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									                                 —Norwalk High School—

   The Trucker Imprint
Volume 10, No. 5                                            350 Shady Lane Drive, Norwalk, OH                                    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

   ONLINE                                 Back-to-back NOL champs
Facebook Fan                                By Abby Miller                         Streaks at Willard High School
                                                                                   with a score of 74-36 to clinch
                                                Back-to-back NOL champi-           the sectional finals. At districts,
                                            ons. 20-0 “perfect season.”            the boys had to face off against
                                            2012 sectional and district            Mansfield Senior, but swept
                                            champs.                                them away with a score of 78-
                                                The boys went 4-1 in the           66. On March 10, the boys
                                            tournament and were defeated           played against Anthony Wayne,
                                            by Toledo Whitmer by a score           and rocked the gym with a score
                                            of 32-40 on March 14.                  of 52-38.
                                                Along the road, there were             Why was the team so good
                                            some great victories. The Truck-       this year?
                                            ers defeated the Sandusky Blue             Sophomore Ben Haraway
Thanks to Danika Johnson (right)                                                                       replied, “our
for being our fan!                                                                                     teamwork.
            — Find us on Facebook                                                                      We are un-
                                                                                                       selfish and
                                                                                                       play defense
                                                                                                       as a team.”                          Photo by Abby Miller
Have you been abused?                                                                                    S e n i o r       Senior Darian Cook cuts down the
                                                                                                       Jacob Cashen        rest of the net after clinching the NOL
                   See love does                                                                       contributed,        title.
                   not mean                                                                            adding that
                   having                                                                              they also had        “because I’m on the team --
                   control on                                                                          talented play-       haha I’m just playin’.” He
                   page 4.                                                                             ers.                 added, on a more serious note,
                                                                                                         W h e n            “because we got good coaches.”
                                                                                                       asked     why           Coach Steve Gray was
                                                                                                       the team was         named Coach of the Year.
                                                                                                       so good this         Sophomore Jeff Thomas re-
 Which school do you                                                                                   year, junior         ceived division 1 first team hon-
                                                                                  Photo by Abby Miller J    a k e           ors, and Jake was honored with
       prefer?                            The Trucker student section enjoys the last home game of     Fetherolf            second team. Ben and Jacob
                                          the season on senior night                                   said jokingly,       received honorable mention.

                                          Artwork wins at State
                                          By Allyson Dean                                                                                 Rhodes State Of-
                                                                                                                                          fice Tower from
                                              Sophomore Erin Long and                                                                     April 14 to May 17.
                                          senior Cam Wrabel have had                                                                      The students will
                                          their work accepted into the Ohio                                                               receive certificates
See BGSU vs. Toledo on                    Governor’s Youth Art Exhibi-                                                                    at The Riffe Center
page 5.                                   tion. Their work was selected                                                                   Capitol Theatre in
                                          from more than 12,000 pieces                                                                    Columbus.
                                          submitted from 15 regions                                                                          A total of 41 art-
  Alexander and                           around Ohio.                                                                                    works from 21
 Montana to State                             Cam submitted a pencil draw-
                                          ing of musician Tom Delonge.
                                                                                                                                          NHS students was
                                                                                                                                          submitted at the
                                              Erin submitted a design made                                              Submitted photo regional level, with
                                          of tiles, book bindings and cir-        Senior Cam Wrabel and sophomore Erin Long will          18 artworks from
                                          cles. She titled it “The Assign-        have their artwork displayed in Columbus.               10 students advanc-
                                          ment.”                                                                                          ing on to state
                                              This is Cam’s second year in         sions in the state of Ohio is very       judging. In addition to Cam and
                                          a row having his artwork win at          impressive. This is where their          Erin, students who advanced to
                                          state.                                   hard work and talent shows off,”         state judging were Jared Cook,
                                              “I am very proud of my stu-          Tracy VanBuskirk, art teacher,           Brittany Hale, Andy Hammer-
 Check out the wrestling duo              dents for placing at the state           said.                                    smith, Miranda Peer-Perryman,
 who went to State on page 9.             level. Just the fact that they are in       The pieces will be displayed          Sarah Rosekelly, Tara Roth, Mat-
                                          the top 300 out of 12,000 submis-        in Columbus at the James A.              thew Silcox and Alex Warner.

Banners recognize students
 Story and photo by Allyson Dean            the students and (2) to inspire other
                                            students to do better.
    Since the banners in the front hall        The cost of the signs was $36.
 went up last month, compliments            They were printed on a special ma-
 have been rolling in, said Principal       chine at EHOVE. The banners are
 Brad Cooley.                               basically giant wall stickers. They
    The decision to hang the signs          can be removed and placed on other
 came from a Faculty Advisory               walls at any time.
 Council meeting, where 12 staff               Mr. Cooley said he would like to
 members came up with the idea, Mr.         continue using the banners. They
 Cooley explained.                          will be updated each quarter. He also
    The purpose of the banners is to        said he plans to keep the signs
 (1) recognize the achievements of          around for upcoming school years.

Firelands Challenge
wins second place
    By Veronica McLoda
                                          Swope writes a book
                                          Story and photo by                      and events in pictures and cap-
     Three points made all the            Jaye Neuberger                          tions.
 difference.                                                                          “I’m very proud and it’s im-
     On March 6, the Firelands                Senior English teacher Amie         portant to preserve local his-
 Challenge team finished sec-             Swope recently wrote and pub-           tory,” Mrs. Swope said.
 ond with a score of 99 and               lished a book with her dad enti-            It took Mrs. Swope and her
 Western Reserve won with                 tled Wakeman and Florence               dad about a year to create their
 102. In the beginning of the             Townships.                              book. They had to make a pro-
 third match, they were up by 7               Her dad’s dream had always          posal last March and then, once
 and 14 compared to the other             been to write a book about the          approved, they sent in pictures.
 teams. And going into the                history of Wakeman and Flor-            After being approved, it took her
                                          ence.                                   and her dad the entire summer to         Mrs. Swope poses with her book.
 championship round, Norwalk
 was in first place in the 18-                He is the town historian, so a      finish up the book, she said.            stores. You can also buy the
 team conference – the first time         lot of the people would give him            The book was released Mon-           b o o k     o n l i n e        a t
 that had happened since the              old photographs they wanted to          day, Feb. 27. You can find this
 1993-94 season.                          preserve. The book features             book at Barnes and Noble, BAM                This book is currently selling
 See CHALLENGE on page 3                  about 100 years of people, places       in Sandusky and small local              for $21.99.
Page 2 — Trucker Imprint — Tuesday, March 27, 2012

     Are women bad drivers?
   Women, put down the lipstick                                                      Men tend to do stupid things
                                             the grass, hitting the basketball                                           of the road by a police officer or
                                             hoop or hitting the curb…BAM!                                               a state trooper.
                                             “What was that?” I don’t                                                        Insurance studies online show
                                             know…speeds off like nothing                                                that men speed more often and
                                             happened, back tail light dan-                                              have a higher risk of getting in
                                             gling by a cord with a banged-up                                            an accident than women.
                                             bumper.                                                                         I mean yes, some women are
                                                 One day at the gas station,                                             bad drivers. But if a majority of
                                             I’m pumping gas and I see a                                                 them were that bad, the insur-
                                             group of girls jump back in their                                           ance rate for men would be
                                             car and pull out. Little did they                                           lower and women’s insurance
 By Amos Albright                            know they had the gas pump still                                            rate would be higher, but it is the
                                             attached to the car. It falls out                                           exact opposite, according to the
     Hey! Before you pull out in             and they speed away, windows          By Brooke Frakes                      internet.
 front of me, why don’t you put              down, jamming to Justin Bieber,                                                 When I am driving down the
 down your lipstick, cell phone,             looking like idiots with                               Women         bad    road, and the car in front of me
 super double triple half-caff mo-           their gas door open and cap                         drivers? No way!        is swerving or the driver is look-

