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The following information is posted for the sole purpose of family
research within the
Yahoo Group, The Court House Gang. It is not to be published to any other
web site,
mailing list, group, etc. without prior written permission and guidelines
from the group
owner, to ensure that proper credit is given to the group and all of our
volunteers that
helped with this project.

Among men and women claimed by death from November 30 1960
to November 30, 1961

1. Rev. J. Albert Hall, former pastor of First Christian Church,
Plymouth; Arthur H. Weaver, West Pittston,
Lehigh Valley Railroad employe. 2. Mrs. Celestine Tarence, Plains
Township. 3. Mr. L. D. Marshall, city. 4.
Andrew Vrobel, Mountaintop, World War I veteran; Attorney Edgar Lare,
Wyoming. 5. William D. Horton, formerly
of Forty Fort, Spanish-American War veteran; John Lally, Laurel Run, real
estate broker. 6. John J. Butler,,
Larksville fire chief; Charles A. Duddy, formerly of Plains; George H.
Rheinhart, Mountaintop, former officer
of the 109th Artillery. 7. M. R. Beck, Kingston, former city merchant;
Philip Conrad, former school director;
Thomas G. Mason, parking lot owner. 8. Mrs. Sara Jones, Ashley, John J.
Blanchard, Duryea, former chauffeur
for General Pershing. 9. Mark Newell, Kingston, retired Glen Alden
employe. 10. William J. Butler, Hanover
Township; John McNulty, retired Delaware and Hudson Railroad employe. 11.
Anthony Trukoski, Plymouth; Peter
Eiserlo, Forty Fort, former manager of Grand Opera House; Charles
Matthews, Dallas, retired engineer, William
R. Watkins, city. 12. William Stryjak, Nanticoke, Adam Bayer, tavern
owner; Clarence C. Shook, Courtdale,
owner; Clarence E. Shook, Courtdale. 13. Mrs. Elizabeth Jacobs, city,
aged 103; Michael J. Brown, Dallas,
World War I Veteran; Theresa Petroziello, Pittston; John J. Rose, city.
14. Bruce Keller, West Pittston;
Wesley Egleberger, city; Robert Miller, city, retired Post Office
employe. 15. Mrs. Mary Lasman, Kingston;
Harold Moore, city; Mrs. Edith Ashley, Ashley school teacher. 16. Norman
R. Stark, Ashley; Mrs. Clementina
Gajda, city. 17. Eugene McGarry, Avoca; Arthur Gensel, Fernbrook. 18.
Francis Hatmaker, Pittston Township,
Telephone Firm owner; Charles Brown, city, barber; Mrs. Philip L. George,
city. 19. Jesmond T. Nicholson,
retired Vulcan Iron Works executive. 20. Tom A. Evans, Wilkes-Barre City
Controller; Albert L Watson, Clark
Summit, Federal Judge. 21. William Roberts, city; Stanley G. Dennis,
Plymouth electrician; Mrs. Anna Ellen,
Wyoming, wife of police chief. 22. John F. Murphy, Pittston; John
Oshinski, Plymouth barber; Rev. William
Albrecht, Pittston, 23. Chris L. Milbrodt, Harveys Lake World War I
veteran; Worthy Yale, Mountaintop
restraurant owner; Wilbur J. Smiles, West Pittston. 24. William M.
Schultz, Hughestown Borough Schooldirector;
Paul T. Dietrich, Wilkes-Barre police officer for 27 years; Charles S.
Landis, city. 25. Hiram Long, West
Wyoming, former police chief; Ernest E. Besancon, city; Mrs. Mary
Daniels, city, organist. 26. James P.
Mulherin, formerly of Wilkes-Barre; Edward Davis, West Pittston. 27. John
J. Kilcoyne, Sugar Notch; William
Dorshefski, Hunlock Creek; James T. Nuttall, Kingston. 28. Joseph Reap,
city; Bertha A. Jenkins, city, nurse;
William J. Dykins, Nanticoke. 30. Merton A. McMillan advertising salesman
for Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company;
William F. Lee, Pittston; Mrs. Minnie F. Young, Mountaintop; Edgar L.
Robacker, Kingston. 31. Byron D.Cocking,
Exeter, former manager of the Wilkes-Barre-Wyoming Valley Airport.

1. Miss Martha Mather, first woman City Police Magistrate; Miss Elizabeth
A. Donavan, Ashley, nurse; Michael
F. Ginley, Forty Fort, Veteran of World Ward I; Sister Quirina, city. 2.
Rev. Jesse H. Dickerson, Towanda
former city pastor. 3. Louis W. Schuler,formerly of Wilkes-Barre; Mrs.
Carrie McLaughlin, Shickshinny tax
collector. 4. Joseph J. Tomchak , Hanover Township; Charles M. Whitesell,
Kingston Borough Councilman. 5.
Mrs. Lydia P. Werts, West Pittston. 6. Mrs. Rose Strazalka, Glen Lyon;
Joseph P. Hannon, city; Harry E.
Williams, Forty Fort; retired Lehigh Valley Railroad employe. 7. Marion
Olengenski, Glen Lyon; Miss Nancy A.
