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					                           Minetto United Methodist Church

                           “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”
                            NEWSLETTER ** FEBRUARY 2010                                 Minetto United Methodist Church
                                                                                        PO Box 217, Minetto, NY 13115
                                                                                        Pastor Chuck Forbes

        From the Pastor

“Rethink Church” is the theme of United Methodism’s national advertising campaign, launched spring 2009. It replaces the
“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” slogan that we’ve been using since 2001. The Rethink Church campaign makes use
of digital media a priority (content will appear on YouTube, iTunes, and on cell phone text messages) as well as on the more
traditional TV and print ads. An even more important difference in this new campaign is that instead of simply raising our
denominations visibility, it is intended to launch a new conversation on what it means to “be the church” and to “do church.”

Bishop Sally Dyck, who is President of the General Commission on Communication, calls Rethink Church “the self-study that
the denomination has needed for a long time.” She continues: “Rethink Church will be an opportunity for people within the
church to go deep into what is the meaning and purpose of church,” and that “It will help the church make a transition into a
new way of being in a rapidly changing world. Unless we Rethink Church, we won't be able to make the needed changes.”

The campaign uses traditional and nontraditional mass media, everything from basic bumper stickers and T-shirts, to print
ads in Parents magazine and radio ads on programs like "American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest." The heart of Rethink Church,
however, will be in the hands of local church leaders and congregations who will explore and live out the questions the cam-
paign will pose. Most of the questions start with "what if?"

- What if church was less about Sunday, and more about the other days of the week?
- What if church wasn't just a place we go, but something we do?
- What if church wasn't just a building, but thousands of doors, each opening up to a different concept or experience of
church? (Excerpted from the January/February 2009 issue of Interpreter Magazine)

Frankly, I like our ad campaign, and I like the fact that, through the mediums we’ll be using, we’re targeting a younger genera-
tion that, too often, has responded to the Church with some degree of ambivalence. But I also like the idea of questioning
why we do the things we do, other than just because “we’ve always done it this way.” If you were to “Rethink Church,” what
might we be, and do things, differently?

With that in mind, this Lenten Season, you are invited to go on A Journey to Hope as we travel with Jesus to the cross, discov-
ering along the way that Hope can be found even as we encounter some of life’s most difficult circumstances.

On Ash Wednesday, the journey begins. Ashes mark the beginning of the journey where our hands will get dirty and we find
that with Christ at our side, hope can be found even amidst struggles.

Here are the topics for the Sundays of Lent:

Feb. 21st.        Luke 4:1-13                  An account of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness.
                                               The core question is: what practices already help (or
                                               might help) us gain both the clarity and the confidence
                                               we need to identify ourselves as those baptized into
                                               Christ wherever we go, whatever situations we find
                                               ourselves in. (continued on page 2)
MINETTO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH                                                                               PAGE 2

 Letter from the Pastor, continued from page 1
 Feb. 28th.        Luke 13:31-35 Jesus boldly perseveres in his mission despite rumors of threats from Herod. For us, it is
 one thing to say the words; it is another to stay committed to the way of Jesus. Disciples of Jesus are called to be such a perse-
 vering community, continually to stay the course of the way of Jesus, even if it means our own deaths.

 Mar. 7th.         Luke 13:1-9     The call here, and throughout all the readings, is to return to the abundance of God’s feast,
 to make a genuine repentance that produces good fruit rather than bad fruit. How can God add (and we receive) the addi-
 tional nutrients we need to produce a better harvest in our community’s life going forward?

 Mar. 14th.          Luke 15:1-3,11b-32 The Spirit’s work within and through us not simply to make us strong against oppo-
 nents. It is especially to make us lavish in mercy as God is merciful. How do we actively steep folks in mercy? What practices
 already in place are teaching and supporting lavish mercy toward others?

 Mar. 21st.         John 12:1-8     John reminds us to forget usual cultural expectations, recreating the present based on vi-
 sions of some past golden age, and even our own past sins and accomplishments and focus on the presence, will and reign of
 Jesus present with us here and now. The call is to release our wills and resources to join God’s work in the actual world around
 us as fully as we can.

 Mar. 28th.         Palm Sunday      We will flashback to the accolades which were given to Christ upon his triumphant entry to
 Jerusalem. Would we have started this journey, if we had realized there would be pain along the way? When hope seems most
 elusive, it may be just around the corner.

 Apr. 4th. Easter Sunday When all hope feels lost, it has truly just begun.
 The journey continues….. We will have a special guest on Easter Sunday, Edith Burns.