 cha Frappuccino or whatever                 hanging off. I shake my                             Women are better        ing out the window or doing
 you’re doing and pay attention!             head and laugh as I tack                            drivers than men.       something other than paying at-
     Now I know that all men                 something onto my list of                           I have been in a car    tention to the road, 90 percent of
 aren’t the best drivers, but I              girls’ bad driving habits.                          with men and they       the time it is a male driver.
 mean come on -- You cannot be                   Not all women are bad                           are either speeding     Barely ever do I see women do-
 serious. Even I will admit that             drivers; it just amazes me                          or not paying atten-    ing such things.
 I’m no saint when it comes to               when they do some of the things       tion to the road. They become             I am not only saying this in
 driving, but I don’t text or mess           that they do when they get be-        more distracted than women.           defense of me being a woman.
 with my hair when I drive.                  hind the wheel of a vehicle.              I mean yeah, there are some           If you think about it, women
     I’m driving through town, not               So in                                   pretty bad women drivers        are scared of being pulled over
 a care in the world, when sud-              the end,                                    who try and do their make-      because they know that they will
 denly someone pulls out in front            I      say                                  up as they are driving, but     cry and worry so much more
 of me. As I screech to a halt, I            stop try-                                   we women are perfectly          about things like these than men
 get a friendly smile as a young             ing     to                                  capable of multi-tasking in     do. The men that I know would
 lady, talking on her cell phone             fix your                                    events like these.              just blow it off and do it again,
 and applying lipstick, attempts to          what-                                       When men are driving, they      not thinking anything of it.
 wave at me as she speeds off. I             ever and                                    tend to do stupid things.           Personally, I would cry if I
 mean come on, ladies, save that             j u s t                                     They think it is cool when      ever got pulled over and I would
 for later.                                  drive, so                                   they are speeding and a girl    be so scared to tell my parents.
     Or sometimes I ride with one            I don’t                                     sees them. Well sometimes           So if you are about to say that
 and she attempts to reverse out             have to drive on the sidewalk to      it ends up that the girls see them    women are bad drivers, think
 of the driveway. Either she is in           avoid you.                            again, but pulled over on the side    again!

                     Report Card
      See what the Trucker Imprint staff thinks about what is going on
                                                                                   Who you txtin’?
                     around the school and the world.                                                                         Do you allow
                                  Marketability in this school gets                                                          cell phones at
                                 an A+. With the amount of
                                                                                                                              your school?
                         A       fights and drama that our school
                         M       has, I’m surprised MTV isn’t
                                 knocking down our door to give                                                           New London - None at all.
                         O       us a reality TV show on prime
                         S                                                                                                Ehove - Between classes, at
                                 time in between 16 and Preg-
                                                                                                                          lunch, and walking from build-
                                 nant and Jersey Shore.
                                                                                                                          ing to building. Some teachers
                                                                                                                          allow them and some don’t.
                                                                                                                          Western Reserve - Not at all.
                                                                                   By Daniel Meola                        Edison - None at all.

                             I     Why doesn’t the govern-
                             T     ment focus on legalizing gay                                                           Perkins - During lunch and
                             Z     marriage? Love is love and                          Do you think having cell           between classes.
                             Z     the government shouldn’t                        phones in school is a good idea?       Margaretta - Halls, lunch,
                                   control who a person wants                      I talked to Principal Brad Cooley      morning.
                                   to marry.                                       and Technology Coordinator             South Central - None at all.
                                                                                   Deanna Lund about it. They             Monroeville - None at all.
                                                                                   gave me some information.              First offense phone is taken
                     C                                                                 The school’s cell phone pol-       and in-school restriction is
                     H              School shootings are get-                      icy will have to be reviewed by        given. Second time phone is

                     R              ting ridiculous. They’re                       the tech committee, Mrs. Lund,         taken for 24 hours and in-
                     I              scary and it’s starting to                     Mr. Cooley and a few others.           school restriction is given. The
                     S              hit close to home. These                       The committee will recommend           third time, phone is taken and
                     T              kids should really get a                       a policy on all types of technol-      3-5 days in-school restriction
                                    diary or something.                            ogy but the cell phone one will
                     I                                                                                                    is given.
                     N                                                             be the biggest, I think.               Norwalk - None at all. First
                     A                                                                 If cell phones are allowed,        offense, phone is taken and
                                                                                   the good side is that students will    warning is given. Second of-
                                   Whether it’s cutting                            be able to talk to each other          fense, phone is taken and

                                   someone off, or random                          when they don’t see that person        school detentions are given.
                         L         pedestrians, the parking                        for the whole day. It will make it
                         O                                                                                                Third offense is a Saturday
                                   lot is chaotic. Parents                         easier for teachers to tell kids to    school and phone is taken.
                         G         waiting, kids not watch-                        get on the Internet. It will be
                         A                                                                                                Any more will result in severe
                                   ing where they’re going,                        more efficient in speed and ac-
                         N         as well as recklessness; it                                                            punishment for insubordina-
                                                                                   cessibility.                           tion.
                                   doesn’t seem to end well.
                                                                                       The bad thing about the cell
                                                                                   phones is that no websites will       tests and quizzes. People could
                                   The school has a dress code, but                be blocked, which means some          end up taking pictures of tests
                                   people don’t really follow it. I                people who don’t know how to          and sending them to other peo-

                 R                 mean come on, it isn’t very
                 O                                                                 keep it PG in school will be able     ple.
                                   hard to follow a dress code.                    to get on. Some kids don’t have           In my opinion, allowing cell
                 O                 Dress appropriately. You are
                 K                                                                 smart phones to try to gain ac-       phones in classrooms is not a
                                   here to learn, not to put on a
                 E                 show for other people.
                                                                                   cess to the Internet, making it an    good idea. It will just give every-
                                                                                   unequal situation.                    one a reason to not listen to
                                                                                       Mrs. Lund said there are          teachers and just do as they
                                                                                   many discipline issues that can       please. Allowing them in the
 Editor-in-Chief:                            Reporters:                            happen. Since cell blocker is         halls and at lunch could be a
 Christina Christian                         Itzzy Leon   Keaton Wineman           illegal, students can call home       good idea, however, because it
 Editors:                                    Alexis Logan Dameisha Brown
                                                                                   and tell their parents to come get    could make kids want to come to
 News:               Abby Miller             Allyson Dean   Melanie Shupe
                                                                                   them out of school.                   school.
 Features:      Jacqueline Rios              Logan Conney Brooke Frakes
                                             Veronica McLoda Gavin Ward                With cell phones, cheating            The tech committee will pre-
 Entertainment:       Dan Meola                                                    can also be a problem. Just admit     sent a recommendation to the
 Sports:         Amos Albright               Violet Golembiewski
                                                                                   that everyone has cheated once        Board of Education in June. The
 Layout:         Jaye Neuberger                                                    or twice in any school year. I        board will decide whether to al-
 Photography:Rachel Warneck                  Adviser:            Debbie Leffler
                                                                                   won’t lie -- I have, but not on       low cell phones at NHS.
                                                                                                          Tuesday, March 27, 2012— Trucker Imprint — Page 3

                                                      Photo by Keaton Wineman                                                         Photo by Keaton Wineman
Student teacher Adam Warner at his desk in Mrs. Gfell’s class.                   Student teacher Brock Manlet at his desk in room 4101.

