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									Guide to
PMI Academic
1    Four major trends driving the expansion of
     project management education globally

3    Resources for project management research

5    Resources for project management students

8    Resources for academic institutions starting
     to teach project management

10   Resources for academic institutions
     developing a project management
     concentration or degree program

12   Resources for strengthening a project
     management degree program through

16   Resources for developing a competitive
     continuing education project management

20   Register to join the PMI Academic Network
     to access PMI academic resources

Four major trends driving the expansion of
project management education globally
Project management is essential for
organizational success
Project management is the strategic competency that enables
organizations to deliver expected benefits and value through effective
planning, organization and risk mitigation. Organizations that value
project management understand that the contributions of professional
project managers increase project success rates, create efficiencies,
improve alignment with organizational strategies and ultimately
increase competitive advantage. Organizations such as IBM, Siemens,
and NASA have consistently credited project management for their

Project management skills are critical to employers but
lacking in the workforce
Project management ranks as the third most in-demand skill, behind
only leadership and business analysis, according to U.S. News & World

The Economist Intelligence Unit, part of The Economist group, surveyed
600 senior executives globally and found that 95 percent agreed that
certain leadership skills were necessary for organizational success.
Execution, adaptability, project risk identification and mitigation,
communication, planning and team building are skills that comprise a
project management skill set.

Seventy-five percent of these executives also agreed that new
employees lacked these critical skills.

Demand for project managers is accelerating
World Bank data show that investment in infrastructural projects
globally has increased dramatically in the last years (investment is close
to 20 percent of global GDP). This figure does not reflect additional
trillions of dollars of private investments that are now handled on a
project basis (e.g., new product development, plant refurbishment, etc.).


Graduates of project management programs
find better paying jobs more easily
Almost all schools involved in PMI’s recent qualitative study, focusing
on the benefits of GAC accreditation,* report that students who
completed project management programs find jobs more easily
than other graduates. If they are already employed by the time they
graduate, schools report that as many as 20 percent of graduates
receive salary increases, whereas 10 percent get promoted.

    “Project management teaches generic business management skills
     that are transferrable across disciplines and activities.”
         William Wallace, PhD
         Senior Teaching Fellow, The University of Heriot-Watt’s
         Edinburgh Business School, Scotland

*Full GAC Accreditation Advantage: Research Study Report can be downloaded from


Resources for
project management research
PMI provides opportunities to obtain research funding, publish your
papers or monographs, present at and attend research and education
events and order free desk copies of PMI published book titles on

PMI can support your research through:
„ Research funding
    •	Each year PMI supports research projects from around
      the globe that advance the project management body of
      knowledge and/or its application. PMI encourages proposals
      for research involving multi-disciplinary teams of scholars or
      teams consisting of scholars and practitioners.

    •	PMI has been directly involved in the release of more than
      300 academic publications and has invested more than
      US$18 million in research.

    •	The call for research proposals opens annually on 1 February
      and closes on 25 April.

„ Publication of your work
    •	PMI welcomes manuscript submissions from faculty members
      who have authored project management titles.

    •	You may also wish to submit your paper for publication in
      the peer-reviewed Project Management Journal ®. A leading
      academic publication of the profession, Project Management
      Journal ® is published in partnership with John Wiley &
      Sons. The Journal publishes research relevant to academics,
      reflective practitioners and organizations in project, program
      and portfolio management.

„ Free desk copies of PMI published books
    •	Order free desk copies of PMI published monographs and
      standards from PMI. These copies are available for faculty
      members considering using them in their courses.

„ PMI research and education events
    •	The PMI® Research and Education Conference is a biennial
      international project management research and education
      event held in even-numbered years.

     ƒ Features plenary speakers, peer-reviewed papers, symposia,
       general and student posters and education tracks.

     ƒ Attracts faculty, students and senior practitioners of
       project management.


     ƒ The call for papers, symposia and posters opens on 1 June
       and closes on 1 December of odd-numbered years.