 How will you affect our community through Christ’s Resurrection? Will those around you see a difference in your life?
 The great gift of Easter is hope … which makes us have that confidence in God … in His goodness and love, which nothing can
 shake. Join us for A Journey to Hope.
 In Christ,
 Pastor Chuck

  Worship Assistants ~ February 2010
  February 7 ~ Communion                                         February 21
  Acolyte           Jared Jaquin                                 Acolyte            Trevor Burdick
  Lay Reader        Gloria Bickel                                Lay Reader         Dennis Dumas
  Coffee Hr         Jill Jaquin                                  Coffee Hr          TBA
  Counters          Daryl Martin, Lucille Becksted               Counters           Bill Martin, Duane Stephens,
                                                                                    Mary Cipra
  Feburary 14                                                    February 28
  Acolyte           Amber Tickle                                 Acolyte            Michael Farden
  Lay Reader        Deb Daby                                     Lay Reader         Frank Bickel
  Coffee Hr         Linda Rosche’, Gloria Bickel                 Coffee Hr          Dawn Hart, Marie Smith
  Counters          SueAnn Simonson, Mary Lou Bjorkman           Counters           Steve Salisbury, Linda Rosche’

  ALTAR – Wynnette Dohse                                         BULLETIN – Frank & Gloria Bickel
  CONTACTS:                                                      Counters: Vernon Tryon (343-9692)
  Acolytes: Mary Cipra (342-2889)                                Lay Readers: Linda Rosche’ (343-2807)
  Nursery: Lynnette DePoint (297-4414))                          Coffee Hr: Jean Kingsley (342-0327)
PAGE 3                                                                                           MINETTO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH

Finance & Stewardship Committee Report for December 2009
Our current expenses and shared                  ture and care ($6.45), health and                 more, we completed the year with
ministry obligations for the month of            wellness ($43.56), worship and mu-                funds on hand that will enable us to
December 2009 amounted to                        sic ($473.22), missions ($50.00), and             employ a part-time secretary, outfit
$6,577.57. Our current expense in-               staff other than the pastor                       an office space for the secretary,
come from all sources was                        ($6,662.65).                                      complete the parsonage front porch
$11,113.41, giving us a $4,535.84                                                                  with a railing, replace the parsonage
                                                 There have been some additional
surplus for the month. Shared minis-                                                               roof in the near future, and repair
                                                 responses to our Stewardship Cam-
tries and retired pastors’ health                                                                  and seal the parking lot when the
                                                 paign for the 2010 financial plan. We
insurance have been paid in full and                                                               weather permits. All things consid-
                                                 have 51 pledges; 20 of them new
on time for the year.                                                                              ered, our church is in the best finan-
                                                 this year. Anticipated income from
                                                                                                   cial condition that any of us can re-
Our year-to-date current expenses                all sources is projected to stand at
at the end of December amounted                  $108,599, while expenditures are
to $81,796.69, while income was                  expected to be $104,477, leaving a                Finance & Stewardship Committee
$112,191.34, leaving a balance of                positive difference of about $4,122.              meeting dates in 2010 will be: Feb-
$30,394.65.                                      Additional responses to the cam-                  ruary 10, March 17, April 21, May
                                                 paign are still welcome, of course.               19, June 16, July 21, August 18, Sep-
Income for 2009 fell short of projec-
                                                 Put any questions to Vernon Tryon                 tember 15, October 20, November
tions in the areas of pledged and
                                                 or Michelle LaVere.                               10, and December 8.
customary gifts (-$4,756.87), fund-
raisers (-$514.92), and other sources            The members of the Finance &                      Finance & Stewardship Committee
(-$560.44). Income exceeded projec-              Stewardship Committee sincerely                   members for 2010 are: Frank Bickel;
tions in the areas of loose offering             thank the members and friends of                  Mary Cipra; Debbie Daby; Michelle
($1,042.57), building rent ($425.00),            this church for your generous and                 LaVere, financial secretary (343-
and Advent offering ($480.00). With              faithful financial support of our                 8010); William Martin; Bill Rockhill,
all income sources combined, we fell             church throughout one of the most                 treasurer; Steve Salisbury; Vernon
short of projections by $3,894.66.               unusual and challenging years of its              Tryon, chairman (343-9692 or
                                                 entire history. As the result of your   ; and Rick Van-
Expenses for the year exceeded our
                                                 gifts and your work, we have been                 Patten.
budget in the areas of maintenance
                                                 able to maintain our programs, se-
($2,577.81) and pastor ($2,810.98).                                                                We welcome your suggestions and
                                                 cure the services of our pastor, pay
We spent less than we budgeted in                                                                  questions and we invite you to at-
                                                 our shared ministry assessment in
the areas of administration                                                                        tend any of our meetings. Copies of
                                                 full and on time, and make a number
($944.92), evangelism ($250.00),                                                                   our reports or the budget will be
                                                 of repairs at the parsonage. Further-
Christian education ($229.81), nur-                                                                provided upon request.