George, dress factory manager. 8. Anthony Sciandra, Pittston; Thomas A.
Rushton, Edwardsville. 9. William J.
Ruff, Luzerne, former bank cashier; Ruth H. Coolbaugh, city, retired
teacher. 10. Nathan Landau, former
Wilkes-Barre businessman; Glenmore Snyder, Blytheburn, retired music
store operator; Miss Ada L. Wolfe, city,
school teacher; Mrs. Mary Schappert, Nanticoke, mother of priest. 11.
Andrew Belinka, Plymouth. 12. Michael
P. Kane, city. 13. Edwin A. Hoffman, Kingston, official of Transit
Corporation; Floyd L. Jones, West Pittston
accountant; Nicholas Montoro, city. 14. William G. Tosh, former Hanover
Township school employe. 15. Mrs.
Lettie Allen, city; Charles Benninger, formerly of Ashley, painting
contractor;Frank Weinsheimer, city, former
City Tax Clerk; Joseph Sabestinas, city; John V. Kosek, former Wilkes-
Barre City Policeman.
16. Miss Carla Neupauer, Ashley; Eugene Stansfield, Forty Fort, State
Trooper; Henry T. Katra, Nanticoke,
jewler; Matthew G. Dogal, Kingston. 17. Carl Breymeier, Duryea, World War
II veteran; John William Nevins,
Wyoming; James J. Convery, Plymouth, retired Glen Alden Corporation
foreman. 18. Mrs. Catherine Fleming,
Exeter; Herbert H. Hooper, Forty Fort druggist; John M. Williams,
Pittston, mine foreman. 19. Henry Golomb,
Plainsville; Mrs. Edith Bensch, White Haven. 20. Mrs. Catherine Nicki,
city; Attorney Charles A. Makar,
Nanticoke City Mayor. 21. Claire McCarthy, city; Mrs. Eva Baer, city. 22.
John Painter,city; John Lutchko,
Plains, former baseball player; Martin Quinn, Pittston Township; Anthony
J. Narvid, Pittston, automobile
dealer.23. Robert C. Howell, city; David I. Hurley, Kingston; Mrs. L.
Blanche Vosler, Hunlock Creek. 24. Mrs.
Cecelia Hart, city; Thomas P. Leonard, retired city fireman. 25. Dr.
Clarence E. Bennett, Nanticoke; Anthony
J. Czyzyk, Nanticoke church organist; Arthur Ehret, Lehman, county school
director; Mrs. Stella Burgio,
Pittston. 26. Mrs. Rebecca Moss, Trucksville; Michael Skordinski,
Nanticoke. 27. Mrs. Angelina Sangiuliano,
city; Mrs. Annie Pollock, Luzerne; John J. Kackmar, Kingston, retired
grocer; George Dunbar, city,
cosmetologist. 28. John E. Shaw, Plymouth; Mrs. Ruth A. LeGrand, Dallas.
29. John S. Zweibel, Kingston,
machine service engineer. 30. Byron J. Traver, city; Joseph Pringle,
city; Thomas F. Lawler; Mrs. Mary Ann
Morgan, city. 31. Mrs. Maude M. Barnecutt, city.

1. Gustave V. Schall, city, businessman; Joseph E. Murphy, city,
pharmacist; John Bednarczyk, Plains motel
owner. 2. Chester W. Evans, Forty Fort. 3.Rev. Brother Kostka, the former
John Curran, formerly of Larksville;
Andrew H. Gabriel, former president of Wilkes-Barre Eagles; Charles A.
Mann, Plains. 4. Edward Lawrence, city,
mine contractor; Miss Agnes Wintle, Wyoming; Mrs. Patience Catrino, city,
pharmacist's wife; William Pokorny,
city, musician. 5. James A. Hofford, former foreman for Lehigh Valley
Railroad; Frank Duffy, city, former
school teacher and principal. 6. Mrs. Margaret S. Morris, Kingston; Mrs.
John H. Clemow, Formerly of Parsons.
7. Dorothy Schultz, formerly of Wilkes-Barre; Rev. Victor M. Kazmierski,
Nanticoke; Richard C. Miller, city;
Victor Gaj, Swoyersville. 9. Howard V. Wickkizer, member of Wilkes-Barre
Fire Department; Dr. A. W. Grover,
Kingston; Augustus J. Fisher, Sugar Notch. 10 Wallace A. Baird, West
Pittston; Jacob Pointek, city; Mathew
Skladany, Mountaintop. 12. Mrs. Bert E. Schuman, city; Peter Rowker,
Laflin, retired Pennsylvania Coal Company
foreman. 13. William J. Tyson, city; Peter Conlon, city printer. 14.
Michael A. Richie, city. 15. Mrs. Doris
C. Carduner, Red Cross worker. 16. John J. Aponick, Nanticoke, President
Judge of Luzerne County Courts. 17.