Two new faces in the classrooms
 By Keaton Wineman                           “Teaching about history. I’ve            In his free time, he loves to     showing my athletes something
                                          always liked history, just teaching     work out, go swimming, and he         new in softball or basketball.”
     Two student teachers at NHS          the kids what I know about it,”         also loves coaching. He coaches           His previous job was a banker,
 share the same favorite restau-          Mr. Warner said, adding that his        Huron’s swim team.                    and he said that teaching is a to-
 rant, Olive Garden, and the same         favorite subject in high school             The best advice he ever re-       tally different environment. He
 favorite food, pizza.                    was history for sure.                   ceived?                               had a degree in business, and then
     But the difference ends there.          What about the most difficult             “Always be willing to adapt      he totally changed his mind and
     Brock Manlet, a student              part of teaching?                       to adversity,” he said.               decided to be a teacher.
 teacher with interventionist Callie         “The most difficult part about           Brock Manlet, head girls’ bas-        What was he like in high
 Stanley, made his way to teach-          teaching would definitely be ask-       ketball coach and assistant girls’    school?
 ing after being a banker. Adam           ing the right questions to the stu-     softball coach, was also inter-           “I was pretty smart; I made
 Warner, a student teacher with           dents about the material, making        viewed.                               honor roll all the time. I played
 history teacher Nancy Gfell, has         sure they understand the lesson,”           He was asked how he likes         three sports, so I guess you could
 made his way back to teaching at         Mr. Warner said.                        teaching at the school where he       call me a jock, but I was also
 his alma mater, Norwalk High                Mr. Warner also said he knew         coaches.                              quiet and shy,” he said.
 School.                                  he wanted to go into teaching               “I like it, especially during         Mr. Manlet’s favorite movies
        So, how exactly does it           about two or three years ago.           basketball season, because it’s       are Hoosiers and Rudy. Outside
 feel being a student teacher at          While in college, he realized he        nice to be around my players dur-     of school, he loves coaching soft-
 your old school?                         has always liked to teach kids. He      ing school to get to know them so     ball, playing sports and preparing
     “I’m excited. It’s always good       began by teaching swim lessons,         I’m not a stranger anymore,” he       his teams for the next season.
 to be back at the high school I          and from there, he knew he loved        said.                                     The best advice he’s ever re-
 graduated from,” said Mr. War-           teaching kids in general.                   What is his favorite part about   ceived is “Form your own opin-
 ner.                                        What was he like in high             teaching?                             ion” from Coach Steve Gray.
     He also said that the high           school?                                     “My favorite part would have          As for coaching softball, Mr.
 school has changed a lot since he           “I was pretty quiet, very shy,       to be just teaching the students      Manlet said, “I like it because it’s
 went to school here. There are           never really talked much, and I         something they don’t already          more of a laid back sport than
 more students and more technol-          had an afro!” he said.                  know, and seeing them under-          basketball, a nice transition from
 ogy now.                                    He also said that his favorite       stand it. I also like it because I    basketball to softball. I can be
        What’s his favorite part          movie would have to be Apoca-           can relate it to coaching, when       more laid back in softball, and I
 about teaching?                          lypse Now.                                                                    really enjoy it.”

              School News Round-Up                                                                                        Seniors must
 Goodwill donations                      work together to accomplish             Beauty and the Beast                     pass OGT’s!!!
 By Violet Golembiewski                  tasks.                                   By Brooke Frakes
                                            The event is five hours long
                                                                                                                           By Jaye Neuberger
     Teen Leadership Corps has           and includes a lunch with Huron             The choir students are going
 placed a large box placed outside       County leaders. This is the pro-        to see Beauty and the Beast at                ATTENTION SENIORS:
 of the main office. This box is for     gram’s 12th year.                       Stranahan Theater in Toledo on            YOU MUST PASS ALL FIVE
 donations to Goodwill. Donations                                                March 29.                                 OGT’S TO GRADUATE!
 started on March 19 and will be                                                     “I take my students to go see             According to guidance
 accepted through March 30. Stu-         Winter concert                          this musical because I want to            counselor Sandi Stewart, there
 dents are highly encouraged to          By Alexis Logan                         give them an experience at a              are approximately 10 seniors
 donate items.                                                                   theater after learning the richness       who still need to pass OGT’S.
                                            The concert band and wind            of the music beforehand,” said            The OGT most students need
 Project Leadership                      ensemble played eight pieces at         Carol Mason, choir director               to pass is science, Ms. Stewart
 By Allyson Dean                         their winter concert on Feb. 23.            The students got to choose            said.
                                            The evening kicked off when          between $30 tickets and $50 tick-             When asked what will hap-
    The Junior Project Leadership        Principal Brad Cooley announced         ets.                                      pen to seniors who do not pass,
 program is coming to Norwalk            the bands.                                  The reason that they are going        Ms. Stewart said that seniors
 High School on March 29. It will           The concert band was first.          to see Beauty and the Beast is            on an IEP will have a meeting
 take place in the art gallery.          They played French National             because that is what was playing          to see if they can be excused
    The program selects students         Defile, Mars, Latin Rondeau and         at the theater the time that they         from the consequences. Seniors
 from all over Huron County to           Comedian’s Gallop.                      were looking to go.                       not on an IEP will not be able
 come together to participate in            The wind ensemble followed               The choir saw Beauty and the          to graduate and will have to
 various activities. The idea is to      with Gallop, Jupiter: The Bringer       Beast a while ago, but they saw it        come back to take the test dur-
 give students a basic understand-       of Jollity, Locus Iste and Semper       at Playhouse Square in Cleve-             ing the summer.
 ing of leadership and have them         Fidelis.                                land, in the opposite direction.              The results of the March
                                                                                                                           test will be posted May 14, Ms.
                                                                                                                           Stewart said.
Teachers tell about conference period
 By Melanie Shupe
                                                                                                                           Continued from page 1
     The fact of the matter is, not a
 lot of light saber fighting happens                                                                                           “This is the best season of
 during teachers’ conference peri-                                                                                         my high school career,” said
 ods. In fact, there is very little                                                                                        senior Jenny Woods. She also
 excitement for teachers during                                                                                            said that she was happy about
 these 50 minutes.                                                                                                         the championship rounds, and
     English teacher Amie Swope                                                                                            losing by three isn’t bad.
 said that her conference period is                                                                                            She encourages people to
 “really boring.” She grades                                                                                               try out for next year’s team.
     papers and sets up lesson                                                                                                 Junior Mckenzie Hall said
 plans for the next day.                                                                                                   they did really well, but just
     Science teacher Rod Thimke                                                                                            had a bad day with the third
 grades papers as well. He also                                                                                            match. She also said that it was
 calls his students’ parents and                                                                                           a good season and she is look-
 reports good or bad behavior. He                                                                                          ing forward to next year.
 said conference periods are “kind                                                                                             Junior Zane Smith said the
 of boring.”                                                                                                               season was really fun and ran-
                                                                                              Photo by Rachel Warneck
     Another person who grades           Mr. Pigman uses his Jedi mind tricks on Mr. Baker                                 dom towards the end. Both he
 papers is Adam Leutenegger,                                                                                               and Mckenzie said that there
 who teaches math and engineer-                                                                                            was a lot of practice involved
 ing. He said, though, that he’s         studies teachers Nick Lee and              Though conference periods              in preparing for matches.
 “easily fascinated,” and that he        Chris Cloud. Mr. Lee also makes         aren’t the most exciting for                  Senior Kyle Mueller said
 researches things that interest         plans for basketball.                   teachers, they get their work             the season went well till the
 him during some of his confer-             This reporter has also ob-           done.                                     end. Senior Jeff Burkett said it
 ence periods.                           served history teacher Derek Pig-          Sometimes, they even manage            was a disappointing end.
     Lesson plans and paper grad-        man eating a snack during his           to make a little time for a light             The team is going to region-
 ing are also main goals of social       conference period.                      saber battle.                             als on April 21.
Page 4 — Trucker Imprint — Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love does not mean having control
   My experience                        Domestic violence is not OK                                                       ‘I’ve learned
    with abuse                          By Christina Christian                  emotionally, sexually or physi-
                                                                                                                             so much’
                                           Domestic violence is nothing             That person may not even                Nothing in the world hurts
     Over the years I always felt
                                        to play around with and is a seri-      realize that it’s “abuse.” Your         more than hearing about some-
 bad for people who had bad
                                        ous problem around the world.           partner just calling you names is       one you love being hurt. Not
 things happen to them. I never
                                           There are so many women,             abuse. Shoving you. Holding             just physically, but mentally,
 in a millions years thought it
                                        and even men, who go through            you down for whatever reason.           emotionally and sexually. I
 would happen to my family.
                                        abuse each and every day. Most          It’s all abuse. So many young           have not lived through much of
 But it did, and it can happen to
                                        of them choose to hide it. Why?         girls and women don’t think that        it myself. But my mother, my
                                        They’re scared. They’re afraid of       it’s a problem, but when a man          best friend, my hero, has been
     My mother was a victim of
                                        what that person may do to them         calls a woman those certain             through more abuse than I ever
 domestic violence. Even now,
                                        if they tell anybody. They’re           words (we all know what words           thought a woman could handle.
 it’s difficult to say so but it’s
                                        afraid nobody will understand.          I’m talking about), more than           The things my mother has told
 true. She isn’t a bad person
                                        They still “love them.” That per-       likely, eventually, it’s going to       me that she went through with
 because of it and it isn’t her
                                        son “didn’t mean to do it” and is       turn into something worse.              her first husband break my
 fault, but for a long time, while
                                        “very sorry.”                               If you or someone you know          heart.
 it was going on, I resented her
                                           This is a real thing. So many        is being abused, get help. There            He physically abused her on
 and hated her for allowing this
                                        people go through this, some that       are so many places a woman can          a daily basis. Not just hitting,
 man to stay. He wasn’t her hus-
                                        you probably wouldn’t expect —          go to for help, especially a            but beating, punching, full-
 band. He was only a boyfriend,
                                        women, children, men, gays,             woman with kids. There’s noth-          blown knocking her out uncon-
 and even then it was so diffi-
                                        lesbians. It’s possible for any-        ing to be ashamed of. You               scious.
 cult for her to end the relation-
                                        body to experience abuse from a         shouldn’t have to live your life             She explained to me that
 ship and get him out of our
                                        partner, whether it’s verbally,         like that.                              before they were married, he
                                                                                                                        was the sweetest guy ever; he
     Domestic violence starts
                                                                                                                        was really good to her. After
 very slowly, but it can happen
 to you. First, these men will
 come off as wonderful people.
                                        Facts about domestic violence                                                   they got married, though, is
                                                                                                                        when it all changed.
                                            • There are 15.5 million               • Nationwide, nearly one in              He would always tell her
 They want to sweep you off
                                        U.S. children who live in fami-         ten high school students has            that it would never happen
 your feet. For my family, he
                                        lies in which partner violence          been hit, slapped or physically         again, not to tell anybody, that
 was taking all of us out to din-
                                        occurred at least once in the past      hurt on purpose by a boyfriend          he loves her and how sorry he
 ner and bowling and on vaca-
                                        year, and seven million children        or girlfriend. Nearly one in ten        was.
 tions all the time. He made it
                                        live in families in which severe        15-year-old girls disclosed ex-             The worst thing that she
 seem like money was growing
                                        partner violence occurred.              periencing physical dating vio-         told me, was they got in a
 on trees. Since he had all this
                                            • Females who are exposed           lence and one in four disclosed         really bad argument and he was
 money, he talked my mom into
                                        to their parents’ domestic vio-         experiencing psychological              hitting her and he put her in the
 quitting her job.        Yes, it
                                        lence as adolescents are signifi-       abuse.                                  bathroom, knocked her out,
 seemed like a good idea. I
                                        cantly more likely to become               • One in three teens report          put her in the bathtub and
 mean why would someone
                                        victims of dating violence than         knowing a friend or peer who            turned the water on.
 want to work if she didn’t have
                                        daughters of nonviolent parents.        has been hit, kicked, punched,              The neighbors heard the
                                            • One in three adolescent           slapped or physically hurt by a         commotion next door and
     He did this so that he could
                                        girls in the United States is a         partner.                                called the police. One of the
 be in control.
                                        victim of physical, emotional or                                                cops who came to the scene
     When I finally found out
                                        verbal abuse from a dating part-                               Source:          had been waiting and waiting
 that there was violence going
                                        ner.                                    to arrest him.
 on, I had a friend over and she
                                                                                                                            But back then the law was
 had heard something so I
                                                                                                                        that for a man to be arrested for
 muted the TV and I heard it
 too. It was hard to make out if
 it was a “love noise” or some-
                                           Where someone can get help                                                   domestic violence, he had to be
                                                                                                                        caught in the act. The cop said
                                          •   Huron County Victim’s              •   Huron County Sheriff —             to my mom, “Just tell me that
 thing bad. I went to see what it
                                              Assistance Program – 419-              419-668-6912                       he did this to you so we can
 was and I stood at the door and              663-3839                                                                  arrest him, please.” And he
 heard him say in a demented                                                     •   Safe Harbour — 800-953-            finally got arrested.
 voice, “Don’t you ever wake              •   National Domestic Vio-                 2207
                                              lence Hotline — 1-800-799                                                     My mother is not the only
 me up from sleeping again.”
                                              -7233                              •   Norwalk Police Depart-             woman in my family to put up
 When I heard this I busted into                                                     ment — 419-668-3311                with this. My grandma went
 their room and saw him on top            •   The Shelter 24-hour crisis                                                through it with my mother’s
 of her with his hands around                 line, safe housing — 1-800         •   Emergency — 911
                                              -931-SAFE (7233)                                                          stepdad. He was an alcoholic.
 her neck. I immediately started
                                                                                                                            Having multiple women go
 screaming at him to get off of
                                                                                                                        through this abuse in my fam-
 her. He wasn’t a little guy;
 there was nothing I would be           Miriam house a safe house                                                       ily has taught me so much. It’s
                                                                                                                        taught me to respect myself,
 able to do to save her except
 scream and call the police.
      He has been out of our
                                        for the abused and children                                                     and not put up with anything
                                                                                                                        from men.
                                        By Itzzy Leon                           sit children who are in Miriam              A man should never call
 house for a while now, but he
                                                                                House while their mothers take          you names or lay his hands on
 still torments our lives with a
                                            Miriam House is a place             classes for parenting skills.           you for any reason, and he
 constant fear that he will be
                                        where homeless women and                    They are asked to babysit for       should always respect you. In
                                        their minor children can live and       an hour Thursday nights.                the same aspect, a woman
     Please, if anyone reading
                                        try to improve their family struc-          “I think what they do for           should never put her hands on a
 this has this kind of stuff going
                                        tures, get help with life skills, get   families in the community is so         man
 on at home or in their own love
                                        educational opportunities and           great and I am excited to be a              No man or woman should
 life, don’t let it go on. Please
                                        much more.                              part of it, even in just a small        put up with this. There are
 get help. Abuse, whether it be
                                            Teen Leadership adviser Nick        way,” junior Alyanna Tuttle             ways to stop it and get away
 emotional or physical, is wrong
                                        Lee was contacted by Miriam             said.                                   from it.
 and dangerous.
                                        House. He was asked for volun-              A couple of Key Club mem-
                                        teers from TLC who could baby-          bers are also volunteering.                            -NHS STUDENT
                -NHS STUDENT