First Tuesday ~ All Women Are Welcome

We have become such busy people,                 That is a question we will consider at            vious sessions is not necessary.
that at times, it is hard to get our             our next First Tuesday session, on                Come and be a part of this growing
attention. As we reflect upon ways               February 2, 2010, at 7 PM. Materials              fellowship.
that God got peoples attention in                are available on the display case if
                                                                                                                            How does
Bible days, we may well ask, "How                you need a copy. Help yourself. All
                                                                                                                           God get our
does God get OUR attention?"                     are welcome and attendance in pre-                                         attention?

Secret Sister
With Valentine's day fast approaching, and St.   Sister program seems to be going along nicely     Vernon who is the official keeper of the names
Patrick's day close behind, remember to send     this year. But don't hesitate to talk to June     that have been assigned. We will be revealing
messages to your Secret Sister. Our Secret       Tryon if you run into a problem, or speak to      the names of our Secret Sisters in late Spring .
NEWSLETTER ** FEBRUARY 2010                                                                                                      PAGE 4

Health Kit Assembly for Haiti

Health kits provide basic necessities to        1 bath-size bar of soap (3 oz. and up)        to make them usable in the greatest num-
people who have been forced to leave            1 toothbrush (single brushes only in          ber of situations. Since strict rules often
their homes because of human conflict or      original wrapper, No child-size brushes)        govern product entry into international
                                              $1.00 to purchase toothpaste
natural disaster. Health kits are also used                                                   countries, it is important that kits contain
                                              *Washcloths and Bandaids are not
as learning tools in personal hygiene, liter- needed at this time.                            only the requested items-nothing more.
acy, nutrition and cooking classes.
                                                (NOTE: UMCOR is now purchasing tooth-         Do NOT include any personal notes,
Items needed for Health Kits:                   paste in bulk to be added to health kits      money or additional materials in the kits.
1 hand towel (15" x 25" up to 17" x 27",        before shipping to ensure that the prod-      These things must be painstakingly re-
                                                uct does not expire before they are           moved and will delay the shipment.
No kitchen towels)                              sent.)
1 comb (large and sturdy, not pocket-           Important Kit Assembly Information            Bring your items to the church—we will be
sized)                                          All items included in kits must be NEW        collecting through February.
1 nail file or fingernail clippers (no emery    items.
boards or toenail clippers)                     All emergency kits are carefully planned

Prayers & Concerns
Please pray for those who are                    Please pray for those           Marilyn Boyea                 Jill Jaquin
unable to be in worship with us                  of our fellowship with
                                                 concerns                        George Eason                  Lori Kingsley
Mary Eby (Bishop’s Commons)
                                                 Our active duty military        Alexa Fadden                  Ashley Kuczawa
Doris Sawyer                                     and families                    Barb Hitchcock                Joe Mangano
Grace Heath (Bishop’s Commons)                   Pastor Chuck Forbes             Sally McMillen                Tom Michels (Pastor’s
Reta Wallace                                     Edward Barlow                                                 brother-in-law)
                                                                                 Dale Slife
Leora VanPatten (Seneca Hill)                    Tracy Buske Aikens                                            Kelly Moody
                                                                                 Duane Stephens
Doris Welch (St. Luke)                           Irene Barnard                                                 Marilyn Putnam
                                                                                 Marilyn Stephens
                                                 Stephen Becksted                                              Jesse Weber
                                                                                 Nancy Tomlinson

Free Will Dinner

The Nurture and Care Committee                  dinner a success. Please help us make          cabbage salad and dessert. Dona-
will be hosting a free will dinner on           this a good experience for all.                tions are not expected but will be
Sunday, Feb. 28th from 4:30 – 6:30                                                             accepted. Please help us spread the
                                                The menu for that date will be maca-
pm. We will be asking people to                                                                word about this.
                                                roni and cheese, hot dogs and rolls,
assist in various ways to make the

Church Pictorial Directory Photo Shoot

Olin Mills has been contacted and              taken in one day, and a survey taken        not begin to schedule appointments
June 11 and 12, 2010, have been                from members of our church, we              until sometime in May. Any other in-
reserved for the picture taking                have added June 10th to our reser-          formation will be in future Newsletters,
dates. Due to some changes at Olin             vation time to be sure we have              so keep in touch.
Mills as to how many pictures will be          enough time for everyone. We will           Mary Cipra & Gloria Bickel, chairs
  NEWSLETTER ** FEBRUARY 2010                                                                                   PAGE 5

                      An Open Letter to the People of the Minetto United Methodist Church
The words ‘Thank You’ just does not say enough for me. The kindness, care and support you gave me during my recent
recuperation from spinal surgery was so overwhelming, I don’t know where to begin to say thanks.

