world’s first and favorite cab-sharing website! Use our system to find (and split cab fares
with) fellow travelers headed your way.CabCorner is designed to help commuters citywide save
money. is an innovative “cab share” website that aggregates user-generated cab rides
and matches riders willing to split the fare. Our service provides a market-based solution for
people who want the convenience of a cab for a fraction of the cost.

CabCorner is a web-based, mobile-accessible, social transportation logistics utility. It seeks to
create a new kind of public transit system by leveraging existing private infrastructure. Founded
in 2008 by two Wesleyan University alumni, CabCorner is now a worldwide operation pursuing
a crucial four-fold mission:

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What It Does connects people located in the same general area who are headed the
samedirectionaround the same time. "Cab-sharing" lets you split the fare, thus accommodating a
more affordable transportation option than solo taxi travel, and a more comfortable option
than mass transit alternatives!

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Description: The world's favorite ridesharing website! Use CabCorner to reduce travel costs, street traffic, and urban pollution.