; NewsCurrents Poll Chooses Obama, 50%-43%
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NewsCurrents Poll Chooses Obama, 50%-43%


The NewsCurrents Presidential Election Poll may not be scientific, but it has correctly predicted the winner of the last seven presidential elections. This year, student "voters" have chosen Barack Obama as the 2012 winner.

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									NEWS RELEASE                                             October 24, 2012
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NewsCurrents Poll Chooses Obama, 50%-43%
National Student Poll Started in 1984, Has Been Right in Every Election


The “voters” have spoken in the NewsCurrents Presidential Election Poll:
Barack Obama will win re-election over Mitt Romney in November.

Although very few of the respondents to this national student poll are
actually of voting age, this bodes well for the president. That is because
the NewsCurrents poll has chosen the correct presidential winner every
single time since the poll began in 1984.

President Obama finished with 50 percent of the votes, while Governor
Romney totaled 43 percent. Other candidates tallied another seven
percent, with Jill Stein of the Green Party as the highest third-party
finisher. More than 3,000 students voted in the poll.

NewsCurrents is a weekly current events discussion program published
by Knowledge Unlimited of Madison, Wisconsin. The program is used in
K-12 schools and other educational facilities all across the country.

Since the first winner, Ronald Reagan in 1984, the NewsCurrents
Presidential Election Poll has correctly foretold the winner in every
subsequent presidential election. This record is unmatched by any other
student poll in the United States.

“We’re very proud of the civic enthusiasm demonstrated by the students
who voted in this poll,” said Judith Laitman, publisher of NewsCurrents.
“They represent a real cross-section of America.”

“Although our poll is not scientific, our track record speaks for itself,”
Laitman said.


To speak with Judith Laitman or to set up interviews with her, email her
directly at jlaitman@tds.net or call her: (800) 356-2303, extension 3006.

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