Daniel F. Sakowski, first mayor of Nanticoke; Byron S. Peters, city. 18.
oseph Makowski, Kingston. 19. Arthur
C. Jenkins, Forty Fort accountant; Mrs. Anna Fabian, Larksville; Hugh
Jones, Jr., Kingston; J. Herman Werts,
city, veteran of World War I. 20. George Chukinas, Luzerne, retired
miner; Walter S. Puterbaugh. Harveys Lake,
retired postmaster. 21. William C. Griffith, Nanticoke insurance broker,
Frank Considine, Kingston;
Thomas Shone, Cortdale burgess. 22. Arthur Werts, Hughestown, veteran of
World War I; Dr. Friedman Holmes
Cathrall,, formerly of West Pittston. 24. John J. Kern, city; Mrs. Maria
Nardone, city; Mrs. Libbie J. Seeben,
Kingston. 25. Mrs. R. Ethel Besancon, Oliver Mills, Mrs. August Albrecht,
Nanticoke, former vaudeville
gymnast. 26. Florence H. Brown, Kingston; James Curley, Pittston, retired
railroad worker; Joseph Lisman,
city, president of St. Conrad's Society for 10 years. 27. George
Garrahan, Inkerman, former school director;
Antionette Scofield, Kingston nurse; Mrs. Joseph MacVeigh, Dallas; Alice
Howorth, city, former school

1. James J. Malloy, former State legislator; Walter E. Shonis Jr.,
Kingston; John Kanyuk, Nanticoke teacher;
Frank D. McDonough, Kingston, printer for Wilkes-Barre Publishing
Company. 2, Gerald E. Stout, Shavertown,
suburban editor for Wilkes-Barre Record; John Hines, Hudson, former
police chief; Edwin A. Miller, city,
former State legislator; William H. Post, Forty Fort, former Lehigh
Valley employe. 3. George W. Lacey, city
sidewalk inspector. 4. Rev. Nicholas Choppey, Bear Creek; Dr. Edward
McGinley, city physician; John Hudyck,
Exeter, teacher; Harry Morrissey, city, former Pittston alderman. 5.
Lyman Carle, Forty Fort, builder. 6.
William B. Jeter, Jr., Trucksville, insurance agency owner; Royce W.
Engler, Lake Nuangola; Richard W. Thomas,
Sr. 7. Charles F. McCauley, Edwardsville, teacher. 8. Michael Gilsky,
Edwardsville, grocer; Frank T. Hughes,
Forty Fort. 9. John J. Zimmerman, Plymouth, Glen Alden official; Joseph
Taylor, Duryea, veteran of Spanish
American War. 10. Mrs. Teofila Baker, Nanticoke City treasurer and tax
collector. 13. Daniel Zimmerman, Dallas
Township, killed in explosion; Charles Strickland, Luzerne; Frank
Miscavage, city, building contractor;
Clement O'Donnell, city; Mrs. Josephine McDaniels, city, killed in auto
accident. 14. Simon Francis (Si)
Pauxtis, Edwardsville native, attorney and college football coach. 15.
Frank Skirpunas, Swoyersville, miner,
killed in rock fall. 16. Mrs. Joseph Mock, wife of Luzerne County Sheriff
Joseph Mock, killed in auto accident
near Berwick; Mrs. Helen Truscott, wife of Rev. Samuel Truscott. 17. John
Pytell, former baseball umpire.
18. James H. Harvey, Mountaintop. 19. Dr. Joan Davison. 21. Mary Sheerin,
city. 22. Joseph B. Frantz, city,
who would have been 109 years old on March 23. 23. Rev. George Thomas
Forve, pastor of Sacred Heart Church,
Luzerne; Joseph F. Shannon, Nanticoke insurance agent. 24. Anna Holcomb,
Shavertown. 25. Rev. Daniel Doughton,
retired Episcopal rector. 26. E. LeRoy Walter, Kingston, owner of
Walter's Shoe Store, city; 27. John J.
Butchko, Nanticoke. 28. Thomas J. Garrahan, Luzerne; Margaret Williams,
city. 29. Mrs. Josephine Adonizio,
Pittston. 31. Martin McClosky, city, president of Luzerne County Retail
Liquor Dealer's Association; Joseph
Esposito, Exeter, shoe repair shop owner.

1. Irven Davis, school teacher; Mrs. Maude W. Goff, of Pompano Beach,
Florida, formerly of Wilkes-Barre,
killed in auto accident. 3. Miss Mae B. Wilson, city, retired school
teacher; Dennis S. Bonning, former
Jackson Township Police Chief; Gordon P. DeHaven, city. 4. Charles V.
Lyman, superintendent of Duryea Branch
of Pittston Post Office. 5. Mrs. Margaret Moffitt, city, widow of Boston
Store executive. 6. Mrs. Mary Pensyl,
Nanticoke; Palmer Hess, Berwick, former clerk of Lehigh & Wilkes-Barre
Coal Company. 7. Lindsley M. Washburn,
formerly of Kingston. 8. Mrs. Eleanor Hazeslip, city, killed in auto
accident near White Haven. 10. Michael
Davitt, former principal of Plains High School. James D. Campbell,
Plains, retired Hudson Coal Company
official; Mrs. John Guresh, city. Mrs. Tessie Schaefer, registered nurse;
Frank P. Wnuk, Plymouth building
contractor. 14. Rev. John G. Valunas, pastor of St. Marys Church,
Wanamie; Sister Mary Annunciata Merrick,
Avoca, formerly Dean of College Misericordia. 16. Mrs. Anna Warnecke,
Wilkes-Barre Township, mother of priest.