Is locker vandalism a problem at NHS?
 By Logan Conney                                                                   Freshman Jared Cook’s locker       rigging it). Those are the people
                                                                                was one of the more obvious ones      who will find things missing. Use
     We all know someone whose                                                  defaced.                              your own locker, too. Shared
 locker sign has been vandalized                                                   “I think it was a joke, but I’m    lockers are just asking for trou-
 or whose locker has been broken                                                not sure. It happened around          ble,” Dan Bauman, assistant prin-
 into. Whether or not it was a big                                              homecoming…” he said. “It’s not       cipal, said.
 item, like a phone or iPod, or                                                 a huge problem, but it’s just non-       The bottom line is the golden
 small, like a sweatshirt or book,                                              sense.”                               rule. Treat people the way you
 it’s happening.                                                                   What can we do to fix this?        want to be treated.
     Just walk around the halls, and                                                “It’s just keeping your locker       You don’t want your things
 you will see things like “b****”                                               locked, or using your own locker.     taken away or written all over, do
 and “I hate you” and even some         bled on lockers. Nice or not, it’s      Yes, it’s very convenient to just     you?
 nice stuff like “I love you!” scrib-   still vandalism.                        run up and open your locker (by          Exactly…

  10 things you didn’t know about Alex Phibbs
    By Jacqueline Rios                                                             3. I rarely ever hear my first     very picky when it comes to mu-
                                                                                name and sometimes don’t re-          sic.
    Junior Alex Phibbs                                                          spond to hearing it.                      8. I’m very shy, but once I
                                                                                   4. I never drink soda pop.         am spoken to, I never want to
    1. I often think to myself in                                                  5. I’ve never celebrated a         shut up.
 accented voices.                                                               holiday before.                           9. I’m obsessed with musical
    2. I play Sudoku about three                                                   6. I am literally a pyroma-        bass and all of its forms.
 times a day every day.                                                         niac.                                     10. I have the coolest girl-
                                                                                   7. I rarely ever listen to music   friend ever!
                                                                                made past the year 2000; I’m
                                                                                                    Tuesday, March 27, 2012— Trucker Imprint — Page 5