     ƒ Conference registration opens in the spring of the
       conference year.

     ƒ Pre-conference workshops for students and faculty are
       usually offered.

    •	PMI Research Open Working Sessions (ROWS) are pre-PMI-
      congress events featuring panel discussions of recent research
      findings on and applications of important and timely topics
      in project management. Past sessions featured such topics as
      “Sustainability in Project Management: The Future is Now.”

    •	Research Track sessions at PMI congresses. Feature presentations
      that report research findings with a clear application to practice.
      The call for proposals opens on the Monday after the close of
      each congress and remains open for eight weeks.

„ Participants for research projects
    •	The PMI Survey Links Program provides an opportunity for
      qualified academic researchers to submit a survey for posting on This survey receives exposure to thousands of project
      management practitioners and you, as a result, get hundreds of
      responses from practitioners interested in the topic.

PMI members can access the following additional
„ Subscription to Project Management Journal.®
„ Full access to all PMI published research monographs, articles
  and standards.
„ Enrollment in the PMI communities of practice, online
  communities dedicated to over 30 areas of interest.
  These knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you
  assess your course content and evaluate its alignment with global
  project management standards.
„ Access to hundreds of PMI chapters.
„ Access to the the PMI Virtual Library, with a reference librarian
  to assist you.
„ Subscription to PM Network®, a monthly trade publication,
  published by PMI (print and/or online versions).


Resources for project management
Students see immediate benefits when they access PMI resources
and interact with professionals whose practice is consistent with
international standards and supported by a community of practitioners
and industry partners.

PMI membership for project management students
PMI student members enjoy the following advantages:

    •	Networking, mentoring and internship opportunities through
      PMI’s global online communities or local chapters around the

    •	Academic resources and support, including online access to
      hundreds of books from some of the world’s top business

    •	Career resources, including access to the world’s premiere
      online employment marketplace for PMI-certified project

    •	Information on scholarships, grants and research

    •	Digital copy of A Guide to the Project Management Body of
      Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), the most widely utilized global
      standard and best-selling project management book of all
      time. This book is likely to be a core text for introductory-
      level project management courses at academic institutions.
      The book is available in 11 languages.

PMI membership for individual students
Individual students can become PMI members at a special rate of US$32
a year (plus a US$10 application fee for new members; a savings of US
$97 compared to PMI’s regular member rate of US$129).

PMI membership for entire classes of students
The PMI Group Student Membership program is designed to make
it easy for academic institutions teaching project management to
purchase memberships for entire classes of students enrolled in project
management courses at one time.

As a result, for less than the cost of one used textbook, each student
can get all the educational, financial and professional benefits of PMI


    To learn how to enroll classes of students as PMI members,

„ Scholarships, awards and doctoral research grants to project
  management students offered by the PMI Educational
  Foundation (PMIEF):
    Scholarships are available for students in project management and
    related fields enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral-level

    Awards recognize excellence in student development of original
    concepts in project management. Papers are selected based on
    the research and creative effort that are best directed toward
    advancing the concepts, tools and techniques of managing project-
    oriented tasks.

    Doctoral research grants are awarded to students attending
    accredited colleges or universities. Both part-time and full-time
    doctoral students are encouraged to apply. Grants are given twice
    a year. Proposed research must advance academic knowledge and
    have implications for practice.

„ PMI certification combined with PMI student membership
  (Smart Start student package)
    Students taking a project management fundamentals course can
    sit for the Certified Association in Project Management (CAPM)®
    certification exam at the end of the course. Students join PMI
    and apply for the certification in one easy step once a faculty
    member implements this program at an academic institution. PMI
    certification validates their knowledge, while PMI membership
    provides them with the book they need to study for the CAPM
    exam and offers unprecedented networking and job search
    opportunities available through the PMI chapters and online
    communities of practice.

     9 PMI provides all of the materials faculty need to implement
       the program at their institutions.

     9 When enrolled in the program, faculty get a communication
       kit that helps explain the benefits of participation to students.