17. Oscar L. Roth, Dallas Township, jeweler. 18. Rev. V. L. Biczysko,
pastor of St. Stanislaus Church,
Nanticoke. 19. Norman Rosenthal, city, owner of Arrow Loan Company. 20,
John J. Krzywicki, Kingston, retired
Marine Corps master sergeant; Hallie A. Seville, Forty Fort, former
manager of radio station WBAX. 21.
Dominick T. Musto, Pittston, retired cigar company worker; Mrs. Emma
Vnukowski, Kingston. 22. William E.
Bonnice, Forty Fort store owner. 23. Leonard Regan, city, tavern
operator; Claude Martin, city, former employe
of Hess Goldsmith Company. 24. Jacob A. Fladd, city, D & H Railroad
engineer; Margreta C. Linden, city, bank
teller. 25. Dr. Frank P. McGuire, native of Plains, former dean at East
Stroudsburg State College and PIAA
official. 26. David S. Cummings, city, Secretary-treasurer of District 1,
UMWA. 27. James E. Gibbons, Kingston,
plumber. 28. Mrs. Phoebe Bradbury, city; William P. Williams, Scranton,
former resident of Edwardsville. 29.
Tobias J. Eichler, city, retired Glen Alden Coal Company mechanical
engineer; David S. Lucchino, city, retired
barber. 30. Peter P. Schneider, Kingston, retied construction worker;
Mrs. Agatha Michalek, Kingston.

1. Otto Bamert, Kingston, retired brewmaster at Stegmaier Brewery;
Geremia Ducceschi, Exeter, retired coal
miner. 2. John Niezzgoda, Larksville, restaurant operator; William F.
Blythe, employe of City Treasurer's
office. 3. Dr. John Tobias, city, physician for 60 years; Mrs. Charles
Bush, Kingston. 4. Michael C. Keller,
Parsons, retired postal worker. 5. Mrs. Bridget Gabel, city. 6. Mrs. N.
Edwin Nelson, Dallas, wife of retired
Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company executive. 7. Isaac S. VanScoy, Kingston,
heating and plumbing contractor. 8.
Mrs. John M. Humphrey, Nanticoke, widow of coal company president. 9.
Mrs. Caroline Mazur, Plymouth, former
restaurant operator. 10. Frank P. Kowaleski, city, chef. 11. Elizabeth
James, Forty Fort, former Plymouth
schools teacher. 12. Joseph A. Skibinski, city, former Democratic
committeeman. 13. Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes,
city; Chester Ziomek, Wanamie. 14. William A. Milner-Gibson, former vice
president of Stegmaier brewing
Company. 15. Alex Kostek,Sheatown, Glen Alden Coal Company official. 16.
John Blaum, city, retired machinist.
17. Mrs. Caroline Krieg, Kingston, widow of the late Frank Krieg police
chief of Wilkes-Barre. 18. Irving S.
Gloman, Drums, business executive. 19. John Pmutko, Exeter, State game
warden; George N. Solomon, city, owner
of scrap yard. 20. Nate Finkelstein, Plymouth, Jeweler. 21. Mrs. Jane
Starr, Forty Fort, retired teacher. 22.
Alan C. Woodworth, Shickshinny, former merchant. 23. Sarah Rogan,
Kingston, retired nurse. 24. Joseph Mosier,
Nanticoke, druggist; Joseph Long, Hanover Green, Glen Alden employe. 25.
John Smith, Nanticoke, retired
educator; Herman Landau, former manager of Kingston Branch of the
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 26.
Martin A. Borosak, Plains, steward at Plains American Legion Home. 27.
Basil Plummer, Forty Fort, flood
control official; Frank J. Black, retired Wilkes-Barre Township educator.
28. Griffith Morgan, operator of a
café; Arthur W. Hoppes, Harveys Lake, service manager of West Pittston
schools; Helen Burns, Lee Park, teacher.
30. Louis Evans, Hess-Goldsmith employe. 30. Paul P. Lesser,Kingston,
employed by Stegmaier Brewing Company.

1. Ralph F. Wood, city, retired educator; Gilbert W. Carpenter, Kingston,
radio expert. 2. Edgar Maury, West
Pittston, funeral director; George B. Courtwright, Idetown, employed by
Kingston Coal Company. 3. J. Harold
Flannery, West Pittston, president judge of Luzerne County Court of
Common Pleas. 4. Charles Warner, city,
boilermaker in Jersey Central Railroads. 5. Mrs. Mary E. Eckhart, retired
Wilkes-Barre Police Department
captain; LeRoy Powell, city, retired carpenter foreman; John J. Wayne,
Inkerman, retired mine official. 7.