BGSU Falcons vs. Toledo Rockets
By Dameisha Brown                     but still close enough that I could    university is nationally known as
                                      come home if I needed to… it           being in the top 10 for education
    The tension between Bowling       was the perfect fit. BGSU is so        majors. To be the best, you must
Green State University and The        much better than UT, it’s not          be educated by the best, and BG
University of Toledo goes on at       even funny. BGSU has a much            was able to provide to me the best
Norwalk High School.                  safer campus, a college town feel      education in my field of study.
    I interviewed a few NHS           (which is highly underrated),          Bowling Green is by far the supe-
teachers, asking these two ques-      hockey, a new basketball arena,        rior college when put against the
tions: Why did you pick the           new dorms, great people and a          ugly stepchild of the MAC con-
school you went to? Which             quality education.”                    ference, Toledo. BG is commu-
school is better?                         Social studies teacher Derek       nity based, and continues to
    Social studies teacher Nick       Pigman also went to BG.                achieve academic superiority
Lee is a BG graduate.                     “I went to BGSU because it         each year. BG is the best choice          “I went to Toledo because
    “I went to BGSU because I         was the right price, right location    in regards to education, tuition      they have a prestigious college of
was familiar with the campus,         and right program. You should          and location.”                        engineering and I really enjoyed
enjoyed my visit there, love Or-      always pick which college you go           Add art teacher Alexa Nasonti     my visit. My visit was the day
ange, and because they offered        to based on what you want to do.       to the list of BG fans.               after the Rockets won the MAC
both of the majors I was poten-       It’s not too big, but not too small.       “I went to BG because it was      championship in football and the
tially interested in. I also liked    How smart is it to pay more to         close enough to visit home, but       entire campus was buzzing with
that it was far away from home,       get paid the same?” Mr. Pigman         far enough to get away, because       excitement. Toledo is 17-15 in
                                                          said.              they had my major and because a       the annual Peace Pipe Game in-
                                                            S t u d e n t    lot of my friends went there. BG      cluding winning 11 of the last 17
                                                          teacher Ashley     is better than UT because of the      years.”
                                                          Jenkins leaves     food (Miles Pizza) and the                English teacher Amie Swope
                                                          no doubt about     friendly community. Also, their       graduated from Kenyon College
                                                          which school       art program is much better!” Ms.      but prefers UT over BG.
                                                          she prefers.       Nasonti said.                             “Two of the smartest people I
                                                           “I chose BG           Math and computer science         know went to UT — Mr. Cloud
                                                          because      the   teacher Chris Higgins prefers UT.     and Mr. Higgins,” she said.

By Jacqueline Rios
                                          Gem of the Month
                                      Name: Nate Light
    Looking for something             Year in school: Senior
good to do? Try Bailando. It is
a dancing program developed           Year of car: 2002
by Piper Wheeler, instructor at
Dance N’ Style and a senior at        Make: Ford
Ehove/Norwalk High School. It
is mostly Latin dancing, but          Model: Mustang convertible
popular music that young
adults listen to is also available.   When did you get your car?
    “It is a chance for young         The end of last year.
adults to be able to afford real
dance lessons and to dance to         How long have you had your
music that they know,” said           driver’s license? Two years
    Piper said she started            How much did you pay for               looked nice and it had low mile-      give you when you drive? I
Bailando because young people         your car? $8,900                       age.                                  don’t get many looks.
would come up to her and ask
for dance lessons, but they           Did/Do you pay for it yourself?        Where did you get this car?           Is this your dream car? No.
were too expensive.                   I’m still paying for it.               Schaffer-Danhoff in Willard
    Adult private lessons cost                                                                                     If not, what is? Shelby GT Co-
$55 an hour at Dance N’ Style,        Why did you want this car? It          What kind of looks do people          bra
Piper said. Bailando costs $5

                                      What’s the point of having study hall?
per young adult. The dance
lessons are given to a whole
group and are held twice every
two months. Young adults who              By Rachel Warneck                  all the classes they need to take.        Some students have a simpler
go as a couple pay $6 for both                                               It’s their free time. Who cares       view. “It depends on how you
of them, which means that for             Looking at the schedule for        what they do?” said senior Hope       use it,” said senior Allison
each individual it is only $3.        the school year, score: You got a      Fritz.                                Marchione.
    “It gives people opportuni-       study hall. But why exactly are            This is true; the period is our       Most of the students inter-
ties to be good dancers…great         you so pumped for that?                free period. But what about the       viewed agreed that study halls
dancers,” Piper said, adding              Are study halls actually use-      freshmen who are in study hall        are useful, although the reasons
that Bailando has been very           ful? Do you actually get work          sleeping? Don’t they have credits     are different. Some say it helps to
successful so far.                    done and study, or are you one of      they need to be working on?           keep up with homework, while
    Bailando is located at            the many who fall asleep or sim-           “Study halls are really just      others use it as a sleeping period.
Dance N’ Style in the San-            ply get distracted?                    whatever. I want to get my work           Regardless of the use, the stu-
dusky Plaza on Cleveland                  “I feel like they are useful as    done but then I just put it off,”     dents have spoken, and it is safe
Road. For more information,           fillers for people who have taken      said freshman Connor Mackay.          to say yes, study halls are useful.
go to the Facebook page

                                      Musician of the issue

Guess This
                                      By Veronica McLoda
                                                                                                                        By Brooke Frakes
                                      Name: Hannah VanDyne

Senior!                               Year in School: 10
                                                                                                                         Color scheme or theme?
                                                                                                                         NHS’ senior prom this year
                                                                                                                     is going to have a color scheme
                                      Age: 16                                                                        instead of a theme.
                                                                                                                         Seniors decided to go for a
                                      What instrument do you play?                                                   color scheme and use the previ-
                                      Flute                                                                          ous year’s decorations to save
                                      When did you start playing it?                                                     The color scheme for this
                                      6th grade                                                                      year’s prom is teal and silver.
                                                                                                                     This doesn’t mean that every
                                      Why did you choose this in-                                                    girl has to wear teal or silver as
                                      strument? My aunt played the           If you play more than one in-           her dress color or that guys
                                      flute in high school and I looked      strument, which do you prefer           have to wear teal or silver un-
                                      up to her.                             and why? I only play the flute          der their tux.
                                                                             and I can play the piccolo.                 Prom will be held April 21
                                      What kind of music do you                                                      at Lyman Harbor. The location
                                      listen to in your spare time? I        Have you been in band/                  of after-prom is still undecided,
                                      listen to all music.                   orchestra all four years of high        said Derek Pigman, senior
                                                                             school? So far only two years.          class adviser.
                                      Do you plan on pursuing music                                                      If there is a senior who is
                                      after high school? If so, when         What is your favorite thing             bringing a date from another
                                      and how? I might play in col-          about your music class? Our             school, he or she must fill out
                                      lege for marching and concert          awesome band director Mr.               paperwork to allow the guest to
   This senior has been in the        band.                                  Kish.                                   attend the senior prom.
musical for two years. He is                                                                                             Dinner will be served at
going into the Marines after          Do you have any good stories           If you could choose one of your         Lyman before the actual dance.
graduation. He is in select           about any of your perform-             pieces to play in a recital,            There will be chicken, pastas,
choir.                                ances? During the fall concert, I      which would it be and why?              salad, dinner rolls and bever-
   See page 10 for the answer         almost got hit by Mady’s baton,        Jupiter because it was challeng-        ages.
to Guess This Senior.                 but it missed and hit my stand.        ing, but sounded really well once
                                                                             it was learned.
Page 6 — Trucker Imprint — Tuesday, March 27, 2012

STUDENTS AT SCHOOL                                                                                                     TEACHERS AT WORK
                                        Back in the Day
                                        By Gavin Ward                              The newspaper was named
                                                                               The Trucker Imprint 10 years
                                            It was March of 1971. The          ago.
                                        FNA (Future Nurses of America)             The layout of our paper today
                                        met. It was the first year the sci-    is very different from former
                                        ence classrooms had sinks and          papers. In the old newspapers,
                                        burners. At                                              the layout was
                                        EHOVE,                                                   unorganized. It
                                        students                                                 could     easily              Name: Steve Gray
    Name: Kange Keegan                  feared that                                              confuse     the
    Grade: 10                           they would                                               reader       on           Subject taught: World His-
    Age: 15                             have to go                                               which story is         tory
                                        to school                                                which.
    Immediate Family: Dad –             year-round.                                              Advertise-
 Craig; sisters – Dakota,               Admission                                                ments      were           First job: Buckeye Central
 Sevanna, Saharra.                      to the Sen-                                              also a large           (where I went to high school).
                                        ior Dance                                                part of the
    School activities: World            was only                                                 newspaper.
 Language Club, Track and               one dollar, with the Barbara-          The ads were for businesses in              Favorite genre of music:
 Field, Cross Country.                  Jackle Band providing live mu-         Norwalk and other surrounding            70’s and 80’s.
                                        sic.                                   towns. These ads included busi-
                                            The things that appeared in        nesses such as The Huron
    When not sitting behind a           the Norwalk High School news-          County Bank and Clancy’s Ham-               Most embarrassing mo-
 desk, what do you like to do?          paper 41 years ago are definitely      burgers.                                 ment while teaching: Chair
 Go to Galion.                          different than today.                      Another difference between           broke. Fell down in class.
                                            Before the Trucker Imprint’s       the newspaper now and 41 years
                                        time, in the early 60s, the paper      ago was that back then, the paper
   Biggest pet peeve: People            was named the Senior High Im-          covered both news from the high             Favorite former teacher
 who complain.                          print. In the late 60s, it was re-     school and from around town.             and why: Arch Rogers, my
                                        named the Signal, which is what        Today, the focus is on news only         high school football coach. He
                                        our school’s yearbook is called.       in the high school.                      helped me during some diffi-
   Biggest guilty pleasure:                                                                                             cult times, and he helped me
 Cheese Balls.                                                                                                          getting into college. He be-

    Favorite song and why:
 Take it Off by Kesha because
 you can dance on a bench at
                                        Money matters
                                            By Alexis Logan                       “There’s never enough
                                                                                                                        came a good friend.