    Learn more about implementing the Smart Start program
    at your institution at

„ Student engagement opportunities through PMI events and
  PMI sponsored programs for students


9 Connect with local PMI chapters to learn about student
  events and programs where your students can meet
  professionals and network, obtain mentors and gain more

9 Encourage your students to participate in Students in Free
  Enterprise (SIFE), an organization that provides opportunities
  for students to get engaged in local projects advancing their

  PMI is a SIFE sponsor. Many PMI chapters support local SIFE
  university teams by providing training and mentoring to SIFE

9 Participate in student competitions organized by PMI
  chapters. Student teams compete in creating a project
  management plan for a socially conscious business. To
  compete, students must follow a schedule and make
  presentations to judges who are local business and political
  leaders and chapter experts.


Resources for academic institutions
starting to teach project management
How do you develop a project management course that meets the real-
world needs and incorporates the lessons learned from your peers?

„ Course development aids
    Receive access to project management course syllabi related to
    your discipline, which have been developed and tested by schools
    with established project management programs.

„ Free samples of classroom resources
    You can request free desk copies of PMI standards and research
    monographs published by PMI. These copies are available to faculty
    members considering using these books for their courses.

„ We connect you to other instructors teaching similar courses
    When you connect with instructors, you get the inside perspective
    on best practices and lessons learned in developing project
    management courses. You get a better understanding of where in
    your school your project management offering may fit best.

„ Access to local PMI chapter leaders who may serve as lecturers
  or adjunct faculty and help you develop curricula
    Enrich your students’ experience and add a new dimension to
    your course by involving seasoned PMI practitioners as lecturers
    or adjunct faculty. PMI has over 270 geographically based
    organizations of project managers.

„ Opportunity to connect with PMI Registered Education
  Providers (R.E.P.s) that will collaborate with you on developing
  your project management curriculum
      •	Over 100 PMI R.E.P.s in our directory of organizations are
        willing to collaborate with academic institutions. They may
        license their curricula, provide subject matter experts or
        supply adjunct faculty to teach your project management

„ Materials that provide rationale for teaching project
      •	PMI has a variety of white papers, case studies, articles and
        presentations that will help you convince your program head
        that teaching project management will benefit your program’s
        bottom line.


“There are many project management models that achieve different
 levels of depth and breadth. It can be very valuable to explore what’s
 out there as you create your own offering.”
    Vijay Kanabar, PhD, PMP
    Global Project Management Academic Coordinator, Boston
    University, USA

“We have very good experience using teachers from both engineering
 and business school backgrounds, as well as practitioners. We see
 that, to a large extent, it’s project management that serves as a glue
 connecting engineering classes to more managerial classes.”
    Nils Olsson, PhD
    Professor, Department of Civil and Transport Engineering,
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

“Get the project management community from the city or country
 involved to make sure students get practical expertise as well as
 academic expertise involved in the program.”
    Paul Steinfort, PhD
    Graduate, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

“The key elements of a program must concentrate on the topic and its
 relation with the real needs of the practitioners.”
    Nolan Quiros, PhD
    Vice President of Academics, University of International
    Cooperation, Costa Rica


Resources for academic institutions
developing a project management
concentration or degree program

Why should we consider creating a project
management program?
Around the globe, enrollment continues to grow in project management
programs, bringing in millions of dollars in student tuition, expanded
faculty positions and research and learning opportunities to hundreds
of academic institutions. Offering a project management program is a
sure step toward capitalizing on demand for leaders with robust project
management skills—communication, leadership, adaptability, risk
mitigation, planning and others.

What types of project management degree programs
currently exist?
The profile of the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project
Management Education Programs (GAC) is a good indicator of the
diversity of project management program specialties. GAC accredits
degree programs in project management. As of early 2012, GAC has
accredited 86 degree programs, most of which are offered at the
master’s and doctoral levels. The disciplines where these programs
usually reside include management, construction and engineering
(please see the graphics on the next page).