Dr. Elna H. Nelson, secretary of Caldwell Constitory; Primo Giuli,
Yatesville, State trooper. 8. Peter A.
Murphy, Ashley, former Ashley school director; Mrs. Esther E. Bray,
Nanticoke, former Slocum Township school
teacher. 9. Joseph F. Stortz, Luzerne, engineer; Thomas Snyder, city,
retired building contractor. 10. Stanley
C. Croop, Hunlock Creek, postmaster; Mrs. Fletcher Chapin, city. 12.
Michael J. Brislin, Internal Revenue
Service collector; Mrs. Victoria Zawatsky, Plains. 13. Willard Williams,
city, former D & H railroader. 14.
Leo Jacobs, Shavertown, musician; John A. Kraynak, Plymouth, former
boxer. 15. Lawrence O. Biscontini,
Harvey's Lake, retired mine operator; Alexander L. Stesney, Swoyersville,
coal company worker; Ralph W.
Leonard, Mountaintop. 16. Bernard Boyle, city, retired hotel proprietor;
John Zawacki, Glen Lyon, Susquehanna
Collieries worker. 17. John "Whitey" Motowidlak, Wilkes-Barre Township;
Mrs. Maude L. Zarr, formerly of
Nanticoke, widow of late bank cashier. 18. John Majikes, Ashley. 19.
Patrick Fino, Pittston, pharmacist;
William Moyer, Dorrence, former dealer in mine timber. 20. Charles B.
LaBar, Kingston, Ralph A. Pacovsky,
Edwardsville, Eberhard Faber employe. 21. Mrs. Catherine Thomas, city;
Raymond A. Kingeter, city, Martz Bus
Company employe. 22. Edward Laux, city, Okonite Company employe; William
Harlow, Kingston, retired Glen Alden
Coal worker. 23. John Kuzmak, former school director of Hanover Township.
Ralph C. Shelly, city, buyer for
White Hardware Company; George Wood, city, retired foreman Vulcan Iron
Works. 25. Kenneth L. Morgan, Plymouth,
deputy Luzerne County prothonotary; William Luft, Hunlock Creek,
musician. 26. Mrs. Florence Secor, city,
employe of Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company; John C. Casterline, Oliver
Mills. 27. Michael J. Shimko,
supervising principal of Larksville schools. Daniel H. Schwartz, West
Pittston, retired businessman. 28.
George Fitser, city, singer; Amedeo L. Mucci, Shickshinny, retired Glen
Alden worker. 29. Walter E. Williams,
Nanticoke, Alderman; Philip Cross, city,retired grocer. 30. Charles F.
Terry, Forty Fort, retired food broker;
Stephen Prebish, Askam, retired grocer.

1. John Ney, city, retired Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company printer;
William J. Cotter, West Wyoming burgess.
2. Potito De Muro. City, retired Lehigh Valley Freight Station employe;
Mrs. Mary Stryjak, Nanticoke. 3.
Richard H. Hitchner, West Pittston; Mrs. Mary Dugan, Plymouth; Leo Raub,
city; 4.. Claude S. King, city,
president of Central Clay Products Company; George W. Jenkins,
Larksville, retired coal miner. 5. Stanley H.
Flasser, city, bowler and letter carrier; George Barrett, city, grocer;
Joseph W. Lusky, Hunlock Creek, Glen
Alden Coal Company employe. 6. Mrs. Ida Corburn, Forty Fort; Mrs. Amelia
Dziuba, Nanticoke. 7. Mrs. Michael
O'Brien, Miners Mills; Patrick Mauriello, Exeter; Henry Davis, city,
retired postal employe and Eisteddfod
adjudicator. 8. Fred R. Colley, city, pharmacist; Brian J. McAndrew,
Pittston Township, retired grocer and
baker. 9. Mrs. Margaret Kavanaugh, Lee Park, former city cafateria
operator; Mrs. Sarah Levy, city. 11. Frank
S. Reiley, city, retired Vulcan Iron Works employe; Michael A. Gagliardi,
city, Glen Alden worker; Stanley
Casey, Dupont, coal operator. 12. David Jenkins West Pittston, Vulcan
Iron Works employe. 13. Eugene Brown,
city, Park Department employe; Jacob Barth, West Pittston, retired
railroader. 14. Carl Brace, Kingston,
former captain of Kingston Fire Department; Edgar G. Bastian, former
assistant manager of Sears Roebuck Store.
15. Henry J. Walters, city. 16. Mrs. Annie Fleck, Kingston. 17. Harold L.
Llewellyn, city supervisor in
Wilkes-Barre schools; Anthony Henichek, Sugar Notch, retired Glen Alden
Company worker. 18. Mrs. Helen Wawer,
Edwardsville, Joseph Dolny, Nanticoke, Glen Alden employe. 19. Glenn R.
Foote, city; Mrs. Joseph Straub,
Kingston; August Morgan, Pittston, Pennsylvania Coal Company employe. 20.