                                                                                                                               Hobbies: Basketball, fam-
 midnight.                                                                     money,” said Mr. Pigman.                 ily.
                                            It’s never too early to start         The juniors will not know
 Something people would be              raising money for prom.                how much they have earned until
 surprised to know about me:                The freshman, sophomore,           the end of the year because of              Biggest pet peeve: Lazy
 I wrestled as a kid but quit at        junior and senior classes have         the cookie sales going on all            people who underachieve. Peo-
 the tournament.                        been fundraising, and will use         year, adviser Jennifer Hohman            ple who can’t be honest.
                                        most of their money for their          said.
                                        senior proms.                             The money they do earn will
    Where do you see yourself               The senior class will also use     go toward their senior prom and             What were you like in
 in 10 years? In California on a        its money to buy flowers that the      homecoming supplies.                     high school? Acted like Jake
 beach.                                 seniors will get during the               The sophomores have earned            Fetherolf.
                                        graduation ceremony, Derek Pig-        about $1,400 dollars. Their funds
                                        man, class adviser, said.              will go toward prom as well.
     Favorite   movie:     Valen-           The seniors have raised ap-           The freshman class has                   I became a teacher be-
 tine’s Day                             proximately $4,000 from their          earned $800 to $900. They will           cause: I loved coaching and
                                        Autumn Leaves Festival, the            be using some of their money for         being around kids.
                                        Yankee Candle fundraiser and           their senior prom.
   Favorite store to shop at:           the Trucker Gear sales.
 Walgreens                                                                                                                 If not teaching, what
                                                                                                                        would you be doing? Greeter

                                        Where’s Wetdog
                                                                                                                        at Wal-Mart.
   Favorite restaurant: Mon

                                        winner announced
                                                                                                                           What would people be
                                                                                                                        surprised to know about
    Favorite food: Crab legs                                                                                            you? I’m old.
    Biggest regret: Not trying          Kalyn Palmerton,                                                                   Biggest weakness: Couch
 hard enough in school.                 the winner of last                                                              potato at home.
                                        issue’s “Where’s
                                        Wetdog” contest,
   Most embarrassing mo-                smiles just after                                                                  Pets: Hoops and Lebron
 ment: I can’t say.                     being presented                                                                 (dogs).
                                        with a bag of
                                        candy by senior
    My hero: Violet                     Dan       Meola,                                                                   If you could meet any fa-
                                        Trucker Imprint                                                                 mous person, who would it be
                                        entertainment edi-                                                              and why? President George
    How many children do                tor.                                                                            Bush. I admire him and he’s a
 you want to have? One? Is                  Each     issue,                                                             person of great integrity.
 that possible?                         including this one,
                                        senior Spencer
                                        Howell appears                                                                     What would we find in
    Favorite teacher and why:           somewhere in a                                                                  your refrigerator? Diet Pepsi
 Mrs. Thomas because she is             picture.
 always happy.                              When you find
                                        it, tear or cut out                                 Photo by Debbie Leffler
                                                                                                                           If you won the lottery,
                                        the full picture,                                                               what would you spend it on?
    Favorite class and why:             write your name legibly on the back, and turn it in to the box in Mrs.          Vacation, family, new weight
 Sculpture because we talk all          Leffler’s English class in room 6208.                                           room and basketball locker
 period.                                    A winner will be chosen a week after the issue comes out.                   room.

Murals dissected, stories uncovered
 Story and photos by                    about eight years ago when stu-                                               Jessica Dietrich and Erica Bryant,
 Jacqueline Rios                        dents first moved in at this new                                              former NHS students.
                                        high school, former art teacher                                                  Jessica and Erica made the
     There are three giant paintings    Lura Magi explained.                                                          painting as their final independ-
 at the main                                                 If you stand at                                          ent study project. “Me and her
 stairs of Nor-                                             the       place                                           (Erica) hated that painting…now
 walk        High                                           where the gi-                                             we love it,” said Jessica.
 School. Have                                               ant     window                                               “The painting was hard be-
 you ever won-                                              that looks out                                            cause it was a mixture of different
 dered who cre-                                             to the parking                                            techniques and it was rushed,”
 ated them?                                                 lot is, and then                                          Jessica said.
      When you                                              look to the
 start walking up                                           right side of
 the stairs, to the top left there is   the window, you will see the sec-             Then if you turn around
 the first painting. It is a collage    ond giant painting.                    and look up at the balcony, you
 with a big "N" in the middle. That        It is a collage and it was done     will be able to see the third paint-
 painting was made by a whole           at the old high school by Tony         ing. This painting has faceless
 class to decorate the building         Carpenter.                             people with hats. It was made by
                                                                                                      Tuesday, March 27, 2012 — Trucker Imprint — Page 7

Musical Review

Down at the State Fair
 By Daniel Meola                          made the play that much better
                                          and I liked the choice of people
                                                                               hard on their singing and mak-
                                                                               ing sure they knew the whole
    I went to see State Fair on           who played each character. Judge     script. They put much work in
 March 10, and I was pleasantly           Hippenstahl, played by junior        and it paid off very well.
 surprised.                               Simon Freeman, had to be one of          Good job to all of the peo-
    It was a very family-oriented         the funniest characters in the       ple who had a part in the NHS
 play with a few weird things, in-        play. He made me laugh so hard I     musical.
 cluding dancing animals.                 could barely keep myself from
    The play had many funny               crying.                                             Photo by Dan Meola
 parts, but was serious and cute at          The singing was very good.        The Frakes’ house from the set of
 other points. The kiss scenes            Those guys and girls worked very     State Fair

                                                                               Music review
   What’s in your                                                              Short Songs sung shortly
                                                                                By Itzzy Leon                                Eleven of the tracks include
                                                                                                                         their own original songs.
                                                                                    Twenty-two songs in less                 Their songs usually sound on
                                                                                than 20 minutes seems insane,            the post-hardcore side but
                                                                                but it can happen.                       they’ve added more punk to their
                                                                                    Silverstein is a five-piece          new songs.
                                                                                post-hardcore band from Can-                 The rest of the tracks are cov-
                                      Tylenol                                   ada.                                     ers from bands such as Gorilla
                                                                  birthday          They’ve released five LPs            Biscuits, Descendants, NOFX
                                                                  card          and three EPs and now, with              and nine other punk bands.
                                                                                their sixth “full length” album              The original songs are amaz-
                                                                                that came out on Feb. 7, they’re         ing but Silverstein, being one of
    Book                                                                        finally getting more recognition.        my favorite bands, did a really
    calendar                                                                        Short Songs isn’t your typical       nice job on covering 11 great
                                                                                album. The song lengths range            songs.
                                                                lip balm
                                                                                from 4 to 90 seconds, hence the              Most of the songs on this al-
                                                                                title.                                   bum are fast-paced and when I
                                                                                                                         listened to the songs I wondered
                                                                                                                         how many drumsticks Paul
                                                                                                                         Koehler, the drummer, went
                                                                                                                             Some of the lyrics are strange
                                                                Teacher                                                  and funny but some of them are
                                                                I.D. card
                                                                                                                         meaningful and angry. I can hon-
                                                                                                                         estly say I’m not disappointed in
                                                                                                                         this album at all.
                                            A look inside                                                                    I loved this album as soon as
        Icebreakers       Two band-         math teacher                                                                 I heard it the first time. I recom-
        breath mints      aids              Becky Molnar’s purse                                                         mend that people who enjoy this
                                                                                                                         kind of music should buy it.