PMI resources for developing project management
degrees and concentrations
„ Access to other institutions with project management
  programs at their institutions
     PMI will connect you with peers who have created programs at
     other institutions and have agreed to provide mentorship for
     program development.

„ Learning outcomes for project management education
     The GAC Accreditation Standards located in the Handbook
     of Accreditation of Degree Programs in Project Management
     provide guidance on criteria for a robust project management
     concentration or degree program.

„ Program development aids academic institutions have shared
     These program descriptions will enable you to learn from
     schools that have created and implemented successful project
     management programs and assess your new program once
     developed, against other institutions’ best practices.


„ Communication tools to help champion the idea of establishing
  a project management program at your institution and making
  it a reality
 These tools include white papers and case studies that articulate
 the strong case for creating a project management program at an
 academic institution.

 Bachelor’s and post-graduate degrees accredited by the
 PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management
 Education Programs (GAC)

                                                 Master’s Degree
    Bachelor’s Degree
           Programs          10%                   Programs

       Doctorate Degree

 GAC-accredited programs by discipline

                        Computer Science     Telecommunications
                        1.2%                           1.2%
             General Construction              Supply Chain

             4.8%                                  1.2%
    General Engineering

                           General Project      Technology/
                              23.8%               Systems



Resources for strengthening a project
management degree program through
You may approach the task of building a strong and competitive project
management program in many different ways. One of the most effective
routes for improving and differentiating your program from other
offerings in the field is to make a commitment to accreditation by the
PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education
Programs (GAC).

GAC-accredited programs realize important benefits. A recent study
conducted by SIS International Research and commissioned by PMI,
found that the key accreditation benefits included the following:

„ Enhance program quality
     GAC accreditation establishes a methodology and framework by
     which a school maintains and improves the quality of its program.

„ Grow your faculty
     GAC-accredited programs involved in the accreditation research
     study mentioned above report a steady growth in their number of
     full-time and adjunct faculty.

„ Boost student enrollment
     GAC-accredited programs report consistent student enrollment

„ Provide a valuable marketing advantage
     Recognition by the global accrediting body affiliated with the
     world’s most prominent project management association
     demonstrates that GAC-accredited programs reflect the latest
     developments in the project management profession.

     Additionally, once accredited, GAC-accredited programs are posted
     to a Directory of GAC-Accredited Programs on the
     website. This directory is a key resource for students seeking project
     management degree programs.

     GAC programs also receive access to PMI’s marketing portal, which
     offers them marketing materials that can be downloaded and
     customized for their use.

„ Enhance employment opportunities for graduates
     Faculty and administrators from the GAC-accredited programs note
     that attaining specialized accreditation gives them an edge over
     programs that have not achieved this recognition from the GAC.
     GAC accreditation of a degree program makes their students more
     marketable and gives employers paying for their staff’s professional
     education additional confidence in the quality and rigor of the
     educational program their employees are enrolled in.


„ Provide tangible benefits for program graduates and working
  Graduates of GAC-accredited programs are more marketable,
  because they have the knowledge and skills that are needed in
  the workplace. Most employers prefer to hire job applicants from
  a college or university with the appropriate accreditation status.
  Additionally, employers seek employees who have been educated
  at an appropriately accredited institution when making decisions
  about business promotions and company advancements.

   “[Our six new positions] are faculty we wouldn’t have been able to hire if we
    hadn’t invested in the program.”
        Jay Halfond, PhD
        Dean, Boston University’s Metropolitan College, USA

    “[Accreditation] is a great way for the program to be recognized by potential
    students worldwide. Right now, over one third of my graduate students are
    from outside the U.S.”
        William Moylan, PhD, PMP, FESD
        Coordinator, Master of Science in Construction Management Program,
        Eastern Michigan University, USA

   “Accreditation for specialized programs is the hallmark that says you’ve
    established and met a certain degree of credibility. It’s a high standard and a
    standard of excellence.”
        John Cable, R.A., PMP
        Director, Project Management Program, University of Maryland, USA