Edward A. Lynn, Wyoming, retired
clerk for the Lehigh Valley Railroad; Sidney Levitt, Sr., Center
Moreland, retired truck farmer. 21. Samuel
Traher, Forty Fort, former chief of police of Lehigh Valley Coal Company;
Anna Sirovic, city. 22. J. Bart
Driscoll, Lee Park, formerly employed by American Tobacco Company Cora
Mae Shaffer, Kingston, retired educator.
23. Paul G. Kokora, Shickshinny, steward for Berwick Elks Lodge; Rev.H.
Jerome Leinbach, pastor of Zion
Reformed Church, Nanticoke and First Reformed Church of Plymouth. 24.
Mrs. Mary D. Hassel, city; Mrs. Blanche
Morgan, Wyoming; Orville Atherton, Luzerne. 25. Henry Bennett, city,
retired pharmacist; Attorney James T.
Brown, formerly of Wilkes-Barre; Mrs. Pauline Chiscon, Kingston. 25. John
H. Miles, city, retired Vulcan Iron
Works employe. Mrs. Annetta T. Johnson, Kingston; Rev. Joseph
Savage,Parsons native. 27. Richard Gaughan,
Ashley, retired Jersey Central railroader; Bruce Myers, Forty Fort,
retired carpenter-contractor; Thomas I.
Quinn, Kingston, retired machinist for Vulcan Iron Works. 28. Frank
Bwyskal, Glen Lyon, miner; Emma J.
McDaniels, Shickhinny; Robert Clark, Nanticoke, retired miner. 29. Mrs.
Sarah K. Williamson, city, former
Wilkes-Barre school teacher; Mrs. Elizabeth P. Gregory, West Pittston.
30. J. William Hildebrand, city, Odd
Fellows official. 31. John M. (Ludd) Ludwikowski, Swoyersville, football
and basketball coach at West Wyoming
High School; Henry K. Walters, Ashley, retired ornamental plasterer.
1. Frederick W. Weitz, former Wyoming businessman; George Petrokonis,
Pittston, retired miner. 2. John Patsko,
Ashley, retired miner; Mrs. Ruth Anderson Roat, Exeter. 3. Mrs. Ella J.
Major, Lehman; John L. Brace, Plymouth,
retired courthouse employe; Mrs. Stanley Urbanski, city; Rev. Michael A.
Knapik, formerly of Wilkes-Barre. 5.
Lehland Honeywell, Formerly of Luzerne; Corneilus A. Cannon, city,
employe of International Color Press
Company. 6. Rev. Mervyn W. Remlay, Forty Fort, retired minister; Alfred
L. Bullock, Forty Fort, retired post
office employe; Stanley Curtis, Parsons, musician; Ralph Dixon, Dallas,
restaurant owner. 8. Mary R. Brislin,
city, librarian and former school teacher; Joseph Kilgallon, city,
railroader. 9. Max Goldstein, Kingston,
founder of Goldstein Copperage; Mrs. Cologera Capitano, Pittston
Township. 10. Arthur Johnson, city,
industrial designer; Joseph A. Sulitka, Avoca, retired miner. 12.
Frederick C. Harlow, Kingston, former
electrical foreman; Edward Wytashek Wanamie, miner. 13. Edward C.
Williams, Kingston, retired engineer; Edward
Eyerman, Sr., city, building contractor; Edmund H. Kent, Forty Fort,
retired school district employe. 14.
Francis P. Fitzgerald, Kingston; Joseph Sulick, Nanticoke. 15. Edward F.
Bouse, Wyoming, commanding officer
of Troop B State Police at Wyoming; John Tierney, city, retired
railroader. 16. Charles Austin, Sr., West
Pittston, Spanish War veteran. 17. Mrs. Seady Rineheimer Sauers,
Shavertown; Alexander Kervalavage, city,
retired miner. 18. Frank L. Harrison, Plymouth, employe of Wilkes-Barre
Transit Corporation; Rev. Ira J.
Button, Fernbrook, retired minister; Walter B. Graboski, Nanticoke. 19.
Mrs. Caroline Hoffman, city, William
Edwards, Dallas, veteran of World War I. 20. Mrs. Harry Horan, Kingston;
James D. Soringeour, W. Pittston,
plumber. 21. Norman I. Jones, Warrior Run; Raymond A. Dotter, native of
Wilkes-Barre. 22. Mrs. Margaret Neary,
city, former teacher; John J. Mosler, Exeter, retired postal clerk; James
Connell, Pittston City Assessor. 23. David Lloyd, Plymouth, miner. 24.
Mrs. Rosalie Walaitis, city; Mrs.
Margaret W. Thomas, Shavertown. 25. Miss Helen McAlave, Pittston; Samuel
M. Yost, city; Gerdon A. Shook,
retired merchant. 26. R. B. Shaver, Idetown, former Harveys Lake
steamboat captain; Amelia J. Shotkosky,
Forty Fort; 27. Lee Howells, city, drayman; Alice Ross Kingston, retired
school teacher. 28. George Engler,
city, railroad engineer. 29. Mrs. Mary J. Morris, city; Mrs. Emma Wesley
Cairl, Dallas; John A. Hildebrant,
Dallas; John P. Lynch, city, railroad engineer. 30. Mrs. Anna Rasimas,
Plainsville. 31. Nicholas J. Stream.