Book Review                                                                      Movie Review

Hopeless delirium                                                                The Vow wows critics
                                                                                By Jaye Neuberger                        self that it’s time to walk away?”
 By Melanie Shupe                        completely ready to get rid of the                                              says Leo. As time goes on, he
                                         possibility of catching deliria            “Life's all about moments, of        slowly starts to give up hope.
     Love is a dangerous disease.        nervosa, she does exactly what         impact and how they change our                To see if Leo and Paige can
 That’s the message in Lauren            she doesn’t want to. She falls in      lives forever. But what if one           find their way back to each
 Oliver’s latest novel, Delirium.        love.                                  day you could no longer remem-           other, see The Vow, now in thea-
 The protagonist, Lena Holoway,              She has to hide her love from      ber any of them?” said Leo in            ters.
 is just like every other teenager       the world, or risk being impris-       The Vow.                                      This movie is rated PG-13.
 her age. On her 18th birthday,          oned or bringing shame upon her            The Vow is a true story about             Some people might think this
 she is scheduled for surgery that       family, but she refuses to let her     how Paige (Rachael McAdams)              was a horrible movie and some
 will remove the part of her brain       boyfriend slip away. She even          ends up in a coma after a terrible       may think it was the best movie
                          t h a t        starts to think about the possibil-    accident one night. When she             they ever saw.
                          loves.         ity of refusing the surgery.           wakes up, she can’t remember                  It mainly depends on if
                          Lena is            Does Lena go through with          her life with her current husband        you’re one who likes a good tear
                          excited        the surgery? Does her family           Leo (Channing Tatum). The                -jerking movie or not. I think it
                          to get         find out about her boyfriend?          only life she can remember is the        was a really good movie because
                          the sur-           Delirium is the first book in a    one she had before meeting Leo.          it is a true story.
                          gery.          trilogy with the same name.            Leo then struggles to get her to              I think they did a good job in
                          Love is            The main character is a girl,      remember the life they have to-          casting the people for the roles. I
                          a dis-         but there’s a lot of action and        gether.                                  mean, who wouldn’t want to
                          e a s e        adventure in the story as well,            “How do you look at the              look at Channing Tatum’s butt
                          that has       along with some science and            woman you love, and tell your-           for about a minute?
                          cursed         even theology. It’s a book that I
                          L e n a        found hard to put down; in fact, I
 and her family from the begin-          read it in the span of a few          Fact of the issue
 ning of time.                           hours.                                According to a research study, the most common setting for dreams is
     Right when Lena is most pre-            You can pick this book up at      your own house.
 pared to have the surgery, and          the public library or BAM!

Word of the issue                                                              Quote of the issue
By Alexis Logan                                                                “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic
                                                                               enough to know that life is a complex matter.”
Word: Floccinaucinihilipilification [flok-in-ah-sini-hili-pili-fication]                                                           – Walt Disney
Definition: (noun) The act of deciding that something is valueless.
                                                                                                                                            By Caiti Southers
Used in a sentence: I like how you used floccinaucinihilipilification when
you described Justin Beiber’s new album.

Website of the issue
 By Veronica McLoda                      access the website at school.
                                         You can see how many people
    Ever wonder how many peo-            have your first name and last
 ple in the country have your            name. You can also see famous
 name? Go to http://                     names and the most common and you can            names.
Page 8 — Trucker Imprint — Tuesday, March 27, 2012

     — NFL mock draft —
          Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford                               Cincinnati Bengals - Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama

       Washington Redskins (From St. Louis Rams) - Robert Griffin III,                   San Diego Chargers - Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
                                                         QB, Baylor
      Minnesota Vikings - Matt Kalil, OT, USC                                            Chicago Bears - Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia

       Cleveland Browns -Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama                                   Tennessee Titans - Courtney Upshaw, DE/LB, Alabama

       Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Morris Claiborne, LSU                                 Cincinnati Bengals - Lamar Miller, RB, Miami

         St Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) - Justin Blackmon,                   Cleveland Browns - Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech
                                               WR, Oklahoma State

       Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame                              Detroit Lions - Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois

      Miami Dolphins- Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina                                  Pittsburgh Steelers - Dont’a Hightowter, MLB, Alabama

        Carolina Panthers- Michael Brockers, DE/DT, LSU                                  Denver Broncos - Devon Still, DT, Penn State

       Buffalo Bills- Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor                                         Houston Texans - Alshon Jeffrey, WR, South Carolina

        Kansas City Chiefs - Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford                              New England Patriots - Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

         Seattle Seahawks- Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis                                     Green Bay Packers - David DeCastro, G, Stanford

       Arizona Cardinals -Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa                                          Baltimore Ravens - Alfonzo Denard, CB, Nebraska

       Dallas Cowboys - Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama                              San Francisco 49ers - Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

       Philadelphia Eagles - Luke Kuechly, MLB, Boston College                          New England Patriots - Andre Branch, DE/OLB, Clemson

         New York Jets - Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina                             New York Giants - Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford

                                                                              - Mock Draft by Keaton Wineman and Amos Albright

                           Truckers on pace for 1st NOL All-Sports Trophy

 By Amos Albright                                        “I think we are in great shape to win it. Our         Volleyball, men’s cross country, men’s
                                                     tennis and baseball team are prime to take first       basketball and wrestling all earned the top
    Norwalk sports are proving a point this          again and our track and softball teams con-            spots in the NOL.
 year, making it obvious that Norwalk is doing       tinue to improve,” said Athletic Director Ray             As the winter sports season comes to a
 something right. As of now, Norwalk High            Scheid.                                                close and spring sports begin, Norwalk looks
 School is leading the NOL for the Conference            At press time, Norwalk has four NOL                to pour it on and win its first-ever All-Sports
 All-Sports Trophy.                                  championship teams.                                    Trophy.

What’s it like having to be in ISR?
                                        through that, students would not
                                        want to get in trouble.
                                            Some people may say “I don’t
                                        care, I get out of class!” but I
                                        would rather sit in class.
                                            When you are in class you are
                                        there and you can sit through the
                                        lesson. When you are there for
                                        the lesson you can understand
                                        your work a lot easier.
 By Violet Golembiewski                     You also get to talk to your
                                        peers instead of just sitting in a
     Have you ever wondered what        room isolated from everyone else.
 it is like in ISR? I always thought        The more I think about ISR,
 it would be a nice little room with    the more it seems like a time-out
 desks and you would just sit           for teenagers.
 around and do your work. I was             Like when you were a kid and
 very wrong.                            your friends would get time-outs
     In ISR, you sit in chairs facing   -- some took them seriously and
 the wall. Once you run out of          didn’t do what they did again,
 work to complete, you just sit         and then some people just
 there looking at the wall.             laughed and did it again.
     I was lucky enough to only sit         This is a pretty good punish-                                                              Photo by Violet Golembiewski
 in there for one period to observe,    ment to me. No teenagers like to       If you ever have to go to ISR, you will be sitting in a chair like this, and you will
 and it was awful. It was probably      sit in a room and be completely        be facing the wall.
 the most boring experience I’ve        bored out of their mind.
 ever had. I think that after sitting       Please take my advice: Don’t             It’s extremely boring and if you just behave, you won’t have to suf-
                                        get in trouble and get ISR!              fer through this boredom.
                                                                                                       Tuesday, March 27, 2012— Trucker Imprint — Page 9

                                                                                 Whitney Field can
                                                                                 use some big help
                                                                                  By Amos Albright                      it, the grass was packed down as
                                                                                                                        far as it could go, making it diffi-
                                                                                      If you are any kind of spirited   cult for the field to drain when it
                                                                                  member of Norwalk High                rained. That, mixed with the al-
                                                                                  School, then you went to at least     ready dead grass, spelled out
                                                                                  one of the football games this        disaster.
                                                          Photo By Abby Miller    year, right? Well if you did, then         “By the time Norwalk and St.
Freshman Geena Freriks at her send-off.                                           you probably saw the condition        Paul teams were done playing on
                                                                                  of the field halfway through the      it, all the grass was ripped out,