   “Daily requests for program information are coming from more global
    sources across the world. Since the university has spent zero dollars on
    marketing this program other than through PMI channels, all of this activity
    almost certainly would not have happened without GAC accreditation.”
        Gary L. Richardson, PhD
        Program Coordinator, Technology Project Management Graduate
        Program, University of Houston, USA

   “ESC Lille has given me a fantastic learning platform… As the PMI GAC
    accreditation is widely recognized, it has opened up opportunities in
    teaching, research and consulting for me.”
        Ravikiran Dwivedula, PhD
        Graduate, Strategy, Program, and Project Management, ESC Lille School
        of Management, France (presently SKEMA Business School)

   “Since I joined the [UT-Dallas] program, I have received two promotions at
    work. These career opportunities were directly the results of the changes in
    my vocabulary and the tools I had in my pocket.”
        Richard Stockton, MBA
        Graduate, Project Management Program, School of Management,
        University of Texas at Dallas, USA


     “Accreditation is a global trend within business
     and engineering schools, so having accreditation
     in the area of project management is extremely relevant. Having project
     management programs assessed by a third party provides a strong signal
     to students, employees, quality agencies and other stakeholders about
     the robustness and seriousness of what is done.”
           Christophe Bredillet, PhD
           Director, Project Management Academy, Science and Engineering
           Faculty and QUT Business School, Queensland University of
           Technology, Australia

     “Those of us who are [GAC] accredited are willing to share our
     experience…Our colleagues can draw upon the accredited institutions
     for a network of support and information.”
           John Cable, R.A., PMP
           Director, Project Management Program
           University of Maryland, USA

     The PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management
     Education Programs (GAC)

         -Global accrediting authority for project management
          education programs
         -Over 85 accredited project management degree
          programs around the world
         -Ensures global quality of undergraduate and graduate
          academic degree programs in project management
         -Assists faculty and universities in the improvement of
          project management degree programs


How can I learn more about the benefits of
GAC Accreditation?
„ Visit to:
   •	Download the GAC Accreditation Advantage: Research Study

   •	Download the Handbook of Accreditation of Degree Programs
     in Project Management. The handbook provides the full
     descriptions of the GAC accreditation standards and the
     process briefly described above.

   •	Register to receive GAC informational alerts that notify
     you of the updates to the GAC accreditation standard, new
     accredited programs, upcoming GAC events and downloads of
     case studies that discuss the benefits schools with accredited
     programs have derived from accreditation.

   •	Learn when and where the next GAC accreditation
     seminar/academic forum will be and where you can meet
     representatives from other programs going through the
     accreditation process, accredited programs and GAC Board
     members.These sessions are offered at no charge to you and
     are held throughout the year. They are designed to help you
     better understand the process and receive tips on preparing
     the self-evaluation report.


Resources for developing a competitive
continuing education project
management program
PMI offers a program that enables you to stand out from the swelling
competition of continuing education programs in project management
and grow your business.

More than 250 academic institutions around the world have found that
becoming a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) is an efficient
way to market their continuing professional education offerings. When
you align your institution with PMI, you gain additional credibility and
open your institution up to new practitioner markets, whether you
offer a single course, a certificate program or a series of professional
development seminars.

     •	Create an alternate revenue channel and grow your
       student body

      Gain priority access as an R.E.P. to a wide pool of potential
      students to increase your enrollment

     •	Access new business development tools and faculty/
       student resources provided by PMI

      ƒ Get listed in the R.E.P. directory, searched by
        thousands of students.

      ƒ Receive up to a 45 percent discount on most PMI
        publications purchased through PMI’s online bookstore to
        resell to your students as classroom aids.

      ƒ Access PMI’s marketing portal, which offers you marketing
        materials that can be downloaded and customized for your

     •	Take advantage of worldwide credibility and immediate
       recognition that come with the PMI brand

      Use the PMI R.E.P. logo on your website and marketing
      materials to give your program greater visibility in the project
      management world and beyond.