City, editor; Thomas F. Collins, former local printer.

1. Mary M. Loftus, Pittston; Leo J. Martin, city, retired railroader;
David J. Lewis, city, former iron worker.
2.. William R. Thomas, Parsons, retired miner; John J. McCague, Dupont,
retired railroad employe. 3. John
Sorokas, retired city policeman; D. William H. Imhoff, Dallas, retired
psychiatrist; Andrew Chewey, retired
Larksville policeman. 4. Ben A. Reibicz, Ashley school teacher; Charles
O. Miler, Mountaintop, retired mail
carrier. 5.. Harry Prashker, city; Mrs. Rose R. Seibel, city; Mr. Helen
Kaspre, city, former chairman for
ILGWU. 6. Arthur C. Henrie, druggist; Charles Alexander, Duryea. 7. Frank
T. Schevets, Pittston, accountant;
Edmund E. Wills, Kingston. 8. Raymond J. Faust, city, former alderman and
railroad policeman; Andrew (Ted)
Walker, Kingston, Liquor Control Board supervisor. 9. John Fisher, Lee
Park, former railroader. 10. Rev. John
J. Bednarcik, pastor of St. John's the Baptist Church, Pittston; Thomas
P. Kerrigan, city, retired railroader;
Anthony Lispi, Plains; Mrs. Rose Neiman, Kingston. 12. Mrs. Richard Gill,
Parsons; Thomas Walters, Nanticoke,
retired miner. 13. Stephen Pelak, Plains, educator and former basketball
coach; Ariel E. Roderick, city,
retired railroader. 14. Philip DePhillip, Hughestown; Mrs. Samuel Giunta,
Kingston; Mrs. Julia Connors,
Pittston. 15. Dr. Bernard Androsky, Exeter; Dr. Charles A. Judge. 16.
Rev. Oscar Vitale, Exeter, Presbyterian
minister. 17. John M. Dziekan, Plymouth, bank officer; Mrs. Ida Mae
(Owens) Olczak, Duryea. 19. Mrs. J. Frank
Lee, city; George Wolfskeil, city, retired Lehigh Valley Coal Company
employe; Clyde A. Harvey, employed by
Wilkes-Barre City. 19. Andrew M. Perash, Kingston, World War I hero;
Abram S. Galland, city, retired insurance
executive. 20. Edward Werkheiser, Exeter; Mrs. Fred Schmitt, Kingston.
21. Rev. William C. Hickman, formerly
of Plymouth; Harry H. Schmidt, Nanticoke, school principal. 22. Joseph
Bucknavage, city; Raymond M. Dampf,
Nanticoke. 23. William R. Thomas, city, retired miner; Miss Elizabeth
McCadden, city, store buyer. 24. Samuel
R. Dennis, Plymouth, retired electrical foreman. 25. Joseph P. McDonnell,
Pittston, retired miner; Gilbert
Kephart, Nanticoke. 26. Richard J. Whalen, Pittston, retired general
yardmaster at Coxton Yards; George W.
Sgarlat, Forty Fort, associated with sand and gravel firm. 27. Benjamin
Weisberger, Kingston grocer; Philip
Yeager, Larksville. 28. Mrs. Lorena Hess Girvan, Forty Fort; Mrs. Cora
Boycott, Forty Fort. 29. N. Edwin
Nelson, Dallas, retired classified as manager for Wilkes-Barre Publishing
Company; Emil Bauman, Dallas. 30.
Claude A. Stone, Kingston, retired salesman; John Hurrey, Hughestown,
retired miner.

1. Robert R. Sheehan, Nanticoke, retired telephone worker; John H.
Polinsky, Forty Fort, retired miner and
father of priest. 2. Wilbur A. George, Kingston, operator of bowling
alley; Delia McCormick, city; Mrs. Anna
Kennedy, Parsons. 3.. Henry Smulowitz, city, president of Gibbon's
Brewery; Mrs. Matilda Levi, formerly of
Wilkes-Barre; Erakles Athanaesco, Pittston, restaurant proprietor. 4.
John S. Schall, Plains, retired
building contractor; Mrs. Anna Wytashael, Newport Township. 5. Joseph A.
Munday, Shavertown, politician;
Joseph (Harry) Tudgay, Warrior Run, retired Glen Alden and Lehigh Valley
Coal Company employe. 6. Thomas S.
Lloyd, Newtown, retired locomotive engineer; Mrs. James L. Brownlee,
Forty Fort. 7. Edward F. Henry Aregood,
city. 9. Frank Kirk, city, plumber; Ann M. Obici, city. 10. Charles
Duchovny, city, merchant; Frank J. Beisel,
city. 11. Frank Lispi, city; Mrs. Nancy Sutton Williams, city. 12.
Clement Ritter, Plains, Pennsylvania Coal
Company employe. 13. Michael P. Cirko, Pittston; Mrs. Stella
Zegiestowsky, city. 14. Sylvester F. Basler, city
steel company employe; Mrs. Nettie Lecher, city. 15. Arthur K. Williams,
city, retired miner; John Shemanski,
West Wyoming. 16. Mary M. Belefski, Glen Lyon, Newport school teacher;
Andrew W. Roberts, Fernbrook, salesman.