Geena 7th at State
                                                                                  season.                               leaving nothing but a non-
                                                                                      Through half of the season,       drainable mud pit of a playing
                                                                                  the field was torn to pieces. It      field,” said Mr. Scheid.
 By Abby Miller                               What was it like at state?          began to get so bad that they had          What’s the solution?
                                             It was “big, crowded, and            to bring in pounds and pounds of           “Turf is out of the question.
     Freshman Geena Freriks               loud,” Geena said, adding that it       sand to just get a surface on the     We don’t have the money or do-
 competed in the 2012 state com-          was all she expected, and fun to        field to run on. Even then the        nations for that right now. All
 petition in two events, the 50           race girls she’d never raced be-        field looked bad and nobody           the money is going towards the
 relay and the 100 relay. Geena           fore.                                   knew exactly why.                     new weight room. But this will
 placed 7th overall in both events.          Geena said her favorite part             It was caused by a type of        have to be paid for,” said Mr.
 Geena broke her own personal             about swimming this year was            invasive grass known as poa an-       Scheid.
 record in the 50 free both days;         the people she met and all of the       nual grass.                                “In order for the field to be
 she dropped .6 of a second since         broken records from the relays              Athletic Director Ray Scheid      fixed they need new drainage,
 districts.                               and individual events.                  explained that while mowing           upgraded irrigation and brand
                                                                                  other fields in Norwalk, the poa      new sod,” he added

    Athletes of the Issue
                                                                                  annual grass seeds may have                There are still talks about
                                                                                  been picked up by the lawn            what the exact price will be, but
                                                                                  mowers. Then, while mowing            Norwalk and St. Paul officials
                                                                                  the football field, the seeds may     estimate around $100,000-plus
                                                                                  have been laid down on it. This       in order to pay for the new field.
                                                                                  type of grass is like a weed and      The two schools will share the
                                                                                  takes over during June and July.      cost, Mr. Scheid said.
                                                                                      Once the poa annual grass              “Now’s the time to get it
                                                                                  took effect, it killed the good       right, since the field is so torn
                                                                                  grass, making it easier to pull up.   up. Money is the issue,” he
                                                                                  After many years of playing on        added.

     Trevor Bowers                            Michael Finch
                                                                                 Wrestling duo to State
                                                                                  By Abby Miller
 What sport do you play? Ten-              What sport do you play, and                Three back to back to back
 nis.                                      why? I play baseball. It’s my          NOL championships. Eight dis-
                                           favorite sport. It’s what I want       tricts qualifiers and two state
 How long have you been                    to do in college.                      qualifiers, seniors Jake Alexan-
 playing this sport? Since I                                                      der and Jake Montana.
 could walk.                               How long have you been                     At state, Jake Montana went
                                           playing this sport? Ever since         1-1 the first day and 0-1 the sec-
 What is your team’s record?               I was four. It’s been 13 years.        ond day.
 It was 18-2 last year.                                                               What was it like at state?
                                           What is your team’s record?                “It was fun,” Jake Montana
 What’s your biggest accom-                It was 20-5 last year. We were         said.
 plishment in this sport? It               NOL Champs.                                Did he think he was going to
 was beating Blake Troller                                                        state this year?
 freshman year, and getting 2nd            What’s your biggest accom-                  “Yeah, hoping anyways,” he
 Team All Ohio freshman year.              plishment in this sport? To            replied.
                                           win the NOL again, and go to               Jake Montana will not be fur-
 What does it take to be good              regionals.                             thering his talents in wrestling at
 at it? Playing all the time, and                                                 the collegiate level; he is enter-
 off-court workouts (jump rop-             What does it take to be good                                                                   Photo by Abby Miller
                                                                                  ing the Navy.                         Seniors Jake Alexander and Jake
 ing, running, stretching and              at it? It takes hard work ethics,          At state, Jake Alexander went
 weight training).                         and being willing to put your                                                Montana at their send-off.
                                                                                  0-2 the first day, and didn’t qual-
                                           time in.                               ify for the second day. Jake           Alexander also participated in
 Best thing about this sport?                                                                                                       last year’s state com-
 Hitting winners (:                        Best thing about this sport?                                                             petition. He said that
                                           Winning in the bottom of the                                                             state this year for
 Worst/ most difficult thing               7th inning and the sunflower                                                             him was “lovely.”
 about this sport? Playing                 seeds.                                                                                   Did he think he was
 someone good on a windy day.                                                                                                       going to state this
                                           Worst/ most difficult thing                                                              year?
 Do you think you will con-                about this sport? Going                                                                    “That’s where I set
 tinue this sport after high               through a slump, and the cold                                                            my goals,” he re-
 school? Yes.                              weather.                                                                                 plied.
                                                                                                                                      He is undecided
 How do you deal with the                  How do you deal with the                                                                 about proceeding on
 pressure of the competition?              pressure of the competition?                                                             with wrestling at the
                                                                                                               Photo by Abby Miller
 Slow breathing, and talking to            It’s all mental. You have to put                                                         collegiate level.
                                                                                 Senior Jake Alexander shakes hands with his last
 coaches on change overs.                  everything aside, take a deep         opponent at state.
                                           breath and go pitch by pitch.

 Spring sports teams ready for a busy season
 By Dameisha Brown                        conference opponents include           Ron DeLuca is excited for the
                                          Fremont Ross, Toledo St. Johns         season.
     It’s almost spring, which            Jesuit, Ashland, Perkins and               “I’m excited for the season
 means it’s time for some new             Huron. The entire league will be       because it’s a rebuilding year. We
 sports, which are track, softball,       aiming to take down Norwalk,”          lost some good runners, but I feel
 baseball and boys’ tennis.               Coach Higgins said.                    like there are some new good
     Boys’ tennis coach Chris Hig-            Baseball coach Wesley Doug-        runners this year.       Sandusky,
 gins has a big season ahead of           las is a proud coach.                  Shelby and Tiffin look to be the
 him.                                         “We are always excited to          toughest opponents this season.
     “I am extremely excited going        start a new season with new play-      The NOL is going to be very
 into the season as we return four        ers. We are the defending NOL          good this year. It’s a powerhouse
 of seven varsity starters including      champs with hopes of a repeat.         league,” Coach DeLuca said.
 all of our singles players. We are       Tiffin looks like the toughest op-         Softball assistant coach Alexa
 the two-time defending champi-           ponent in the league. We return        Nasonti is new to the softball
 ons, so there is a giant target on       seven starters and twelve letter-      team.
 our team. If we continue to work         men from a 20-5 team last year.            “I’m excited this year because                 Photo by Veronica McLoda
 hard like we have the last few           With hard work, trust and great        it’s my first year of coaching. I’m    Freshman Abby Norman does her
 years, then we should expect             leadership, we expect to have a        very passionate about sports and       high jump at practice.
 good things from the season. Our         very successful season,” Coach         I’d love to bring in some wins.
 main goal is to defend our NOL           Douglas said.                          Two goals I have are to be NOL         and Shelby look like tough
 Championship. Our toughest non-              Track and field head coach         champs and to have fun. Bellevue       teams,” Coach Nasonti said.
Page 10 — Trucker Imprint — Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What would you do before you die?
                                                      Photos and interviews
                                                      by Gavin Ward
                                                      and Melanie Shupe

                                                                    A                                 Sophomore Sabrina Love wants to swim

                                                                                                      with sharks before she dies.

  Hanging with Lamar Odom is near the top of

  junior Kim Harrington’s bucket list.

                                                                    N                       Sophomore Brandy Damron would love to sky dive.

 Senior Alex Montvilas has bungee jumping on
 his bucket list.

                                                                    H                                Gym teacher Wes Douglas would like to
                                                                                                     live before he dies.


  Librarian Roslyn Hasaguchi wants to visit
  Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam before she
                                                                    L                              If sophomore Michaela Mushett died to-
                                                                                                   morrow, she would want to go to Hawaii


  Visiting Europe is on junior Hannah Tak’s
  bucket list.

                                                      Senior Laura Penza wants to zipline                   Junior Holden Auerhamer would
Senior Cody Sargeant wants to be
                                                      in Las Vegas before she dies.                         enjoy going bungee jumping.
nice before he dies, so he gives a
boost to freshman Connor Mackay,
who wants to be taller.

                                                                                  Christina Christian or Jaye Neuberger
                                                                                  Give a picture of yourself as a young child/baby to Mrs. Leffler,
                                                                                  You can appear in Guess this Senior too!
                                                                                  Answer to Guess this Senior : Nathan Ewell

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