     •	Become a part of a vibrant R.E.P. community: share
       knowledge and network

     •	Receive pre-launch access to new and revised PMI
       standards, products and services

      Your relationship with PMI means you can keep your
      curriculum up-to-date with PMI’s newest standards, products
      and services.


  “Aligning the curriculum with PMI…was the turning point for our
   growth…The PMI family has supported us in many ways, including
   helping us market the program.”
      Vijay Kanabar, PhD, PMP
      Global Project Management Academic Coordinator
      Boston University, USA

  “The benefit for us was the development of programs and core
   competencies that were better matched to the needs of industry,
   which ultimately improved SKEMA’s reputation as a school.”
      Christophe Bredillet, PhD
      Director, Project Management Academy, Science and Engineering
      Faculty and QUT Business School, Queensland University of
      Technology, Australia

How can I learn more about the R.E.P. program’s
„ Visit to:
   •	Download case studies showing how other academic
     institutions that belong to the PMI R.E.P. program have
     increased revenues and grown their programs

   •	Download the program brochure and application



       North America

         people with
       PMI memberships

                     Latin America
                   and the Caribbean

                      people with
                    PMI memberships

                                Region     PMI Chapters

                         North America         160

                                    EMEA        51

                            Asia Pacific       29

          Mexico, Latin America and

                                TOTAL          274

 All data as of January 2012



       EMEA                                    15.9

  53,308                              Asia Pacific
     people with
   PMI memberships
                                      people with
                                    PMI memberships

 375,000             total number of people
                     with PMI memberships in   185     countries

                      R.E.P.s             accredited by

  256,603               760                      55

   63,099               349                      14

   148,856              310                      15

   22,643               125                       2

  490,000             1,544                      86


     Register to join the PMI Academic
     Network to access PMI academic
      To access all of the resources listed in this guide and get
      information about the new resources for educators, students
      and researchers that become available from PMI, the GAC or
      PMIEF, please register for the PMI Academic Network. This
      registration is offered at no charge to:
        •	Full-time, part-time or adjunct faculty;
        •	Program directors and academic administrators who teach,
          develop or manage;
        •	Project management programs or courses; and
        •	Faculty considering developing project management

     Benefits of Network Participation:
     •	Project management education news alerts and resources
       delivered to you via e-mail
     •	PMI chapter resources (mentoring, networking) available to
       you and your students
     •	PMI educator workshops and meetings you will be able to
     •	Exclusive opportunities for your students: we work with
       you to determine how your students can benefit from PMI
       membership and certification programs
     •	Access to a library of materials that illustrate the importance
       of teaching project management at academic institutions


       About PMI
       PMI is the world’s largest project management
       member association, representing more than
       600,000 practitioners in more than 185 countries.
       As a global thought leader and knowledge resource,
       PMI advances the profession through its global
       standards and credentials, collaborative chapters and
       virtual communities and academic research. PMI is
       the only project management organization that has
       a dedicated research arm. In the last decade, PMI has
       invested over US$18 million in project management
       research. PMI supports academic administrators
       and faculty with resources that help them teach and
       research project management. PMI also provides
       students with access to the resources, certifications
       and networking they need to get jobs and succeed as
       professionals after graduation.

       About the PMI Global Accreditation
       Center for Project Management
       Education Programs (GAC)
       Established by PMI in 2001, the GAC is a specialized
       body that accredits bachelor’s, postgraduate and
       doctorate programs in project management.

       Accreditation publicly confirms that a project
       management program meets comprehensive quality
       standards and can prepare students for success in
       project management careers. Currently, there are
       over 85 GAC-accredited programs worldwide.

       About the PMI Educational Foundation
       The PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) was
       founded in 1990 by PMI. It is a non-profit, non-
       political, public charitable organization.

       The PMI Educational Foundation has adopted
       the slogan “Empowering the future of project
       management” to demonstrate its commitment to
       advancing project management knowledge and the
       application of project management concepts and
       theory by society.

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