17. John Stonik, city, former football player and coach; Stewart Morris,
formerly of Wilkes-Barre, merchant.
18. Dr. J. Carpenter McNelis, city surgeon; Thomas J. Callahan,
Swoyersville, insurance broker and real estate
agent. 19. Walter F. Perrego, Shavertown, farmer; Mrs. Lottie Vanko,
city. 29. John H. Super, city, retired
Coughlin High School principal; Mrs. Alex Morton, West Pittston. 21.
Frances L. Duddy, Plains, retired nurse;
Charles Proshunis, Exeter. 22. George Zonko, Wilkes-Barre Township,
Democratic leader; Charles Bolen, Plymouth,
retired stationary engineer. 23. Mrs. Frances Rowe Sharp, Shavertown;
Harry D. Hart, Shickshinny, retired ACF
employe. 24. John McCauley, city, retired steel company employe; Anthony
J. Morris, Edwardsville. 25. Joseph
J. Stokes, city, retired city employe; Harold W, Kingsbury, city,manager
of Williams Bakery. 26. Charles
Shafer, city; Leda M. Ogan, city, business school instructor. 27. Percy
T. Bray, Nanticoke, retired fire boss
at Loomis Colliery; Charles J. Ford, city, engineer. 28. Jean V. Mac
Meekin, city, private nurse; William
Balcomb, Forty fort, retired miner. 29. William Winkler, Ashley, retired
merchant; Thomas F. Larkin, city,
retired miner; Michael Grady, sugar Notch. 30. Attorney Thomas L.
Kennedy, Jr., Hazleton; chief counsel for
the UMWA, districts 1, 7, and 9; Martin J. McMahon, Forty Fort, union
official. 31. John C. Kehoe, Pittston
area political leader; Harold (Bud) Davis, Shavertown, proprietor, Davis

1. Anthony Giardina, Wyoming, bowler; John W. White, Kingston. 2. Mrs.
Elizabeth Watkins, Plains. 3. Harry H.
Carver, Sr., Plymouth; William A Ward, Kingston, retired merchant. 4.
Benjamin I. Siegel, Kingston,
businessman and president of Wilkes-Barre Barons; Ben Heller, city food
merchant. 5. Russell J., Watkins,city,
retired fire boss for Lehigh Valley Coal Company; Mrs. Etta Walters,
Nanticoke, former school teacher. 6.
Leonard L. Roll, city, retired merchant; William C. Troutman,
Wapwallopen, retired county employe. 7. Charles
Weissman, city, founder of American Auto Stores Company; David Johnson,
city, retired railroader. 8. Michael
Elias, city, accident victim; Adalbert Rak, Parsons. 9. John R. Asher,
city, chief clerk for D & H Railroad;
Joseph S. Kowaleski, Dallas, hotel proprietor. 10. Albert Dennis, West
Wyoming, jury commissioner; Walter
Sudol, Mocanaqua. 11. Mrs. Almira L. Brittain, Kingston, centenarian;
John J. Dwyer, West Pittston. 12.
Griffith M. Lloyd, Warrior Run, retired salesman. 13. Joseph G. Langdon,
Kingston; Mrs. Catherine Reese, city.
14. George Jacobs, Nanticoke; Charles Housenick, city. 15. Harry N.
Kirkpatrick, city; Peter Felson, Plains.
16. Ira Hartman, Kingston; George E. Morgan, Plymouth. 17. Eckley Markle,
Hazleton, bank director; Mrs. Julia
Lawler, West Pittston; Patrick McHugh, Glen Lyon. 18. Stanley Beckish,
Lyndwood; Evan Thomas, Slocum. 19.
Joseph Kutzmas, Dupont; Michael Bell, Sr., Yatesville, former burgess;
Stewart T. Romberger, Plymouth. 20.
John C. Reese, city; Michael Handzo, city fireman. 21. Mrs. Catherine
Bonomo, city; Benjamin Eynon, city. 22.
Edward W. Sulima, Pittston; George Davis, Trucksville. 23. Joseph Young,
City; Mrs. Alice E. Sullivan, city.
24. Mrs. Myra Bennett, Kingston; Miss Frances McDevitt, city. 25. Mrs.
Frank F. Feenick, city; Frank L. Boris,
city. 26. Eugene A. Tuzinski, Nanticoke, druggist; Paul Warchal, Glen
Lyon; Jesse Rineer, West Nanticoke. 27.
Anthony Teberio, city fireman; Carl Fino, Pittston Township; Mrs. Irene
Kuprionas, Nanticoke. 28. Mrs. William
Mrs. Henry Piasecki, Nanticoke. 29. Charles C. Eckhart, city; Clarence B.
Cronauer, city. 30. Earl E. Frey,
Sr., Georgetown; Stanley J. Cravitz, Nanticoke.

Typed by Jeannette Phethean, July 2004

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