To all the women who made the prayer quilt – thank you. The quilt went to the hospital with me and it did comfort
me through the seizure and pain of surgery. The quilt received a lot of comments from the nurses and doctors – espe-
cially, the comment ‘you have a wonderful church’. I have known that all along – you are a wonderful church.

To all the people who adopted Tommee and walked her around Minetto – thank you. One of my worries before surgery
was what would I have to do with Tommee? Would I put her in a kennel for 4-5 weeks? But many of you stepped
forward and with the coordinating and scheduling by Debbie Daby, Tommee (and I) were well taken care of.

To all the people who brought food – thank you. I just didn’t feel like eating after the surgery but I knew I had to
keep my strength up, so I ate once a day. And what a meal it was – Methodist’s do know how to cook! Your meals,
cookies (and candy) were wonderful. And special thanks to Marilyn Stephens for doing a wonderful job coordinating
the meals.

To my nurses and doctors, Bill Martin, Joanne Reidy, and Joanne’s son and daughter-in-law – thank you. Commu-
nity General would not release me unless I had people who were qualified to clean the incision and change the dress-
ings. Bill and Joanne took time out of their schedules to come to the parsonage on a daily basis to change the dressings.
And, when Joanne’s son and his wife came to visit during Christmas, they came to the parsonage and gave their ex-
pert opinions on how I was doing and how I was healing. Many, many thanks for putting my mind at ease and being
such caring people.

Special thank you to Bill Rockhill and Rick Van Patten. Bill made sure the sidewalks and steps were shoveled and
clear of ice. And Rick not only walked Tommee, but he also picked up the mail for me and the church. Both of them
did a wonderful job constructing the handicap ramp to the front steps. I don’t know how I would have managed with-
out these two men.

And, last but by no means least; I want to thank our Lay Leader, Steve Salisbury, for filling in for me. What a
gifted saint he is. Our church is blessed to have him amongst us.

Just saying thank you is not enough. So I thought long and hard on how I could say thanks to you. Then I thought
of how the Minetto church supports camping – in honor of the congregation of the Minetto United Methodist Church,
a paver stone has been purchased for the new walkway at Camp Casowasco with inscription ‘Minetto UMC’. Addi-
tionally, as a thank you to all of you, I purchased a Paschal Candle Holder and Paschal Candle to celebrate Lent –
as my gift to you.

You are wonderful people and God has blessed me with your love and kindness.

God bless you and thank you.

Pastor Chuck (and Tommee)
      NEWSLETTER ** FEBRUARY 2010                                                                                  PAGE 6

Team Leader Training scheduled for March 2010

Would you like to do something, not just for Haiti, but for any disaster that may strike anywhere in the
world? Then, here are two ways you can help:

NCNY UMVIM Coordinator Dr. Sylvia Reimer and Rev. Joe Auslander announce a Team Leader Training session sched-
uled for March 20, 2010, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Tyrone UMC. Having had Team Leader Training will be a pre-
requisite to taking UMVIM teams into Haiti, and having more leaders trained will help us be more fully prepared to ad-
dress other needs for help, both within and outside of our conference. More details about the training, cost, and regis-
tration information will be forthcoming, but get your calendars marked if you are interested in this session.

If you are interested in setting up a training in your geographic area for this spring, please contact Sylvia at mar- or 315-788-5442.

Emergency Response Training
In the midst of the most turbulent storms, UMCOR is on the ground to help rebuild, walk with survivors and stay until
the job is done. UMCOR's domestic disaster response personnel and specially-trained early response volunteer teams
stand ready to be dispatched as storms develop.
Are you in the picture? When the storms come, will you be ready? If others cry out will you go?

We are called to support our needy neighbors and help the hopeless. When disasters strike everyone becomes a
neighbor and hopelessness is a real risk. You can be the love of Jesus and the hands of God for someone who reaches
out for help.

Instead of feeling helpless, restore hope. Get trained for emergency response and become part of a team of Volunteers
-in-Mission ready to help stabilize a community after disaster strikes. If you can offer caring listening, or basic cleaning,
or simple carpentry skills then you can connect in a most meaningful way with survivors putting their lives back to-


This is a bit late, but I am pleased to report that the Joy of Christmas music concert on Dec. 13 and the dinner following
the program were a big success, My thanks to all who participated in the program and those who prepared the dinner,
and those who came to listen and stay for dinner. This program and dinner is a fund raiser for children and their fami-
lies who may not have had a Merry Christmas. With the free will offering and proceeds from the dinner, we were able
to give the Minetto Elementary School a check for $1,083. That money was used to buy gifts and food for less fortu-
nate people in the district. What a good way to end the season. Thanks again!

Mary Cipra, Chairperson

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